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Singapore Airlinesdelayed baggage

My wife and I left Manchester on 10/09/2019 on flight SQ1819 Airlinr reference JNR9XI.
Our delayed departure meant we missed our connection in Düsseldorf and had to stay overnight and be bussed to Frankfurt for our flight to Singapore finally arriving in Brisbane on 12/09/2019.

We were told in Düsseldorf that our luggage could not be found and would be delivered to our address in Brisbane. We were given a propert irregularity report ref. DUSEW54802.

The luggage had not arrived by 18/09/2019 so I contacted Singapore Airlines by Charline and Wes told tha it would be investigated and would telephone to advise me. No call was received.

On 19/09/19 I was referred to Menzies baggage handlers in Brisbane who told me the luggage would be delivered as soon as possible. On 23/09/19 I was referred to DNATO baggage handlers who investigated and called back to say they had located the luggage in Brisbane. I then had to travel to Brisbane airport to collect the luggage which was 11days overdue.

As you can imagine I had to purchase clothing and other essentials to bide me over until my luggage arrived.

I am sure you will agree this is o most unsatisfactory service and I look forward to receiving your explanation.

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    Singapore Airlinesflight sq 0346

    Hi I'm Terry Saward & I and my partner Sabina Nef want to make a complaint about our flight on Saturday 21 Sep 125am mainly concerning our seating.
    We had 2 seats in the middle within group of 4 so we had a person either side of us, the person on the isle seat of my side was very sick with a terrible flu coughing and sneezing all the time and blowing her nose with dirty tissues every where.
    We couldn't get out of our seats to go to the toilet or stretch out legs, I've had a hip operation so this is very important for me, we had to get flight attendants to get us face masks for the entire flight of 12hrs 50mins, the lady on my partners side was a sleep and we could get her to move at one stage I had to tell the flight attendants that I was going to have to go to the toilet in front of my seat so they managed to get the sick lady up after cleaning up her mess of tissues, this woman was so sick we were amazed that she was allowed to board, now we are in Switzerland both left with this woman's terrible flu which is ruining our holiday we return from Switzerland on 14 Oct SQ 0345 from Zurich 11.45am so we are hoping that you can assure we won't be put in a similar situation.
    Regards Terry Saward & Sabina Nef.

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      Singapore Airlinesticketing

      On the 16/08/2019 my sister booked a flight for me and my daughter to travel from MEL to WLG on the 24/09/19 via BYOJET ref MRTXI4. Upon booking our flights she made an error with my daughter first name because she was using pre-saved details for her mobile number on her laptop.
      In doing this it changed my daughter name Eve-Diamond to her name Emione as they both have the same last name.
      I immediately contacted BYOJET and Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines directed me to BYOJET, in which I did. BYOJET requested my daughter passport which I provided then they advised I needed a statutory declaration from my sister in which I also provided. This whole process took a whole month only to be told 3 days prior to travel that Singapore Airlines will not authorise the correction because the names different

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        Singapore Airlinesrebooking of a flight due to circuses out of our control

        Hi all
        A week ago I was one of your biggest supporters, however what happened over night makes me wonder if I will fly Singapore Airlines again. unfortunately my flight in October is booked already and not paying a fee to cancel.

        However I want to share this and really would like to understand your customer service, especially as my background is 24 years in 5 star hotels which are all about service too.

        My husband was supposed to fly on Friday (today her in Australia) from Amsterdam to Singapore on premium economy. He paid around 4500 dollar for his flight and booked directly with you. We both are krisflyer members, silver status as we fly every year to Europe.

        Unfortunately he had to postpone his flight due to circumstances out of his control, the flight from the Faroe Islands got cancelled and nothing is flying out from there. So as soon as he heard he was on the phone to see what options there are.

        He booked a fare that is changeable etc. the first person he spoke too told him that he can fly out on Saturday 21 sept now (in stead of Friday) but only if he pays 8000 dollar extra for business class as premium economy is full. There are seats on economy but he cannot have them it's not possible he was told. And he could only get on the flight on Monday as Sunday full as well, to arrive in Sydney on Tuesday night. Which would means he would miss two days at work which is not an option.

        He tried again a bit later and got through to someone that was more helpful and changed his ticket to get on the plane on Saturday to at least make it to Sydney by Sunday night which is great, however my biggest disappointment is why does he need to pay a 500 fee for getting a downgrade?? I have never heard that before in my whole life. On top of that we all know that you would be offering someone else his premium economy seats on Friday which has now become available for a supplement pay. Please explain why it says that when you book a fare that says changeable complimentary means paying 500 dollar for a downgrade. I am confused about that.

        Really looking forward to hearing from you, as i want to understand what loyalty and customer service means at Singapore Airlines.

        Thank you
        Marjolein Aben

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          Singapore Airlinesmeal for 5 members

          I (Sabiha Sultana) along with my 4 children(Noor Fatima Lais, Hiba Fatima Lais, Omar Lais, Hadi Lais) travelled on Singapore Airlines from Bangalore to SFO via Singapore on Sep 9, 2019.Our seats and meals were also arranged online 2 months in advance. Meals booked were Kosher, Muslim meals and vegetarian.
          However the meals provided for the entire trip, right from Bangalore to SFO were not Kosher or Muslim Meal.

          What I am really upset about is that at a certain point the crew gave my son an international meal that incuded chiken sausage with egg omlette, and by the time I addressed my other 3 children and attended to this child he had already started eating this meal.This has violated our belief system.

          I am extremely upset at the entire incident and am raising a omplaint.
          I want the higher officials to look into it and get back to me.


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            Singapore Airlinesunfair and unethical overweight baggage charges

            Singapore Airlines / unethical behavior and unheard of charges for excess baggage
            United Kingdom, Singapore
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            Contact information:

            Re flights Singapore Airlines flight SQ 321 and SQ 5271

            My husband and I were passengers on the flight from LHR to Singapore on Sat 13th January 2018 on transit from Israel via uk on to Cairns Australia.

            Due to traffic, we arrived an hour and 15 minutes before the flight, to an almost empty check in counter, upon check in, the airport staff member said that we have overweight and that we would have to pay charges.

            As we were on transit, several international long distance flights, we understood that our weight allowance is 30 kilos per case, 2 bags per person. We had between us 3 bags total weight 80 kilos.

            It seems like this was a misunderstanding on our part.

            We asked for the supervisor of Singapore Airlines and a lady called Manisha Gurung- approached us saying she was the Senior Officer for Singapore Airlines.

            From the very first minute instead of helping us, she said she cannot do anything and that we have to pay the enormous sum of 63 GBP per kilo and there is nothing that she can go towards us. We took out things from our bags and put into our handbags and a rucksack and we were left with only 4 kilos over weight per person above the 30 kilo allowance per person that we had.

            Ms. Manisha refused to let it pass nor did she acknowledge our efforts to try and concise our weight issue, she said that you still need to pay for these 8 kilos over 500 GBP.

            We begged for some good will, travelling to the other side of the world for almost a month, and 4 kilos per person on long haul flights is really not a big issue. She said say thank you that I let you go with one more piece of hand luggage.

            When we boarded the plane, most of the people flying this long distance, each had 2 pieces of hand luggage, so she had not made any concessions.

            She threatened us that if we don't pay immediately she will instruct to close the flight and leave us out. And refused to even let us pay for partial amount for the over weight, insisting on the full amount.

            We asked again for supervisor, as it didn't seem logical to us that for 4 kilos each we should pay such an enormous amount and spoil our holiday, but Gurung refused to call supervisor and she ordered "Pay now immediately or you are off the flight."

            We felt like we are in a horror film, we had no choice and went to the counter to pay, and there the staff at the cashier desk told us that she did not have any rights to bully us in this way.

            8 Kilos between two passengers flying over 24 hours, is not something that cannot be worked out with a little good will, especially in worlds renowned Singapore Airlines who are considered the best airline in the world.

            There is no need to mention our sheer frustration along the flights, to Australia.

            We don't know if she was just a mean person or it was an act of antisemitism against us, as we are obviously Orthodox Jewish and she acted with evil look on her face and satisfaction that shed humiliated us.

            We are asking you for you intervene and return the money that was un rightfully and aggressively taken from us, and to find a way to make it up to us for the suffering and hurt we encountered and felt through this most unpleasant experience.

            We are gold members of other airlines and we specially flew with Singapore Airlines as weve been told that it's a fantastic way to start our holiday.

            We sent this letter to Singapore Airlines-Customer services and received back a string of correspondences bearing no likeness to the true picture of what took place in the airport that night.

            Each letter clearly denying all parts of our complaint, and blaming all other parties, travel agent, they said all flight details are on your e.ticket.

            According to them weight allowance should be clearly shown on this e.ticket. However. there are no weight details on the e.ticket which was actually issued and sent to us from Singapore Airlines themselves.

            We are frequent fliers all over the world and it has happened before that we were overweight, but on all occasions with all different airlines we had the grace, good will and understanding, and we have never had to pay such excessive fees.

            It is also accepted to make concessions and make a partial charge, we offered to pay 100 GBP as a symbol of our mistake and respect to their policy, but their rude staff member enjoyed to humiliate us and to see us distressed.

            It seems so wrong to pay so much for what could have been resolved on the spot with goodwill, but now 2 months later as we recall and think about we feel more and more that this could have been avoided and that we should not have had to even be in this annoying and upsetting position and payers of such a high expense.

            How can we resolve this issue and get correct advise re what we should do?
            Although quite a while has passed we cannot forget this awful expensive unfair incident.

            We contacted :- Airline contact - Syahirah Beck
            Customer Affairs Manager
            Singapore Airlines Limited
            Her reply to our issue was a bunch of made up weight and amounts

            Israel & Debbie Ashkenazi

            reply from Singapore airlines

            To Mrs Debbie Ashkenazi


            To Mrs Debbie Ashkenazi

            29 January 2018


            Dear Mrs Ashkenazi

            Thank you for your feedback submitted via our website on 21 January 2018, with reference to flight SQ321, from London Heathrow to Singapore on 13 January 2018.

            We are sorry to learn of your disappointment with the excess baggage charges incurred, when checking in for this flight. On this occasion, our records indicate that the total weight of the checked baggage belonging to you and your husband amounted to 76 kg. This was in excess of your pooled checked baggage allowance of 60 kg by 16 kg. As your itinerary does not include any US destination, the weight concept allowance of 30 kg per passenger will apply in this instance. The baggage allowance for your itinerary is indicated on your Electronic Ticket.

            In view of the increase in our checked baggage allowance in November 2013, we would like to share that our staff at all our stations have been advised to strictly follow the checked baggage policy. We regret that having repacked some items into your cabin baggage, the total weight of your checked baggage was in excess by 8kg, for which excess baggage charges had to be imposed, in accordance with our baggage policy. We ask for your understanding that as our staff had carried out their duties in line with our baggage policy, we are unable to offer a refund of the excess baggage charges that were correctly levied on this occasion.

            We are sorry if our ground staff were impolite and appeared harsh when enforcing our checked and cabin baggage policy. We expect all our staff to be polite and professional at all times. Our Station Manager in London Heathrow has been apprised of your experience and will review with the staff concerned on how they can better manage such situations in the future.

            Thank you for this opportunity to address your concerns Mrs Ashkenazi. We look forward to be of service in the near future.

            Yours sincerely

            Syahirah Beck
            Customer Affairs Manager
            Singapore Airlines Limited

            16 August 2018


            Dear Mrs Ashkenazi

            Thank you for your further feedback of 6 August 2018, to our Customer Relations Team in UK.

            We note your continued disappointment with the outcome of your feedback, in relation to the excess baggage charges incurred when checking in for flight SQ321 from London Heathrow to Singapore on 13 January 2018.

            As indicated in our past correspondences of 29 January 2018, 19 February 2018 and 9 March 2018, our position remains the same with regard to our investigation findings. At check-in for this flight, the final weight of your checked baggage was 68kg. As the checked baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers, for itineraries that do not include points to the US, is 30kg, the total weight of 68kg was in excess of your pooled baggage allowance of 60kg, by 8kg. As your checked baggage allowance has also been verified by our UK Customer Relations Team, the excess baggage charges were applied correctly in this instance.

            As we have given the matter our full attention since 29 January 2018, there is nothing further to add to what has already been shared with you. We will not be corresponding further on this matter.

            Thank you.

            Yours sincerely

            Syahirah Beck
            Customer Affairs Manager
            Singapore Airlines Limited



            I reached out to

            To Heathrow aviation team

            Hi Sabrina

            Perhaps my letter didn't show clearly that I wrote immediately to Singapore airlines and have corresponded with them a few times,
            however, to my sheer disappointment and annoyance they answered each time with a pack of lies and blames, most unsuitable for an airline of their prestige.

            I am unable to progress on any level with them and after contacting the CAA, they told me that I should contact Heathrow airport where the incident took place and where the staff member was probably general ground staff who work for many airlines.

            Having corresponded with the airline just emphasized their lack of good will and willingness to resolve this issue to any amount of satisfaction.
            I refer to the way we were spoken to and threatened which does not pass lightly, and the return of the unreasonably overcharged fees for the excessive baggage and refusal to speak with a supervisor.

            The amount charged and paid was 503 UK pounds for 8 kilos, which was an unjust unfair amount .

            May I add that the cashier on duty and staff on watching told us that they were shocked to see how we were treated and how we were threatened that we would not be allowed on the flight, they claim that this is not customary behavior towards passengers travelling over 24 hours.

            I am asking you to please try and sort out this issue and bring it come an amiable conclusion and understanding.

            Many thanks for your assistance and good will .


            unfair and unethical overweight baggage charges
            unfair and unethical overweight baggage charges
            unfair and unethical overweight baggage charges

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              Singapore Airlinesdamage luggage and stuffs inside

              My name is Pim. My sister traveled from Adelaide to Bkk yesterday. After she arrived and opened the luggage she found her luggage damage and also the stuffs inside even she mentioned while checking in at the counter that the stuffs inside are fragile. This is unacceptable cuz she carried stuffs like this time before and nothing happened. Very disappointed.

              damage luggage and stuffs inside
              damage luggage and stuffs inside
              damage luggage and stuffs inside
              damage luggage and stuffs inside
              damage luggage and stuffs inside

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                Singapore Airlines2xflights, late take off + discrimination

                Firstly on 25/7/19 our flight no NZ3319 was held up for 4 hours on tarmac, we were only offered 2x half glasses of water in this time Then not given our dinner till approx 12.45am then not given a choice of dinners .
                29/7/19 flight no NZ3247 we are at the back of the plane sharing our third seat with a New Zealand lady, the whole journey all 3 of our tv/computers kept stopping, the lady sat with us informed the stewardess and they tried to re-boot on a few occasions, but it didn't work, our lady neighbour kept going g to the back to drink wine and talk to the staff, then our neighbour had her meal a good hour and half before us. Then we were told there were no choices that we had to have fish, not our favourite and cold, so we left them, the staff came to collect and asked why we had left We explained and I asked if I could have more biscuits and cheese instead as still hungry, this never came .
                I woke to find a stewardess kneeling by the side of our neighbour with a plate of fancy cakes, I asked our neighbour how she managed to get that as I had no luck with the cheese and biscuits She said "ahh will tell you later, she also said she was hoping for a seat move after our stop off of Melbourne Australia, which she got .
                She told us that she has made the stewardess aware that online she was a secret shopper for airlines, she then said they have also given me a $75 voucher to use when we get home (Wellington New Zealand) for the inconvenience of no tv, which affected all 3 of us .
                We couldn't believe that she could be treated so differently, total discrimination. Such a sad bad start to what was suppose to be a special holiday for us after some very tragic family loss earlier, We look forward to hearing from you, and reading your response, yours sincerely Nicola Yreloggen

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                  Singapore Airlinesregarding luggage

                  My name is Shubham Chauhan. I was coming from india to wellington on 31/08/19. I recently bought one new luggage bag from india for carrying my luggage. But what i saw when i was picking up my luggage bag in wellington that the luggage bag was broken. What should i do now.?
                  My email is [protected] My contact number is +[protected]. I request you to please resolve this matter as early as possible. I can send the broken photos of the luggage bag as well. Thanks

                  regarding luggage
                  regarding luggage

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                    Singapore Airlinespoor inflight services in sq 424 dated 29th aug

                    My name is Ashish Gupta, seat no 49, SQ 424, SG to India on 29th Aug 2019. I am frequent traveller and used SQ after long time. I must say had the super worst experience in flight.

                    1. Someone asked for food after 2 hours of flight departure while food was served to 90% of other staff. Much to my dismay, I am told no Veg food available and they are trying to find if they have. No one turned back ever. Comeon how come on earth u dont carry enough veg food when u know u r flying to India where majority of population are vegg.
                    2. I pushed button for cabin crew for water. No one at all turned up untill i stood up and asked for it.
                    3. Whole crew was running in whole flight like headless chickens with erratic delivery and seems all first timers untrained crew was put to this plane.
                    4. Last but not least, dont know how they stacked material. When plane landed all stuff came out and scattereed all over.

                    This is not expected of SQ. seems like services are going down bigtime and need to improve.
                    I am many other suffered in plane like me and not everyone will give feedback.

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                      Singapore Airlinesrepresentative in brazil

                      I made contact with your representative in Brazil (Aviareps) in order to buy 2 flight tickets from New Delhi to Singapore and also, a round trip from Singapore to Yangon .
                      The quoted an incredible price of USD 19, 466.32 (advanced payment) for the two tickets wich I bought for USD 1, 100.00 directly in your website .
                      Is this representative really representing Singapore Airlines ? Not to mention that they make no effort at all to assist theirs clients . I had to call several times to get an answer... Unbelievable...
                      Regards /

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                        Singapore Airlinessq952 15/8/2019 flight delay and lack of food or water

                        I was on Singapore Airlines flight SQ952 15/8/2019 from Singapore to Jakarta and waited on the plane for over 4 hours before we left. There was an engine problem that was fixed on the 3rd attempt, which i was grateful for, but the lack of transparency and food or water was unacceptable. I was offered 1 glass of water in that time, and the temperature was close to 30 degrees along with the entertainment system not working satisfactorily.

                        Seat 34C

                        The staff maintained patience and there was obvious distress amongst the passengers. This ultimately was not appropriate and so far the airline has not offered any apology or financial compensation for the situation and i also missed my meetings in Jakarta which caused me to have to stay another day in Jakarta and incur the cost of another hotel and amendment of my return flight.

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                          Singapore Airlineslate arrival

                          Dear Madam, dear Sir,

                          Booking reference OIC4QV - Patrick, Françoise and Phuong KARPINSKI

                          Our flight SQ346 from August 11th 2019 from Singapore to Zurich was delayed. Consequently, we missed our connection to Geneva (SQ2904). At the transfer desk in Zurich, we learnt that he next flights from Zurich to Geneva were fully booked and we had to join Geneva by train. It took 1hr30 to your staff in Zurich to bring us our luggage. We took the earliest possible train at 12:18 in Zurich airport to arrive in Geneva airport at 15:27.
                          We admit that a flight can be delayed due to weather conditions or other reasons. However, your staff in Singapore could have rebooked us on the next available flight from Zurich to Geneva - flights were not fully booked yet at that stage. In spite of our insistence, they said we will have to handle this with the transfer desk in Zurich. But 20 hours later in Zurich, flights were fully booked. We are convinced that more pro-activity from your staff in Singapore could have made our trip much less unpleasant than what it was.
                          We were supposed to arrive in Geneva at 10:20 but we arrived at 15:27. We claim for a financial compensation to solve this issue and would be most interested in reading your proposal in the near future.
                          Kind regards.

                          Parick Karpinski
                          Mob. :+[protected]

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                            Singapore AirlinesUnethical behaviour by ground staff at changi airport

                            On 12th August 2019 I landed at Changi Airport from Manila flight SQ915 and my connecting flight SQ406 was delayed by 2 hours making that almost 7 plus hours.

                            I went to the Singapore Airlines counter there was no staff at the Economy counter and Mookhees was behind the counter for First Class... he said "Come here" pointing to his counter. Just to let you know that I am 71 years old with grey hair... a little respectful way of speaking would have helped. Then I requested him for a meal coupon due to the delay and he rudely said that in any case my wait at Changi was 5 and half hours so 2 more hours did not warrant any special treatment. When I insisted he decided to call and again very rudely asked me to sit down. Then called me and said I could go to the Food Court and show my boarding card and would get refreshments. Thank you very much but where is the Food Court what is the procedure nothing at all.
                            He made so much fuss about finding out and nearer departure of flight SQ406 all the passengers were offered refreshments.

                            The person who really helped me very politely was Sasidharan at Transfer B. He guided me very nicely.

                            Now you tell me do you not teach your staff to be polite and then do you not teach your staff to be polite and patient with the elderly?

                            Really you need to give special training to your staff for handling the elderly...On my flight from Singapore to Manila on 1st August on SQ918 seat 72 D which is in the centre aisle and the luggage bins are really high and I am 71 years old with grey hair and only 5ft so the air hostess is standing there and I request her to please put my very light stroller up... she promptly turns to me and says; " You assist me" not even a please... how was I going to assist her with my height. She could have asked me to wait and called a steward ... done anything ... a young passenger sitting alongside me jumped up and put it up. I could have asked him in any case... but the same bag was very nicely put in the bin above my seat 49 J on flight SQ401 by a very polite airhostess. In fact I said I could ask some passenger to help and she said there was no need it was so light!
                            The name of the air hostess who was rude was Tan Shen Theng. She apologized several times after I told her why I was taking her name. But I felt hurt that I am travelling on such a prestigious airline and am treated so shabbily by the staff. She specially asked me not to complain but I felt really bad so I will complain.

                            I worked in Reservations of Scandinavian Airlines and this kind of behaviour was unhard of!

                            You tell me should I ever travel by Singapore Airlines again?
                            Ms Indu Shrikent
                            D 248 2nd Floor Defence Colony
                            New Delhi 110024
                            Mobile: +91 99 [protected]

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                              Aug 22, 2019

                              SilkAir (Airline) Reservations & Ticketing Office in Kathmandu — about reservation staff

                              I have a very serious complain about the things going on inside the SilkAir (Airline) Reservations ...

                              Singapore Airlineslost and damaged luggage

                              I have already sent a complaint but have had no confirmation if you have received it or not. We acquired flights on Singapore Airlines flight SQ236 from Brisbane to Singapore then Singapore SQ322 to London then London EI931 Aur Lingus to Belfast. I was assured by the desk stewardess that my luggage would arrive in Belfast as it was ticketed to Belfast. I asked 3 times to make sure and the attendant assured that yes the luggage would be there at Belfast I was worried due to the fact it would be a different airline but Singapore Airlines must be affiliated with that airline to be able to transfer luggage to the next destination.
                              When we arrived in Belfast there was no luggage and proceeded to fill out missing luggage form so as to keep track of where my luggage would be I was given a tracking number and was asked to ring each day to check on the luggage after 2 days my husbands luggage turned up but mine didn't . Each day I rang I could get nowhere kept getting fobbed off and whoever I spoke to each day they would say they would ring with updates but none came. Each day I rang I would be given another number to ring but to no avail no one would take responsibility for this stuff up.
                              My husband and myself were in Ireland for holiday for 5 days no clothes then we went to Brussels for 2 days to do a Battlefields tour which we missed the connection for due to the lost luggage and to be able to catch up with the tour once we arrived in Brussels it cost us another 200 euros for them to send transport so as my husband could have his tour and to see the Menin Gate. We then had to go to Milan for our International Lions Convention where he was to be inducted to be District Governor of District 201Q2 in Australia which is a big deal for us and my uniform which I needed was in my luggage that didn't arrive . I kept getting stressed and anxious everyday but could get nowhere with anyone. On the 1st July someone rang from Belfast to say my luggage was there and they would send it on to Milan but never received as it was sent by Dutch Airlines and it arrived but someone was just too lazy to bother to deliver it to our hotel. So on the day of my husbands induction to be District Governor our Council Chairman lent me her uniform and one of the other ladies lent me her green jacket so as not to embarrass my husband on his special day. During this whole time I was so stressed and anxious due to the fact that I needed to buy more clothes and undies makeup toiletries and a new small suitcase is unacceptable as far as I am concerned no one seems to take responsibility for the stuff up as well as that my luggage did arrive home a week after I did damaged with a great big crack along the front of it and my husbands luggage was damaged as well 3 holes in the back of it and we needed to tape it up so as to continue the journey. I want to know who is responsible here I am not happy Singapore Airlines have always been a reputable airline but I fathom to believe this and your baggage handlers need some more training to read the labels and put the luggage onto the proper airlines. Have needed to buy 2 new suitcases not happy who is responsible and I want to know what happens next as to what compensation is available. The whole situation caused me to get sick due to the stress and I ended up in hospital.

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                                Singapore AirlinesI am complaining about lack of help for 2 disabled passengers

                                My disabled son and myself, with my daughter who helps care for us both, were on a flight from London Heathrow on Wednesday 7th August to Singapore and our travel agent and myself had both been in contact with you requesting extra legroom, bulkhead seats, and proximity to the toilets. This was done as much as possible but still quite tight for both of us but on checking in on Sunday 11th August on checking in at Singapore Airport for our flight to Melbourne we were assured we had extra room for both my autistic son and myself who has MS and has difficulty in walking and bladder complications. On checking in they asked my daughter to push my wheelchair which I wasn't happy about as everyone else had assistance and it was difficult for her as she also had to watch her brother. On boarding the plane the seats were so cramped that when the row in front put there seats back we could hardly get out. When our meals arrived the lady in front of my son didn't put her seat up and the air stewardess didn't ask her to either which made us feel discriminated against. We had also felt this way before our flight had even left Singapore as the 3 of us were able to board early due to 2 of our disabilities so placed our hand luggage above us. When the rest of the people came on the man in front tried to move our luggage but I said it had to stay there due to it having our medication in but he was still determined to put it there so the stewardess took our bag out, again I told her it had medicine that was needed on the flight in it. She still moved the bag regardless which meant a disabled person had to walk up the cabin for medication so a very able-bodied person got their own way, again to me that seems like discrimination!!
                                The problem we now have is that we are due to return home from Japan to Singapore on 31st August on flight SQ633 and on 1st September from Singapore to London Heathrow on flight SQ306 and after the 2 quite upsetting flights we have already experienced I am actually worried about what 2 very long flights could have on mine and my son's health and how hard it will be for my daughter who helps care for us.
                                When I originally spoke to one of your representatives he implied that we had been put up into premium economy for our last flight back to London Heathrow at no extra cost to myself which I told him I was so pleased about but now I am highly doubting this as everything we have been told has not materialised.
                                I am writing to you as I feel like my family has been treated badly especially as we had specifically requested help due to our disabilities.
                                Please will you look into this and contact myself before we have to make our return flights with you.
                                Thank you for your help with this complaint.
                                Lady Andrea Burke

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                                  Singapore Airlinesassessment 1 submission

                                  Singapore Airlines - Silk Air flight was late we missed our connection on Singapore Airlines. My family of 3 were placed on the next flight being a SCOOT budget airline, we received a letter as we boarded apologising for the lack of services and that we could get a refund. We have written numerous emails and they will not upheld our refund promise. Is there a formal body that we can lodge a complaint with?
                                  Thank you
                                  Silvana- Australia

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                                    SiongInfocollect winnings

                                    On 30th July 2019 a SMS was sent to me saying "Thank you for flying with
                                    Singapore Airlines! Your Name came 3rd on our July list (26/08/219). Collect
                                    your winnings: I enter the necessary informations but not able to activate the payment section. I SMS to PayHip requesting for assistance to complete the requirements and several follow up but I only received a reply that "A request for support has been created and assigned (a number). A representative will follow-up with you as soon as possible. Up today I still have not received any assistance or advice on how do I claim my prize. Your help and assistance is appreciated. Thank you and Regards.
                                    Lau Mun Loong

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                                      Aug 13, 2019

                                      Singapore Airlines — refusal to give allotted seats in flight sq 401 and inhuman behaviour by one of their staff member at boarding gate no 17 at delhi airport

                                      On 25/06/2019, at about 7:30 AM, I reached check in counter of Singapore Air line to get flight no SQ 401...

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