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Complaints & Reviews

Deceptive practices on flight cancellation

Was scheduled to fly barcelona to boston march 30 2020. Received a 'coronavirus update notice' -
that in order not to lose the fight you must must make out a 'voucher application' within five days.
Followed instructions. Should not have.

Got a lower valued restricted flight voucher.
Only can fly certain weeks of the year.

Of course - Three days later they canceled the flight.
On which point they should give a total refund ...
Not a voucher.



Super deceptive company.
Hope they get the virus and die.
Cheapest shoddiest service I could not even imagine being treated so poorly. Delibetately decieve their customers to keep their money.
Tell you to go on line a make a complaint ... Complaints not possible on vouchers.

Deceptive cheap company run by LEVEL.

Flight booking not confirmed then charged

On 28/02 I attempted to book two flights from London to Lanzarote. Iberia's web site froze twice while booking, eventually I entered my card details. The web site would not progress forward to show my bank responding, I gave up and booked with EasyJet. I did not get any emails from Iberia and I thought no more about it, until my card statement arrived showing I had been charged for the flights. I phone Iberia Who then emailed me useless tickets. they could not help by phone and to go through the web site.
I have tried a number of times. It is possible to get a complaint case number, they then ask you to enter the details on line. I found it impossible to do this without an Iberia plus number the forms will not complete and send, without one. I dully registered and got my IB number, filled in the form and sent it.
The next reply from Iberia stated that my complaint could not be handled by Iberia plus and referred me back to the site.
I have then found that they are linked to Resolver. Via money saving web site. I have followed through that process and eventually I have the same answer from Iberia.
So the process has been designed to go round in circles. The phone lines will not handle a complaint or connect you to a manager only refer you to the web site. The forms there will not progress without and IB number. Iberia Plus will not take the complaint. There is not any email addresses. How neat.

link for payment does not work on edge or chrome 35

Dear Customer,

We have analysed your complaint E20190729-[protected] concerning the incident with flight IB3207 of 14/07/2019, from BRU to MAD,

and have decided to resolve your case by paying you the sum of 57EUR by bank transfer to an account of which you must be the holder. Please therefore provide us with your bank details, which must include, by clicking on this link.

If you cannot view this link, please check the version of your browser because it is only compatible with the following (or later) versions: Chrome 35, Firefox 31, Safari 9, Opera, Edge, IE 11.

Thank you for choosing to fly with Iberia. Yours sincerely,

Iberia Customer Services

customer service

Our original flight was booked through American Airlines, it was to Rome, Italythen on to Tel Aviv. Our stay...

pay for your seats but don't expect to get them with iberia.

The sales pitch with Iberia does not match the reality

This is what they want you to believe on iberia.com:
"Early seat booking policy
Now you can book your seat with Iberia.com from the time of purchase.
And, in addition, if your fare does not include the possibility to book a seat, you can purchase it before you fly at a better price than at the airport.
Early seat booking
To improve your in-flight comfort and allow you to sit with your family and travel companions, we offer the possibility of choosing your seat earlier and at a much better price than at the airport."

I believed it and paid the extra amount to book seats for my wife and I on all 4 sectors of our international flights from South Africa to Spain and Portugal.

We paid, booked the seats and got confirmation that the seats were reserved for us.

The reality:
At check in, the seats on 3 out of the 4 flights which we had chosen and paid for were not allocated to us.
In fact, the seats that were allocated to us on our return flights from Lisbon-Madrid and Madrid-Johannesburg had us seated separate from each other.

The Iberia check in individual at Lisbon airport was not interested in our problems. An attitude which sadly extended to the on-board staff as well.

I did send an e-mail to Iberia after my paid for seat was given away on my flight from Johannesburg to Madrid but I got the standard response without any offer to refund the additional amount which I had paid for the service which I had not received.

This was Iberia's reply:
"We apologise for the incident that occurred in relation to the selection of your seat on flight IB6058 of 16/10/2018.
Due to an unexpected adjustment to our schedule, we were unable to respect the original seating arrangement assigned."

For the last two legs when, once again the seats that we paid for were not available, I did not bother to complain,

What is the point? No doubt I will receive a similar if not the same response.

Iberia Economy - "The most exclusive class for all" - I don't think so.

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Lost baggage

Iberia lost my luggage on a flight leaving Madrid on January 8, 2016. After almost a month, they still cannot locate the bag which stayed behind in Madrid. They have extremely poor customer service and will not send me information on how to make a claim for the lost luggage. They will not answer any emails and have provided me fake email addresses to send them information.

Ground service

My husband and I were traveling from Geneva to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria on December 29, 2015 with a stop-over in Madrid. On the Madrid leg to Las Palmas on IB 3834, we checked in as we always do but a few meters before my wife was boarding the plane, she was stopped by an Iberia employee who seized my wife's only hand luggage (meeting the prescribed standards) in a very aggressive way. Inside the hand luggage, my wife had her wallet, a piece of jewelry and two glass framed pictures of our grandchildren. She managed to remove the wallet and the jewelry whilst the employee was shouting "hurry up, hurry up" and the boarding passengers behind my wife were complaining. My wife did not have the time to remove the glass framed pictures of the grandchildren. When we unpacked, the glass framed pictures were broken because the employee threw the hand luggage to the workers on the ground to put in the hold of the plane. We are elderly people who have been flying Iberia for many years with the same luggage. We do not understand the inadmissible mannerism of the employee in question. The next day my wife unpacked her hand luggage and found the glass framed picture broken. IB flight 3834 leaving Las Palmas at 21h30 had only lights in the middle of the plane but no lights over the passengers'seats. Many passengers complained but the answer was "we have problems with the connection and there was nothing that can be done". This, of course, did not put us at ease and for the two hours flight, we could not read but had to bear the consequences. We tried to lodge this complaint with Iberia but could not find an appropriate contact point. To which Iberia e-mail can we send this complaint ? Name of passenger : Mrs Martha Koch IB [protected] Booking Confirmation 4XF3RT hand luggage receipt IB 849448 Seat 9E

Cancelled ticket

Iberia Airlines has horrendous customer service. If you value your money, time or sanity do not book...

Iberia does not credit miles on Oneworld partner flights

I have a hard time getting Iberia to credit mileage points of flights on Oneworld partners. The two occasions when I flew Oneworld partners and the partner systems did not record properly the flights I boarded, I have never been able to get the points credited. I filed 2 complaints (#2673979 [protected] AA 0995 May 22, 2010 mia gru REJECTED and
#3713043 [protected] BA 0247 September 4, 2011 LHR GRU REJECTED). In both cases I submitted the boarding passes and even so they argue they cannot credit points because their system (AA and BA in that case) does not show the records that I boarded the plane. What more can consumers do to have their rights respected? If an airline system fails to register something, should the consumer be penalized for that? That is really disrespectful. To make matters worse, I am an Iberia Platinum customer. Even being at the highest level of loyalty a customer can have with Iberia, I am still ignored in my plea. That is really disppointing.

  • Er
    Erico Yamamoto Jul 03, 2014

    It seems that Iberia makes this a common practice. I had a similar problem. I've flown in January/2014 with Iberia, made sure my mileage program was registered and wasted my boarding tickets. Guess what, credits did not occur and I cannot do anything about it.
    My only comment is, if you can choose, fly thru another company as Iberia seems not to respect its passengers.

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Iberia have an online booking system wherreby you can reserve a ticket and pay for it in 24 hours, which is what i did. When it came to paying for it, therre is a contdown timer, as i proveeded to checkout and pay for my ticket, an error message appeared that told me to choose travel insurance, i didnt want this but was unable to uncheck the box. Time was ticking and i didnt want to lose the price of this flight as it had gone up on the iberia website, so i called the number on the iberia website for help! Well, the rudest person ive ever had the displeasure of having to deal with answered my call and said her name was 'nadi' - i explained the situation and was told ' i cant help you, refresh the page', i told her i had done so a few times but nothing had changed, she then said ' well i cant help you', i then asked to speak to her manager who may be able to help me, to which i was told 'no!' i asked what she meant by no and she said ' dont u understand what no means?! ' i was in shock! I couldnt believe her terrible attitude so i said 'pls give me your manager again and again she said point blank NO!i said you are. Rude woman to which she replied thank you madam! Needless to say i hung up and called back a different number where i was able to book the ticket. I will be calling their head office to make a formal complaint!

  • La
    laurence hierso Sep 14, 2010

    Iberia cancel my flight without telling me I found out at check in.
    What can I do
    can I have an email to make a complaint.

    Laurence Hierso

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  • Ro
    rohles Dec 29, 2011

    j ai acheté 4 billet d avion il y a 2 mois il se trouve que mon mari n a plus c congé nous souhaitons donc changer le prenonm pour que mon fils profite du vol impossible me repond iberia il prefere que la place soit vide en plus les 2 personne qui m ont repondu au tel pas trés aimable voila si quelq un peu m aider merci

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  • Na
    Natashahaskins Apr 15, 2012

    i have never seem such a bad company in my life. all my connections were late nearly missed the other flights, the flight it self was horrible bad costumer service. They lied about my luggage being on the plain wen it wasn't, they cancelled my flight in madrid with no explanation, horrible horrible company it should get closed down.

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  • Mi
    Michal Y. Dec 21, 2014

    I have been trying to reach Iberia for over 4 month with no success. I lost my phone on the flight from BOS-MAD. I filed a complaint when I got to my final destination on August 14 2014. When I checked with Iberia they said they didn't find anything on the plane. I looked on lost & found online and again didn't find anything. Then I got a call from Iberia Israel saying Iberia Spain is looking for me regarding my phone - saying they found it. I called and the rep who said it was a mistake and they didn't find my phone. Then I went to Iberia.com and looked online and found it. I filed a request online with my description and found my phone. Then the website asked me to enter credit card info to pay for shipping it to Israel. I paid 56 EUROS to have it shipped to Israel and waited for it to arrive. When days passed and no phone, I checked online and checked my email and found a message from Iberia saying they can't ship my phone to Israel and I need to arrange for currier to pick it up from an office in Spain. I tried calling Iberia for days and nights and for hours!!! with no success.. I waited on the line to listen to the recorded message for hours and no one answers the phone.. wasted time to reach a person to talk to and find out what I need to do - as I already PAID for shipping that never happened and also - got no reimbursement for the charge that I PAID. although I tried calling the Spain office and the Israel office and sent messages online - I got no reply and no answer from customer service.
    I am REALLY upset as I want my phone back and the email said Iberia only keep the phone for 1 month.. that month had passed as I am still trying to reach Iberia without success!!
    This is the WORST customer service experience I ever had with an airline and in general.

    Michal Y.

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24 hour flight delay

My wife and I were subject to a 24 hour flight delay when flying last week from Tenerife Norte to Alicante. Despite having published rates of compensation for such matters the airline is denying our claim simply because we did not retain the airlinebtickets, which IBERIA MUST HAVE IN THEIR SYSTEM AS THEY MADE THE ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS TO GET US HOME.
Who do I complain to as a higher authority to Iberia?

  • Om
    OmacksGreen Apr 04, 2012

    I relayed my similar complaint through the Better Business Bureau. They will handle everything and will request compensation from Iberia, if they refuse, BBB will make public record of it.

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I have flown with Iberia airlines from Tel Aviv via Madrid to Mexico City (return).
The return flight from Madrid to Tel Aviv was on flight 3754 on 11.11.2011.
This flight was performed by a plane model AB A319.
According their publication, this plane can carry 121-141 passengers.
Our plane carried the maximum - 141 passengers!
The seats of the plane are narrower than the regular seats of other planes and what is worse is the space between the rows .My knees touched the seat in front of me. During the whole flight I have suffered heavy pressure on my knees without being able to change position in order to ease the pain. In addition the passage is very narrow and does not allow standing during the flight to enable some relief. The only way to release pressure is to enter the toilet which is the most spacious spot on this plane.
This plane cannot and should not carry 141 human beings!
Even the lowest cost charter planes do not allow such narrow space between rows.
I publish my observations so that potential customers shall be aware of how Iberiay is treating its customers, rather as cattle than human beings.
I will never fly again with Iberia.
Dov Kantor

Incompetent Airlines

Unfortunately my wife and I had a bad experience with Iberia Airlines which my wife called "Sh_t for Airlines". Our plane we were supposed to fly out on was late and due to bad weather later was diverted to another airport and the flight was canceled. The next day the flight was delayed because Iberia didn't get the plane from the other airport early enough. We had to wait for them to clean and prepare the plane. So almost 2 1/2 hours later our plane finally took off.

Flight booked and paid on iberia.com not honored

I booked and paid return flight on iberia.com between Barcelona and Casablanca on flight IB7709/IB7711, which I later learned was operated by Royal Air Maroc.

There was no issue from Barcelona to Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc. On return from Casablanca to Barcelona, I was refused to board the flight by Royal Air Maroc because I was told they couldn't find the reservation in the system. I was forced to pay another ticket from Casablanca to Barcelona.

I have contacted iberia.com via its website, but they refused to resolve the issue, referring me to Royal Air Maroc. I have no issue with Royal Air Maroc because I paid my original booking through iberia.com, and I booked an Iberia flight (IB7711).

I want to file a court complaint, but I'm living in New Jersey. Anyone knows whether NJ courts take such a case?

  • Dr
    Dr Hong Jiang Jul 10, 2011

    I booked and paid for return flight on iberia.com between Barcelona and Casablanca on flight IB7709/IB7711, which I later learned was operated by Royal Air Maroc.

    There was no issue from Barcelona to Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc. On return from Casablanca to Barcelona, I was refused to board the flight by Royal Air Maroc because I was told they couldn't find the reservation in the system. I was forced to pay another ticket from Casablanca to Barcelona.

    I have contacted iberia.com via its website, but they refused to resolve the issue, referring me to Royal Air Maroc. I have no issue with Royal Air Maroc because I paid my original booking through iberia.com, and I booked an Iberia flight (IB7711).

    I want to file a court complaint, but I'm living in New Jersey. Anyone knows whether NJ courts take such a case?

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lost luggage and put on stand by

I have never seen or experienced the worse customer service in my life with Iberia. We flew from Los Angeles to Miami with American Airlines and from Miami we were to fly to Madrid and from Madrid to Algeria with Iberia. We were traveling in a family of 4 and when we got to Madrid they told us one of our tickets were put on standby and only 3 of us could go on the plane. They said they overbooked and they expected one of us to stay behind. Being from the USA and expecting one of us to stay by ourselves in an unfamiliar, foreign country is unacceptable. My children and my husband and I were all screaming and crying and they were unsympathetic. When we told them we were all going together or not at all they gave our seats to other people. They made us go stand in a very long line for customer service after being on the plane for 12 hours. Then they sent us to another long line way across the airport to talk to a supervisor. They finally put us up in a hotel for the night and booked us a flight for the next day but we had to take a connecting flight instead of going direct like we had booked. We finally got to Algeria. We had 6 pieces of luggage and they werent there when we arrived. So far we have been getting one piece of luggage a day and we have been going back and forth to the airport wasting our vacation time. When we get back to the USA we are going to sue Iberia for ruining our vacation.

  • Dj
    djouahra hocine Sep 11, 2013

    hi dear i travel with iberia to algeria from london and i lost mu bag but this is the last time i travel with this company because customer service is not good my

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Lost baggage and missing property

I want to make a formal complaint against Iberia Airlines of Spain. I flew from Frankfurt to Madrid to Malaga. When I got to Malaga they had already lost my bag I had a 9 hour layover I had to recheck my bag for my next flight since it did not make it the lady at the counter told me they would send right to my house. I make it home after the worst flight in my life!! My bag is no where to be found I called the first day and they are not sure where me bag is. Last they knew it was in madrid. They wouldsend it from Madrid to Augusta Ga and it would be delivered to my home. Day 2 I call they still have no Idea where my bag is at. Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 same answer. Day 8 they are sending emails to find my stuff and no one is responding to the email. The lady on the phone that I managed to talk to told me my bag was not lost they just didnt know where it was and they didnt understand why I didnt have it because thier system says it was delivered to Augusta Main (wrong airport) I call down to augusta maine and no bag so I call Iberia back. They will send another email. Day 9 I am trying to see what I can do to get compensated for my things. They give me more runaround. When low and behold they call me fro boston and tell me they have my bag and confirm address and phone number (the same one they just called) to make sure it is current. It still takes more than 24 hours for my bag to show up. I go to the airport to pick up my bag cuz at this point I am done waiting and I dont want one more set of hands on my bag. I have things missing. When I checked in for my flight in Frankfurt I had my bag wrapped so nothing would happen and now there is no wrap and half of my computer stuff is missing and all my pictures from my trip are gone. I cant even get them back. I intend on making a formal complait but so far it has been difficult to get anything from Iberia! I WILL NEVER EVER AGAIN FLY IBERIA EVER!!

  • B4
    b41 Mar 12, 2011

    hi, maryjack11. i have beeing looking around the internet about problems with Iberia. they have delayed delivery of my luggage in chicago which made me unncessarily spend on a set of clothes as i urgently needed a change of clothes for my business meeting the following day. i have been very much displeased with iberia since when i called them they just forwarded me to a recorded message on how to file a complaint/claim for my delayed luggage. i tried talking to their information counter when i got back to madrid but the people at the counter just made me sign a complaint form which they have not acted on since i filed it a few days ago. like you, i have decided never to fly with iberia again. at the same time, i am also considering filing formal charges against them should they not take action on my complaint. though the compensation i am demanding from them is not that much, i think it is a matter of principle that they own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for them. i suggest you let me know about your plans on filing formal charges as i will update you too on my end. it's time this airline gets a good lesson on correct customer service.

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Sold me a ticket but didn't deliver the service

Iberia sold me a ticket to travel from Mexico City to Madrid, Spain Wednesday night, February 2. They canceled that flight because of the light load, made me travel Thursday the 3rd by day, costing my an extra $400 plus the call to Spain to change my itinerary. They didn't even bother to call me, just an email a few days ahead letting me know it was canceled.

To top it off they wouldn't even compensate me with an upgrade in service. Bad service is one thing, but arrogance on top of bad service is inexcusable.

Avoid this carrier if you can.

Lost/Reimbursement for Luggage

I flew Iberia to Madrid to meet my husband who is stationed in Iraq and finally had some leave. I had all our vacation clothes in my bags since he only had military clothes with him. We were on vacation for 12 days and the luggage showed up on day 11. We had to spend much of our money on replacement items so were unable to do many of the things we had planned. I kept receipts and filled out the many forms needed to get our money replaced. After two months I did get a check - for about 1/10th of what it should have been! When I try to call I'm on hold for more than 12 minutes and then someone picks up the phone and hangs up. From the other complaints I've read I am very lucky that they even acknowledged that they got my paperwork and sent me anything but all in all it was such a letdown after such a long-awaited trip. It's sad too because the flight crew and the flight itself was good.

Worst customer service

Horrible experience with Iberia. Our connecting flight from Venice was 2 hours late, so they let our plane to Washington go although we were only 10 minutes late at the gate. There were seven of us. The Iberia employees were rude, unapologetic and deceitful to us. We had to spend a night in Madrid. Then the next day they assured that we will make a flight to Boston and issued us standby tickets. However, they gave Spanish nationals seats, but kicked out three Americans with assigned seats (one of them an 85-year old lady). So we didn't have a chance to get on that flight at all. Then they issued us boarding passes for a NY flight, which was delayed by 2 hours because one runway at Madrid airport is closed on the weekend and we had 77 flights to take off ahead of us. As a result, we missed a connecting flight to Washington and there were no more flights that day. Iberia put us in the worst hotel imaginable with huge stains on the carpet, filth everywhere, mold and ragged towels in the bathroom. We could not run faster away from it in the morning. We finally got on a 2 pm flight out of JFK. Overall, we spent three days traveling from Europe. It was the worst travel experience of our life.



Venho aqui expor toda minha indignação perante ao representate de vendas de passagem aereas, Opodo.com da Companhia Aerea Iberia, na qual fiz uma compra de um bilhete do São Paulo(Brasil) para Geneve(CH) país de minha residencia para meu filho menor de 14anos. Dos factos é que infelizmente tive de fazer mudanças, no Bilhete comprado pela internet, à primeira foi porque ele iria perdermuitos dias de aula na escola, ou seja tive de alterar as datas, que me custo um valor absurdo por essa aslteração de datas, a segunda infelizmente meu filho adoeçeu e seria impossível que uma criança doente viesse a viajar sozinho numa viagem tão longa, assim para não peder o bilhete pedir para alterar o nome do passageiro e me disseram que isto seria impossível que minha única alternativa era cancelar o bilhete pagando 400€ e pagando um novo bilhete, ou seja, até para cancelar o voo eu teria que pagar.
Usurpada em 1800frs e indignada vem pedir as autoridade maior que tome providência, pois imprevistos existem, não os programamos e o que essa companhia fez tratasse de um crime inafianssável e espero que este crime não venha a ser impune.

Com meus cumprimentos

Nadjane Henriques

Je viens ici pour exposer mon indignation face à tous les représentants des ventes de billets de passage, de la compagnie aérienne Iberia Opodo.com, qui ont effectué un achat d'un billet de Sao Paulo (Brésil) à Genève (CH) le pays de ma résidence pour mon enfant mineur de 14 ans. De la question est que, malheureusement, j'ai dû faire des changements dans le billet acheté en ligne, d'abord c'est parce qu'il serait perdermuitos jours de classe à l'école, ou ont dû changer les dates, ce qui m'a coûté une somme ridicule aslteração à cette date, le seconde, malheureusement mon fils était malade et il serait impossible pour un enfant malade devait Voyage seul pour un long voyage, afin de ne pas la perdre de la demande de billets de changer le nom du passager et a dit qu'il était impossible que ma seule alternative était d'annuler le billet en payant € 400, et de payer un nouveau billet, ou d'annuler le vol jusqu'à ce que je devais payer.
1800frs abusive et indigné à la demande vient de l'autorité supérieure de prendre des mesures parce qu'il ya des imprévus, et non les programmes et ce que cette société était un fait inafianssável infraction et j'espère que ce crime ne restera pas impuni.

avec mes compliments,

Nadjane Henriques

Cher Client,
Nous avons été contactés par la compagnie aérienne qui opère votre vol en raison d’un changement intervenant dans votre réservation.
Vous trouverez ci-dessous les nouveaux détails de votre vol.
Pour prendre connaissance de ces modifications sous une forme plus lisible que ci-dessous, vous pouvez également vous rendre sur le site www.checkmytrip.com (en indiquant la référence de réservation et le nom du passager).
Votre nouvel itinéraire est à imprimer et à présenter au comptoir d'enregistrement de votre vol le jour de votre départ avec les papiers d'identité nécessaires à votre voyage.
-------------- ------------------- --------------------- -------- -------
IBERIA - IB 6820
IBERIA - IB 3490
IBERIA - IB 3489
IBERIA - IB 6821

Veuillez noter que certaines compagnies exigent que vous confirmiez votre réservation pour le vol retour au moins 72 heures avant le décollage. Ces compagnies se réservent le droit d'annuler les billets si vous ne les avez pas re-confirmés.
Nous vous souhaitons un agréable voyage.
A très bientôt sur notre site !
L'équipe Opodo
Tél. : [protected], 35 €/appel + 0, 34€/min) du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 21h et les samedis et dimanches de 9h à 18h
Tél. depuis l'étranger : +[protected] à partir d’un fixe (coût d'un appel international)
E-mail : utilisez notre formulaire de contact en cliquant sur « Contactez nous » en bas de la page d’accueil d’Opodo.fr
Note – Cet e-mail est automatiquement généré et ne requiert pas de réponse.
Récapitulatif de votre réservation
Votre vol
Aller : mercredi 21 juillet 2010
Durée du trajet : 14h00
Départ : 19h40 Sao Paulo Guarulhos International (Sao Paulo, Brésil) Terminal 1
Arrivée : 10h35 Madrid Barajas (Espagne) Terminal 4S
Vol : Iberia 6820 Classe Eco. Restrictions
Airbus Industrie A340
Départ : 12h50 Madrid Barajas (Espagne) Terminal 4
Arrivée : 14h40 Genève Genève International (Suisse) Terminal M
Vol : Iberia 3490 Classe Eco. Restrictions
Airbus Industrie A320-100/200
Retour : dimanche 12 septembre 2010
Durée du trajet : 14h45
Départ : 08h25 Genève Genève International (Suisse) Terminal M
Arrivée : 10h15 Madrid Barajas (Espagne) Terminal 4
Vol : Iberia 3489 Classe Eco. Restrictions
Airbus Industrie A320-100/200
Départ : 12h35 Madrid Barajas (Espagne) Terminal 4S
Arrivée : 18h10 Sao Paulo Guarulhos International (Sao Paulo, Brésil) Terminal 1
Vol : Iberia 6821 Classe Eco. Restrictions
Airbus Industrie A340
Nom De Carvalho
Prénom Victhor d.
Montant total TTC 22.00 € 764.77 €
Type de carte utilisée pour le paiement : Visa/Carte Bleue ou e-Carte Bleue
Votre réservation de vol est soumise au règlement tarifaire de la compagnie aérienne ainsi qu’aux conditions du contrat de transport IATA.
En effectuant cette demande de réservation, vous avez accepté les Conditions Générales et Particulières de Vente de Opodo.
Modification et annulation
Attention si ces billets sont modifiables ou remboursables, les pénalités prévues par la compagnie aérienne et les frais de gestion de l'agence seront appliqués.
Les modifications ou annulations de vols se font uniquement au téléphone auprès de nos conseillers voyages.
Dans le cadre d'une classe économique avec restrictions, les billets peuvent ne pas être modifiables ou remboursables avant et/ou après votre parcours aller.
Justificatifs d'identité
Dans certains cas, pour des raisons de sécurité, nous pourrons vous demander des justificatifs d'identité avant l'émission de vos billets. Nous vous conseillons de nous retourner ces justificatifs dans les plus brefs délais afin que nous puissions, dans la mesure du possible, conserver votre tarif ou vous proposer des conditions tarifaires équivalentes.
Service Clients

Avant d'appeler nos conseillers voyages, nous vous invitons
à consulter notre aide en ligne.

Pour nous contacter au sujet de cette réservation : [protected] (appel non surtaxé) ou au +[protected] depuis l'étranger (coût d'un appel international depuis un poste fixe).
Notre service clients est disponible du lundi au vendredi de 8H à 19H, samedi, dimanche et jours fériés de 10H à 17H.

Vous pouvez également nous contacter via notre formulaire.

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