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Jetblue AirwaysTold me I could take on an item with my personal baggage and it was seized by the TSA.

Reference: Flight # 1210.

Jacksonville to Boston.

Departure. 12/14/20 at 12.30 pm.

Dear Jet Blue,

I was on a flight from Jacksonville to Boston.

I had a router with me, which is a power tool that routs an area in hard material, such as wood or plastic.

I asked at the Jet Blue Desk on checking in, if I could put the router into the checked baggage for the cargo on the plane and the person there told me to save I believe it was $35 or so if I just carried it on with my personal luggage and it was also probably too late to check it in for the checked baggage on the plane.

I then asked them if it was allowed and they said there would be no problem with the TSA to bring it on board the airplane.

Anyway, there was quiet a line to get through the TSA. Nobody said anything to me until the router passed through the X-ray machine. They told me then I could not bring it on the airplane unless I brought it back to my car or give it to the person that dropped me off at the airport. Otherwise they would have to seize it.

Nobody dropped me off at the airport. The boarding time was right on for the flight, so I could not make it back to my car and be on the flight in time. So the TSA seized it. The router cost in total was $230 and this was how much my loss was here. The blame here lies squarely with the Jet Blue employee that told me it was ok to bring it on their airline.

I took the word of the Jet Blue Employee and it's because of the Jet Blue employee, I am out $230.

Do I need to report this matter to the following organizations, the Federal Aviation Authority, the Department of Transportation, the Aviation Consumer Protection Division and the Transportation Security Administration.

Also do I need to report the matter now to the Air Travel Consumer Report and the Airline Quality Rating. Also the Better Business Bureau, the Florida Attorney General and Facebook reviews and Yelp Reviews.

I await hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Justin Ryan.

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    Jet BlueLack of Concern for Covid precautions

    I have taken 2 flights with Jet Blue: flight 303 from Tampa Fl to Providence RI in 12/14/2020 and Flt 741 Bos to Sarasota on 12/29/20. On both flights, I had issues with the Jet Blue employees taking Covid precautions seriously. On12/14/2020, one of the flight attendants by the name of Tommy, sat behind me in the terminal in a seat that was designated as blocked off for social distancing. I asked him if he would mind moving over one seat. I was shocked at his response. He started on a rant that he would only be one seat away from his current seat and that he also had a mask on. So, it shouldn't matter. He continued on by saying that he was going to be my flight attendant so he would be near me anyway. While I was surprised by his lack of respect for the social distancing policy, I was enraged with what happened next.

    He began mocking me to his fellow flight attendants who were sitting with him. They all were laughing at his mocking and at my expense. I found this totally unacceptable behavior.

    I brought this complaint to the attention of management twice and without resolution.

    On 12/29/2020, a customer sitting next me kept their mask either down completely or refused to put it over their nose. He sat in 4D. I asked the flight attendants to request the customer put their mask up, 3 times. The attendants did make the requests but the customer continued to defy the attendants and the attendants did not bother to continue to ask for compliance. It appears Jet Blue does not really take the Covid safety precautions seriously. So how can a customer trust Jet Blue to do the right thing. I have videoed this situation for documentation. I would like to hear back from Jet Blue regarding this situation.

    Lack of Concern for Covid precautions

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      Jetblue AirwaysTrue Blue Wallet

      After being forced to cancel a flight on March 19, 2020 from Detroit to Boston due to covid, I was asked if I wished for a refund or to place my funds in their True Blue "Wallet" allowing me to use the funds for future flights. I was advised that I could use the funds to fly whenever I wanted. I have made 4 attempts to use the funds to take flights over the past 8 months. I am never able to get flights to go where I wish to go and have used other carriers. Each time I go on line to book a flight, I get the posting on the screen, "No flights available to that location". I have even just typed in dummy locations off their website table to no avail. I called today, December 23, 2020 to have my funds returned as they have not given me the service this "Wallet" was supposed to, thus in nature, a breech of contract. After speaking with an agent, I was transferred to and spoke with a supervisor named Chris. She advised me that the wallet is "transferable" and that I can "just sell it to someone". I advised, "I am not an agent and don't feel that is appropriate".
      I requested to be elevated in the system, however I was passed to another supervisor, Kiley. I was advised by her that since the wallet had greater than another year on it, that I could use it during that time period, and that "maybe more flights will be available". I advised that I was unable to see any flights going anywhere via their online system. Kiley advised she placed a flight in and she can see it, so I placed the exact same flight in and was not able to see it. She advised that she would not refund my money due to the fact it was not close to the end and all she would possibly do is extend the wallet. I advised that the problem is not that I don't want to use it, I can't due to their system or scheduling and that they are holding my funds and not flying me anywhere, when I want to go places. Per Kiley, they are told to advise they "can't refund the money". I requested that I be escalated to the manager as to discuss the situation. Kiley advised she would not do that and that she would not send me anywhere. I advised her that I would wait as long as necessary to speak with someone of higher authority. She refused and asked what I would do if she hung up. I advised that I would call back and we could go thru the entire process once again, and that I would write a letter and communicate with legal aspects if necessary. She did not hang up, but refused to elevate the call. The entire call lasted 1hour 36 min and 18 seconds.
      The issue is, I placed the funds in their system under the pretense that I can use them at my will to travel using their system. They have the obligation to allow me to fly when and were I want, provided they service that area, and are not fulfilling their end of the plan. This is a basic breech of contract if I can not fly due to their system. Or if they do not have flights to the locations they have in place. I am truly appalled and would never recommend their service to anyone.

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        Nov 25, 2020

        Jetblue Airways — Flight attendants Juliana and Robbin

        It was a red eye flight. I was at the window sit and my neighbor was at the isle sit. She was a very pleasant...

        Jan 20, 2020

        Jetblue Airways — some irregularities with my flight yesterday january 19, 2019

        To whom it May concern My name is Juan Carlos Garcia Pérez and I want to inform you of some irregularitie...

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        Jetblue Airwaysflight cancellation

        I am writing you with a complaint about a flight that I purchased for my Fiance. He was to fly into San Juan Puerto Rico on 1/16/2020, but because of all the earthquakes that have been happening there, he felt it safer to not take the flight. I have tried to cancel this flight on 1/13/2020 and again on 1/14/2020. It was very upsetting to hear your Agent flat out say "well you will not be getting those monies back because we are still flying into San Juan". My fiance should not be penalized for putting his safety first when there's a natural disaster occurring at the destination!! At this point, I would just like to have a refund of the ticket price and not have anything else to do with JetBlue. I don't wish to take this further, but I will if I have to.
        Confirmation: UEMQMM
        Flight #: 1334

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          Jan 03, 2020

          Jetblue Airlines — non-compliance with the ada

          Traveler info: Pastor Joseph P. Lewis Airline: JETBLUE Conf.#VDYNCS Date of incident:1/2/19 Flight 927 Time...

          Jetblue Airwaysdamaged luggage

          My suitcase was damaged on December 26, JetBlue Flight #1833 from Boston to San Francisco at 10:12. Voluntarily put in luggage storage rather than overhead. Upon arrival at the hotel, I noticed the damage to the bottom of the luggage which includes two holes in the fabric. The fabric is coming away from the frame and is well beyond repair. This is a convenient piece of luggage because it is a roll-on backpack style which fits into the overhead plane section and is ideal for visits of short duration. My husband has a matching piece. It had many good years left in it. Please contact me at [protected]@yahoo.com or text [protected]. Thank you. Marie Lee

          damaged luggage

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            • Updated by Marie A. Lee · Dec 27, 2019

              Already have.

            • Updated by Marie A. Lee · Dec 27, 2019

              Would appreciate your prompt action. Thanks.

            Jetblue Airwaysa missing piece of costume jewelry for which I paid $27.00

            I traveled from Newark to Ft. Lauderdale on November 20. I packed this
            of jewelry in my checked luggage, unfortunately. It was missing when I opened my suitcase. It was a gold chain necklace with flower like gold links spaced about 3 iI inches apart. My flight number was B62705 Sincerely, Jacquelyn M. Donnelley. There was a long costume jewelry pearl necklace in another packet in the same suitcase, which was not touched. There was another packet with 3 pairs of costume earrings. These earrings also were not touched. I would like to have the gold chain replaced, please. The gold chain was in a plastic snack bag.

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              Jetblue Airwaysscreen service on two long flights

              I traveled on Jet Blue from Boston to San Francisco on 11/14/19 and home on 11/20/19. On both flights i had defective/ non operative screen service: nothing worked properly. I was unable to watch a movie without resetting it every few minutes. What are the odds of that?
              I paid for extra space and was looking forward to pleasant flights both ways. It was very frustrating.
              Im headed back on 1/1/20 and i hope this wont happen a third time.
              I hope you-can compensate me in some way.

              screen service on two long flights
              screen service on two long flights

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                Nov 06, 2019

                Jetblue Airways — missed flight due to negligence

                We had return flights reservations from Kingston Norman Manley airport October 14, 2019, checked in with our...

                Nov 03, 2019

                Jetblue Airways — gate agent gate 9 11/3/19 flight 180 to las vegas

                I am a mother of a child on the spectrum. My son flies back-and-forth from Long Beach to Las Vegas and ha...

                Jetblue Airwaysbaggage handling

                On 9/29/2019 I took a trip to Barbados. We (my wife and I) departed from Detroit to Boston and then had a connector flight from Boston to Barbados. While in Detroit, we were not handed our connector flight tickets from Boston to Barbados and went back to the counter to have that corrected. At that time, they also mentioned that they will correct our baggage tags so it will arrive with us. When we finally arrived in Barbados that Saturday afternoon, our baggage was not there. We were then told that our baggage did not make the flight from Boston (even though our layover was over 45 minutes) because it got to the plane late and they transferred it to FT Lauderdale and it would arrive in Barbados at 5 pm. They would have it transported to our hotel at that time. They would also call us and keep us updated. I missed their call around 3 pm which was about 30 minutes after we opened the report.

                After waiting until around 8pm, we called back in and was told that they can see the luggage flew from Ft Lauderdale to Barbados, but it is likely that nobody was available at the airport because they get off work around 5pm. They should begin work around 3am on Sunday and they can check at that time and will likely get our luggage to us by 8am. Was also told to buy what is needed and they would reimburse the money.

                The next morning I called back after not receiving a call from then around 7am. I was told that they are unsure where my luggage was and that there was no way to tell if it made the flight from Ft Lauderdale. They also could not call the airport directly and have anyone visually verify if my luggage was there. They also could not transfer me to a supervisor because none were available and was told again to buy what is needed and we would be reimbursed. They would also call us to update us and again but it appears that the luggage would not arrive until after 5pm from Ft Lauderdale.

                So now after our first day there was spent sitting and waiting, we now had to spend our 2nd day there trying to find clothing and toiletries instead of doing activities we had planned for our 1st and 2nd day. This was compounded by the fact that most locations did not have clothing that would fit me. Besides finding a single shirt and underwear, I could only find a pair of sandals 2 sizes small and no swimming trunks or shorts would fit me. This is after the 1st main location the locals said to go to ended up being closed for remodeling.

                We finally received our luggage that Sunday evening around 8pm but still nobody called us until the next day around 11am.

                So to summarize, this entire experience was more than unacceptable. Not only did it take well over 24 hours to get our luggage, but we were constantly lied to about being updated as the only calls that I received were 30 minutes after I opened the report and 15 hours after I actually received my luggage. We were also lied too about where our luggage was. I would think that luggage is scanned before and after each destination. If you can not tell where the luggage is by the scans then you should not be lying to your customers about its whereabouts. I also find it ridiculous that your company(or any company for that matter) can not call its locations and actually speak to someone on site to check. Even more ridiculous is that no Supervisors were available to handle concerns when there was an issue.

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                  Aug 27, 2019

                  Jetblue — Luggage

                  I was on a 8:38 am flight number 2184 leaving out of Raleigh to Boston on 8-26-19. My claim number i...

                  Jetblue Airwayscompensation for cancelled flight

                  On 8/8/19, my flight from JFK to PBI was cancelled and was I was rebooked to fly the
                  next day from Newark to PBI. I was waiting on a line for more than 4hrs with 2 children, I had to buy food/water as this line moved very slowly. Then next day I took a cab to NJ which was was very inconvenient and expensive. I have always used Jeblue to fly from West Palm Beach to New york to visit family, I was very dissappointed in the way the mangers at JFK handled this cancellation. I understand that weather was to be blamed for the cancellation, but this does not excuse how poorly things were handled by the supervisors. I also missed a day of work due to this cancellation. I would appreciate compensation of $500. for loss of wages, food and cab fee.

                  Thank you,
                  My email: [protected]@gmail.com

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                    Aug 19, 2019

                    Jetblue Airways — flight number 670 from san jose to new york (jfk) on 08/18/2019.

                    This is all about our bad experience with JetBlue airways during the journey from San Jose CA to New York...

                    Jetblue Airwaysdelays and customer treatment

                    Yesterday August 15, my Mother, 16 year old sister, and I were ending our wonderful trip to Charleston with the WORST experience we have ever had with an Airline. We showed up at the airport at around 6pm for flight #1674 knowing our flight was delayed more than a handful of times but at the desk Dave Roberts told us no matter what the flight is leaving by the 11pm rescheduled departure time. He gave us the full scenario and as long as we were able to leave by then we would be somewhat still okay since my Mother is suffering from stage 4 cancer and no longer has the energy to be staying up past 9pm. Also needing to be well rested for her next treatment the next day. She was willing to wait.
                    Dave told us we should take an Uber towards the tanger outlets and get dinner around there. While we were at dinner we kept seeing how you delayed the flight another handful of times within minutes of each other. We needed to be back for treatments /work and your company treated us like animals when we arrived back to the airport.
                    At this time a lady named Lucia didn't attempt to help us at all knowing our situation. At first she was acting as if we should still stick around like the flight would still leave, and at that point you delayed it further to 3:30am. She was willing to refund the tickets that cost only $70 each so we would have to pay $250each for the delta flights that left at 6am. There was nobody else waiting around and we could have been put on a flight first thing in the morning when we first showed up but no one let us know, by then it was full.
                    With no one behind us in line, Lucia was unwilling to call anybody and told us to call 800JETBLUE ourselves even though she was doing nothing at the time.
                    At this point I explained what my mother is going through and why we needed further help than a normal situation. She picked up the phone and talked to someone named "troy" and asked leading questions to pretty much get us away with still no proper solution found.
                    After hearing about the terrible solution of "we'll give you $70 each back and you can buy another flight" my mother stood up and yelled about how this is unacceptable. Mind you this is a tiny lady who doesn't even have the energy to move around at this point of the day. Lucia decided to call the Police! On a stage 4 cancer patient! I have seen you go above and beyond for situations not even close to this and all you offer us is $70 each!?
                    If Lucia and JetBlue actually cared about us and treated us right we wouldn't be in this situation.
                    Now my 16 year old sister is witnessing her brother and mother being talked to by 3 police officers. Once I explained what happened the police officers' faces dropped. In disbelief of the situation.
                    They couldn't do anything to help us but by no means could they get Lucia to pick up a phone and call anybody to help us, but all of a sudden we were offered a hotel stay and a connection flight of over 5 hours of travel time the next morning.
                    This experience is embarrassing for my family and I. We expect proper compensation for the stress you brought into the remaining time we have with our Mother.
                    Also I am missing important meetings at work this Friday August 16 that will result in a minimum financial loss of $1500 for myself personally since I was guaranteed our flight is leaving at 11 by Dave and I guaranteed my customers I would be available. I am also going to be losing my normal salary pay for the day because I have no extra days off allotted.

                    We don't travel much anymore because of our family situation but if we are not properly compensated for this nonsense I will use our media routes to let the world know how you treated our family in this time of need. I hope you and your families never have to deal with the situation my family is in, let alone this extra turmoil that could have been solved by your team.

                    I finished this draft on the first plane and you guys booked our connection 3/4 a mile away and have us 10 minutes to get there! You are absolutely ridiculous! My mother cannot move like this and I'm sitting on the plane now with her crying and your personal couldn't get her any water when I asked at the gate! This is absurd!

                    Contact me ASAP please
                    Vincent Samuel

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                      • Mi
                        Mirandayu Nov 26, 2020

                        I had a similar experience with JetBlue, the flight attendants (juliana and robbin) called ground security on us just because we didn't want to pay extra to sit next to each other. Robbin hit my arm intentionally by a heavy metal cart to punish me and then wouldn't come to help us if we asked anything.
                        Terrible experience with JetBlue. They are rude and if they need to coverup their a***s they call either police or security. The lady Juliana, who was younger than Ribbin, she was mocking us, when she was talking to ground security, standing behind us and laughing like a psychopath.
                        JetBlue should screen the flight attendants on psychopathy.

                        0 Votes
                      Jul 24, 2019

                      Jetblue Airways — carry on

                      On July 20th 2019, I was flying to Orlando with my 82 year old mom and my 19 year old daughter with jet blue...

                      Jetblueracist employee’s horrible service at jetblue

                      I have been a JetBlue customer since they opened back in 2000 . Unfortunately today will be my last flight with them as today I was kicked a flight with my wife and 2 kids . I was kicked off because the JetBlue employee was being racist against my wife and after the 4th attempt I went up and stated this was [censored]. Daniel there Manger came up to discuss the matter and was just as Racist
                      Instead of fixing the issue he pretty much said you white boy we don't stand for foul language like [censored] and we hold the right to remove any customer from our flights even though you are traveling with your wife and 2 kids we don't care because we are racist . I never in my life had such a horrible experience with any airline and I am a constant traveler for work. Today I will make it my business to make sure that as many people I can know that JetBlue employees and managers are completely Racist
                      It's very sad for me to write this as Racism is a huge issue in our world

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                        Jetblue Airwaysexcessively rude and aggressive staff

                        While boarding flight 935, 2 guests service agents began to scream at passengers as they were boarding the plane. This is an international flight, therefore I understand they may be some language barriers as most guests boarding the flight did not speak English. However, Under no circumstances is it Acceptable for agents to scream at passengers and threaten to forcibly remove of the flight if they choose not to check in their carry on!
                        I was even screamed at because my carry on was way too heavy for the agent .
                        As an airport employee myself I do understand the stress that this industry can bring . That is no excuse for poor service and blatant disrespect.

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