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Complaints & Reviews

rudeness experienced from incheon airport staff

Hi, would like to notify SIA of the unacceptable behaviour from a SQ office manager at Incheon Airport.
My husband and I were flying back from Incheon to Singapore on SQ603 on 18 September 2018. We were experiencing issues with our luggage lock on our way to the airport with our passports in it. It could not be opened even with the right combination and we were stressed over it and decided to head to airport to see if any one could assist in such matters.
The first thing we did was to approach SQ check in counter and asked for a solution. We tried to explain that we probably could resolve this with a TSA master key but apparently no one has ever heard of TSA lock (which is odd as all luggages have that now). Not wanting to make things difficult for the counter staff, we say we would like to meet the manager at the SQ office in Incheon. Our point is that he/she would have come across similar cases in the past and would be more well-positioned to provide advice. So the lady led us to the office and the manager came out. We explained our situation and ask if he has any advice. I clearly remember the first thing he said was that he has seen plenty of such cases. And he stopped short of his sentences. I tried to seek more information and ask so how does he advise those customers. He say in such cases, they have to break the lock and stopped short there again. I again try to ask how then do they break the locks in such cases? And for no reason, he got offended and stop me in the middle of my question by saying in a annoyed tone 'excuse me, we are just airport staff. Why are you talking to me in this manner?' at this point, it seems as if the Korean hierarchy goes into play and I shouldn't be questioning him at all because he is much older.
I maintain that throughout the conversation, I was in no way rude to him nor demanding. Merely asking reasonable questions cause he was not informative at all.
Not wanting to make him any more annoyed as we are in desperate situation due to the passport issue, I re-explained myself. He went back into the office and got his colleague to pass us a plier?? Implying we can break it ourselves. After that he did not come out at all to bid goodbye nor expressed concern.
We were not disappointed by the lack of solutions but by how we were treated throughout by him. We were Singaporeans, taking a Singapore airline because I trusted this brand and believed that I would be treated with respect and the first point of help I can think of in such emergency situations. There wasn't any one in the office that tried to soothe our anxiousness or tried calling or asking around for solutions. None. Thats how stranded and helpless we felt in a SQ office of all places we least expected.
After that we took the plier and left the office. We approached the general information counter for help and surprised to know that there is a service shop at the basement for faulty luggages. We make a mad rush down as it closed in 15mins. Everything was resolved by then and we made it safely on our flight back.
But my perception of Singapore airline was seriously marred by this incident. Not all customers will ever get to be in touch with the office staff and while they are not counter staff. I think they should still be infused with a service oriented attitude as every contact with a customer affects the company/brand. As staff based in airport, they should also be well-equipped with information about airport services, if not, then at least try calling information counter. Do something that make us feel that you tried your best to help us.
I didn't catch the manager name but the other male colleague who passed the plier to us was Park Injae. I do not have photos to submit but if they ever want the plier back, you can pick it from my place.

complaint on korean cabin crew

My images of Singapore Airline were kind and it had provided good cares to customers but I realized that it was not true when I took SQ602, seat# 42F on 30 September., 2018. One Korean cabin crew named MS. Hyun Jung Oh behaved very unprofessionally. Here are my complaints.

1. when she served the first drink and I finished. I asked another wine but she said to me to wait until next round as scheduled. It took 15 min to serve the second. - very unpleasant.

2. when she took back the empty glass which put on my table while I watched TV. Unlike other Singaporean crew, she asked if finished and asked me to hand it over to her food stand - absent of service mind & no customer-oriented work.

3. when it was coffee serving time, she bypassed me without asking me. Later I called her by pushing call button though. Think it was on purpose and she tried to start an emotional fight. - very unprofessional & narrow-mind service mind

4. when another Korean cabin crew, unknow her name asked dutyfree shopping, I ordered on Godiva bar-type chocolate and Elizabeth Arden lipstick. But she replied to me they might not have Godiva and checked. For over 20 minutes, she never showed up so I asked other Singaporean man cabin crew to buy same. He came to me in 1 minute with two items. - think it's a matter of sincerity

My understanding of a cabin crew's job is to give a comfortable and good care to customers while in flight. But this time, I felt uncomfortable and had an unpleasant impression on Singapore Airline because of Korean cabin crews.

Opine you need to get these two cabin crews reeducated or reshuffle to other routes.

fee charged to rebook flight

I refer to our flights in May/June this year from Port Macquarie/Sydney to Singapore/Malaysia and return booked through Helloworld Travel Port Macquarie, Australia.

While in Kuala Lumpur we made a 2-day trip to Malacca where unfortunately my partner became unwell so we then decided it best to return directly to Singapore from Malacca by coach on 15/6/18 rather than return to KL for another 4 days before catching our booked flight from KL to Singapore on 19/6/18. Of course we expected to forfeit the fare already paid for our Silkair flight from KL to Singapore, even though we cancelled in sufficient time for our seats to be re-issued.

What we did not expect however, was the $770.00 fee to simply retain our Singapore to Sydney tickets on the same day and on the same flight as we had already booked, and it would be appreciated if you could explain why such an excessive fee was required.

Relevant flight details as follows:-

Tuesday 19/6/18 - Kuala Lumpur/Singapore. Flight SQ5118 (Silkair) - the cancelled flight.

Tuesday 19/6/18 - Singapore/Sydney. Flight SQ221

We did enjoy travelling with Singapore Airlines and we look forward to flying with you again next year.

John Kay

delayed flight/lack of compensation

I was on a delayed flight SQ 915 on october 10 bound to dubai from manila so i wasnt able to catch my connecting flight to DXB. They supposed to put me on EK 355 bound to DXB at 9pm when they rearrange the flight details. But since again the SQ 915 is delayed, the plane landed at changi airport at 8pm, instead at 6pm, and they cant put me on the original flight of EK 355 because its already too late as gate was closing as per the SG ground staff. My ticket to DXB was cancelled because i used my air miles apparentlt and the staff at manila or any other employee of yours to failed to notify me or even rectify the issue before i even reached thechangi airport so i wouldnt have to deal with again delayed/missed flight. They put me instead on the next available flight to DXB via emirates airline on the next day! And probably the worse is they only gave me an access to lounge after i demanded it. I was waiting for my flight since 0430 am and they cant even offer compensation? This was by far the worst experience in my entire life. I had an important exam in dubai the next day and i even explained it to your staff but because of their incompetence i might fail. What really got me was the lack of compassion and incompetence of your staff to my plight. I get that nothing I can do will get back the time i lost waiting but i expected more from the compensation that was given to me but i only got was a sitting lounge, not even a sleeping lounge where i can sleep for a few hours. Is that how you treat your economy class client? Ive been a loyal SG flyer but this experience really changed my mind on how you deal to your passengers. I hope this reaches you and you act upon it. I was devastated really because i have loved singapore airline and this is how you treat us. I will wait for your reply.


From singapore, I will go back to dubai but I have a connecting flight to philippines, my flight # is pr510...

Singapore Airlines

no halal food given suring flight. attitude of steward can be improved.

On board SQ 983 to Spore. There was no halal food for me during the flight. Steward Len (if I spelt his name...

autocancel my return ticket

I redeem a returned flight from Singapore to Seoul with my air miles back in April. I missed my flight SQ600 on the 27th of September. I was grateful that SIA scheduled me to the next flight free of charge.
HOWEVER, I didn't know SIA autocancel my return ticket without notifying me nor obtaining my approval. Does SIA expects me to fly back to Singapore with manic carpet?
The result is I get stuck in the Incheon airport and is placed on waiting list with no certainty. The ground staff in Seoul is not helpful and I have to purchase a new one way ticket to Singapore with AIrAsiana out of my own pocket.

Will SIA refunds me back KW 730600?

lost baggage

Hi Singapore air.

After the recent mistake made by Singapore airlines which resulted in my bags being misplaced for three days, over 72 hours at which time I was on an expensive chartered surf boat without any equipment or clothes such as surfboards or dive gear that I brought. To recover the bags was a slow and frustrating process that took up a good chunk of the fist part of my travel. At least 6 hours of phone calls and emails trying to find where my bags were and how to get them to me.
I chose to fly Singapore air becouse if it's customer service reputation and paid more that other discount airlines because I wanted the higher level of service.
The inconvenience was massive and level of customer service was very poor and I would hope that Singapore airlines can make up for this terrible travel experience with a gesture that would make my flight home a better experience to make up for the last.
I am asking that I be upgraded to at least Buisness class for my travel home.
I fly 1250pm tomorrow the 4th October from Male airport in the Maldives on flight MI 0481 to Singapore then from Singapore at 0045am on flight SQ 0231 to Sydney then from Sydney to Sunshine Coast on VA 0481 leaving at 1230pm.
Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards,

Matthew Mchale.

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no follow up by sia

I have called up the customer service hotline on 21 Sept 18 to complaint against the poor service by a call agent and follow up with another online submission on 23 Sep 18 regarding the same matter as directed by the call agent to do so .
I was assured by the customer service agent that I will receive a call back from SIA within 72 hours but it has been more than a week and no one from SIA has contacted me .
Do I need to write to the ST Forum page or social media before action will be taken ???

Please call me at [protected] . My booking reference number is RB2BYO.

Mr Zai

flight cancellation

flight SQ248 on 15 Sep 2018 at 13:45 from Wellington to Melbourne Good afternoon I am been reflecting on our...

damaged luggage


Ref: TKT: [protected], Airline Reference: V8YFS5

I landed at Bangalore international airport and collected my luggage around 11 pm on 23rd Sep 2018 and found one side of the bag ripped open and clothes & other items damaged.

I tried to register my complaints only to be told that no one is there to attend to my issue at that time and I was asked to register it during working hours.

I stay at Taj Vivanta at Whitefield Bangalore during my trip and I need a luggage to keep my clothes etc. Need your urgent help to rectify this situation. I can be reached on +[protected].

Venky Raghunathan

damaged luggage

[Resolved] re: lost luggage sin-zrh-gva on september 16th

Dear Madam/Sir,

The past week has been tiring and stressful to say the least. Indeed, I was attending a global meeting with our CEO, the whole executive team and senior management from around the world (150 delegates).

Not having my suitcase the whole time obviously added to the stress. No suit and tie for the gala dinner on Wednesday. No sports attire for the Wednesday team building in the afternoon. No "creative" costume for our "disruptive" closing dinner on Thursday evening. Etc. Of course I bought a few clothes and managed to borrow some from colleagues but still...

Now to the case...

Our booking reference is PCCM9J.

My wife and I left Singapore with SQ 346 on September 16. We had checked-in 3 suitcases (luggage tags [protected], [protected] and [protected]). We arrived in Zurich the same day in the morning. We then took LX 2804 to Geneva and arrived around 10.30am. 2 of our suitcases came reasonably fast on the belt ([protected], [protected]) but the 3rd one, [protected], never arrived. One of my colleagues, Sherry Linert, who was on the same flights from Singapore, encountered the same problem. She filed a missing bag declaration like I did. Fortunately for her though, she received her bag the same day in the evening in Evian, France, where our global meeting was taking place. Unfortunately, I didn't and to make things worse, nobody was able to tell me where it was, when I would receive it.

Our missing bag declaration reference, provided by e-mail, was [protected].

After filing our declaration, the first e-mail from Gva. bags came at 12.54pm on the 16th with the reference above and the hotline phone number, +41-[protected]. After that I did a lot of following-up. I will not elaborate too much in this message but if required I will gladly provide you with all the details (many e-mails).in a nutshell:
1. Nobody EVER answered the hotline number (many attempts).
2. I went to the airport twice to speak to somebody at the Swissport office (once on the 16th in the evening and then the following morning on the 17th).
3. As mentioned above, I followed-up a lot by e-mail.
4. On Tuesday night, shortly before midnight, I received a call from... New Jersey! The lady confirmed that my suitcase was there and that they would try to put it on a direct flight to Geneva the same day and that she would call back in a few hours to confirm.
5. Just after midnight I sent an e-mail to gva. bags to give them this info and to help them follow-up.
6. Obviously I went to sleep. Nobody called and in the morning there was no missed call. However I did receive a response from gva. bags saying that they were glad to hear some good news (based on my e-mail) and that they would have my suitcase sent to my hotel in Evian once received. I was very surprised and disappointed that they hadn't even contacted New Jersey to find out more and confirm if/when it would be sent. At this stage it was clear that they were not doing much, just waiting and it looked like I was doing their job!
7. Around lunch time I sent an e-mail asking for an update. The answer was not encouraging, "no bag was forwarded, maybe tomorrow"...
8. Finally on Thursday, Sept 20th, at 16.53 I received an email stating that my suitcase had arrived in Geneva and would be delivered to me in the evening.
9. It arrived at my hotel after our closing dinner started so basically too late.
10. Condition of luggage: the main/middle lock was broken off (with a tape from US customs). Our suitcase cover [brand: LOQI, Berlin design], gone.

Feedback on the service provided and concerns/questions

Not at all professional, no follow-up, no initiative.
I had to ask for information regularly otherwise I would have been left in the dark.
Even after the call from New Jersey, follow-up was poor.
How did my suitcase end up in New Jersey and that it couldn't be tracked?
Why did the US customs break the lock when we had provided the code and, above all, the lock is equipped with the TSA lock?

Whereas I understand that these sort of things can happen, I feel that the service, support provided to resolve the situation was highly inefficient and extremely view of all the inconvenience and stress caused I trust that we will be compensated and reimbursed as follows:

Our SAMSONITE suitcase and LOQI cover replaced.
Reimbursement for all the clothes/shoes that we had to buy.
Additional compensation whether in cash or others e.g. free miles, upgrades, etc. for all the inconvenience.

Looking forward to a prompt response from you, I remain at your disposal should you need further information, e-mails or various pictures that I have taken (the suitcase without the lock, the lock itself, boarding passes, luggage tags, etc).

Best regards,

Joel Annen
KF Gold#: [protected]

P.S. my wife and I are flying back to Singapore on Tuesday, September 25th, in the evening with SQ 2075 from Geneva to Frankfurt and then with SQ 325 to Singapore. We've been trying to upgrade using our miles but without success (waitlist). It would be nice if you could help with this or even a better upgrade in view of all that has happened.

  • Resolution Statement

    I filed this by mistake thus have asked to remove this complaint. Thanks.

seat allocation on a flight from singapore to sydney on 29 august 2018

I have filled this form of complaint re this issue, on 14th September. Have not received a reply from you in...

inconvenience caused due to long flight delay

Madam/ Gentleman I, Parameswaran Iyer had planned my trip to Singapore along with my wife, Shobha Hariharan...

unacceptable customer service by singapore airlines

Please see below and attached information to give full details of my complaint. If the information is unclear, please forward me an email address and then I can email all the details to you.


16 Marcus Close
Email address; [protected]
Home telephone number; [protected]
Mobile; [protected]
18th September 2018
Customer Complaint Grievance
1) Shared flight SQ4217 (other codes NZ 981 / TG 4838 / VA 7541). Departing on the 6th March 2018 @ 06.10, via Air New Zealand, from Christchurch to Melbourne (Australia). Two seats booked under Philip Spicer & Christine Spicer. Seat numbers 14C & 14D.
1) Flight tickets booked through Singapore Airlines, transferred to Air New Zealand flight under a flight code share. ANZ refused to honour my SA flight tickets.
2) ANZ left me in a state of confusion on the day, with no alternative other than to instigate my own investigation, to ascertain why my flight agreement was not honoured. ANZ distanced themselves from the debacle and were unwilling to offer assistance or support in this process. I then contacted Singapore Airlines using my mobile phone. After a total duration of six and a half hours of being on the phone, there was no solution or support given by SA. The reason for this became apparent from the pursuing conclusions. SA instigated the error by a systems malfunction, which failed to recognise my booking at ANZ Christchurch. I believe this occurred on the 1st March. SA then tried to reinstate the booking on the 5th March but had already sold my pre-paid seats to new passengers, so again failed with this attempt. At this stage SA were aware of the issues but declined to notify me on the 5th March, or alternatively, acknowledging their error when I arrived at the airport at 4.00pm on the 6th March. This action was totally indefensible and represents a serious breach of credibility with SA integrity, especially with the debacle I endured through this tackles decision.
3) SA actions stranded my wife and me in NZ, necessitating accommodation for the 6th March, as I was unable to find an alternative passage to Australia until the 7th March 2018. I booked into a Hotel located at the airport
4) With no support from SA, I was forced to find my own solution for flying to Australia. I booked a flight to Melbourne through ANZ, departing on the 7th March.
5) As the cancellation of the 6th March flight caused the SA systems to believe I had broken the ongoing chain of booked flights preceding this, I experienced issues trying to sort these flights out with particular the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne on the 5th May ( Virgin Airline, departing at 11.35 a.m.) There was initial confusion on the luggage allowance, which incurred additional payment to allow me to have international weight allowance. Virgin records will show this payment.
Resulting from the above SA actions, I'm directly and indirectly holding SA liable for costs through their ineptitude. To address this, the necessary minimum compensation required is;
a) Hotel cost for stay in airport on the 6th March 2018.
b) Taxi from airport to Christchurch on the 6th March, after ANZ refusal to permit the boarding on a flight I had paid for and received seat confirmation from SA. I deliberated on the day over lunch, following the harrowing trauma experience caused by SA insensitive handling of my situation.
c) Excessive use of my mobile phone on international charge rates to try and establish why this debacle occurred. Prolonged by Singapore Airlines and my wholesale flight agent not being able to see why ANZ had refused to honour the flight tickets.
d) Cost of activities missed in Australia on the 6th March, due to SA not honouring my confirmed seat tickets. I had seats 14C and 14D allocated to me. SA failed to deliver on a serviced already paid for, accepting the agreement we entered into. The flight departed but ANZ refused to honour my seat reservations.
e) Through SA actions I missed pre-paid activities I had booked on the 6th March in Australia. I hold SA liability for my consequential costs, due to the flight debacle on the 6th March, for which I missed through no fault of my own. It was not a flight cancellation, airport disruptions, flight controller's disputes, act of good, etc., that prevented me from arriving in Melbourne on the 6th March. The ANZ flight departed but ANZ refused to honour my seat reservations and I was refused entry onto the plan due to SA actions. As a result SA incompetence was directly responsible for me being unable to enjoy my planned activities in Australia on the 6th March. This was down to SA incompetence and negligence.
f) Below I have summarised the costs I'm submitting for reimbursement from SA;
1. Travel and lunch cost for Christchurch; Taxi return NZ$130 and lunch NZ$127.
(I paid by cash for these and do not have receipts)
2. Overnight Hotel accommodation cost; NZ$363.5
(I have a receipt for this)
3. Phone calls; 390 minutes to SA on the 6th March and 71 minutes on the 7th March. Then 37 minutes to UK agent on the 6th March. In total I incurred 498 minutes of conversations to try and resolve the situation SA had left me in. This cost me 20p per minute, equating to a total cost of UK£100.
(I have my phone log for this)
4. Loss of activities in Australia on the 6th March; UK£120
(This was booked as part of my total package through my agent and I do not have a separate receipt for this)
5. Goodwill and others out of pocket costs, payment for inconvenience, stress, holiday disruption, etc.; UK £250.
6. Reimbursement of the two seat costs for the 6th March together with extra luggage payment to Virgin. At this time I do not have the value of this.
GRAND TOTAL UK£815 plus point 6

A significant delay has occurred before contacting you due to on-going investigation. Though now these investigation have clearly identified SA are solely responsible for the flight issues I experienced on the 6th March.
In light of all the facts available to me, I hold SA responsible for the necessary compensation for this unnecessary experience and expense I have incurred.
Can I please ask you to review my claims and request the stated costs quoted above are honoured in full to draw an end to this fiasco?
I sincerely hope SA can avoid further protraction of this complaint and accept their liabilities as highlighted. This would then conclude a closure of this complaint.
Can you please advise me of SA intentions regarding my complaint and proposed conclusion?

Yours faithfully.
Phil Spicer

2. Details of my schedule programme of flights booked with SA.
3. Copy of my phone log during the deplorable experience I endured through SA incompetence.
4. Notes supplied by ANZ and my agent in the UK.

It was not possible to load all the supporting documentation, so could I please ask you give me an email address where I can send this through to you?

unacceptable customer service by singapore airlines
unacceptable customer service by singapore airlines
unacceptable customer service by singapore airlines
unacceptable customer service by singapore airlines
unacceptable customer service by singapore airlines

damaged baggage

1. It is to bring to your notice that I flew with my family on Singapore Airlines flight no SQ406 from...

Singapore Airlines

flight sq247

My name is Brittany Carter. I was on the cancelled flight SQ247 from Melbourne to Wellington on 15 September...

I have a complaint about seat allocation.

My daughter had to leave Colombo, Sri Lanka, a day before her scheduled flight which was on 29th August SQ 469, connecting with SQ211 from Singapore to Stdney. We deliberately did not cancel her seat as I (her mother, who is prone to DVT and a steel pinned bad leg) could have stretched my bad leg and walked up and down aisles. The flight from Colombo to Singapore was good and we had the extra room, but the Singapore to Sydney leg...her seat (aisle seat) was sold to another person and I was stuck in the middle, unable to get in or out of my seat, on a long flight, which, in reality could have worked out very badly for your airline (if I ended up with DVT, or any other injury) especially when we did not cancel the seat. I have tried to get in touch with you for the last 10 days or so, but found it very hard to navigate your sites (most unfriendly). The least Singapore Airline could do is refund the ticket price for the seat that your airline decided to cancel. I would like to hear from you as soon as possible (and I think 7 days sounds about right). Thanking you in anticipation of a favourable reply. Lauren McKinnon

the flight

On outward bound to Singapore from Charles De Gaul, 02/07/2018 the flight attendant made me feel like I was a nuisance asking for a beverage. This was constant, the look on his face was very disrespectful. On the way back from Singapore to Charles De Gaul, 21/07/2018, the food ran out. I had a bread bun from leftovers and my daughter had chicken noodles again left overs from the previous nights meal for our breakfast.
It has been a stretch financially and given Singapore Airlines are meant to be outstanding I was so excited to fly. It is a big part of the holiday experience. I was very let down and for £940 with no food left it is disgusting.
I don't think I am being unreasonable in asking for a part refund for myself and my daughter.

baggage handling

I flew from dusseldorf via Singapore to Sydney with Singapore Airlines and then onto the goldcoast with...

Singapore Airlines