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Lost item

Dear Sirs

I left an item at the aiport two weeks ago and within 5 minutes of going back to the food court, I was informed that the staff did collect my item. I tried waiting around for them to recover the item but I was very late to board my flight and therefore was advised to email the info email add who will then arrange for the item to be posted to me. It has been over 2 weeks now and the lost and found team keeps saying that it has not been updated on their system and I had suggested watching their CCTV recording from that day and I am yet to hear back. I email them every day and they respond every few days with a very passive email with no input whatsover. I have conveyed my frustration a million times but they aren't taking this seriously and they take forever to reply to any email. Clearly no one is pushing for this to be located. I was assured the item is with your airport staff at the food court so it has either been stolen by someone or no one is bothered enough to help me with this which is very unreasonable.

passport control

Follow up of the complaint (CAS-1195832-S4W9Z1 CRM:[protected]) on the grounds of discrimination towards me because of nationality under the Human Rights Act.

On the 5th of December I was flying from Tbilisi, Georgia to Paris, France via Hamad International Airport. I was detained at Hamad International Airport for no reason: my passport was taken from me, no explanation given! Nobody told me what was going on and why I was detained! I do not speak English, nobody cared to give me an interpreter, I had to call my fiance in the middle of the night to help me communicate with the members of Qatar Airways and the airport staff. She was stressed and upset. But nobody cared!

I missed my connection flight from Hamad to Paris, and as the result, my business meeting had to be cancelled. Thus, I missed my return flight with Lufthansa from Frankfurt, which was scheduled on the 6th of December. I had to buy a new ticket with Turkish Airlines just to come back home from Paris. Clearly, none of this was my fault. I demand to be reimbursed for all my tickets and all the emotional and physical stress that I (and my fiance!) had to suffer that night! All in all I have spent £1, 091.59. I strongly believe that it was treated like that because I was Georgian and that my passport was Georgian, even though Georgian nationals are part of European Union and travel all around Europe visa-free. I've never experienced such discrimination in my entire life!

I received an absolutely indifferent reply from Qatar Airlines and no response at all from the Hamad International! This is outrageous! People can be treated like that and find no justice whatsoever!

passport control

departure staff bad attitudes and nonsense request require

On 14/8/2019 around 0020, When I go to the counter of departure with my hand holding my phone, the staff...


Good evening Hamad customer care My name is jimmy titus ngota, foreign service office at ministry of foreign...


Good day.
I send 2 mails already to Hamad airport with only a automatic reply. I had an accident while boarding on the 22 June 2019 . I got injured on my knees and back while boarding on Qatar airways to Johannesburg. I fell from a step not clearly marked after we had to climbed 2 flights of stairs with our hand luggage.
The step to the shuttle was not clearly marked. It was black and I could not see it.
I went for medical treatment but will require further procedures. Please advice.


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unethical behaviour of royal jordanian airlines

on wednesday june 26 2019, i was traveling from Hamad international airport to Aman jordan . the flight was scheduled to take off at 9pm. we were at the gate till 11pm when we finally got to know that there is a technial issue in the plane. we kept receiving false and misleading infromation from the airline
i was left waiting in the airport till the next day where they promised that the flight was rescheduled till 6am which was later as well rescheduled to take off at 11am witth the airport security promise and commitment and where again we were told there were technical issues and finally i canceled my ticket and bought another ticket
i was for 16 hours in the airport delayed with no place to sleep and no food . this is completely unaccetable to start for the airline and as well for Hamad international airport one of the top 10 in the world
i urge hamad international ariport to shut off the services of Royal Jordanin airlines or hold them responsible for all delays and reimburse all passengers for the lost time and money


flight delay not informed

Our flight scheduled on 28 th june 2019 morning 1.30 flight # H9-564. When we reached airport, from...

immigration line for ladies with infants

I would like to express my frustration with immigration procedures at HAMAD International Airport especificaly because of there's not priority line for families with infants, right now I am in a middle of three hundred people with my nine months baby. It's very shameful to arrive to the country where I live and next World Cup sponsor and realize that there are many things to improve as simple priority line for ladies with infants.

  • Ph
    Philly2019 Jan 28, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why should you get special treatment just because you have a baby? Wait in line like everyone else has to.

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lost properties

Date: 30 Dec. 2018 around 7 am near the check-in area, flight # QR3 to London (Heathrow)
Claim Reference: HIA42260
Details: I have forgotten my phone at the above mentioned location and day but it was found by HIA staff. I was directed to send an email to lost and found services which I did on the same day. I was asked three times to provide details about the mobile for verification purposes which included also my mobile passcode, which I don't this it was appropriate to be asked, but I provided it anyway. From the day I lost my phone, your staff were telling me that they will send the phone to me in London and I provided all the details and information they needed including the name of the airport and a copy of my ticket. After that I did not hear back from them at all although I have sent two reminders. My siblings tried to call them in Doha but the response were very weak so my brother had to go to the airport today to check the status of my claim. There, he was informed that the phone can not be shipped to London, in contrast to what I was told, and the only way is to authorize someone to collect it and send it back to me. I am really frustrated from the way my case was handled since your staff were not clear with me from beginning about the possibility of sending the phone and wasted my time in unnecessary procedures in addition to the way I received the latest update (through my brother and not your staff). For the time being, I wish they proceed with my request and give the mobile to my brother without additional delay. I am in a very critical situation since I can not use my bank account applications and I am running out of time and money. I would KINDLY ask your support to take my situation in account and release the phone as soon as possible. I have sent an authorization email with my brother and my ID copies.

Thank you

  • Complainant20091 Jan 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It not clear, what is the fault of air carrier, if you have lost your own phone by yourslef.
    Waste of time!

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passport control priority

I am writing this message to complain about the immigration department in the airport. I travelled few days ago with my baby and I found it completely unacceptable for a mother with infant to wait in the line among dozens or hundreds of people. The babies are sensitive, dont have strong immunization system, havent done all vaccines yet and are not allowed by doctors to be around so many people. In all airports mothers with babies have priority, when I asked for priority at the immigration, the employee was very rude. In front of me there was a monther with newborn waiting for half hour in the line. some babies are breastfeeding and cannot wait so much time in the line. It is completely unacceptable that airport managment dont give priority to mothers with babies. Please consider to change this policy. This only happens in Qatar and its a shame for the country's reputation.

security officer

Hi I am registering this complaint againt the seucrity officer in HIA, 28.08.2018, 11:15am Qatar time...

Doha Airlines