Shoppers Drug Martstatex

I got a notice telling my statex was ready for pick up
I went to the store and the boy there gave me my medication and told me it was 25.00 approximately I the informed him it was covered under WSIB
I stood there for 10 minutes when the pharmacy manager came to help ... I gave them my WSIB number and they insisted I needed a card ??? I informed them that just the number would be good they snickered as they looked at each other ... I told them I would go do another errand and come pick it up later ...
In the mean time I call WSIB and she informed me the pharmacy never put it though because they don't see it at their end... but she told me there was no problem to pick it up..
I come back later now with WSIB on the phone with me and now the pharmacy manager tell me it's Co pay of 5.99 and I have to pay it.. as she is walking by not stopping to talk to me at all... I then told WSIB what she told me (the pharmacy manager) WSIB called the pharmacy and spoke with a different pharmacist because the manager at this time did not want to service me ... how disrespectful and she is the manager ... now all the pharmacie assistant are rolling their eyes...
Another pharmacist came and assisted me she was very appropriate and kind cleared up the problem

This should have never happened
they have a job because we the client go there without the client these people would have no jobs .
Customer service is key to successful company
Maybe this pharmacy manager by the name Silka needs a course in customer service
I will return to this pharmacy because they think I will leave as the service is horrible ... but I won't I will complain every time I have a problem ..
Monique Poitras

Oct 08, 2019

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