Shoppers Drug Martroblox gift card

I purchased a roblox gift card and once the transaction went through, I noticed that the back code had already been scratched off. I asked to exchange it but the girl refused and said you can't return/exchange gift cards. I said this is a different situation as I'm right here and we both saw that the card was tampered with. I asked her to call a manager, which she did and the manager didn't even bother to come out. Just told her to tell me that they can't do anything and to call roblox if there is a problem. The card didn't end up working!!! While the person I gave it to is going to call, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with shoppers and the service, or lack thereof that I received. You are a huge company. This was clearly not my fault and the store should have just given me a new card.

Sep 07, 2019

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