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I went in to the Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday afternoon at approximately 2:30pm. Approached the pharma service counter where asked a bout a script sent over by a Dr. I don't not recall the ladies name but she called it was a pain to find the script after being told that we went to that store for script but usually use store on st clair street in chatham, ontario. We left frustrated and empty handed as she wouldn't even look into the data base to see if the script had been presented.
Considering leaving shoppers drug mart services to seek services elsewhere. This is unacceptable behaviour as patient was suffering from health related issues and got no help from this store and went home empty handed. I believe the product will be picked up today at the shoppers on st. clair street in chatham but im sure this will be the last dealing with shoppers.

On behalf of Stella Sofroniou...didnt expect this behaviour from a snotty old lady that was too lazy to do her job, very unprofessional and is gonna cost you a customer who has been a long time customer of shoppers for many products, not just prescription services.

Sadly noted,
Barry Patrick

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    I am contacting you and would like correspondence with regard to the following incident.

    I took my friend to the 420 Queen street Shoppers location yesterday afternoon between 2:30 & 3 pm on Oct 7, 2019 to pick up a prescription. Approached the pharma service desk and explained to the clerk that the customer usually deals with the shoppers drug mart at 416 St. Clair street in Chatham but had stopped at this location to have the script filled because she had recently moved and this location was more convenient. We feel we were treated quite rudely and were told that it would be a pain and timely to get the information on the script and have it filled at this queen street location. I understand now from talking with the service people at the 416 St. Clair store that all this individual would've had to do was call the 416 St. Clair location to gain information about the script but failed to provide a quality service to the customer. We were certainly not treated with respect and even offered to contact the Dr office about the script. The clerk even rolled her eyes at us at this point in the conversation and again stated it will be a "timely process". I don't recall the clerks name at this point but i will make it available in a follow up complaint as when i have time i will attend the 420 Queen street store to gather the clerks name so it can be added to the complaint. We were told that it would be a "timely process" and that the process would be a "pain". I work in a customer service environment and would be reprimanded for such behavior at my job and feel that this clerk needs a refresher course on how to treat customers of Shoppers Drug Mart.
    Upon checking your records you will see that the script was picked up today Oct. 8, 2019 at the 416 St. Clair in Chatham store by the patient Stella Sofroniou whom was told at this time as she notified this clerk of the experience on Oct. 7, 2019 that all the clerk at the 420 Queen street location had to do was make a call to the 416 St. Clair store. This is unacceptable behavior as the patient went home without the script because she wasn't feeling well enough at the time to travel to the other end of town to the 416 St. Clair location. This customer has recently moved and the 420 Queen street location would've have been a convenient stop had the service been good. Stella's Dr is in Blenheim and this 420 Queen street location is directly on the way back from Blenheim as the customer returned to go home. As a result Stella suffered throughout the night and didn't sleep well as a result yet had to be up early morning to prepare for a day at work. Very unacceptable and a negative experience with Shoppers staff at the 420 Queen street location.
    I am stating again that i will follow up with the clerks name and would like further correspondence about this experience. I can be reached via email at [protected] and you will hear from again in the near future with the name of this individual. We left the store frustrated and not happy as we feel that we were not treated with good customer service. We have been loyal customers of Shoppers Drug Mart and this experience has really set a mindset that doesn't favor the Shoppers drug Mart experience. This experience was absolutely ridiculously and no call for customers being treated this way if not for your customers you wouldn't have a Shopper's Drug Mart.

    Looking forward to further correspondence.

    Barry Patrick

Oct 08, 2019

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