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I am on prescription pain medication that is only filled once per month. I was scheduled to pick up my prescription today. I was coming back from out of town when I got a flat tire. By the time I got it changed and on my way back home it was coming up on closing time for the Shoppers Druv Mart Store in Edson Alberta. I was worried I might not make it on time and called to ask if there was some way to accommodate. I told them it would be within 2 minutes if closing time if I was even late. The prescription is covered by insurance and didn't need to be paid for so I asked if they could scan it out and have it ready for me. They said they would but they would not wait past 7pm. I arrive to the store one minute before closing and I was running to the door when the girl came and locked it. She saw me. And continued to lock the door and walk away despite the fact it was not yet 7:00pm. I tried calling but it said the store was now closed. Two minutes later another staff member came out the door and I asked if she could help. She took me inside where the pharmacy assistant I spoke to on the phone very rudely said they had locked up. Not an apology or anything. Just a very rude attitude. She said I know you called but we can't help you, despite telling me on the phone she would scan it out and have it ready for me. I explained I really needed my medication as I rely on it for mobility issues due to pain and I am a single mom with two small kids. She just said well you'll have to pick it up tomorrow. If she wohld have scanned it out like she said she would they could have easily handed me the prescription and I wouldn't have to suffer all night in horrible pain and be unable to sleep or get around. Instead she chose to have an ignorant attitude while the other staff members stood there in disbelief. I have used this store for many years and have never had such poor customer service ever. Since the previous pharmacy owner left it has been nothing but problems. They will tell you your prescription can be picked up at a certain time but when you get there you're left waiting for fourty minutes because they don't have it done. They are frequently out of my one medication and I'm left waiting for it with a promise they will call when it gets in. A week later I get frustrated and call and they say it's been there for days waiting for me. I get medication I have to inject and have always had my syringes given to me with my prescription but not anymore. They constantly forget and then I have to wait for them as well. My triplicate prescription renewal was given to me by my doctor one day early (I fill every 30 days). It was logged and filled. When I asked to have my prescription filled again 30 days later I was told the pharmacist put a note on my file to not fill it till 31 days despite my prescription saying otherwise. And then the incident today. I am not impressed at all and am actually considering switching pharmacies due to the poor customer service. This store really needs to get it together and learn what customer service is about. There is no need for me to be suffering in pain all night for something that could have been avoided if 1. The door had not been locked before 7:00 2. The pharmacy staff had kept their word 3. There was any compassion or customer service skills whatsoever. A great store is really going downhill fast and word is spreading in the community. I know others who have switched pharmacies already because of it.


  • SubSquirrel Sep 09, 2018

    Your watch said one minute before seven. Their clock obviously said seven o’clock. Insurance pays for it but they have to process it and get approval. Next time leave earlier if it’s vital.

    My Morphine is refillable every thirty days. If called in on the twenty-ninth day, it isn’t available until the next day. If I can’t make it there, they’ll hold it. I asked them to write it up as picked up on the thirtieth day or just lie a bit. They refused and rightfully so. If they have an inspection the next day at opening, they’re in deep shit.

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