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Shoppers Drug Mart Complaints & Reviews

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy

Apr 25, 2019

Every time i go into the pharmacy at bathurst and Rutherford there is a russian lady named Ellana, she is so rude and her and the pharmasist Victoria think they can talk to customers so rudly. Ive been going there for years and have only stayed because of Simon and his other wonderful...

Shoppers Drug Mart / samsung galaxy tab e

Apr 23, 2019

I purchased a tablet at our local shoppers drug mart here in Cornwall 1236 Brookdale on April 11/2019 11:46 am [protected] 3 for my grandsons birthday/Easter . At the bottom of your receipt you have a 30 day return policy. Today l went in to exchange it because it was not charging l was told...

Shoppers Drug Mart / service

Apr 22, 2019

Hello my name is cheryl Miranda I live in Westlock Alberta Today I went to shoppers drug mart here In Westlock I always go there to by my mascara and perfume As soon as I walked in the cosmetic lady asked if I needed help I said no I'm fine I proceeded to pick out my mascara and wa...

Shoppers Drug Mart / expiration date passed

Apr 22, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartBought a probiotic ibs support suppement with a 3 month passed expiration date at shoppers, drug mart, locagtion: 6428 yonge street, north york, on, m2m 3x4. 3 months passed the bbd is a long time and I find it unprofessional and non-safe to be selling such products. Moreover, it takes time...

Shoppers Drug Mart / cashiers

Apr 21, 2019

Once when I had visited Vancouver, I happened to stay there for a month due to my cousin's marriage. Ive usually noticed that the cashiers are not given a place to sit and they are standing for long hours. You should respect the people working in your space and provide them with great...

Shoppers Drug Mart / scanning code of practice

Apr 19, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartI was charged incorrectly at the store today and when I went back in the cashier called the manager Brian who said they no longer give the first item free and that I would have to be charged the sale price of the item or not have it at all. I was refunded the amount of 18.81 which should...

Shoppers Drug Mart / gift card

Apr 19, 2019

My brother purchased a $50.00 gift card for me from a Shopper's Drug Mart in Uxbridge. Unfortunately, the staff at the store failed to scan the card in correctly, and when I went to use the card at a Home Depot, it didn't work. The Shopper's location also failed to provide a receipt with...

Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service - cashier:thana

Apr 19, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartHello there, I went to location in Dixie - 4141 Dixie Rd. Mississauga, On L4W1V5 on Thursday, April 18 to purchase heavy cream/whipping cream. While I was looking for the whipping cream I noticed that nothing on any of the shelves. I saw a staff around and asked if they have any whipping...

Shoppers Drug Mart / complaint - employee

Apr 18, 2019

Hi Shoppers Drug Mart, First of all, I'd like to Thank You for your time. I hope someone cares because no one cared. I am not sure who to bring my concern to, and if I directed to you incorrectly, I hope you can for the least, help me direct my concern to someone who can be in charge for...

Shoppers Drug Mart / management staff

Apr 17, 2019

Purchased a cannon camera lens on points at shoppers in chilliwack bc with super store points only after making sure it could be returned if my son bought me the same one for my birthday. I was very clear that I wanted the points return on super store points as I could never spend $279.95...

Shoppers Drug Mart / life brand b6 - 100 mg purchase in error

Apr 17, 2019

I am a senior citizen and last thursday april 11, I thought I purchased life brand b12 - 100 mg. Last night I discovered I purchased life brand b6 - 100 mg in error. I did not keep the receipt, as I didn't know I bought the wrong item. I went today, april 17, to your shoppers drug mart at...

Shoppers Drug Mart / post office

Apr 16, 2019

I try to put money on my Visa prepaid card today at your Dawson and Wyandotte location. All she kept asking me was how much I had I said I didn't know because quite frankly it's not my job and she has to count it again as you can ask me again. She kept looking at me and staring at me and...

Shoppers Drug Mart / store manager

Apr 13, 2019

I purchased an Xbox one at a shoppers drug Mart in Scarborough and was told if it's unopened with receipt within 30 days, it can be returned. I tried to return it at this Markham location and was told that I have to go to the same store I bought it from. Why do I need to travel to another...

Shoppers Drug Mart / service provided at the drug counter

Apr 12, 2019

I got my prescription for my throat pain after consulting with a walk in doctor and the pharmacy over there didn't have enough medicine to provide me and advised me to get in other pharmacy. The doctor has wrongly written my name in the prescription and she corrected my first name. I went to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / they are giving all kinds of cards for a chance to win 1 of 10 $1000.00 but the web page, once there does not let you go any further

Apr 12, 2019

there is, supposedly, a contest the Shoppers Drug stores across Canada, that gives anyone with a card, given at the cashier's when paying and going over a certain amount the chance to win 10 $1000 contest started on March 23/19. It will close on April 21/19. However I have not been able to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / service

Apr 11, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartHi there, My name is Madison S. I went to my local shoppers on April 11th around 8:20 pm to buy a toothbrush and was very satisfied with my service from the lady who helped me. There were 3 cashiers, one of them does not like me from previous work experience, we did not communicate while...

Shoppers Drug Mart / makeup exchange as given wrong product

Apr 10, 2019

mid to late November i was at this shoppers location as it was use our points day, i used my point to get a lancome moisturizer "benfait total" since it was points time i was stocking up. got home put it in my drawer and never looked at it again till a few days ago only to realize i wa...

Shoppers Drug Mart / return of memory card

Apr 08, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartMy wife purchase this memory card for the SDM on Mar 31 2019. We tried this memory card for some reason not able to detect on the car dash cam. We brought this along with the receipt to return on Apr 07 2019 they staffs were not listening and saying this product cannot be returned. Looking...

Shoppers Drug Mart / cashier

Apr 08, 2019

With my purchase I requested cash back in the form of loonies and was told no by the cashier because she cant give up her loonies. I asked if they did not have a cash office which the cashier replied with "Well we do, I didn't think of her" and laughed and asked if I wanted a bag for my...

Shoppers Drug Mart / inaccurate pricing

Apr 07, 2019

On sunday, march 24, 2019 @ 5:27 p.M. I was in store shopping when I seen an advertised sign for coffee mate (450 g) advertised for $1.88, limit of 4. Put 2 in my cart and proceeded to self check out. Price rang up as $4.79 for both items. Requested help & clerk came and assisted me and I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy

Apr 05, 2019

To the Attention of: Mrs. Andrecyk Store Owner 1171 & Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Service Re: Formal Complaint, Pharmacist Store 1171 I am writing in regards to a situation that occurred the morning of Saturday March 30th 2019 at the Shoppers Drug Mart Store #1171 at Dundas & Vansittar...

Shoppers Drug Mart / cosmetic manager being rude and not abiding return policies

Apr 02, 2019

I purchased a cosmetic product from the Lawrence location yesterday 1st April, 2019 and that did not work for me so i decided to return it to the specified location of shoppers which was nearby. When i spoke to the cosmetics department manager there, she did not even bother to look at my...

Shoppers Drug Mart / online sign in

Mar 31, 2019

Every time I try to sing in online it goes to a blank page. I am on disability and it's hard to go out and do things sometimes. Not impressed that I can't fill my prescription and then the fact that I have to have a minimum of 350 characters is even more BS. Just once I wish people who...

Shoppers Drug Mart / sales rep at yorkton shoppers drug mart beauty

Mar 31, 2019

I am very disappointed in your sales rep in Yorkton Saskatchewan . I have mentioned to her numerous times that if she gives me samples I can then decide what I want In Skin care products . So I spent $88 one weekend and the following weekend another $100 I actually shop there every week ...

Shoppers Drug Mart / beauty boutique unethical behaviour against our sexuality

Mar 28, 2019

My husband and I we walked in to this store out of town looking to buy a gift for my sister daughter sweet 16. As we walked in holding hands one of your beauty associates saw us walk in asian at first she smiled at us when we she saw us holding hands her smile became distasteful. As we...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy

Mar 22, 2019

I have been using this location for prescriptions (for my husband, children, and myself) for several years. We are on no regular prescription medication, except that my husband and child have asthma. It has always seemed that every time we need a prescription filled, there's an issue...

Shoppers Drug Mart / drop off prescription

Mar 19, 2019

My doctor submitted my prescription electronically. When I got to the drug store the person serving me mentioned I should call ahead and typically it takes 24 hours to fulfill a prescription that was submitted electronically, which did not make any sense. If I drop off the prescription in...

Shoppers Drug Mart / unethical behaviour

Mar 19, 2019

Hello, I would like to file a complaint about the bad customer service that I received today when I called the number that I was provided with through the email I received confirming my online order. I was calling because even though I was nottified that my order had arrived, no package...

Shoppers Drug Mart / this is the worst service I got in shoppers in canada

Mar 19, 2019

This bad experience was happend in Yonge/finch shoppers, the cashier's name is Kenlyn, and some one told me she is the supervisor at this location, lots of people complainted about her. It happend yesterday night, Mar18 2019, 10:27pm, I saw the Visine eye drops on sale, so I bought 6...

Shoppers Drug Mart / elizabeth arden makeup

Mar 16, 2019

I asked and purchased two containers of Eliz. Arden Mousse makeup. The salesclerk opened a draw and gave me what I thought was the correct item. I was leaving on a holiday within the next day and packed one of the items. When I needed this item while on holidays it was not the correct...

Shoppers Drug Mart / change in policy

Mar 15, 2019

This is a general complaint about the change in shoppers drug store policy. The customers used to get a little paper skip on which recent purchases of drugs were listed. This slip could easily be carried in a wallet or purse and it was extremely helpful for doctor visits, when you were asked...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Life brand allergy pills

Mar 14, 2019

I have been purchasing this product for many years and find them to be extremely helpful. I needed to purchase more of this product recently and noticed that you have changed the product. I find that the new product is not as effective as the original. Is there any way of getting the old...

Shoppers Drug Mart / I am complaining about photo charging

Mar 12, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartI took an ID photo for Visa this afternoon at 3:23PM, a staff helped me take a photo, I required her to send me a electronic photo to my email. She said Shoppers didn't have email, they can give me an USB to take my photo but I have to pay $29.99+Tax. I refused, then she printed the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / post office manager

Mar 10, 2019

Hi, i wanted to complain about your Post office Manager, his complete unprofessionalism, his attitude and total lack of customer service. I purchased an Airway Back Brace $64.99 plus taxes on March 04, 2019. I purchased this for my mum who is not mobile right now with a compressed spine. I saw...

Shoppers Drug Mart / no proper or formal employee evaluation and a few cents salary increased just appeared on pay stub.

Mar 05, 2019

Im an employee in this location. Current assoc did not perform proper employee evaluation which I (all employee) been waiting for which is 1 year since the last. But then with my last pay stub I noticed a $.40 cents increase in my regular rate which is im not sure what is that sudden...

Shoppers Drug Mart / unethical customer service

Feb 21, 2019

Feb 20/19 my 13 yr old daughter came home from shopping in the Regent Ave location and was crying her eyes out, when she calmed down I was able to ascertain that her and her two friends had been accused of shoplifting as they were leaving the checkout area after paying for their purchase...

Shoppers Drug Mart / not able to redeem points as advertised & product gift with purchase not in stock

Feb 12, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartSunday February 10th I made a specific trip to Market Mall Shoppers Drug Mart to purchase some Elizabeth Arden Lipsticks to get the gift with Purchase adverstised in the flyer. Shoppers did not receive the Gifts with Purchase yet. This was advertised and illustrated in the flyer. They put...

Shoppers Drug Mart / I am complaining about the dispensing fee

Feb 04, 2019

I am complaining about the dispensing fee I had to pay on Sunday, February 03/2019 Both my wife and I our own insurance through our work. Which Shoppers has in their computer. So there should not be any dispensing fee to pay for either of us on our prescriptions. But I was charged a dispensing fee...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy, employees and its service

Feb 04, 2019

On Saturday, February 3, 2019 I went to pick up a medication as I had ordered two days prior. This medication had repeats and was due for a refill. When I got to the pick up counter they could not find it. It was not even filled. I waited for over a half hour (there were no other customer...

Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service

Jan 31, 2019

Diane at the store in Ingersoll does not have very good customer relations. I went into this store to purchase some earplugs. This product is locked up on the shelf. I went to the cashier to inquire how to get this product off the shelf and she said that Diane is the person I needed to...