Shoppers Drug Martaccused of theft

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I went to Shoppers Drug Mart tonight and spent a leisurely hour picking up some things for my son, grandson, dad and myself. I went up and paid 241.00 for the merchandise. As i was leaving some guy follows me outside, and says he has seen me stealing... i am stunned and say "what" i just paid for all this stuff... he says he seen me put the pair of shoes i just purchased in my pocket, and once again I ask him to offer and explanation of what he is saying.. he then snaps that i need to learn English (I have an honors degree in English as well as about 16 years experience teaching ESL hmm) I then ask him to explain himself again, he snaps my picture and he yells at me that i am banned from the store! We have an audience by now and one gentleman asks what is going on. He then yells he is security and has caught me stealing, the gentleman asks for his ID and he cant produce it. He goes in the store and i follow him, i empty my pockets and the entire contents of my purse with him standing behind me yelling that i am a thief.
I promptly return EVERY single item, i ask for his information and the store information and the number of head office to lodge a formal complaint.
I am deeply disturbed by this event. It was handled incredibly poorly and without any just reason. Shoppers Drug Mart just lost a long term customer who happens to write a lot, they do not need to ban me as i will never step foot in another one.


  • ron.barrettperv Dec 22, 2012

    Right on! They are ###!

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  • Ba
    basefistrotten May 24, 2019

    I doubt that you have an honor's degree in English. You don't even know that he pronoun "I" should begin with a capital letter. You have many grammar mistakes. Nice try though. If you are lying about that maybe you are lying about paying for the item?

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