Searsmaster protection agreement

S Jan 14, 2020

Found out last year that we did not pay the bill. Sears refused to renew even if backdated premiums paid. Fair enough I thought. Presumed a misunderstanding at home and although we had around 9 appliances on the agreement, felt we had to accept the situation.
As a result of the second complaint (to follow)it was revealed that a totally unknown and incorrect address was on the account so the invoice was never sent to us... So long now impossible to rectify.

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    Oven door locked on Christmas Day.
    Technician came out to diagnose three weeks later.
    I had to help him open the door, to prevent damage.
    True, he could only see 3/4 of serial number (10 year old appliance). I assured him it was registered with Sears. He argued with me that it was not, even though I pointed out it was on a Master Protection Agreement for 10 years, and a main board had been replaced in 2014. Tried to explain to him in three different ways.
    Door latch clearly the issue. Error codes E1 F5 clearly visible. He took a picture but insisted he would not diagnose...
    Made the mistake of paying his call out fee to keep my end of the contract, $89 now lost.
    Called Sears 5 times. Twice they really struggled to find the appliance record at all, argued that the model number and serial number must be visible on the front of a ten year old appliance.
    The third call the oven was found within 20 seconds, customer service seemed excellent.
    Supposed to get a call back but never happened.
    Fourth call in I was told to find appliance manual. I asked why as he had only just given me the model number and serial number on record...
    Fifth call. Again good service. Discovered via M# & S# that several of our appliances had had address changed arbitrarily to a completely unknown address. (This was the root cause for the failure of our 20 year old Master Protection Agreement as the bill was sent to an unknown address).
    After many many hours of very patient calls, including cut-offs, finally got a "free follow up" appointment for today.
    Noticed no emails though, so called in.
    Appointment had been cancelled by someone (Local depot?)
    Reason given "we don't service Whirlpool ovens".
    Call Center suddenly referred me to another in mid polite conversation.
    After 2 mins on call it became obvious I was not talking to Sears anymore. Sears had transferred me to Whirlpool without a word!
    Astonishing. 20+ years placing trust in Sears for appliance purchase and large MPA. Blown away completely.

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