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E Aug 07, 2018

I am again writing to you as a long time and loyal Sears customer. My family believes in Sears products and, until recently, their Protection Agreement and service.

Back in October 2016, I wrote to you about a problem we had with the service department regarding our washing machine and I was thankful that you listened and directed me to Lori Sephus who took the time to look into our service problem.

Now, in 2018, we are again having a service problem with our microwave. The timeline is as follows:

1 July 2018 - call made to Customer Service requesting service appointment for: [protected]

· Microwave, U-300
· Complaint: unit repeatedly cuts off - circuit breaker shuts off
· When circuit breaker is re-set - microwave will come back on but goes off again when operation is started

Appointment made for 11 July

· Technician checked unit, started new operation, circuit breaker switched off -- repeated several times
· Declared he would order parts and also schedule to have an assistant when he returned because of weight of above range microwave
· One part received was received August 1, so we called Sears Service and were told, after waiting quite a long time, that there would be another part coming, so

Appointment rescheduled for July 24th, then rescheduled for August 1st

· Called Sears Monday July 30 to report only one part received -- August 1st appointment cancelled
· Customer service person checked on status of missing parts and said remaining 2 parts to be shipped by Friday 3 August, to be received by 10 August
· Customer Service Rep explained that Warranty requires unit to be fixed within 21 business days of first call for service (July 1) or unit would be replaced
· I requested that she send me an email stating the parts shipping dates and other warranty info - she said she was not allowed to send email

August 3 received recorded message on answering machine that a part was back ordered - would be shipped middle of August

Called on Monday August 6th to reschedule service call

· Went over list of three parts on hand with customer service person (Leila)
· Customer service person checked on status of missing switch (WB24X10146 - another part) and said it would be shipped on August 27
· She checked with Anthony at Protection Agreement Benefits Administration and he said we could submit request for a replacement microwave, but request would be denied because the part was on order (to be shipped on August 27)

This whole situation is unacceptable. We have scheduled time off to be home for the service call, we have spent quite a lot of time on hold for the service department and then we only seem to get the "run around."

For the time spent and the cost of the parts and service call, a new microwave could have been installed.

It's now August 6 and they are telling us we will have to wait until after August 27. That's two months!

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