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what a dump!

On July 31, 2006, I purchased a washer and dryer at Sears in Fort Collins, Colorado. Part of the purchase included a promotional six-month supply of high efficiency Tide detergent (TIDEHE). I correctly filled out the rebate form, attached a copy of the receipt and mailed everything on August 8, 2006 to the appropriate address according to the instructions.

After waiting six weeks, I received a logically incoherent letter from Sears thanking me for choosing Sears and telling me that the place of purchase wasn’t valid because it wasn’t Sears. The letter informed me that I had to resubmit the paperwork if I still wanted to participate. After calling the assistance number given the letter and waiting 10 minutes for a representative, I was told that the letter I received couldn’t be for the Tide promotion as there was no tracking ID (tracking ID was [protected] according to the letter) in the computer. The customer representative told me there was nothing she could do and I would have to resubmit. So, I resubmitted the paperwork per the instructions I received in the rejection letter (which they could not possibly have sent me according to the customer representative), including a copy of the rejection letter, a copy of the receipt and a copy of the stub I retained from the rebate form.

After waiting several weeks, I checked their online rebate site ( to see if the rebate was being processed; it wasn’t. So I once again called customer service and was told that there was no record of my rebate submission and I would have to resubmit. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who asked me for a load of information before telling me that the rejection letter was sent in error. She said she would pass it on and I could expect my rebate in four to six weeks. I had already waited more than eight weeks.

Today, some gal from Sears called me at work and said they needed more information before they could release the detergent coupons. She asked for some codes from the receipt, which I didn’t have with me at work, of course. So tomorrow I will take all of the paperwork I have to work with me and call Sears back and give them information that I have already sent twice by mail.

I cannot even begin to tell you how angry I am at the complete and utter disregard, with which Sears has treated me as a customer in this matter. I don’t know if I will ever see the detergent coupons they owe me, but I will never, ever buy anything at Sears again. What a dump.



  • Valerie Dec 01, 2006

    I am in the middle of a nightmare with Sears. Beware before every purchasing an appliance from them.

    In July of 2006 we purchased the top of the line washer and dryer, with the extended warranty pack to the tune of about $3400.00.

    Originally, the dryer door kept popping open.

    Sears came and fixed it by bending the door frame. Soon after the dryer started making a strange noise. Turned out that it had a faulty igniter which is a FIRE HAZARD!! Sears replaced our dryer. Great!

    We are now on dryer #2. The control panels have suddenly stopped working. If we push one button, either nothing will happen, or another area will light up.

    Sears sent their repair guy out. This is now the 5th visit we have had from Sears since our original purchase. He informed us that it would be a few weeks to get the part in. So we are basically without a dryer.

    I have contacted Sears over and over again and I am hitting one door after the next. I am requesting that they return both my washer and dryer and wave the 15% restocking fee. They refuse. The most current offer is to replace the dryer AGAIN. That would make it our 3rd dryer in a 4 month period.

    As for the washer, we were told that we were buying the quietest unit. It even has a special quiet pack, we were told. Beware when you go into Sears for a demo. The washer does appear quiet when there is nothing inside of it. When you put a load of laundry in, it sounds like a train is going through your house! Oh, and part of the sales pitch is that 25 towels can fit inside the washer. When I confronted a sales associate about the false advertising of the washer, he informed me that 25 towels could in fact "fit" into the washer. Tricking wording.... even though 25 towels may "fit" in the washer, there is no way that 25 towels could be washed at the same time!

    Forget trying to deal with One Source, they send you in circles and do nothing to help resolve the problem.

    I even spoke with one woman named Glenda who refused to transfer me to her supervisor. She said she was the only person that I could speak with regarding my washer and dryer.

    This was a very expensive lesson to learn. But we will never purchase anything from Sears again and will make sure that our story is told to everyone possible.

    Do yourself a favor, never shop at Sears!

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  • Valerie Jan 22, 2007

    I purchased a Kenmore washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, trash compactor, oven, microwave oven, and range top all from Sears in 2004 and 2005 when I bought my 1st new home.

    To my surprise and frustration, all of the appliances required service more that 2 times a piece not including the maintenance service I make sure they all get, every 6 to 8 months. The refrigerator, washer & dryer have been the worst (refrigerator 5 times one year either completely broke down or parts have stopped working, and washer & dryer 3-4 times within 12 months). And what has been even more disappointing than the appliances, is the costumer repair people and service. I have had two different costumer service agents forget to input my appointment, entirely or correctly give me the time slot I initially requested, into the computer to later be told “we are sorry”. I have to lose yet another day from work and wait all day for them to come either 5 minutes before our 8-12 or 1-5 appointment. I have even had a repair man call me and say “he can’t come until 7p.m.”, and that I need to call customer service to communicate how that was not an acceptable option for me. Again, yet another opportunity for me to waste another 20 to 30 minutes of my time while I go through the whole process on the phone of name, number, address, etc., to be again told, “we are sorry”. Costumer service complaints via email have all responded with the same company ‘broiler plate’ statement “we are sorry”. Mean while, I am the one who has had to swallow all of their mistakes, little amount of repair people on the field, and crappie appliances. WOW... I don’t even know what to say or do anymore. The TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY I have wasted and invested into Sears has been UNBELIEVABLE UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

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  • Jo
    Jon Smith Mar 16, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should purchase a bunch of Craftsman Tools from Sears and learn how to fix the appliances yourself so if problems arise you are not wasting the time of Sears overworked Service Dept. The skills you learn can be applied to other mechanical items you purchase and you will be a better person for it. Also you should not be wasting your employers time accepting personal calls at work.

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  • Ro
    Robert N MacKenzie Aug 20, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I am just now starting a resubmission for a rebate on a new Kenmore dryer. The letter said we were not eligible for a rebate on something that clearly was advertised with a rebate.


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piece of crap!

I recently sent this complaint to Sears.

Dear Sears Representative, 10/18/2006

I would like to express my deep dissatisfaction with your company. I purchased a Kenmore Dryer from you and it has a defective part. After speaking with 10 different people and getting the run-a-round all morning, I?ve decided to just fix the problem myself. I want you to be aware that all of my major appliances are Kenmore and that I have been an advocate of the Kenmore brand for years. Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case. I will no longer shop at Sears. As a holder of an MBA, I?m surprised that Sears feels they can afford to treat their customers with the disregard that I have experienced. Sears used to be better this. I have included comments from people who have had the same problem.
For the first dryer I owned, not so good anymore
by mrobbeloth , Jul 13 '03
Pros: Ability to clean king size comforters and Evenheat minimizes dampness
Cons: Somewhat noisy. Wrinkle Guard gimmicky. Not reliable! This Kenmore 63952 has served me and my wife well in the two months that we have owned it. It does its job and does not get in the way. I almost always use the Evenheat feature when drying my clothes, which uses two sensors to determine the drying time ... Read the full review

by kkauffman ,Mar 16 '04
Pros: dries well (when working), fairly quiet
Cons: unreliable, alarm not loud enough, lint hard to remove, noisier than expected I bought this dryer in the end of July of 2003 (Aug. delivery) and here it is March of 2004, only 8 months of light use. I have no kids and one other person. We do about 1-3 loads of normal clothes per week. The unit worked flawlessly until it just decided it would not run. You press the start button and everything spins but let go of the start button and it shuts off again. As a new home owner, I may also reconsider the "new" Kenmore line as well as the service times. (edited)
Update (10/03/2005): the board went out again! same problem 1 year and 1 mth later. I've ordered the new part through (part #8546229). I paid the 10% for a lifetime warranty. What is not mentioned by the "Service Flash" person is that you still have to pay $65 for a Sears rep to "validate" the Service Flash. Only the part is "free". It also takes about a week for someone to come to the house and THEN order the part. Kenmore will not get my business again.

by rayswank ,Nov 16 '04
Pros: None
Cons: Takes too much wattage to run. Fuses need to be reset often. The bad reviews are right on the money. The Kenmore Elite Dryer is a waste of money, and I will NEVER buy a Kenmore dryer again. After 16 months of use, the dryer no longer engages after the start button is depressed, and I found the problem out from the following website:
The Even Heat Control board is no longer functioning, and it costs $109 to replace it. If it's going to cost my family $109 every sixteen months to run this dryer, I give up! I discourage anyone interested in a Kenmore dryer to strongly RECONSIDER! You'll need a ten year warranty to keep the damn thing running.

If your dryer is broken, read this ...
by coppi2 ,Dec 02 '04
Pros: Very happy with dryer performance
Cons: Dryer has defective computer board
My dryer comes on while I push the button, but then turns off once I let go. I did a little research and found that the issue is with the Even Heat Electronic Control Assembly (part number 3978949). That part has been updated by Sears/Whirlpool to part 8546229, probably because of this problem. I called Sears and after about 6 transfers was able to determine from the parts people that there is a "Service Flash" on this dryer for this exact problem. The guy quoted the service flash as reading, "dryer will shut off after start button is released". Apparently, Sears will fix even out of warranty dryers for free if they were manufactured within a certain time period and fall under this service flash. So if you're having this problem, don't let them charge you for it and let them know that you know about this "Service Flash". Product Rating:

Elite not reliable
by stanpen ,Aug 13 '04
Pros: Great all around when working
Cons: Not Reliable. Expensive to Fix.
Having used Kenmore products all my life I was surprised to find out that my elite dryer stopped working after only one and a half years of light work. We only have two adults in the house and only do between 3 or 4 loads a week. When the start button is pushed it will run but when it is released it stops. Found out that the microcomputer needs to be replaced at well over $200 for parts and labor. I always thought Kenmore's were reliable and have always purchased their product. When I go out to buy a new dryer it will be the first time in over 40 years that I will look at brands other than Kenmore.

by aragedie ,Apr 23 '05
Pros: None
Cons: Even heat control board, Sears offered no assistance!
We had the same problem as the previous users. The Start button when pressed in refused to stay on and the dryer would not stay on. We called SEARS & were told 3 separate times that there was no SERVICE FLASH or recall listed on this dryer. Other than offering to send out a technician for 50.00 plus the parts and labor! Please call SEARS on this problem!!If you have this problem and don't call them they cannot document it and start a recall! UPDATE: Called sears repair to see if they had the Even Heat Control Board. They couldn't find it in the computer! After 30 minutes on the phone they found it under ELECTRONIC CONTROL PANEL and I even gave them the part #8546229 (the new one) and it would not come up. It will only show up under the old part #3978949 and it will take SEARS 7-10 WORKING days to order it for 116.49! When the tech comes out Friday, he will have to order it as well and it will take 7-10 days! We are ordering this off for 95.95 and installing it ourselves so we can get our dryer fixed ASAP!

Good Dryer, poorly engineered printed circuit
by WilliamF ,Dec 11 '04
Pros: Drys well.
Cons: Sears did not offer to replace defective part for free.
I owned this dryer for 18 months and was very happy with it. Then, one day it would not stay on when the start button was released. After doing some research, I found that the printed circuit board (Kenmore calls it the Electronic Control Panel) had a badly burned resistor. I spent about an hour talking with various representatives from Sears about the defective part, but no one could locate a service flash on it.
I found a replacement board (with a lifetime warranty, no less) on the Internet at With shipping, it was $100. Sears wanted $50, just to walk in my door to evaluate the dryer. I replaced the part myself in about 5 minutes.
I used to respect the Kenmore brand. No longer. Any manufacturer can put out a defective product, but I expect them to replace defective parts at no charge. They couldn't even locate the service bulletin on it, even though this is clearly a common failure of the product.

Pure Junk
by philyou ,Apr 22 '05
Pros: None
Cons: Dryer is defective. Sears will not back this product. This dryer is defective. Has the same problem the others who have reviewed the product. Hit the start button, but the dryer will not stay on. Sears will do nothing to repair this defective product. This is my last purchase from Sears. Product Rating:

Sears experience with Kenmore Dryer Elite Model 63952
by justthefacts1 ,Mar 01 '06
Pros: Nice Capacity dryer
Cons: Dryer shuts off when start button is released. Defective part 3978949 requires part 8546229 Here is my comments recently sent to Sears on my experience with the Kenmore Dryer Elite Model 63952:
I purchased the Kenmore Washer 90 Series and the Kenmore Dryer Elite. I have had problems with the dryer from the beginning, but was able to keep using it, as the problems were sporadic.
Recently, I noticed the dryer overheating, and the dryer would not stay on after pressing the start button. After following the directions in Service Technician Trouble Shooting Instructions, I have been able to determine that the Even Heat Electronic Control Assembly is defective, and can only be replaced with an upgraded panel. To me that is a recall "Service Flash". I would greatly appreciate having this part shipped to me this week. The new part no 8546229 is the part that replaces the old part no. 3978949. Please review the following comments by other customers, some comments you may find disturbing for your product reputation, so I feel that it is important that you are aware of what is being said about your Kenmore product.

push the button, won't stay on
by jrallen81 ,Jan 10 '06
Pros: easy to use
Cons: broke twice in the 3 years I owned it.
Same problem as everyone else, although my problem is the motor relay, not the control board. Looking for a place to buy the part to replace it myself (thus saving a whopping $62 in labor, but I had to pay the $65 for the 5 minute Sears visit). The technician was nice, but other than that, stay away from this bum product.

Kenmore dryer Model [protected]
by mytwosons2 ,Aug 25 '05
Pros: I believe this model is now only sold on clearance
Cons: Will require numerous repairs
My Kenmore electric dryer (Model 63952) has been nothing but problems. Within one year of purchase Sears had to repair it 3 times under warranty. We've now had it for just over 2 years and it needs a new motor assembly (a $250-$300 repair) because it shuts off when you release the start button. We didn't buy the extended warranty so I guess we will be buying a new dryer instead.

Yours Truly,

Gallup, NM 87301

  • Ke
    Kevin Graves Jan 20, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sears Kenmore Elite Dryer Won't Run If Start Button Released. I too have seen this. as it has happened to me,sept 20th 2006. went through the appliance clinic (very helpful)through there guidance it was narrowed down to the switch or the heat control board. decided that with my luck it would be the $141.61 part(Tx+sh), as i was taking the back of the console off (I now know u can take just the side clips n screws out and flip the console up with out moving it away from the wall to work) I found service techs factory crib notes on repair and diagnosis, confirmed bad board, ordered and replaced, "i am a do it yourself god" wifes happy, life is good clothes are dry....the end...Well as u can tell by the posting date, they are not! Come on Guess whats happened....yep been just bout 75 days, called parts direct (Smears)site said 90 days warranty on parts and then in ( ) 30 days on home electronics, what kinda satisfaction guaranteed is that, so ok now i call the warranty dept, transfered to parts, trans back to warranty and the kid "chuck" will send out a tech next Wednesday (8 days)to replace the "DEFECTIVE" part, under warranty i ask...pause... NO....there is a (60 DAY) warranty on that part and its been 75+ ....Duhhh, Thanks but no, dont bother sending the tech, I is one. and i just figured out how bad (SMEARS)has gotten, guess i"ll have to go back to shopping/ordering my tools from Harbor Freight,....I'm a tool repair tech by trade, but this is ridiculous....found the board on e-bay cheaper than, most local supply houses in PHX, so hey (SMEARS) from all of us DIY's please take grasp of ear lobes n tug till u hear ur head pop out of ur....

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  • Li
    Libra204 Aug 07, 2010

    I am having the same problem with Kenmore 63952 but I purchased my dryer in 2003. I went to part store to have relays checked out but they are fine. One thing interesting is that the service guy informed me the dryer says Kenmore but is made by Whirlpool. That explains why it is a piece of crap!

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  • Li
    Libra204 Aug 07, 2010

    Also I called the Sear service Tech and she would not even speak to me regarding the problems I was having. She was very rude. I guess I will call back so she can record it in there record of this defective part they should replace and to let them know they just lost another customer.

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never worked properly

Received a new lawnmower from Sears - Edmonton as a gift - never worked properly - went to take it for repairs - oops Sears could not find it even though it was charged to the account - bill was shown - after a month of complaining - oops Sears made a human error - they apparently are humans - so off they took it - oh yeah I got no tag. So I get a call to pick it up and pay $42.00 yep its still under warranty but carbs were dirty - yeah right - brand new lawn mower - new geri can - must be me - the small piece of lawn we have takes 10 minutes to cut. Yep take to the nasty people at sears head office - they make your blood boil more. She informs me that if the same problem persists I will not get my $42.00 back. Yep and I have 30 or 60 (I'm not sure which one) days warranty on that work - oh great I have snow on my lawn so I guess I have to try and snow blow/cut it for that warranty - but they really don't care. Sears are great when you are buying and do not own up to their warranty. If the repairs would have cost $300.00 I would have had to pay it.

  • In
    InspiredArtist Apr 27, 2009

    We had our tractor around 2 years when we started having problems with smoking. We were changing the filter all the time still didn't make any difference. Well after 4 years the engine has to be replaced, no one ever told us about the construction of the engine and the filter that sucks in dirt.

    We know Sears doesn't stand by it (not the same Sears of my childhood) as they have had trouble with this for years and that comes from a lawn mower maintenance company. It would take 1300.00 to buy a new engine.

    By the time I'm done everyone will know about Sears and the riding lawn mowers. I think there should be a class action lawsuit, not to make any money but to get this fix or stopping sears from selling anymore defective products.

    My days with Sears are coming to an end.

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delivery truck hit my car and did not tell me

I purchased a 32" TV from Sears and it required home delivery. When the item was delivered the delivery truck hit my car and did not tell me. This accident was witnessed by 2 of my neighbors. I called Sears to complain and was treated with total disrespect. Since Sears subcontracts the delivery to New England Retail Express, Sears says this matter does not concern them. I tried to deal with New England Retail Express and was totally abused. Most of the time they did not even return my calls. When the denied my claim they did so via email - how classless! They would not even allow me to compare my car to their delivery vehicle and determine the facts of the incident. So not I have a new TV but a dented car! After a lifelong relationship with Sears this incident has left me so upset that I will NEVER deal with Sears again. As for New England Retail Express - they also own Dial-a-Mattress. I would totally scrutinize any delivery they make to your home.

sears technitian proke my water softner!

On Friday, August 4, 2006, I had a scheduled appointment with Sears for service to my water softner. The water softner was bought from Sears, installed by Sears and has been serviced by Sears since I bought it. On the fourth of August a service technician came to my home to service the softner but instead broke it. He did not tell me the home owner instead as he was driving out of my driveway he told my son that we would not have water fpor 24 hours. I literally ran up the driveway after him and told him this was not acceptable because I have a medically handicapped husband who could die without sterile conditions and water. He replied there was nothing he could do call Sears.

My husband is a C-4 quadripeligic, who is on a bowel program, a bladder program and also has autonomic dysreflexia. All medical conditions are very grave and people who work with him need to be very clean and their hands must also be washed before touching him. He also needs a lot of water to drink so that he doeas not become dehydrated, which is common with quadripelgics. My husband's medical condition is documented and I can provide records from his many different doctors. Aside from this family tragedy, you can imagine how much stress I am under dealing with this relatively new injury and being his main caretaker.

I called Sears and begged for help. I pleaded and explained the medical urgency and necessity that we have running water in my home. I also explained their techniciamn broke the softner. After an hour on the phone and several disconnectsI became hysterical, cerying, screaming and begging for help. They continued to ell me that was to bad and I could not have service for twenty-four hours. I then called Sears Customer Service. I spoke to very nice gentleman who told me he would have to get his manger. He said he understood my frustration and would try to provide me with some help. The woman who took the call gave me the same answer as everyone else. When I asked if she understood the graveness of the situation and the medical jeapordy they were putting my husband in, she became huffy. She told the young man to hanfg up on me and the call was over. She said, "Ma'am if you have a problem call 911."

I was on the phone with Sears for 2 1/2 hours. I can not believe how insensitive they were to our situation. Mostly, I can not believe how rude and unprofessional they were. I would like to know how they would handle the situation if it were their loved one? No one was concerned about the medical condition of my husband or the stress they were causing our family.

Meantime, I heard from Sears again on August 7, 2006 when a part was delivered. Then I heard fro them again on August 9 when another part was delivered.

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faulty products

I purchased a refrigerator fro sears 3 years ago. Had 9 servcie calls to fix a faulty ice maker with the incompitance of the sercvice dept. I still have this problem, which started 3 months after the purchase of this date. It still isn't repaired and now that the warantee is over... I have to live with this problem... I think the service department does not have qualified techs and I think that this will become the downfall of Sears... I personally will never purchase another product from Sears again...

Thank you

Resolved it sucks!

I purchased a high end lawnmower at sears and the sales person (some 19 year old kid) had good knowledge of the product and sold me on the mower. I asked him about returning it if I don’t like it, he said no problem you have 30 days just keep your recite and keep the mower in good condition nothing about a restocking fee of $54.00 nor does it say anywhere in the store about a restocking fee. Well I didn't like how the power drive worked so 10 days later I returned it. Then I was made aware of the restocking fee, made a stink and they got the dept manager over to talk to me. He says our restocking policy is printed on your recite so I looked and it was. That’s a great idea sears I have to purchase it first to read the return policy, something is wrong with this picture so I call the store manger and he was busy at the time and would return my call ASAP it's been 2 months and no returned call yet. I understand why the policy is in place BUT TELL THE CUSTOMERS BEFOR THEY BUY IT, NOT AFTER!!!!!!

Needless to say I disputed it on a sears card and they found That nothing was wrong so the bill for $54.00 still is not paid and never will be or maybe at .50 a month. It's not the money it's the principle of it all. (IT SUCKS AND so does SEARS) sorry you lost a loyal customer that has been with you for 25 years....

  • Sc
    Scott Nov 30, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sears restocking fee, is absurd.

    I have been buying from Sears for years but with their new restocking fee, I won't be buying anything from them again.

    Restocking fees are a joke, it is not about losing money, it is about making more money.

    That I disagree with.

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  • Da
    Dale Kirkley Dec 22, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, I bought a lawnmower from them and it was defective from poor design. It did not have proper air flow to keep the engine cool. After several attempts to get them to fix it and me calling Kohler a few times, I was finally told the mower was "not designed to be run during the middle of the day" by the Sears assist, manager. Something Kohler disputed big time. They said they have engines just like that one running in the middle of the desert and they do fine.

    Sears never did repair or replace the mower. I fixed it myself though and then sent their card back to them with a nice balance, a little under what was paid for the mower. I don't shop at Sears anymore. In case you are wondering, I am disabled and they can't touch my check. I did tell them though that I would love them to take me to court though. I never got another collection letter or phone call again about the card either.

    This is nothing new. My brothers have ran into the same thing. One of them was over 30 years ago. This is just how they do things and I don't see them changing anytime soon.


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  • No
    noobcycle Nov 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you people MUST be ###s i mean seriously ! buy something use it and then expect a full refund??? HAHAHAHAAH what in gods green earth do you think??? you can not do that anywhere........ not walmart not kohls not target not home depot not best buy NO WHERE PERIOD ! every store has a restocking FEE u idiots !!! buyer beware!! when purchasing a large expensive item look at the refund policy!!!!!!!! DUH every store i have ever walked into has a hudge poster at there customer service desk with full DETAILS !! AND IS REQUIRED BY LAW read it FOR CRYING OUT LOAD hahahaahahaha duh!

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  • Ch
    Chris Aug 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Seems like the kid didn't know much. But here's the thing - after finding out about the restocking fee, why didn't you just return it to another store and say it was defective? Do they try the mower in front of you at the cash desk? NO. Everyone complains about the "Sears system", yet they never understand how to find themselves around the rules.

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  • Cr
    Cremy03 Dec 19, 2008

    Although I am not an advocate of the restocking fee I will present it from the retailers point of view. As for sears policy, technically if it was returned and was defective and you did not purchanse another product they could still find a way to charge you the restocking fee although they almost never will. This is not just something at Sears though, almost all retailers have the options to do such a thing and other companies such as Best Buy are even more strict on this policy. Sears is in no way making any extra money off of you though when you get charged with a 15% restocking fee. When a large product is returned at sears one of two things happens to the product. 1. The item is sold as a 'closeout' open box item and is sold for a priced reduced 15% from the original price. 2. It is sent back to the manufacturer for a reduced salvage value off of the original cost. The loss is evident in both cases if you return the item and do not purchase anything else. In the first incident they simply lose resale value and in the second case they are faced with not only a highly reduced salvage value but costs related in shipping this item back. The reason for this restocking fee is it prevents people from abusing return policies, such as 'renters' who buy an item for a one time use then return it, and it also reduces loss in returns. From a customer service standpoint, though I think it needs to be more flexible.

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  • Ma
    madman Jan 31, 2009

    I bought cycle fitness and it broke only 3 months later.
    you guys are lucky to pay the restocking fee, i do not even have the choice.!!!

    anyway, let us move to Walmart, there is no ridiculous policy there.
    I am sorry that i yelled to the store managers as they represent Sears.

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  • Ka
    kate Feb 13, 2009

    Sears years ago, were much better in my opinion. It seems like all companies these days, these are not as good as they used to be. I think such stores are finding it harder in the marketplace to compete with other retailers. I find sears overpriced usually, even when things are on sale they aren't as good as other places selling the same product. I notice the customer service slipping but I think it's just that they are finding it more difficult to survive in retail today...times change...if something is defective, I don't think the customer should have to pay anything out of their pocket. If they sell a product 15 percent less and someone pays a restocking fee for 15 percent, tSears is not out anything. As for salvage issues, they don't pay to the wholesaler the price the customer pays so...i don't know how much they lose overall. I just think 30 years ago, 'we' the consumer had it better than we do today. Remember the saying 'the customer is always right I think the customer tries to scam the retailers and unfortunately we all pay eventually. As for going to another store and returning it as defective, totally agree with that, especially when it's the truth.

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  • Se
    sepp Jan 26, 2010

    sears is pulling the same bull here in Canada A young university student I know got screwed out of $100 on a deal like this when she returned an air conditioner .Seems that since sales are down they have decided to rip off the fools that still buy there
    I will never again set foot in a sears store or even have a catalogue in the house from them .And people complain about the Nigerian Scammers . Well I would rather deal with them at least they admit they are thieves...

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nine service calls for the same problem!

Baton rouge, la - purchased a carrier central heating and a / c system from sears in august 2004. In the past three months i have had nine service calls for the same problem which is the system is pouring water from the system which is housed in a storage closet in the hall of my home. Because of the constant water, the drywall in the closet is ruined, the carpet outside the closet is stained, the carpet in an adjoining bedroom closet had to be torn out because of standing water which ruined shoes, purses, etc. To date we have no resolution. Sears continues to send repairman after repairman for the same problem (Nine times in 3 months) with no result. Then they claim they are not responsible for any damages incurred. I am a 75 year old woman and they told me i would have to hire a private contractor to estimate the damages and maybe they would cover replacing the carpet outside the closet, nothing more. What on earth do i have to do to get this unit fixed or replaced??? It is under warranty for 13 more years, i make my payments monthly to sears for the system, i just need some help!

  • Ca
    Carol Pettijohn Sep 19, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    New Kenmore refrigerator has bad smell coming from the back on the bottom like something dead.

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they really don't like to give the 2 years equal payments with no interest

Sears Canada. Wanted to purchase a top of the line carrier gas furnace and air conditioner and finance it with 2 years no interest. Needed 10,000 limit, sears gave me 3,000.

I was told the reason I was not approved for the full amount was because my credit cards had high balances. I immediately paid off all my credit cards to zero.

They still refused to increase my Sears card from 3000. They told me they couldn’t tell me why, only that it’s something on my bureau. My bureau could not have changed since their first inquiry. I am not a credit seeker.

I was told by Stephanie who answered my call (after she spoke to her boss) that it didn’t matter what I did, they would never ever increase my limit to more than 3000. That was the wrong thing to say.

I said thank you, please close the account.

I hate wasting my time after following their instructions. I know the credit bureau would not see the cards paid until they have a new report, I brought this up at the beginning and was assured that as long as the cards were paid off (I did pay them off,) there would be nooo problem approving me for the full amount. Now I have lost money in another investment to pay off my balances, and had a useless credit check against my bureau for absolutely no reason. Sears has already arranged with the gas company already to bring in a line to my house (I’m on oil right now,) I will have to make arrangements with them to cancel the arrangement.

I have told my salesperson at Sears to cancel my order with them. I should have gone to home depot.

Thanks for listening, I hope someone reads this and learns something from it. On a sad note, the salesperson was actually very professional. He was nice and understanding. I’m sorry he won’t get the sale. In the future I hope Sears provides more information to their salesreps about qualifying a customer for financing before wasting the customer’s time.

The unusual thing is, my credit is not bad, I can afford the product, I have a great repayment history. I will probably get the money from the bank and go elsewhere or put it on one of my now empty credit cards. I guess they really don’t like to give the 2 years equal payments with no interest.

Still living with my crappy heat and a/c,


  • Ja
    Jay Bee Feb 24, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CitiBank bought Sears credit years ago. Your issue is with them.

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Resolved have not received my tv, repaired or not

I carried my tv (sylvania, model 6720FDF-A) to the Sears store #3216, where I purchased it for repair. I was told that the tv would be repaired and returned to me by the 15th of September, today is October 6, I have yet to receive my tv, repaired or not. I always thought that Sears backed the products they sold, but I have found out that they do not back anything, my opinion, that they sell. If anyone wants my opinion of Sears, I am afraid they would not get recommended at all. I would suggest they go else where to buy anything. I would not trust Sears to stand behind anything they sell.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Sears's response · Jan 31, 2014

    Dear Anne, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
    We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us. We’re sorry to hear that your TV situation is yetto be resolved, and we can see that we’ve caused some aggravation with the process that has taken place thus far. We’d like to speak with you, and have a dedicated case manager contact you, and assist you with the TV. At your soonest convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Anne), and phone # used at time of purchase to [email protected] We look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Thank you,
    Edwin C.
    Social Media Moderator
    Social Media Support Team

  • Gi
    Gin Collum Jan 25, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all sears doesnt repair they contract that work out and it could be the repairman is having problems with getting parts..if u had purchased the Ppa plan it covers trading in the broke tv for a new one.

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Resolved it should be named the die easy battery

The only Gold from this piece if crap is the gold that Sears got when it was purchased. I bought a used car...

service center is a joke!

Upon returning from a week long vacation we discovered our new 6 month old Sears Trio refrigerator stopped working. The freezer section was fine. Everything in the refrigerator section had to be discarded. We called Sears, [protected] (July 15, 2006) for service as the product was under warranty. We were told they could have someone there on Tuesday - July 18th, 4 DAYS LATER! This infuriated me, it's the middle of summer, and we have no refrigerator for 4 days. The service technician arrives 4 days after our initial call only to tell us we need a new motor, which he doesn't have and he'd have to place an order for the part. I asked him if he has dealt with this problem before and he tells me yes, it is common with this particular model refrigerator and Sears has since replaced the newer models with the motor he has to order. (MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS RISING!) I email my complaint to Sears that night (7/18/2006) via their web site. "If a consumer has to wait 4 days to have service on a refrigerator and Sears is aware of the service problem, why wouldn't they send a service technician with all the possible parts that could repair the consumer’s problem? Especially a problem that Sears knows is common with that particular model refrigerator” I requested a phone call response to my email. Instead Sears sends me an email response the following day, thanking me for my suggestion. I phoned the customer service department to complain again on Wednesday 7/19/2006. Response: “We understand your frustration and our records indicate the part required to repair your refrigerator is being shipped today (Wednesday). When you receive the part call the service hotline to schedule a repair.” (BLOOD PRESSURE RISING HIGHER) The next day the part arrives and I call to schedule a repair. They will be able to send someone on Saturday - 7/22/2006, between 8 am and 12 PM. (We have been without a refrigerator for 1 week now). Saturday morning I get a call saying the service technician had an emergency and they need to reschedule service on our refrigerator. The first available date they can come out is Wednesday, July 26th! I lost it and said a few nasty words to the phone representative, which I regretted at the time. I asked her to connect me to her supervisor and she responded “I don’t have a supervisor.” I asked whom she got her orders from and she responds “from the computer.” Again she says "our first available date for service would be Wednesday, July 26th, is that good for you?”. My response: “NO I demand service today and explain that we've been without a refrigerator for a week.” Again I ask to speak to her supervisor and again her response was: “I don’t have a supervisor”. Then I ask to speak to the person who told her to call me. Response: “I get that information from the computer”. Okay then I say, let me speak to the person who gives you your paycheck, or do you get that from a computer to?” Her response: “As a matter of fact I do get my paycheck from the computer. Would you like me to schedule you for a repair on Wednesday, July 26th? I respond: “NO” and slam the phone down. (I don’t regret the expletives I said to her initially) I immediately call Sears home repair 800 #, and ask the representative to connect me to her supervisor because I know she won't be able to help me. She responds that “supervisors are hard to find on weekends” but she'll connect me to that department. After a few attempts she connects us to another department. We waited for one whole hour for someone to answer our call, listening to a recorded message saying "thank you for your patience; someone will be with you shortly". After one hour of listening to this recorded message we were disconnected. We never spoke to anyone. We then decided to call the Sears store where we purchased the refrigerator. The salesperson listened to our complaint and assured us he would have a customer service representative contact us immediately. Someone returned our call within approximately 10 minutes and said they would change the service date to Monday, July 24th! It is the best they could do. I'm so frustrated at this moment I feel I have the strength to haul this refrigerator on my back and carry it back to the Sears store. Instead I came to my senses and found this site to vent. We could have called a local appliance repair person a week ago and had the refrigerator serviced and running but why should we pay someone else? You can bet we won't be purchasing an extended warranty contract from Sears once the warranty runs out. In fact I will never purchase another product from Sears every again! Thanks for allowing me to lower my blood pressure by posting my complaint. MG.

  • Ca
    Candace Morehouse Apr 05, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with everything you said. I just went through the same thing myself. Sears, their policies and their consumer relations division just suck! I will never shop there again.

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  • Mb
    M. Brightman Jul 26, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a fridge last year the 10 day of July and the fridge upper area dose not cool any more and because the warranty is over the one year by two weeks I have to pay for repair, meantime all the food goes bad. I have dealt with Sears for at least 40 years and if they cant at least be good enough to back date the warranty I will be cutting up my card and not shopping there any more and I think their appliances are made to break down within a certain time. I am toughly disgusted with Sears.

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  • Jm
    J M C Sep 23, 2009

    On Saturday, September 12, 2009 my side by side refrigerator stopped functioning. I called Sears to set up an appointment for service. ( I have a "Master Protection Agreement" which began in 1983 when we purchased our home and bought ALL Sears appliances for our home.) The service rep set me up with an appointment the following week Monday, September, 21st, which was more than a week after my call. I begged for an early appointment since it was my refrigerator/ freezer. Food was being stored in neighbors' refrigerator and I had to throw out some frozen items. I have never had to wait so long for service from Sears She said that September 21st was the only available time.

    The technician came out this Monday, September 21st. He said that the appliance needed two parts, one was on his truck and one would be sent as an "emergency" repair item. He told me to call immediately after the part came in and that they were not busy and someone could probably come out that day. Meanwhile, he made an appointment for this Thursday, believing that the part should definitely be in my home by then. The part arrived on Tuesday. I called immediately and the technician did come out that afternoon. He asked for the parts (note plural). I told him that he said to me on Monday that one of the parts was in the truck and I was to get the other one in the mail. He got indignant with me and said "I never said that." I said "why would I have you come out if I knew that two parts needed to be here?" He walked out in a huff. I called Sears Home Service yesterday to make sure that my appointment for Thursday was still on. The prerecorded message confirmed my appointment. Meanwhile the second part arrived today.

    I called Sears Service this afternoon to confirm my appointment for tomorrow. This time received a prerecorded message stated that the appointment is for next Tuesday, September 29th. I immediately connected with a customer representative who said that the appointment is for next week. I explained to her that the technician made it for Thursday and that it had been confirmed over the phone. I got nowhere. I spoke to a supervisor and got nowhere. I called our local Sears store and asked to speak with the store manager. The operator said that the store manager was out. I asked to speak with the assistant manager. I was put on hold for several minutes. The operator came back on and said that he did not answer the page. I gave her my name and phone number to give to him. He never called me back.

    I am so frustrated because I will be without a refrigerator for over two weeks. Someone changed my appointment for tomorrow without my knowledge or consent. Service is unwilling to help me with this problem. I don't know what to do. I have been a good customer for over 26 years. I have never been treated so poorly. Where do I take this problem? Is it in the contract that service will be rendered in an appropriate amount of time? Any advice? So much for Sears Service.

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  • Ga
    Gary Kurk Nov 04, 2009

    Bought a three season cabin in Northern Wisconsin. The fridge was old so we bought a new one from a local Sears store. Had the best price. The purchase and delivery went very well . Since I am a few hours away, I have my daughter keep an eye on the cabin. Last time there she noticed the items in the freezer portion were not frozen. Fridge part was working.
    Interstingly, the people in the cabin next door also bought a fridge from Sears a couple weeks after me. After a couple weeks they had the same problem, freezer stopped working. Ended up getting a new fridge from Sears.
    I am now working on getting them out there to check mine out. Did not buy the extended warranty but am within the one year standard so hopefully OK.
    What is the problem with their refrigerators that they can't correct this?

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Resolved no such thing as sears customer service

Sears company---hard to find which corporate headquarters is relevant and their phone number In June/July...

charge on my credit card

In April, a charge was put on my credit card that was not mine I was told to "remove it" and pay only the...

seriously affecting credit

I am an attorney who represents a Maria Sealy who has for several months tried to clear up an Sears Home Improvement debt charge off that is apparently now carried by Citicards, in Kansas City. Despite repeated phone calls and letters both from her and from me we have gotten no response.

How can we get a HUMAN BEING to respond to clear this matter up. It is SERIOUSLY affecting her credit.

  • Ca
    Catherine Brown Oct 16, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an addition built onto the back of my home which I purchased two years ago. There were two support beams that were rotted and in need of replacing prior to installing the new windows. The salesman that came out told me that the repairs would need to have been done prior to measuring the opening for the windows. This process drug out for at least two months because the “job” wasn’t big enough for someone to bother with. Once I finally got a contractor out to look at the repair work the damage was more extensive then expected – carpenter ants were discovered. The entire back/first floor of my home had to be ripped out and repaired. My home has been open and exposed to the elements since last summer.

    I explained this to the salesman and told him once I got the repair work done I would be contacting him to come out to take the final measurements. Every time I called the salesman he never answered his phone nor did I receive a return call. Due to an illness with the contractor and a death in my family this process took some time to complete. Once they were done with everything they could do, work came to a standstill. They couldn’t proceed until the windows were installed. I called the salesman to have someone come out to measure the new opening. This person never came. I called to inquire as to what happened and they had no record of my appointment. Another appointment was made and I was told the individual would be at my home within a certain time frame. This didn’t happen and I had to get back to work. I called the installation once I got to work and they said they were planning on coming after the originally discussed time. But, they never bothered to call to tell me of their new plans. So, we arranged for them to come back out the following day. I left work again to meet them at my home and they had already come and gone by the time I arrived. Again not bothering to call me. REMEMBER ---I’m taking off work for this each time! WHY?

    Several weeks went by and I finally called to inquire as to where the windows were. The same gentleman Larry who came out to make the measurements told me that they would be arriving within days and they would call me to set up a time to come in and install. More time passed and I called back – I kept asking to speak to someone other than Larry because he was difficult to deal with and clearly not trustworthy. The gatekeepers at various numbers I tried kept giving me to him. I was told by Larry that they were on “the truck” ready to be unloaded in the warehouse and again they would call me when they were ready to be delivered. I called back days later and THANK GOD this Larry character was on vacation and his boss spoke with me – after leaving me on hold for a considerable amount of time, he came back telling me he couldn’t find any evidence of my order. HUM!!!!!! The windows were not on any truck and as far as he could tell they had never been ordered. I proceeded to tell this man that “Larry” needed to be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He blatantly lied to me about everything. What did he expect to gain? Did he think I was going to disappear and never call back?

    Moving right along – the windows came in and were installed. I had to let my original contractors go due to the time it took to get the windows delivered and installed. They had nothing to do and went on to other jobs. Once I got two quotes from building contractors to have the repair work completed and the windows enclosed I was told that the frame that was installed by Sears which would be the knee wall was too wide for the windows. I didn’t even want a knee wall. I wanted floor the ceiling windows. I also asked to see what the windows would look like before they were installed. By the time they came I didn’t care. I just wanted the room enclosed due to safety and energy efficiency reasons. The wood frames were wider than the windows and they didn’t have a lip at the bottom of the frame to catch water fall off. I needed windows for vinyl siding not insert windows. The way the windows and siding are installed there isn’t any place for the water to run off except for inside my home behind the siding. This obviously isn’t acceptable. I was told that they could caulk the windows and this also isn’t acceptable – caulk doesn't last and I’d be dealing with rotted wood and insect infestation once again.

    I called the customer service center on February 27th, and a very rude Indian woman said that I signed for the windows so there wasn’t anything they could do. Yes, I did sign for these windows, but I am not a contractor or a builder. I hired a ‘so called’ expert in the industry to make the right decisions for me. A window is a window to me…. I was told that someone would call me back within three business days. I am most confident given my past experience with the local store that this matter will never get resolved much less me receiving a phone call from them. I am sending a copy of this letter and any other documentation I have to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office and I am prepared to get the local media and or an attorney involved if necessary. These windows aren’t cheap! ....Still not resolved.

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  • Ca
    Carmen Forrester Mar 17, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can empathize, as I am having a window problem with Sears too. Poor customer service, not delivering on promises, lies and pushy practices from the salesman, unreturned calls, missed appointments. Yeah, I'm right there with you and still not resolved either.

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central air conditioning unit installation problem

I had a new central air conditioning unit installed by Sears in my home in June of 2002. For some reason, it shut off. I was thinking maybe the condenser pan was full of water. (it happened a couple of years ago) This time however, it was 100 degrees here in Washington with a heat index of 105. I called Sears on Saturday, July 15 and was told to call back on Monday July 16 and someone would call me a let me know when a technician would be coming out. First of all, it's really unusual that you all don't have 24 hour emergency service. The water company, gas, electric and local telephone companies all have this service. Heating and air is vital for survival for some human beings like my mother who is a senior citizen, diabetic and high blood pressure among other illnesses for which she takes medication.

By 10:00 am, I had not heard anything from Sears, so I called them, the person who answered the transfered call, told me that someone would definitely be back in touch with me that day. I had to stay in a hotel, because the thermostat on my a/c unit had gone past the 90 degree mark. It was truly unbearable. I got no call on Tuesday and I called again this morning (Wednesday, July 19) only to be told the same thing. As soon as they locate a contractor technician for my area, they would call TO SET UP a time as to when they could come out. Still just waiting for someone to even call and THEN have to actually wait for them to come out, which could be another 3 days or so. I had to drive my mother to her sisters house in Maryland, so she wouldn't be in the heat. There was not enough room for me, so I stayed at a hotel and left from there to go to work. I truly know that summer is the peak season for air conditioning repairs, etc., but not even get a call back since Saturday? HAVEN'T FOUND A TECHNICIAN YET? This system cost me $9,700 and now I can't get anyone to even call me back let alone show up to help me. I still have part of the free 5 year service maintenance left, so maybe that's why. It's free.
The lady I talked with this morning told me that I could have someone else repair it and as long as they were licensed, they would reimburse me. She said she would email me a letter stating all of the criteria, and that I would received it by noon today. Well, it is now 4pm and I haven't even gotten that yet. When get they invoice from the technician that will repair my system, I am just going to fax it over and I full expect to get reimbursed, despite the fact that I was told that the estimate would have to be approved. Why would it have to be approved by a Sears technician? The lady I talked with said to make sure it isn't some far fetched figure. What it costs to get fixed, is what it costs to get fixed. How can Sears not approve something when they don't even know what is even wrong with the a/c? Even new cars, still with the paper tags on them cut off, so just because my unit is only 4 years old doesn't mean something major won't happen to it. So nothing is far fetched, as long as it's a legitamite estimate and receipt. This is really getting out of hand. I guess they haven't been without air for 5 days with the temperature in the high 90's and 100 degrees. No one should have to wait 5 days for a simple phone call.

I also fully expect to have another year added to my service maintenance, since no one has shown up. I should not have to loose a year due to your poor service.

When I start shopping around for a company to set up a service contract with, you can believe me, it won't be Sears. Now I wish I had never purchased my air conditioning unit from you. You have my money and now I get no service.

  • El
    Ellen Wilkins Mar 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had gone to Concordia Ks. today to go to the Sears store and it was close, we looked and could not fined a signe that the store was to be closed. There was the signe that stated the hours for everyday and for Sunday was 11am to 4pm and we was there at 12:45pm . Please help with this problem because we drove 39 miles one way. Thankyou Dennis and Ellen Wilkins

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Resolved sears dishwasher destroys counter top

In November 2003 we purchased a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Model #16473. Within the year we noticed that the...

women's apparel / return

I had purchased a dress from sears catalogue for my sister's wedding. the dress was origionally...

the mess started after I had signed the dotted line

In May of 2006 I decided to have a new AC and Heater put into my home which I had just purchased. I swallowed the over inflated Sears Price because I thought that I was purchasing peace of mind as well! The total bill $5,652.32. Trust me the zero percent financing isn't worth the hassle!

The mess started after I had signed the dotted line. I had to wait and wait before anyone would call me back to install the equipment. Then when they did call they called the house after specific instructions to call my cell phone. Then after getting the message I could only call their central new jersey office between 9-5. And no one ever answers the phone. You just leave voicemail after voicemail.

Then came the inspection for the work done to the house. The township was backed up and I had to wait a month before I could get an inspection. I called and told sears this. I started received delinquency notices that I was being fined. I called every day for two weeks hoping to get a hold of someone, but nothing. And the main Sears number which they supplied on the failure notices couldn't help me in anyway because I live in NJ. After repeated calls to the customer service number which couldn't handle my account because I live in the state of New Jersey I finally got a hold of someone.

I will never purchase from Sears AGAIN. For anyone who is having difficulty with reaching anyone regarding work done by Sears in the State of New Jersey...this number is gold [protected] you want to speak to Tom Haggee (who hates his job and his life). He is a project manager for Sears work done in the good old state of NJ.

I am posting this because this has coasted me many headaches and I want to relieve the trouble for anyone else!

repair schedule

I purchased a Sears refrigerator as a wedding present for my son 4 years ago. Now at the end of the warranty period (compressor has a 5 yr warranty on this model), it went out. Called and was given a repair date 2-1/2 weeks out but was left with no choice since it was a warranty item. They have a newborn and a 2 year old - Sears didn't care anything about circumstances and they were given a Sept 9 date. At 4:30 on that date, today, they were called to say repair would be rescheduled to September 25. I called the Customer Service line and people listen but do not seem to care. We were told to call on Monday and see when they could come. I will never purchase anything from Sears again nor will I frequent their stores. I am fed up

  • Fr
    Frank Mann Dec 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had to have my lawyer send them a letter to get their service people moving. I purchased an oil furnace from Sears and purchased the full service contract. Well the thing died in the dead of winter. I had two elderly people in the house, one terminally ill. After days of living in front to the fireplace and space heaters, and calls; It took a threat of legal action to get their attention. They sent in a repair person from out of state. They didn’t have anyone in the state to service the unit. How do you sell a service contract and not have the personal to honor the contract?

    I set up an appointment to have the TV serviced today and the guy was a no show. I call the service line and was told, they had no record to the appointment. So it must have been a dream, that conversation I had with the service department last week.

    Sears is not the company my mother knew and loved. They are so busy cutting the bottom line. Their service personal are leaving for better paying companies. I will never buy another big ticket item from Sears.

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  • Er
    ericka Dec 30, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    for the first lady .... sears schedules their appointments as a first come first serve basis, the only time they'll make an exception on refrigerators is when it stores medication for a sick person. if u have the contract u can rent a refrigerator, save the paperwork and u'll get reimbursed. now for the second lady, i agree with you, what SEARS did was wrong. the heater is what they consider an HVAC unit, those are indespensible especially w/ the elderly. theres a department in sears where they handle escalated calls such as yours, it's named TSRT ... u need a complaint first ... but once you reach them they'll do anything to help you.

    as an ex-employee of sears i can stand behind their service, its just a matter of people reading terms and conditions, understanding the magnitude of service they provide, AND understanding the fact that if their appliance doesnt get fixed or the technician doesnt arrive it's because of his work ethics. these tech's go through special training and NEED to use it, so if people dont complain against these tech's useless then they'll continue providing poor service.

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