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poor service and cooperation

Sold appliance which was not available. Held up delivery of four major appliances for over three weeks. Rebate center has no record of one of my rebates...the $610.00 one, although I have verification that the request was submitted. No-one answers the telephone in the major appliance department, it rings until it disconnects. (ALWAYS). I can never speak to someone who is in charge, and is suppose to know what"s going on. Never again...

Resolved excessive service charges

Today, October 6, 2008, I had my Frididaire dishwasher repaired by Sears Home Services (Sears service order #:[protected]). While the repair technician was on-time and courteous, I am absolutely livid about the $179.00 charge for essentially unplugging the drain hose. The time spent in my home was less than one hour and no parts were required. I expected the charge to be the $65.00 minimum house call fee, assuming that was the hourly rate. I was not quoted the total charge before completion of the work. I have had similar work done by a local firm within the last 2-years at another house and that charge was $75.00. The Sears technician stated that this is the Sears-mandated charge based on the service requested code. According to him, the cost has nothing to do with the time needed to make the repair.

This has done it for me with anything associated with Sears. I mean service, the retail stores, the tools/appliances (which I buy a lot), and the automotive store. I am through! Price gouging of this sort means Sears cares nothing about its customers.

did not purchase that particular sofa but sears will not take it back

As submitted to the Vancouver Island Better Business Bureau but they could do nothing because of Sears 90 day return policy:

I purchased the sofa on June 16, 2007 at the Nanaimo store with the intention of having it delivered to Campbell River BC for the house that my husband and I are renovating there. I had carefully selected the sofa to match the paint colour we had selected for the living room. The sofa arrived in Campbell River about a week later and was completely covered with cardboard and plastic wrapping. We picked it up with our truck and stored it in the heated garage at the house in Campbell River. The renovations did not go as planned and we had big delays. In the spring of 2008 we had completed enough to take the sofa into the house. When we tried to get it through the doorway it would not fit no matter how we attempted to move it. This should of been my first clue that things were not right with this sofa. We then moved it back out into the heated garage and stowed it there until we could get someone to remove the windows thereby allowing us room to put the sofa in the house. My husband asked various contractors that are particularly hard to get a hold of if this was possible. After finally getting a response that it wasn't I asked my husband to bring the sofa down to our house in Parksville BC as the colour would also match our living room scheme and it would fit through the doorway. My husband brought the sofa down on October 1, 2008 and the neighbour helped him move it into our house in Parksville. That evening when I got home from work in Nanaimo we opened it up and that is when I discovered that it was no where near the sofa that I had purchased in the store. The next day I called Sears Nanaimo and was put through to the furniture department and I think the person who I spoke to was Lisa. She listened to my story and said that I would have to return it to the outlet in Campbell River and that she was busy and could not talk. I told her that I had purchased it at the store in Nanaimo and that it would be most convenient for us to return it at either Parksville or Nanaimo. I then e-mailed [protected] and outlined my story to verify if I could return the sofa for another that actually matches my decor. I was answered on October 3, 2008 that I would have to contact the store where I purchased the sofa and sent their "return policy" link which states that I have 90 days to return a purchase. I had explained that the sofa had never been used, was still in it's wrapping and I had all the receipts. I felt like I was talking to a wall.
My husband called the Parksville outlet to see if we could return the sofa there and they begrudgingly said OK. On my first day off we loaded up the sofa and took it to the Parksville store. Marilyn called corporate in Ontario as she said she needed permission to accept the sofa. Corporate would not let her take the sofa so we had to take it back to the house again. I am very upset that I have to keep a sofa that I did not want, and think is very ugly. I have long ago paid for the sofa and feel that Sears has grossly misled me. I feel that Sears wanted to rid themselves of this sofa and were hoping that someone like myself would come along.
I am now stuck with a sofa that I cannot use and out $750. If I try to sell the sofa I will get a maximum of $300 if I am lucky.
I have been with Sears for years and had one of their Sears cards too. No more. This kind of reward for the customer loyaty I have shown all these years just makes me feel like a fool.
I hope this serves as a warning to other potential customers. Sears does not stand by it's products and did not even bother having anyone inspect the sofa to see if what I was claiming was accurate...they just don't care.
Good luck dealing with this greedy corporation.

  • Tv
    TVS Feb 27, 2009


    I fully agree with the writer about Sears.

    I recently picked up whole bunch of clothes for myself at one of the sears store in Langley.

    On approching the cashier I was made aware that, there is only TEN DAY EXCHANGE ON ALL THESE CLOTHES as they were being discontinued. I was shocked as I had to try them at home and get the opinion of my family.

    But because of this stupid return policy I did not want to get stuck so dumped all the items worth about $300 on their counter and walked out. I complained to their head office through an e mail but I was sent the copy of their return policy!

    I do understand that every business has to draw a line somewhere. They should have at least made it 10 days return OR exchange not completly stopped taking returns on clearance items.

    Recently they laid off 300 people but if we all unite and stop shopping at sears, they will learn a lession and will have to lay off more people.

    I am never going to sears again.


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Resolved misleading

I have to say I have never been so unhappy with a store. On 10-13-08 I went to to purchase a new washing machine and a new stove. $1200.00 order. I went with sears online because it said next day delivery if the order was placed before 3:00 pm. I did so. I received a phone call right away from sears security to confirm my online order, I asked if it will come the next day since my washer was broke and I had a wash of wet clothes and a messy situation I needed it fast. She told me it is set up as next day delivery, and I would get a call 1 hour before they deliver. The next day came and nothing, I called they said the order was still in processing, and it showed the washer was out of stock, then she said hold on and checked and told me it was an error that both items would be available for the 15th, to wait and I would receive a call for delivery, now 2 days later not next day as stated online. Then I called back because I still never got a call back about delivery and my husband already lost a days pay waiting for the appliances, they said it was still in processing and any time now I would get a call. So we wanted to cancel the order. The woman offered a 10% off the order, and when asked if we would get a confirmation of that she said yes in 12 to 24 hours. Guess what, never got that comfirmation, big shock there!!!it took me over 24 hours to even get an email of my original order. So the 15th came and still no call for delivery, my husband was up set he called our local P C Richard, they had the same washer and better stove, said we can have it next day. I am looking at both appliances from P C Richard right now and I love them. Went placed the order, by the time I got home they already called to confirm delivery. Woke up today by the phone ringing, and it was P C Richard giving me my 4 hour window, they came at 9:00 am, and I was doing my wash by 10:00 am, imagine that! I called back and told them to cancle the order, the man informed me that it was still in processing and now claimed my credit card co. was holding it up. Now a completely different story. I told him if that was true then my credit card company would have called me to confirm it not let it go for days. So I told him to cancel the order, he did, and within 2 minutes I got my cancellation emails on the order. Wow, what a company, they won't process an order like they state, but boy they are sharp when it comes to cancelling. Good business, huh? this negative experience will affect all of sears not just online. It is switch and bait, tell people they can have it next day with a false sense, and then give them the run around. I'll even bet they were out of stock and they kept trying to cover it up and keep me waiting. Also, when the order was cancelled there was no 10% discount showing on the order for our trouble so I expect if the item was shipped that would have been another fight as well to get that. Terrible business on sears, false, and just a complete waste of time. I will be happy to push the P C Richard name to my friends and family. Sears will not get any more of our business and I will advise friends and family of the experience. In fact I will send out this letter to everyone I know, and all the complaint sites, as well as all the sears departments I find to inform them of this. Thanks for nothing Sears!!! By the way I used the same credit card to make my purchase from P C Richard and what a went through right away!!!

very disgusting customer service

We had this company clean our ducts in September-while doing this they broke the window in our basement...

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I scheduled an appointment and the tech came and supposedly fixed. Well that night, my washer wasn't working again. So I called to reschedule. (Knowing that I would have to take another half day off work.) So I called the day before my 2nd appointment (keep in mind, I haven't had my washer for a week now). But I wanted the tech to call so that I could leave my office (about 10 min from home) and just meet them there...well I apparantly had no I got rescheduled for Sat ( over a week after my original appointment and 10 days I will be with no washer...
What really bothers me is there "oh well" attitude. The washer should have been fixed correctly the first time, and since it wasn't, I should have priority for a new appointment. If anyone knows where to file a formal complaint, let me know.

  • De
    Debra J Perry Nov 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    $160 for 20 mins worth of work AND they were supposed to be there between 1 & 5 and showed up at 6pm because they overbooked. Charged me 80 for part and 160 for labor!!! So the fact I lost PERSONAL/VACATION time at my work for five and half hours - so they can keep technichians and so the BIG BUSINESS can stay in business - and I loose my job and cant pay for my home, take care of my family or pay my taxes as an american citizen - and their only answer is - "we cant do anything about it - it is what it is" BBB - lawsuit - Starbucks Customers - its time to say ENOUGH OF THIS ()*&^%

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  • Rh
    rhonda heffner Apr 04, 2011

    I feel if a tech comes out and has to order parts and it is under warranty as the part arrives it should be fixed. I am having a tech come for the third time and am seriously thinking no more warranties...

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unknown charges to sears card

I was charge for a CCR plan which is credit card protection plan, I never ask for this service. When I found out about this charges I called Sears and they told me that they were not the ones responsible for the charges. They told me that I had to call the CCR 1800 number in order to have the charges off my account. I called the number and the person that I talk to told me that she was going to set the balance to $0. Next month my account had a balance of $3.83 plus a late fee. For some stupid reason the person who help me out left a balance of $3.83 I called again and they told me that they couldn't take those charges off because apperently they had provided me their service for a # of days. They said that I need to called them the first day they offered me their services. I was never ask if I want to enroll in this plan therefore I didn't know where to call. I am so frustrated of how Sears and this other company are stealing my money. I have called so many times and talk to so many people and they all said they are going to fix the problem, but I haven't been able to accomplish anything. I once offer to paid the $3.83 but not all those late fees that have add up to $372.00. They already sent my account to cellections. Is there anyway to regulate how this type of companies do businness. I don't think is fair for a costumer to be charge for a service that didn't request. My biggest complaint is about their customer service, I don't undertand why they told me that they were going to solve the problem when in reality they weren't doing anything at all.

  • Jo
    Joanna Nov 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, this service is total fraud.
    The service is supposed to help you in the event of fraudulent activity to your credit cards.
    The way you get signed up for it is totally fraudulent.
    I did not owe anything to my Sears account. I received a bill in the mail, opened it, my balance was zero, and I thought to myself, "Hmm, weird, I usually do not get paper statements, especially when I have a zero balance." I did not think of it again for a couple months.

    The following month I got a statement and did not open it, I knew the balance would be zero, so I just put it through the shredder.
    The very next month I received another statement. I thought, hey, I should re-sign up for paperless statements. I dont like getting zero balance paper statements. So I opened the bill up, and in the balance due section was $33.90!! I called the CCR number found on my statement and a sedate employee stated that she would stop the service, and credit back the $8.90 charge, and the one pending with amount due would disappear. She then stated I needed to call Sears to have the late fee of $15.00 removed. I called Sears and she said the the CCR lady would actually need to refund the entire 17.90 (two months of charges from CCR, $8.90 each) in order for her to reverse the late fee charge. So, needless to say, I called back the CCR service. The employee this time around was very pleasant, reversed the second charge, and 3 way called Sears to personally ensure that the$15.00 late fee was removed. So, minus the 30plus minutes of my day, this was easily resolved for me.

    But, I still think the way they sign you up is fraudulent, and that Sears should contract with a different company for this added service. It makes Sears look bad when they have irate people calling about charges unauthorized.

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  • Ni
    Nicki Mar 10, 2009

    I never enrolled in this plan either...I've been trying to pay off my card and every month there seems to be no dent made! Beside the ridiculous percentage rate, I was being charged $8.95 every month for this stupid CCR program. I tried to email Sears and now I have to call them and try to get this figured out. Unfortunately I did not look at my statements because I haven't been using the card so it's been 9 months of charges, plus whatever finance charges that would add up to. I am so frustrated with this and I will be closing my account after I pay it off.

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  • De

    My mom was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. All of a sudden she got a solicitation for CCR and may have been tricked into signing up for procection. When I found out by noticing an $82.00 charge on her account I called Sears, and demanded for the protection be stopped. It had just been set up evidently the previous month when she was in the hospital. My mom did not remember approving of it so I got Sears on the phone and she gave them permission to talk to me about her account. Sears said I had to call the CCR number and so I did. Also, my mom gave approval for them to discuss it and make decisions about her account. I told them I could pay $82.00 each month on the balance every month more than paying them for something that was set up as if she had a job. She is retired (78 years old), I was told they had a cheaper rate for senior citizens. I absolutely said NO, take it off the bill. I am still receiving an $8.95 charge for CCR on the bill. HOW DO YOU MAKE IT STOP! We all need a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to sue the crooks. HELP HELP LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. HELP!

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  • Se
    sears1scam Nov 25, 2009

    I recently too had the the same problem. My mother was recently hospitalized and I had asked if she had any bills to pay. My sister told me that she has a sears bill that she owes $8.95 on it. I thought that this was very supcious and viewed her account online. Sure enough she has been getting charged for this CCR service from sears. Just last year I had to fight with sears to remove some other bogous charges and now this. What is with this company? I think they do need a class action lawsuit!

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  • Ch
    Chicodes Jun 02, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having exactly the same problem as everyone else. A monthly charge of $8.95 that I believe was hidden in FINE PRINT when the application was made for the sears credit card. Moreover, any attempt by the card holders at cancel out from this scheme makes you think twice about shopping at any of the sears stores or their affiliates. In my quest for cancelling out of the CCR I was given a cancellation number, but the monthly charges still keep coming. I am about to try other methods, such as written communication, TV news investigation, and any other method that would expose this scheme.

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shame on sears

I wanted to share the experience I had with the Kenmore washer I purchased at Sears. If this makes even one person think twice about their purchase, it's time well spent. Five years ago (in 2003) I bought a Kenmore front-loading washer and dryer at Sears. A couple of weeks ago the drum in the washer stopped spinning, as if it were off the track. Sears charged me $70 to spend 5 minutes looking at it, just to tell me it would cost $824.43 to repair. Tha'ts more than it cost me in the first place. Apparently the "bearing" went out, and the way it's designed it has to be taken apart and a LOT of parts replaced. A washer that is 5 years old and hasn't seen an unreasonable amount of use shouldn't break down so completely where the cost of fixing is greater than the cost of replacing. This is environmentally irresponsible as well- the last thing we need to be doing is throwing away tons of washers because they have parts that wear out easily and are designed in a way that makes them cost-prohibitive to fix. They admitted themselves that these wear out all the time- I wish they had told me that when I bought it. I wasn't even able to describe the problem to their repair center on the phone, you have to go through a machine, or report it online, so you have a $70 repair call. That they spent a total of 2 minutes in my house looking at the machine and still made me pay the $70, for what's apparently a common problem they could have diagnosed without even coming out here, is unconscionable.

Apparently Sears thinks its completely acceptable to manufacture and sell shoddy, hard to fix merchandise so that they can then charge a lot of money to fix it. I looked for contact information on their web site to provide feedback on my displeasure, but there is no way to email them or call them with complaints. For them to not have a way to be contacted, indicates to me that they must have a lot of unsatisfied customers.

  • Mi
    miranda Nov 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • You could not have explained my situation any better. I just (today) had the same exact experience. My Kenmore front loader is less than 5 years old and also was purchased at Sears. Two days ago I heard a loud banging as if the load was uneven. I quickly shut it off and when we looked inside the drum had actually fallen on one side. The entire outside of the drum is made of plastic and the spring support had worn completely through the plastic ear that was holding the drum up. When the drum fell it broke off the shock on the bottom. This should be considered a manufacture defect, talk about being poorly made and Sears told me that this is natural wear & tear. I also could not get any satification on the phone, I just got bounced back and forth from parts to service. I had to have a technician come out and charge me $70.00 for 5 minutes to tell me that they are cheaply made anymore and there is nothing I could do but replace the whole drum amoung other parts and the kicker of it all is that the total estimate for repairs would be $899.79.. when I paid $700.00 for the washer brand new, and I chose to spend the couple of extra hundred dollars because I thought I was getting a quality machine..what a joke..I'm so sick over the whole situation. Sears, Kenmore (apparantely really made by Fridgidare) should be ashamed of themselves. Nobody takes pride in the products anymore.

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appliance service

Like other reviewers I WAS a loyal customer of Sears. I bought an extended service plan for a GE double oven. A lot of electronics and costly to fix so a servicec plan is a good idea. The oven broke after 2+ years, I called and scheduled service. The technician arrives opens up the oven then says "Oh I can't work on this without pulling it out of the cabinet. It weighs 300+lbs and I'll need a lift and a 2nd repairman to assist. Since they had all this information in their database, why couldn't they plan ahead. I make a 2nd appointment and get the usual sometime between 8am - 5pm, which is a horrible inconvenience. 5pm comes for the 2nd appointment no repairman. I call up and am told that they cancelled my appointment because a 2nd repairman wasn't available. I ask to speak to a supoervisor and the lady refuses, but assures me I'll be the first appointment next time. By now I've wasted 2 entire work days on this. 3rd appointment comes and big surprise I am not the 1st appointment of the day. Its 11am still no repairman. I call service again and have to request 6 times to speak with a supervisor finally demanding it, Carla gets on the phone, I request to speak with the Service Manager (have him call me) she refuses and says she'll only leave a note for the repairman to call me. Now its not the repairmans fault, he doesn't create his schedule, it is given to him. So what good is it to have the repairman call me. Just to be clear this is not a complaint against the repairmen, they work very hard, do excellent work and are usually very pleasant. The problem is with the service operators and the Service management. Sears has lost a long-time customer, and buyers beware I have heard that Sears is trying to get contracts with Home Depot and Lowes for their service. Makes sure to ask who does their service.

  • Ch
    Chad Bradley Oct 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you read this you will NEVER use a maid service again!!

    First off, I had a hot date and hoped to take her back to my place..."you know, to have some milk and read the Bible".

    I can't believe I tried to use this service but I didn't have time to clean up myself. I needed maid service so I thought I would try someone that I found online. Big mistake!!! Even their website is down now. It's now just a bunch of lewd advertisements.

    I talked to them and they said they could come out the next day but it would cost me an extra $20 bucks. I guess I'm a sucker.

    I left the door of my apartment unlocked so they could get in.

    When I got back home, they had left a note on the door saying it was going to cost extra to clean my apartment. WTF!! I already paid an extra $20 bucks for same day service. When I went in they had not even cleaned and you will NEVER believe what I found in the bathroom. You have got to look at the pictures. Prepare to be disgusted. Warning!!! Graphic!!! Not for youth.

    I was really upset!! I am on a tight budget anyway. I save most of my money my cigarettes (Benson & Hedges) and I like to eat out once in a while. That's about all the pleasure I get out of life. (well, except for an occasion date)

    I have posted pictures of my apartment on this website. When you see these you're gonna see why I was disgusted.

    It wasn't all that dirty. I even left some cleaning supplies out and I took my cats to a friends so that they were not in the way.

    I'm really pissed!!! I want my $20 bucks back that I payed with my credit card.

    Thanks for listening.

    Cheers. Chad

    [email protected]

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  • Ch

    I have been a very loyal Sears Customre for over 40 years. I have always used Sears service to fix my Sears appliances. I have always been satisfied with the quality and the bill for the services rendered. On April 28th Technician #0627158 came to fix my Icemaker on my Kenmore Refridgerator. He was here for approx 15 minutes and replaced a valve. The cost of the valve was $87.87 and my total bill was $291.89. I questioned him regarding the cost of the job and he basically was rude . The next day I called the service number to complain about the bill. Apparently Sears does not hire CUSTOMER SERVICE people. ..they hire people to argue with you when you call to complain. I would appreciate you looking into this matter.
    Christine Heatherman
    4051 E Geddes Circle
    Centennial, Co, 80122

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  • Sh
    sher shiflett Oct 16, 2010

    I had an appointment today 10-16-2017 for a repair on my snow blower from 8-12. At 11:11 a.m., I received a call that they would not arrive until 12:30-1:00 p.m. I rearranged my schedule to be available and they didn't honor their commitment. To make matters worse, I had to make two different appointments for 2 different products and I am sure I will have to go through the same thing next saturday on 10-23-2017

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  • Go
    gothictreasures Oct 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Has nothing to do with "real life", This is just how sears runs the service department. Do a search on any site about Sears or their A&E Factory Service and you see the same stuff over and over again.

    They offer poor customer service & hire just about anybody to service your equipment.

    Stealth pilot what catagory do you fall under?

    1. Employed by sears or A&E?
    2. Want to be employed by Sears or A&E?
    3. Have never used there services?
    4. Was just looking for something to reply to?

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  • Ca
    Carmen Augustini May 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Water Softner went out, Apr 25th. Sears scheduled repair for May 5th. I waited all day and no one showed up, they re-scheduled for May 6th, 12-4PM. On May 6th, no one showed up again. I called several times during the day and they said the service guy would contact me. Service guy never called. I finally called Sears around 3-30PM. They said they re-scheduled it to May 10th, 12-4PM. No one called me about the re-schedule, I HAD TO CALL THEM! So May 10th comes and Sears Service calls and tells me I'm on for 8-12PM. Well I worked my day around so I could be home between 12-4PM as per their previous schedule. I wait till around 9AM and Sears calls to tell me no one will be there and they re-scheduled it to May 11th, 12-4PM. To sum this up:
    May 5th Sears cancels service
    May 6th Sears cancells service
    May 10 Sears cancells service
    May 11th who knows what will happen, Sears may cancell this service too!!!
    Each time I had to re-arrange my plans so I could work around Sears Service and each time no one shows!!!
    I also have a feeling this complaint goes on deaf ears and probably will only go no where as many other complaints.

    If you wish to contact me, I'm at 403-454-6101 or if there is no human to talk to, you e-mail me at [email protected]

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Resolved Light Stays On - Unsafe

Lights inside the refrigerator (Kenmore Elite Trio) stay on causing light cover to melt, fire hazard. Have...

id theft

I have contacted about a Sears bill which I have told them I do not owe any money to Sears acct...


I put Unsociliced Phone Calls as it was the only thing that was close. I am getting E-mails regarding some Sears Gift Card from an organizatin called Consumer Study group. I also received a similar e-mail for JCPenny. The only way to get rid of them, according to the e-mail, is to go on the site and aks to be removed. However, the removal is not direct connected, so you need to copy the site and paste it and then contact this company for removal. This is not the way remove is supposed to work and I find it offensive for you to be connected to these people and in some way have them represent themselves as [protected]@Gift Card Survey. It sounds like some sort of scam connected to your good name.

Jerome Stoll

inferior appliance delivery

SEARS delivery service people are no good. They want to walk on a brand new rug with their filty ghetto project shoes. Then they don't complete the set-up. Then these boom-booms intimidate you into to giving them a "10" rating. They also can't find the address. Stay AWAY from Sears Delivery BY ALL MEANS NECESARY or Sears Delivey will have a nightmare on your expense. Yowsa, Yowsa, YOWSA !!!

  • In
    internalvoice Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yowsa? What is that exactly? But at any rate, not sticking up for anyone, but it's high time that people take a look at the whole story. Sears delivery personnel only keep their jobs by doing well on a "survey" that Sears administers to customers that buy brand new appliances. I understand that some delivery personnel really stink at their jobs, but this by no means includes every person. Let's talk about this "survey". The questions on the survey are unclear to many customers. Some customers believe that the survey is asking about their new appliances, and some believe that it is asking about the sales team. Neither of these are the case. The survey is asking about the delivery experience. Did the delivery team damage your home? Did they show you how to operate your new appliance? Would you have them back in your home on future deliveries? The problem with the survey is the fact that the answers reflect directly on the delivery team and are factored in to a number system, which the team is held to. The delivery teams must meet a certain level in their "numbers" in order to keep their jobs. This system is grossly unfair to the teams. I know that customers are frustrated with Sears. I know that customers (many of them) think that delivery personnel are "below them in society". And I also know that some customers couldn't care less about a delivery team member. However, these surveys give customers too much say in the future of other people's jobs. So, let's say that I deliver your new washer and dryer to you one fine day. I do a very good job in the delivery. I don't damage anything, I show you how to operate the units, and I do everything right. Let's say that I leave you with a smile on your face, and a feeling that everything is right in the world. You are extremely happy with me and your new appliances. But after I leave, your son (little Johnny) gets home from school and you find that he just got the crap kicked out of him by another kid. Someone runs over your dog, kills your cat, and your spouse just told you that they want a divorce. the day after all this negative stuff happens to you, you get a survey call, which is automated by the way. You just want to get through it and you just press "one" all the way through it. That gave me negative numbers and I just got fired because my boss, and Sears, think that I really screwed you over because of your responses to that survey call (that you didn't give a second thought to). And that brings me to the customer that is scared to tell the truth. Some customers flat out lie to delivery people when asked if they are happy with the delivery. They tell delivery people that they are extremely happy, just to screw them over on the survey call. Like I said before, I am VERY sure that some delivery personnel couldn't care less about their jobs and do a very bad job on each and every call. But some take extreme pride in what they do, and it's simply not fair to them. So, if you want results, and if you truly want Sears to be a company that people can shop at with pride and be treated like they used to be treated in the all to distant past, don't complain about the delivery people; complain about the unfair system that make delivery people the bad guy no matter what they do, even when they do a good job.

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appliance delivery

Delivery team delivered not once but twice on the wrong date and the wrong time. No call in advace was provided either never came on the time scheduled. Then when delivered they placed the appliances in the center of the kitchen with the dishwasher still in the box and proceeded to leave. I was told they were to take the appliances out of the box. I wanted to inspect the dishwasher so I asked to view it, the individual gabbed the box tore it down and said see no damage and walked away.

This was just one of the many many problems I have had with the delivery service with Sears. they expressed both appliances were to be delivered. Then they said they only had one after I pulled all appliances out and threw food away. The only justification they want to do is offer a 50 rebate???????
How about waiving the delivery fee.

Never have Sears deliver appliances!!! Will never buy again from Sears

error code fo and beeping

Our oven began beeping and displayed the error code "FO". We contacted Sears and they sent out a repairman...

tires and car damage

I went into the Sears Auto center at Southpark Mall on 9/28/08 and dropped my car off at 10:30AM. I wanted two new tires placed on the front of the car and one stud replaced on the right front rotor. The car was finished 2PM, keep in mind when I walked out in the shop once to check on the car the employee asked me did I know how the brake pads went back into the brake assembly. I paid and went to leave the parking lot and heard a noise from the right front tire like rubbing metal. So I turned around and drove the car back into the service center and explained the issue. The employee that previously worked on my car pulled the left front tire off and while trying to remove the right front tire the lug nut for the new stud he just replaced would not come off. He stated that it could have been the incorrect lug nut. He had to cut the lug nut off and reinstall a whole new stud on the rotor once again which caused him to have to drive to pick up another one which I waited for once again. After the new stud was replaced and the new tires placed back on the front of the car I went to leave and drive home once again. I live several miles from the sears auto center and got about half way there and the car felt like something was holding it back a little. I pulled into my driveway and smelled burning brakes. I noticed the right front tire was smoking and I touched one of the lug nuts with my thumb and it caused a blister immeadiatly from the heat. I placed a jack under the car and tried to spin that wheel and it would not turn. I called Sears and they said to call a tow truck to bring the car back to the shop. I called a tow truck (around 5 PM) and they took the car back to the shop. Sears once again looked at my car. My brakes pad were damaged due to the heat, my CV boot was ripped (which wasnt before) and the heat warped my rotor to the point where it needed replacing because the right front wheel still would not spin. I called a ride to take me home and I arrived home at 7:30PM that evening. I called the next day to speak with the manager and asked for an update. he told me he would have a class 3 tech look at the car but doubted the CV boot could have been ripped just by putting tires on the car. I asked for a update before any parts were put on and I had concern about the axle since that side got so hot while driving home. I called 5 times between 11AM and 12PM on 9/29/08 and no one answered the phone at sears. I am still waiting to see what the resolution is but they seem unwilling to repair all of the damage they caused. I was told on 9/29/08 at 8AM that I would have an update and it is now 12:49PM and I have again for an hour and no one is picking up the phone.


When the merchandise I ordered didn't arrive, I went to the store to investigate. The store manager wasn't in, so I spoke to the assistant manager instead, a woman - no lady she - named Margie Martinez. Customers are supposed to come first at Sears, but not when said customer has to deal with Mediocre Margie.

I felt like I was on trial rather than in a retail store. Ms. Martinez insinuated that I had done something wrong during the ordering process, and seemed intent on getting rid of me as quickly as she could. This woman could definitely use a refresher course in customer service and common courtesy, because one day she's going to push an angry customer too far and the rest of us are going to read about it in the paper.

I canceled my order and went to Lowe's. I will give them my business from now on.

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    nusrat Sep 29, 2008
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    sir, In month of july defeat a examination for clerk post held on 13-7-08 but i cant see my or find result on your website so please declare result or sent to my e-mail Id or other method for knowing my result ROLL-NO 2607013294 reg ID no-1643898 EXAMINATION CENTRE --Gorakhpur(up)...

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    Billy Jun 15, 2009

    i have worked for icc for 2 years. sears needed help cause no one was cleaning. its a two man job, i did by myself for 3 months with no complaints. i had to go to the hospital for being bipolor and all of of sudden Kathy the manager says im on drugs and not doin anything when just two days ago i was getting compliments. today i walkde in she forced me to leave told my employer i was on drugs wich im not other than the prescribed meds my doctor has givin me. im calling bbb and getting a lawyer and will have my job back

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I tried to either exchange or return a dehumidifier that was not working and was still under warranty to the Sears store that I bought it from. I had the receipt too. They called the manager and he informed me that I had to take it to a separate store that did diagnostic tests on it and I was to pay them $29.99 to diagnose the problem and then pay them to fix the dehumidifier as well. I have dealt with Sears all of my life . I have have always had problems from them as well but have over looked them in the past. Finally after 40 years of dealing with there bull ...DING ! A bell went off . I have finally decided to stay clear Sears. I can easily find stores with equal or better products that will stand behind there products. I was not very happy throwing away over $200. on a humidifier that can not be used. Everyone is eager to take your money but if there is a problem they don't want to take care of it.

Resolved maintenance agreement

I have a service contract with Sears for my Amana 22 u ft. Fridge. It was not cooling. I called Sears and...

Resolved fraud and scam

Had repair for fridge set for 9/22/08 in the AM. Sears confirmed the night before. They no showed me and then...