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Reviews and Complaints


I am an active Sears customer. My family have always looked to purchase appliances and home electronics from Sears first. My recent experiences has cast doubt on my policy. I always purchase a Sears warranty on large price items. I have had to also use these services since these items have become more complex I have never been penalized in the past as I have been now by Sears.

I have had two Samsung LCD TVs' go defective this last year. Sears has not been able to or did not repair the set . The first TV a Samsung was replaced and Sears refunded me 950 dollars credit to purchase a replacement TV . I replace the TV thru Sears and request a price match which they do and give me an additional 10 % off. I leave happily with the new 3d 46" Samsung. I used the 950$ and the price match and my credit card and made the purchase .

Next i have a 52" Samsung go defective . Sears chooses not to repair but to refund me . I received a credit for 2000 dollars for this TV . I return to Sears to purchase a new TV. My family chooses a Samsung 55" 3d LED TV. Now I ask for a price match and the sales person who was very nice states he has to get approval from his manager. I also remind them that the purchase comes with a advertised Samsung 3D Starter kit. The sales person again has to get approval from his manager who is not present. We go inside the mall and return a half hour later to the sales person and he states that his manager will not price match will not give me the 3D starter kit will not give me free shipping and also will charge me for disposal of your defective Samsung TV. My family wants the set and under pressure we purchase it with the comments made that we will be in contact with Sears. The set cost me 2000$ refunded from Sears and an addition 1300$ charged to my credit card. I ask the sales person why Sears will not price match or give me the 3D kit or the free shipping and chose to charge for disposal. He states his manager will not do as I requested since I was using a 2ooo$ credit. This has never happened before with sears . I feel the manager made a mistake which cost me the starter kit and the price match and the disposal fee.
When I returned home I made both an E-Mail and a phone complaint to Sears .A day later a person from sears calls me responding to my phone and E-Mail complaints . He states that is the policy and he will not change it but he would be willing to cancel the delivery fee and the disposal fee. I told him .I didn't agree with him on his decision and would be contacting Sears corporation for assistance.

What is a reasonable distance of your store when using your internet Price match policy ? Since you are a national company wouldn't the USA be local and reasonable distance of our store? No clear distance is mentioned in feet or miles So what is Sears price match policy on internet sales from a site in New Jersey and I live in New York ? To me shopping in New Jersey is local and reasonable .. I would be happy to see this policy and for Sears to correct the errors of the managers decision which cost me the starter kit and the price match and the disposal fee. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Thank You