Sam's Club / Sam's Westbedroom set

I purchased a queen bedroom set for my daughter on August 28th. The set was completely destroyed when it arrive. I called Sams Club immediately and they scheduled a pick up for the return of the furniture through Pilot. I waited a few days and never received a phone call from Pilot so I called Sam's Club for a status update. I was told Pilot does not do pick ups so the representative scheduled a new pick up with Estes...great, so I'm expecting a call from Estes over the next few days but guess phone call. Back on the phone again with Sam's Club and now I am being scheduled with Pilot again. Another few days pass and I get a call they will be out on the 13th. On the scheduled date I had all of the furniture sitting in my driveway ready to go. When the truck arrived there was 1 guy. Obviously 1 man could not load all of that furniture. I had to call Sams club back again to let them know the driver left without the furniture and it was now sitting in my driveway and I had no way to bring the furniture back in so it sat in my driveway for the next 4 days until the next delivery was scheduled. On September 19th they finally picked up the furniture...but I have yet to receive a refund. I have wasted hours on the phone dealing with this issue. Every time I call in I am told they are processing the refund but yet it still shows on my Sam's Club credit card. I had to file a dispute with the credit card company and I'm currently waiting on a resolution. To date it is 9/30 and the furniture was received back to the warehouse last week.

Sep 30, 2019

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