Sam's Club / Sam's Westrudeness to member

L Jul 22, 2019

Subject: complaint/sam's club, monterey ave., palm desert, ca
re: degrading experience at sam's club

is there not one drop of compassion for elderly people who arrive approximately one-half hour early and are told to wait until exactly 10:00 a.M. To enter the store?
i am a 73 year old who lives 20 miles east of sam's club. Once in a blue moon my timing becomes off, in this case it was due to no line at sam's club gasoline.

I have been a loyal sam's club member for four+ years and have answered every email questionnaire giving stellar reviews

i arrived this morning at the gasoline station of sam's club, and was shocked to see the aisles were empty of cars, so i was able to complete my purchase of gas up at a rapid speed. I then proceeded over to sam's club and parked my car.
At the entrance i was stopped by the door person, who in a very rude and condescending way, raised her voice to me in front of everyone standing there: "why don't you get an upgrade"? i responded that i was on social security and couldn't afford to upgrade.

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