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Sam's Club - Parking lot

The asphalt of the parking lot as you get close to the Danville VA Sam's Club has huge crevices that cannot be avoided. It jolts my vehicle violently and I believe it has made by truck's suspension...

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Sam's Club - TV warranty offer

Purchased (6/3/2021) a tv online that advertised a free 4 year warranty. If I would have shipped the item I would not have had any issues on their site, but instead I chose to pickup the item in...

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Sam's Club - Membership

This is not a complaint about a specific store or employee, but rather the fact that i, a person who is hard of hearing and especially has problems understanding people over the phone, had no option but to call to cancel my membership (well, I could've gone in store, but the cost of gas that it would take to get me to the nearest sam's club is more than what the membership cost in the first place). From an accessibility standpoint, this is absurd, especially given that I was able to start my membership completely online.

Desired outcome: There should be a method for people to cancel their memberships that doesn't require going in person or over the phone, such that people who are deaf, mute, hard of hearing, etc. can still cancel their membership.

Sam's Club - Self check out

I do not understand why in the self check out line a limit of items is placed. If a person is walking in for a few things they have to wait in line behind people that have 30+ items. It holds people...

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Sam's Club - Customer service

I want to make a complaint about he service I received inside the Sam's Club. I asked to where I could find the outdoor solar lights, I was pointed down the aisle. I went down the aisle and the lights were not there. I went bank to the associate and he told me he would look and will come back in 2 minutes. I found the other associate and he said we must be out, but I showed him the website where it showed they were in stock. He told me sorry that the store was out of the stock. I asked if he could check the stockroom and but he left. I finally decided to order it online to pick up at the same store. I have never had this issue at any other Sam's Club stores. I just want you to b aware and maybe educate their associates to give better customer service.

Thank you,
Cindy Ziegler

Desired outcome: Educate associates

Sam's Club - Gas station associate

Was at club 4805 this morning to get gas. Attendant was anything but helpful! The pump we were using wouldn't accept our sam's card and he told us it would have to be rebooted but he had other things he would have to take care of first. We went to another pump but were facing the wrong direction. He yelled at us and told us we couldn't be there facing the wrong direction. I responded by saying "I see people do it all the time and nobody ever says anything." his response was, "not when i'm working" and he went inside and shut our pump off!!! This is unacceptable and anything but good customer service!! I work for walmart and this would never be accepted behavior!

Desired outcome: A serious discussion about how to treat customers!!!

Sam's Club - Service

I have been a member of Sam's Club for 40 to 50 years. Yes I was a member of Pase before it became Sam's. For the first time I will probably not renew my membership next year. Most people complain...

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Sam's Club - gasoline

Your Sams Club at 10510 Parallel Parkway in Kansas City, KS still has regular gas priced at $2.79, that's 3 cents higher than the surrounding gas stations where it has historically been around 8-10...

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Sam's Club - Rotisserie chicken

It would be nice if you are going to charge $4.98 for a rotisserie chicken then the buyer would get a whole chicken. My husband bought one today among the $362.32 he spent and the chicken was missing...

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Sam's Club - Pharmacy

I got new medicine on 5-13-21. Dr specifically ordered the real medicine no generic. My cost at Sam's is 125.00 but my manager with exact same insusurance and exactly same medication gets it for 4.00 a month.
You should be ashamed of your company for ripping people off, karma will get your business and deserve to be brought down and bankrupte!!!
I will ban Sam's club and bash this company all over the web. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. If you will look at my account Imy last bill for Sam's was over 2200.00 and that's just in store. Thats Not even on all the medication you have raped me over for years.
I will never set foot in a Sam's store again and will NOT renew my membership.

Sam's Club - Your Optical Manager-Matt (Clarksburg WV store)

Good Morning, I shop at both pf your Sams stores, Morgantown and Clarksburg WV locations. On Friday 5/7, I called your Morgantown WV optical department to ask about repairing or replacing my...

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Sam's Club - Poor In store customer service

I ordered tires from Sams. They came in on Tuesday, 5/11. I tried calling tire center yesterday for an appointment. There was no response on phone and it got transferred to customer service. The rep put me on hold. After long time call got disconnected. I called 6 times and was on hold for more than hour with customer service and no one either pick up the call or put it on hold and never respond back. After an hour, i gave up and called back later in the evening. This time there was different rep who took my call and asked my contact details. I also spoke to store manager to share my experience from the day. I am totally convinced that it does not matter to store and they will apologize on the phone. This is totally unacceptable. I have paid for the membership and i expect service.

Sam's Club - sams club membership

i was at a sams club in tijuana mx and they were having a membership promotion i was told that the membership was good at all sams club stores and online. so i purchased a membership and since then i have had problems using it at the san diego store i have been back to the store where i got the membership several times now i have tryed to set up a online account and my membership number is not recognised so i called customer service and was told to set up account on sams mx site and i would be able to order online from san diego store. so i did but i am unable to select any store outside of mexico. so i called customer service again and was informed that if i want to make online purchases at san diego store i would need to purchase a sams club membership in the usa. i am disabled and need to be able to use the curbside pickup but i dont find it acceptable to have to buy a second membership to do so.

Desired outcome: resolve the problem

Sam's Club - Credit card #7640

Recently I contacted synchrony bank due to them lowering my balance on a mistake that was made by them. Synchrony did correct the mistake of incorrectly reporting a missed payment, but the domino effect of lowering my credit limit was not corrected.
I have always enjoyed going to Sams Club but lately customer service has become a very low bar and maybe due to the pandemic but not always.

I just want to make it clear that I have always enjoyed shopping at Sams Club, and I would like the mistake of lowering my credit card limit to be corrected. I would like my limit updated to show the correct limit prior to the mistake that was reported to the credit bureaus.
I have worked very hard to pay my bills and get my credit up to par and it's just satisfying to ensure it is correct.

Thank you in advance

Daisy Clark

Sam's Club - Unable to make on-line purchases with my new Sam's Plus Membership card.

Friday night, April 23, 2021, I attempted to make an on-line purchase via the Longview, Texas store, but when I got to the checkout, it told me that all of the items I was purchasing were out of stock . This makes my 2nd attempt to make an on-line order via the Longview, Texas store. And the 2nd time I tried to checkout, it once again told me that all items were out of stock even though the items on both orders were different. I logged into chat about 10 minutes before closing time and the guy who came on told me his name is German. He asked how he could help and I told him that I already typed in an explanation and after that he just made me wait until closing time and then disconnected the conversation before I could type a message, which I thought was very rude. I am beginning to think that I have wasted my money by spending $100 on a plus membership card if I can't use it to make on-line purchases and I don't know whether it would make a difference if I selected a different store.

Desired outcome: Is the problem my card or the store?

Sam's Club - Charged my credit card (not a Sams Credit Card) when I didn't get a purchase

I tried to do an online purchase for pick-up and the website didn't work correctly and I did not receive an order number. I waited a few hours and confirmed with the store (Dover DE) that no order was placed. I looked at my personal bank credit card - NOT a Sams Club card- and saw I was charged $54.28. I promptly called the number I was given by the local Sams Club and several times could not get to a person, it just kept sending me the Sams Club Credit Card company Syncrony (??). When I did finally get to a real person I explained the issue and asked the charges be reversed. The woman who answered the phone said I did not buy anything that day (no kidding) and she put me on hold for an hour before it went I was just disconnected.

I have reported this to my bank to dispute the charges but if Sams Club had just had better phone customer service it could have been less hassle for me.

Plus Member : 101 42100 [protected]
Name: Lisa Simpson
Store: Dover DE
Date of charge without transaction: 04/22/2021
email contact: [protected]

Desired outcome: Charges on my bank credit card reversed

Sam's Club - Just Energy

In Sams club, we see the just energy representative available and they are saying that for sams members the energy price is 6-9 cents per kWh. i signed in sams club and my first month bill arrived and it was 14.5 cents per kWh. when i call customer care they say you have signed for same price. There is no offer for sams members. Why Sams club is allowing other companies inside and doing their business. we as a sams members thought that sams promotion and joined and finally they are cheater and i lost my 300$ now. is sams is going to take of my loss?

Please stop Just energy promoting inside sams club

Sam's Club - Vegan avail cheese( not Daiya ) non soy variety and egg substitute on soy varieties always a plus for a vegan shopping MOM FYI

I really wish sam and Walmart would get a vegan mom to tell them what they need to have so we vegan moms can shop in your stores . Instead of hunting and coming up empty handed FYI . I am not looking for special treatment . I am looking for equality to family's who are more health conscious. The planet could use a pick me up too . These are hard times for us all and what we eat matters a lot . More organic produce fresh would be a plus too . Thank you for listening . It's and observation that Sams and Walmart are less conscious of vegans and I was hoping to encourage that idea to change .

Desired outcome: At least a cheese and egg avail. Maybe an organic berry fresh

Sam's Club - Online Ordering for Pickup

Do not order online if you intend to pickup an order from Sams Club. According to Customer Service, if you order on a device other than a phone using their app, you must use Google Chrome, even if you have a browser that had allowed you to order in the past. After placing several orders over the past year, I was unable to place an order for pickup over a two day period recently and kept getting an error message (Please try again later). After several attempts I finally entered a Chat solution with Customer Service who told me I had to use Chrome in order to place an order. Unfortunately on a laptop you cannot download the Sams Club App which was another recommendation from the Customer Service rep. After the frustration of the inability to solve this problem, I feel like Sam's Club has become less helpful over the past year and am questioning whether I want to continue to be a Member .

Desired outcome: Become more astute with internet servicing and technical issues.

Sam's Club - Cancled order without notice, money placed on hold and wont release.

On Sunday 4/11/21 I ordered a Couch from I paid for the order and all was good. On Monday 4/12/21 I tracked my order only to find out Sams immediately canceled the order. I was not notified of the cancellation. I called to inquiry about the cancellation and was told I spelled my name wrong? and Oh sorry for the inconvenience. My $538.92 which was placed on hold in my bank account. I was told that my money would be on hold for 72 hours? For what a cancalled order? Why keep it on hold. I called in several times to get this matter fixed, I have been lied to and told someone would call me shortly, I am still waiting for that call. The last time I was hung up on by a supervisor. I went to the local Sam's club and spoke to a CSR and a manager, they called and they too were hung up on. We are now working on DAY 5. I HAVE NO COUCH AND MY MONEY IS STILL ON HOLD. I AM FURIOUS AT THIS POINT AND WANT SOMETHING DONE! MY ORDER # WAS [protected]

Desired outcome: I want the hold taken off my account IMMEADIATELY and I would like a $200 gift card for my time wasted

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