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Saks Fifth Avenue reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 19, 2008. The latest review Order never received / saks is refusing to refund me was posted on Jul 21, 2021. The latest complaint lost packages was resolved on Dec 19, 2013. Saks Fifth Avenue has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 67 reviews. Saks Fifth Avenue has resolved 5 complaints.

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Jan 11, 2020

Saks Fifth Avenue — versace bathrobe and versace trunks

On December 28th 2019 I ordered a Versace bathrobe $595.00 and Versace trunks $65.00.. also paid for next day...

Oct 02, 2019

Saks Fifth Avenue — customer service/online

DISGUSTING HORRIBLE SERVICE. I purchased $300 shoes, first time they cancelled my order, never attempted to...

Saks Fifth Avenuereturn item versace jeans

I ordered a pair of Versace jeans that did not fit properly so I returned them with Saks shipping label, yesterday I received that same package back from Saks stating there was an Old Navy and some other cheap item in my return package and refuse to credit me. There is no way I sent back items from stores I don't even shop at. Their employees in the return distribution center must be robbing items and claiming they got an item returned in package that Saks does not even carry, now they feel I should pay the $469.80 for a pair of jeans I don't own. Buyer beware! Customer Service is of no help, they said they asked return center what they received and they claim jeans were not in package. Of course they did, would they say, we did get them back but decided to rob them to sell elsewhere. I will never shop at Saks again, neither online nor in the store

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    Saks Fifth Avenuearletta off the shoulder top xs sun - lack of effective customer service


    Since I received a faulty product I rang last week over four times from Overseas.
    All the time wasted with various people who Never got back to me as promised.
    Three Emails sent not even replied.

    Can someone PLEASE call me back as There were only two places who had the same item and size and not in my time zone, let alone getting a Return Authorisation for this damaged item.
    Where is your real customer service ?
    So disappointed at this bad treatment. My number again is: +[protected]


    Sophie Constance

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      Saks Off 5th AvenueI didn't receive the products

      I ordered products on Sakes off 5th Avenue on July 1 and they sent me an email which said my order(#8038486) is comfirmed and the products will be arrived on July 8. But now it's July 17 I still didn't receive the products. The products are for my friends when I go back to my country, it makes so much troubles for me! I have no time to make a new order. Please solve this issue for me, thank you.

      I am waiting for the reply .My email: [protected]

      I didn't receive the products

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        Saks Fifth Avenueunethical behavior by sales associate

        To whom it may concern,

        I had a very bad experience with an associate by the name of Evelyn #881313 at the Camarillo Factory Outlet 6/12/2019 at 4:07pm. After paying for my items with Evelyn, I noticed that I was charged full price for a sale item, so I get back in line and was helped by another associate by the name of Anthony. While he was helping me Evelyn looks over and asked him if I was returning something and he replied no I am trying to adjust the price. Evelyn leans over and grabs the item and replies, let me check very rudely. She looks over to me and says this is not on sale someone put this on this item. Then she tried to take the sale sticker off of the tag. I asked her did an another associate put it on and she replies rudely, no a customer and there is a lot more of these items, so I asked her to show me. Evelyn then walks to the dressing room and was telling another associate that I put a sale tag on the item. She did not realize I was behind her and the other associate replied to her no that is on sale and is the last one and showed her where it was. I was so insulted by Evelyn's accusations and rude behavior. That's when I asked for a manger. Evelyn claimed there was no store manager. Than Anthony claimed he was out to lunch. That's when Zach came out and said he was a supervisor and also claimed they did not have a store manager. I asked him for a number to reach someone in management and he gave me a fake phone number that was Identity theft services. This is really bad customer service and if this is the kind of customer service that Saks Fifth is going to condone, I would rather spend my money else where. This was not a pleasant shopping experience and I hope that Saks can educate and emphasize to their associates on better customer service because no paying customer deserves to be treated badly.

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          Saks Fifth Avenuethey didn’t let fedex to deliver my package

          I ordered a pair of boots and when I checked the tracking number it says: undeliverable. So I called to saks costumer services and told me that the package was damage, and that I had to buy it again while waiting the refund. It turns out that I called to fedex and gave them the tracking number and they told me that they didn't delivered my package because they received and order from saks to stop the shipping process. First they lied to me by saying that the package was damaged and then they are not willing to reship my order like a regular store would do. Now I don't have the money in my bank account and I don't have my boots.

          they didn’t let fedex to deliver my package

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            Saks Fifth Avenuereturn/refund

            My order #[protected] placed on september, 5 2018. Was returned next day after I got it.. It was shoes and was small on me.. But when I called asking why I didnt get refund for long.. They said //I cannot get refund because box was not seal... My question was.. How it could seal if I have to try it.. But they said it was on the way back to me. I got it... It was in new condition.. Not even one since of wearing.. I called explaining situation and they said.. Ok no problem.. Sent it back and u get refund.. I send it back... Never got refund and they are saying they didnt get it base on my trucking number.. But their automatic system saying it was process to refund... Im trying to resolve this issue for long trying to explain that maybe I saved wrong trucking number and they can check the correct trucking number on their web where I created return label... And I am sure they got this shoes back... It was scanned if automatic system saying it was delivered... They just dont wanna look to my issue... But its big money for me to loose $323.00

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              Saks Fifth Avenuehorrible customer service

              I ordered a $1000 bag. They sent me the wrong bag. They corrected it, but, I was owed $174. There customer service is not in the us!!! For 2 months I have been calling to inquire about my refund and they keep promising me that it is coming. I called 20 times, totally wasting my time. I have no choice but to make a charge back. I will also file a complaint with the better business bureau

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                Saks Fifth Avenueterrible management/ poor service by employee shirley

                Worst customer service at Saks fifth ave Manhattan by the employee name Shirley. Other day Was trying to buy a set of perfume and wanted to know more about the set of perfumes but she was more interested in indecent talk . And was offering one night stand this is so inappropriate behavior by an employee. Extremely poor customer service. So disappointed that Some sale representative don't know how to deal with customer.

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                  Saks Fifth Avenuemiansai necklace

                  I received damage product that I had send back for repair but after waiting over 30 days I just received a letter from their customer service dept. indicating that they are unable to fix a damage necklace or refund my money. I have never encounter such unprofessional bunch kids that they all sound a same with a bad accent and even worser attitude.
                  Please for your own sake don't buy anything from saks or as I like to call them grinch who stoled the holiday.

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                    Saks Fifth Avenue — gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]

                    I placed this order and expected to receive $600 gift card. But only received $75. I contact the customer...

                    Saks Fifth Avenue — order#[protected] and called customer service but they were not helpful at all!!!

                    I ordered my 2 Clinique products on 8//13/2018. I received the email confirmation on 8/14 that the product...

                    Saks Fifth Avenue — online purchase

                    I purchased a pair of shoes for my wife 3 weeks before our wedding as a surprise to her. When placing the...

                    Saks Fifth Avenue — fraud identity theft beware it’s ongoing!

                    Due to a computer issue I had to place an online order over the phone. Rep was very "nice"& offered free...

                    Saks Fifth Avenue — their sales representatives cheery chen scams my account

                    I went to saks queen toronto store on july 17.2018 with transaction of $2000 cad... There is a promotion...

                    Saks Fifth Avenuesaks returns

                    Returned item to sfa 38 days ago, 20+ phone calls and still no refund. I got the run around by every one I spoke with being told something different every time I called. Is this what you call great customer service??? I have been a loyal sfa customer for 35 years and have never been treated so poorly
                    Bought shoes on 5-22
                    Order #[protected]
                    Shipped back to them usps tracking #9406103699300009243521
                    Was received back to saks on 5-31-18
                    Where is my refund??? I want it now, I am tired of all lies.

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                      Saks Fifth Avenuepoor and unacceptable service at the brookfield place men's store

                      On the day of May 19th, my husband and I went to buy his yearly Summer clothes. It's one of the only times when, he shops for clothes before his birthday. We have been eyeing several outfits at Saks previously, and since we moved into the area, we decided to wait until we had the time to make one big purchase. It was also the pre-sale thus, things were looking good for us to enjoy a great day of shopping. We started helping ourselves then, a nice salesperson named Omar started helping us. He seemed new, unknowledgeable of the merchandise but, friendly. My husband purchased several outfits (over $1500 worth of Saks casual wear and a hat). He also had two pairs of pants altered. Everything was folded into a paper bag. We were told we could pick the items up on Tuesday (5/22), when the pre-sale was over. Well...we arrived on Saturday (5/26) and was told our items were shipped to our home. The issue was... we never gave them our address and paid New York tax! This is what Omar, our salesperson said. We asked for a manager and told the manager that shipping was impossible. He looked into this and they kept us waiting for over an hour... they did not offer any updates, no water...nothing. Omar kept helping other people. By this time, we let them know about our alterations, which we were told would be ready by Tuesday (5/22) now...they said that the pants would not be ready until the 5/29! We were hungry, angry (because they could not find our clothes for an hour) and lied to. Finally after 90 minutes they found our clothes in the ladies department! They handed us the paper bag of clothes (the same bag they held them in) ...with no tissue and his hat was on top getting smashed! The department manager did not even come by to apologize (she saw us and walked away). We were told that they are going to call us and apologize which they never did which is why I am writing this letter. It was pathetic. The only bright spot for the day was the alterations department rushed his pants so, we did not have to go back to that terrible store. I really want to believe in going to stores for service but, online shopping is the way to go...and Saks has truly lost our business.

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                        Saks Fifth AvenueI never received the online order at store to my house

                        to whom may concern,

                        My name is Rogan Tousi, I have a Sax Fifth Ave credit card # [protected].
                        I was in Tyson's Corner VA Store on November 15, 2017 to purchase a top. My size top that I liked wasn't available in the store, therefore the sales associate ordered one online to deliver to my home the next day, since I told him I am going out of town on nov 17 and need it before I travel. He assured me that I receive next day. By the time I left on nov 17, I hadn't received my order. When I came back after 10 days, I called the costumer service and they told me it was delivered by fedex on nov 17th afternoon, which I was gone by then. They gave me the fedex track number, I called fedex and they told me the same. By customer service advice I went to tysons corner store and explained to the manager. He promised me that he'll follow up and either send me another one or return the purchase amount to my sax credit card. I never heard from him and I couldn't reach him by phone. Again I was advised by saks customer service that I disputed the amount, and I did. After while I received a letter that they denied my dispute and gave my account to capital one. Now, not only I don't have the merchandise, but I end up with the price of $344.50 + the late fee and interest which end up to $412.31.
                        I don't believe that Sax Fifth Avenue treats their customers this way and its not fare at all.
                        For many months I am dealing with this problem and a lot of stress. I taught may the Corporate office could help me to solve this matter.
                        In advance I appreciate your attention to this matter.

                        Rogan Tousi
                        cell# [protected]
                        7523 Bradley Blvd Bethesda MD 20817

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                          Saks Fifth Avenue — wedding shoes

                          I bought shoes for my wedding and when I opened the box my shoes were damaged. I called them and asked if I...

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