Safewaythe pharmacy department

S Jan 10, 2020

I've shopped at Safeway and used there Pharmacy for well over 11 year's. On January 9th 2020 around 3:30 P.M. i went to Safeway to pick up 2 gallon's of milk and 3 Prescriptions i walked over to the Pharmacy desk for pickup and there were 2 individuals in line. I waited for at least 15 minutes for this one lady Connie to fill these prescriptions for these people 2 people, after i waited i thought i'd go get my 2 milk's. I came back and she was still working on this guy's prescriptions 30 minutes had gone by. There was a total of 4 women working in the pharmacy department, Marcie, Beth, Kelly & Connie she is the Slowest one of all at preparing already made up bags of prescriptions, all she had to do is Ring up there totals. Once i was waiting for this older guy to finish up i was right off the side to him, once he was done i moved up and Marcie looked at me and said this older women across from me was first. I observed this women walk over from the produce well after i was there for 8 minutes after i was already in line before for 15+ minutes. By then there was more people making another line in a isle, "NOTE" there is no place that states the line start's here, there where 3 different lines forming. So after the older lady went i thought to myself finally after almost 45 minutes by now I'm next. So i went up then Marcie said No those 2 people are next after i just told her to have my already bag made up ready for purchase. All 4 of these Ladies know in great detail that i have a sever spinal issue from 4 Spine Surgery's and can hardly stand, sit or even walk more then a half block, and on top of it i have Epilepsy Grand Mal Seizure's that can be easily be set off by Stress. Finally i had enough and told them to have it ready next friday then and walked off. After i got home i talked to my wife and she suggested i go back to Walgreens which is open 7 days a week 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. with a drive up window so i can sit in the comfort of my car instead of trying to stand in one place to long. I called Walgreens up in Coeur d' Alene to have my prescriptions transferred and when they called Safeway Pharmacy they started saying i had NO Refill's left Which is a Lye because there clearly marked on there bottles they've been giving me for year's, i had to call 2 different Doctor's one of them out of state to explain what they were trying to do to me and they looked at there record's and found out YES i do have Refills on ALL MY MEDICATION'S. Safeway Pharmacy Purposely went out of there way to Hinder my Choice of who will distribute my medication's. Both Doctor's offices were made aware of there Behavior and i will have my Medication's sent now to Walgreen's, on top of it I will NO longer shop there ever again. I'll go to Fred Meyer, Costco, Walmart, Harvest Food's, anywhere but there, they lost my business forever, and for the record over the 11 year's steady i've shopped there I've spent well over $15, 000, I'm thru with them!!!

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