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I was promised $125, 000, and deposit a check for $4875 into my account. Nicole Sutherland. The check is signed Douglas Strif

accused of stealing

I was accused of stealing cosmetics from this store.Instead of checking to see if I had reciept for items I...

customer service

This was the first time I came to that Safeway. The cashier was friendly but kinda slow, I payed with a 20$...

failure of gift certificate payment system

I attempted to pay for my groceries today with a gift card for $50.00. The cost of the groceries was $57+. I swiped the card and the clerk asked for the card so he could enter it in on the pad for groceries. I had cash to pay for the remainder of the charge. Then he took the card into the closed door room behind the main booth and came back to say the gift card section of the computer was not working today. This was most inconvenient for me and I had to either leave my groceries or pay with a credit card which I did not want to do today. I did pay with a credit card but am not a bit happy.

club card rejected at gas pumps

My club card will not work at the gas pump. It has nwever worked . The attendant will then enter my phone #and that worked until just this week. Now it won't accept my phone no. It said it was an invalid no. It was entered twice and still would not accept it. My phone no. has not changed in 14yrs. According to the attendants, they have been having trouble with the pumps accepting many club cards.

What can be done to remedy this problem? I would appreciate a response. Thank you.

  • Gl
    glidermum Oct 15, 2011

    We tried to use both of our cards in gas pumps the last several days and it will not work. Tried phone numbers, same thing. Getting real tired of the equipment mal-functions.

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  • Th
    The Missouri Surprise Oct 15, 2011

    That's not ture Peter. My boyfreind's credit score is over a 1000 and it happened to him too.

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I started to take more notice of info given on the breads that Safeway sells. They have a "baked on" date and a "best before" date. Here's my problem. When a customer goes to buy a loaf of bread and sees that there is a bakery in the store, they assume that the bread is fresh, baked that day. Especially if the price for the bread is the same. However unless you actually check the dates, you won't know how fresh the bread is. Right?. So, how can Safeway sell bread that could be three or four days old at the same price that the fresh bread is being sold at?. They should have a sign saying "day old bread " posted, and sold cheaper.

  • Ei
    Eileen Young Apr 03, 2009

    We would like to bring your attention to the fact .that you are selling Hertz animal toys made of Rabbit Fur. This Rabbit Fur is taken from Rabbits whilst still alive. China is a very cruel country with regards to its animals. Dogs, cats, racoon dogs and rabbits are skinned alive for their fur and it is the most horrific death for these poor innocent animals. China has no Animal Rights Laws, and these poor animals suffer sadistic and cruel deaths. The United States and other countries including the E.U. have banned the import of these Furs and Canada will soon join them. Please get rid of these items and join the millions of people who reject any fur from Asia. If you want to confirm what is going on please go to the web site " Animal Fur From China" where horrific undercover video was taken. Believe me it is hard to watch but it tells the truth.
    My E-Mail address is, [email protected] Please stop importing these toy mice and we will stop the cruelty that is going on in Asia. Now that you know, you cannot say you didn't know. Thank you on behalf of all the tortured animals in Asia.

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  • Sn
    Sn00ze Feb 06, 2013

    They sell bread that is pre-purchased from other bread makers ie: bread basket, macgavins, wonderbread, etc. these breads have usually a long expiry date (4 days). They are usually in a separate section, and admitedly have more additives than your regular in-store baked bread. The safeway in-store baked bread, however is usually baked on a replenish basis for the day. and it is usually cheaper. I have seen that bread beeing sold a day after but the expiry date on these breads is usually so short (2 days) that they throw it out regularly if not sold. It is possible that employees miss a few or are just negligent but this bread is baked every morning.

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out dated items for sale

Safeway during week of 8/18/08 was selling out dated packaged bean sprouts..out dated by over a week. Safeway...

evening personnel

This complaint should concern Safeway Management: I stood in line after doing my shopping, when a manager/bookkeeper stopped at 'my' register, replaced clerk, dug money, checks out of register, walked off with reg. drawer to a private office. After 3 or 4 minutes, I asked the young clerk how much longer "just a few minutes, she has to close the register, etc." Two minutes later, I got the same answer, so left my cart to find another store. At the time 10Pm Aug 28, other safeway youngsters were a few c/o aisles away, chatting, idly sitting on counter. Prior to this event, rolling my cart past displays, access to the dairy section was blocked by a pallet. I leaned over, set the pallet upright so I could get through. Three 20-30 yr old safeway employees were within 10 feet, busy talking about pending days off. None volunteered his effort to help. There is a bad attitude at this store TOWARD CONSUMERS!! NEW MANAGERS WITH AMBITION NEEDED HERE.

  • De
    debra Oct 03, 2008

    I was treated very rudely T YOUR STORE I WAS ACCUSED OF STEALING wHEN ALL i WAS DOING WAS GOING TO GET THE PROPER MONEY OUT OF MY CAR. i WAS HANDCUFFED AND DEGRADED BY YOUR STORE .Now I recieved a phone call acussing me of stealing more stuff All I can say os your store is a piece of ###! Ther is no way I would go back to your store if it was the last one on earth.How dare you treat paying customers like that When I put the word out about what happened you will have no custumers You get what you deserve unless you take your robo cops down a nocth Good luck this will be posted all over the internet

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witnessing drug abuse by employees

Recently I visited the san ramon valley blvd safeway store with a friend, drove into the parking lot to park before entering the store, and a female middle aged woman employee was walking to her vehicle. She passed by us, running into me, and wanting to start a fight with me. I ignored the rude woman, and then after she entered her vehicle, she was sniffing drugs. I don't understand why it is safeway nor lucky's drug screen their employees after hiring. This is the kind of hired help we allow to help us while shopping in grocery stores?? What is wrong with such a large corp like safeway, to not keep under control their employees? Strung out low life # is what works for safeway in san ramon ca.

rude emloyee

This Safeway has an employee working at the service desk that is extremely rude. I filed a complaint with the...

employee harrassment

I'm an employee of Safeway Corp. (PHX Division), I am be accused of wrongfully of inappropriate behavior in the work force. (Store #255 ) I have lost my temper with the following : customers being loud and rude, work load and being short staffed an hours being cut, from 8hr shifts to 5 maybe 4 hours. BUT NEVER EVER INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR among another EMPLOYEE as I'm being accused of . Fact : the accuser has a history of making these statements . An should have further review upon knowing this of their character is in questioned. But, if I have done any wrong in any way, it's pure accidental and not intentional by any means. Her name is Xenia : all purpose clerk in the Bakery Dept. At Store #255, 1551 West St. Mary's Blvd., Tucson, AZ. 85745, ph# [protected].

  • Je
    Jeff-Hulk-Hemp Nov 15, 2008

    Well my advice is to you that you write down and document but do it in the privacy of your own home.The reason why they doing this is you right now are going thur contract negotiations like we are in Chicago .I would not give out the information like you did .

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  • Jo
    John andreson Jul 11, 2015

    Safeway ca santa cruz soquel.- hostile work environment, violates rules policy for empolyee
    job discription.

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nonavailability of advertised items

I have avoided Safeway like the plague because of their mis-leading ads. Their standard answer is "oh, but that's not on sale at THIS store", when the ad is in the local newspaper. Slowly I drifted back to Safeway because my bank branch is located in the store. Today I looked over the ads, chose three items, and the clerk said, OH, not at THIS store. Also, for example,
there was an ad for Cantaloupes $1.00. The sign inside the store said $1.88. No explanation. No one cares. The clerk just shrugged his shoulders as in "the hell with you". Never again. I have many alternative places to give my money to. And I won't even buy gas there ever again,
I am one annoyed consumer and I don't need to me annoyed. This is the first time I've ever been annoyed enough to email anyone. And I expect that Safeway will just shrug it off. They deserve to go out of business.

  • Da
    Dan Tisch Nov 17, 2008

    That is the general attitude of employees at Safeway. The store at Mineral and Broadway is a prime example of poor management. The former assistant mgr. Robert Arrington is incompetent along with the former store mgr. Richard Wiles, both are rude. The new liquor store was nice when it first opened they had competent help who knew their products and could offer good sugestions, but these employees were laid off and now we are stuck with the incompetent manager Tom who can't tell a chardonnay from a pinot gris and couldn't recommend a wine for dinner if it bit him. Congratulations Safeway for ruining a nice liquor store, I'm sure all of the liquor stores in the area that were afraid that Safeway was going to take away their business are relieved to see how you fumbled the ball and actually increased their business. I will never give Safeway another penny!

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  • Wi
    Willie123 Aug 30, 2009

    Dan is an idiot

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cream cheese molded and smells also it went bad before the best buy date

Times are tough and it just bugs me that a store such as this, would let this just pass by . Not only did I have a issue with this cream cheese, but I also have a issue with the milk. I wanted to enjoy my cream cheese on some french bread, what do I find when I open the lid, it's molded, it smells will I cant eat that, instead I have to throw it out, and that's a waste and a waste of money. This cream cheese hasn't even passed it's best by date which is Sep 20, 08, the milk had the same issue of the best by date, what is going here? Come on guys you need to do a better job, this just doesn't look good, I think I'll shop elsewhere, I cant really afford to throw food away.

  • Th
    Thesadtruth Aug 01, 2010

    The bad product has nothing to do with the store you idiot.

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merchandise availability

Slowly but surely, Safeway is dropping all the brands that I like and replacing them with its own brand. For...

mail coupons

Received 30 Days of Savings for YOU mailer to my home - it had 10 items listed for me to receive discounts on and 4 $10.00 coupons off $50.00 + purchases at Safeway stores. I shopped for a large order, drawn in by the savings on the mailer, and when I gave it to the cashier I was told it didn't apply to their store. I spoke to the manager and he didn't know about the promo but agreed to give me $10.00 in cash. I purchased milk stated as $1.79, bananas as .39, & strawberries as $1.49. I paid the regular price on these items - $2.49 for milk, .59 for bananas, & $3.50 for strawberries. I am angry to have been lured in to a Safeway store by false advertising -- I know many other people were having the same problem -- I want to be compensated in some way by Safeway because of your unfair business practices. During this time of higher food prices I would think you would be doing everything you could to entice people to shop Safeway, and not mailing bogus coupons that are denied at the very end of a shopping trip.

  • Pd
    p....doff Apr 07, 2011

    Two of our local Safeway's stores are placing HUGE yellow sale stickers directly above rows of boxed burgers that are not actually the product that is on sale, but you would need to be considerably taller than I am, and carry a magnifying glass, to be able to see the fine print. Furthermore, the burgers that the sale price applies to weren't even available!! On the same shopping trip, I feel for another piece of deceptive marketing: one of the end-cap freezers was filled with assorted BlueWater fish products, large sign: "selected varieties, $5.99"---so, I took the Haddock. I didn't see it at the time, but it rang in at $12.99--not one of the "selected varieties" apparently, but there was NO OTHER PRICE POSTED to clarify that for the consumer. ARRGGGH!!! Safeway's just alienated another consumer over two $7 deceptions.

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  • La
    lawsuitsagainstsafeway Oct 14, 2011

    Caught on Camera HOME FOR RATS INSECTS, RUSTY DIRTY SHOPPING CARTS ..SAFEWAY AT 116 University Blvd., Silver Spring Maryland 20901 (301) 593-7526
    send your complaint to these top safeway managers we are working on a class action save your emails

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Safeway Pharmacy is under investigation for the use of sub-standard generics, mislabeling pharmaceuticals, negligence, professional misconduct, incompetence, prescription errors and HIPPA violations. If you have concerns or complaints about Safeway Pharmacy please contact: California State Board of Pharmacy ** ** **.

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diamond heights store

I have been shopping at this store for many years and have come to know most of the staff. I must say, that...

terrible experience

I went to safeway rivermark today 7/13/08 @ 2:30 pm and picked up a premade birthday cake. I asked the woman behind the counter if someone could write Happy Birthday Candice. She asked the oler Oriental gentleman behind the counter and he said No, I'm too busy, SHe said "You're too busy?" and He said "yes". She then told me she will do it but cannot guarantee me how it looks. I tld her forget and Give me the cake, I will put it back.She looked at me stunned. I then yelled to the man in the back "Thank You", I picked out an ice cream cake and paid at the front register. I asked to speak to a manager but spoke to a cashier. She then called up a manager and told him what happened. He never came down to talk to me. She told me he will take care of it. I don't feel like I got any satisfaction. I will definitely go see the manager when I return to safeway. I have a family of 6 and spend a lot of money buying groceries there. If I get no satisfaction I will shop elsewhere.

  • Jo
    joe Jul 13, 2008

    Maybe the guy was too busy. The world doesn't revolve around you... b*%$#!

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safeway driver destroyed my fence

Today, for the first time, I received a grocery delivery from While pulling into my driveway...

they can care less

Safeway is the only store in our small town "Chewelah Washington" and for that they are raping us on the price of goods. Boycott Safeway, drive the extra mile. Safeway can care less how long you have to stand in line also. It also seems that the local Safeway only employee's the low IQ people. Every time you ask them a question they can not answer it. No matter what you ask them. Management isn't much better, they give you the biggest BS story you have ever heard. Come on when will it end? If anyone from the Chewelah area reads this please shop somewhere else, also write your comment...please.

fraud & scam

The current manager of safeway cory cordova who is a brand new manager at the age 0f 29 or 30 years old set...

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