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Complaints & Reviews

Went yesterday shopping for seniors hour letting anyone in filthy hardly anyone wearing masks I'm scared what a joke

Went shopping yesterday at the Aldi's in Melrose Park Illinois letting anyone in for seniors filthy people standing next to the cartalking on cell phones what a joke not practicing safety at all not concerned about others at all people stocking the meat counter no masks at all real concern for others first time I've been out of the house in a month if I get sick I'll know where I got it

Too many people in your Aldi Store Whitstable today

Shopping in the Whitstable Store in Kent today was a scary nightmare.
The assistant on the door at 8.45am 8th April 2020, was just letting in too many people the store was packed out with customers, making
it impossible to keep a distance between customers. After coming out i
was quite frightened by the whole experience. I just cannot take that chance
anymore, you do not seem to care about your customers safety and the government guide line about keeping distance between people in your stores with the rampant corona virus danger

Crowded shopping. Too many people

Went shopping today to pick up essentials. There was a security guard on the front door, letting people in. When we got into the store it was jam packed. We are all meant to be keeping our distance and there was pallets everywhere and crowds of people in gangs. It is not acceptable. From an angry customer. Jennie Shaw

Dangerous can

The very first thing that happens EVERYTIME is the key will not turn the strip of metal and the entire thing SNAPS off. Now we have to get out pliers, screwdrivers and knives to try and open the can. Not only do we come close to cutting off a finger (either by the tools or peeling sharp metal of the can) but now the meat has small shards of metal and it cannot be eaten, even by my dog! The square can makes it impossible to use a can opener (we tried).
This can design has been around for 100 years, I think its time to come up with new packaging. A peel off top like SPAM would be wonderful!! Thank you for letting me vent!!

cocktail peanuts with sea salt

When I got close to the bottom of the can I noticed a lot more oil than usual. So I decided to take the peanuts out, dry them with a paper towel & put them into a new can. I found a small nail under the peanuts laying on the bottom of the can. My 3 year old grandson likes to tip the can up and drop the nuts into his mouth. Thank God he didn't swallow this nail! Someone is responsible for this. I have 4 photos of the outside & inside of the can.

cocktail peanuts with sea salt
cocktail peanuts with sea salt
cocktail peanuts with sea salt
cocktail peanuts with sea salt

customer service: unprofessional behavior

store#54 74 Pershing Dr. Derby, CT cashier: Elijah The cashier wouldn't allow me to use the carriage to...

no sale items/ no sales help

My husband and I went to your Aldi store on Dr 19 in Spring Hill, Florida today, January 8th, the start of...

paper towel

I regularly buy my paper towel at Aldi in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Until now, I haven't noticed any...

friendly farms almond chocolate milk

I've been purchasing this chocolate milk for sometime now. Usually has a nice rich taste to it!
I purchased two half-gallon containers the week of December 1. I was not satisfied with the taste. It was bitter and quite frankly, tasted as if it was past expiration!!
It tasted terrible and not its normal flavor. We will most likely throw it out because it taste so bad. Asking for a refund for these items.

friendly farms almond chocolate milk

ceiling fan

I purchased a ceiling fan from Aldi more than a month ago and still waiting for installation. I've booked the electrician twice online and spoke to their customer service twice. I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago and was promised my fan would be booked in by Friday 8/11/19. Fan is still sitting in the box on my patio table. WHEN WILL I GET THIS BLOODY FAN INSTALLED?

oven roasted lunch mate sliced turkey for sandwiches

This is the second time I have purchased this lunch meat and 2 times it has had little magggott paracite looking things on it and the smell is horable almost like if something has died in the packag the date is good I just purchased this package it's posted good until dec 20/2019 today's dates is 11/11/2019 I purchased 11/8/2019 and had need frozen since I bought it

oven roasted lunch mate sliced turkey for sandwiches
oven roasted lunch mate sliced turkey for sandwiches
oven roasted lunch mate sliced turkey for sandwiches
oven roasted lunch mate sliced turkey for sandwiches
oven roasted lunch mate sliced turkey for sandwiches

livegfree gluten free cornbread mix upc [protected]

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please be advised I found a foreign substance inside one of the box mixes. Fortunately, I found it before preparing the product for consumption. The substance was "black foam rubber".

Be aware that I will continue to purchase your products and shop at Aldi, as I am a regular customer and love your store.

But, with that said it was a bit concerning to find this foreign material inside a sealed box.

If you should require any additional details or information, I can be reached for further information.

Marilyn J. Jelcin
4343 Pierce Drive
Shelby Township, MI 48316
H: 248.608.8874
C: 586.255.8686

livegfree gluten free cornbread mix upc [protected]

employee's behavior

Everytime i go to the aldi on 3835 W Madison and your employee named tangie is working she is very rude...

puraqua water bottles are warped

The bottles are warped and will not stand up straight. This has been going on for some time now and it is getting worst almost ever bottle in the case now is warped. I put the bottles in the refrigerator and they keep falling over. I don't know if the bottles are manufactured by you or purchased elsewhere but the problem needs to be corrected.

Thank you,

Concerned consumer

specially selected sea salt pita chips

I absolutely love the sea salt pita chips sold at Aldis. Over the summer I went and bought them during grocery shopping and I was soo disappointed when I opened them and tried them. I could tell by the texture, really airy that they were. It the same, some bags of them were really dark. Please go back to your original recipe. I live outside of Rochester NY, I shop at Geneseo, Henrietta and Batavia NY stores, the bags that I started to see the new not improved chips were in July 2019. I know this is weird but I truly love these chips and now I don't like them and am gonna have to find a different kind somewhere else.

specially selected sea salt pita chips

customer service

Hi, I live in houston, tx. I love aldi shop and aldi products. The customer service here is bad. The customer service representative do bad comments right after you turn paying Bill's and moving forward to the entrance. It's like they think nobody is there to reply for their nasty comments. People are trying to make a living just like them.its like the person is the manager which the bill clerk and he pass nasty comments. I am a regular customer at aldi. I dont know if the person is a retard. He sounds like it.Please put customer service attendants a little discipline and used to be walmart at first place. Just because people dont respond they can jump a little higher.please do put customer service representative that has some basic manners. I been experiencing every other day. I want to shop free care free. And no.I am not trying to say I am hearing voices.i dont know if that clerk trying to make friends using bad harrassing comments to be friended and like by everyone..i also work with customers. Treat people fairly with genuity. So many times I want to report .atleast they should know it part of violation or harassment. And I dont know that clerk personally. Atleast one or other person soon will report before the end of the day.and even if it gets busy only 1 clerk only as attend the register . And I'm not trying to get anyone trouble. Just to aware please aware the management. Thank you...unknown..

chocolate milk

This is the second time we have bought chocolate milk and it has become sour 2-3 days after buying it. The milk expiration date says it should last another 5 days but it is sour already. Don't know if it was just marked wrong the last couple times or what. It seems to be the only thing in the fridge going bad. I would like to be compensated as well as figure out what the problem is.


I want to tell you the cashier I just had was rude. I asked her to put my things on the top of the cart and she replied. "I will do my best" the proceded to throw my groceries into the top of the cart. She almost hit me more than once with my items. All while giving me mean looks. Her name was hamish. She works in the store on 60th and Oklahoma in milwaukee wi


I was in the Aldi Store in Marshall, MO. on Friday September 20, 2019. There were six people in front of me with very full baskets and 1 clerk. I asked if he was the only one there and he finally called for help. This is a common occurrence in this store.

We love your stores but it is frustrating to continually have the same problem.

Thank you Karen Schmidt

cleanliness of store

Newly remodeled Aldis in North Windham, ct is always dirty. I have pictures of their dirty floors. I waited for 6 visits to see if it would be cleaned before deciding not to shop there any longer. For bing the fastest growing supermarket chain, your not hiring the right crew to maintain your store cleanliness. Most vegetables are also not very fresh looking. Always out of stock with half and half.

cleanliness of store