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Aldi Complaints & Reviews

Aldi / puraqua water bottles are warped

Oct 14, 2019

The bottles are warped and will not stand up straight. This has been going on for some time now and it is getting worst almost ever bottle in the case now is warped. I put the bottles in the refrigerator and they keep falling over. I don't know if the bottles are manufactured by you or...

Aldi / specially selected sea salt pita chips

Oct 09, 2019

AldiI absolutely love the sea salt pita chips sold at Aldis. Over the summer I went and bought them during grocery shopping and I was soo disappointed when I opened them and tried them. I could tell by the texture, really airy that they were. It the same, some bags of them were really dark...

Aldi / customer service

Oct 05, 2019

Hi, I live in houston, tx. I love aldi shop and aldi products. The customer service here is bad. The customer service representative do bad comments right after you turn paying Bill's and moving forward to the entrance. It's like they think nobody is there to reply for their nasty...

Aldi / chocolate milk

Sep 30, 2019

This is the second time we have bought chocolate milk and it has become sour 2-3 days after buying it. The milk expiration date says it should last another 5 days but it is sour already. Don't know if it was just marked wrong the last couple times or what. It seems to be the only thing in...

Aldi / service

Sep 27, 2019

I want to tell you the cashier I just had was rude. I asked her to put my things on the top of the cart and she replied. "I will do my best" the proceded to throw my groceries into the top of the cart. She almost hit me more than once with my items. All while giving me mean looks. Her name...

Aldi / service

Sep 24, 2019

I was in the Aldi Store in Marshall, MO. on Friday September 20, 2019. There were six people in front of me with very full baskets and 1 clerk. I asked if he was the only one there and he finally called for help. This is a common occurrence in this store. We love your stores but it i...

Aldi / cleanliness of store

Sep 22, 2019

AldiNewly remodeled Aldis in North Windham, ct is always dirty. I have pictures of their dirty floors. I waited for 6 visits to see if it would be cleaned before deciding not to shop there any longer. For bing the fastest growing supermarket chain, your not hiring the right crew to maintain...

Aldi / happy farms singles swiss

Sep 13, 2019

Hi there, I am Canadian but cross the border to shop at Aldi. I buy this cheese all the time. Last week I bout 4 packages and it was so wet and sticky I could not get it out of wrapper without it ripping up. I opened all 4 packages and all the same. If I lived closer I would have returned...

Aldi / won't give for correct price

Sep 12, 2019

AldiGood afternoon The flyer for 9-8 had reggano marinara sauce 24 oz for 85¢. When I went to cash out I showed the girl the flyer and she told me it was the wrong kind I asked if she could please look up because I've already checked it twice and she said I don't know why it's not ringing up do...

Aldi / store safety

Sep 09, 2019

AldiStore at 4580 duke street Alexandria VA 22304. I have reported the hole at the main entrance door which is obvious and dangerous to everyone who Shops and wprks there. It's been almist 2 months sibce tgat hole has been there and management has not fixed it. I spoke to the manage on duty on...

Aldi / bad customer service experience

Aug 28, 2019

AldiOn 8/28/19 I went grocery shopping at ALDI store on 5532 Broadway. When I was at the front ready to make a payment I notice the cashier Simone placing my items together with the previous customer. The previous customer had to pick her grocery out from mines from the shopping cart. The...

Aldi / pur aqua spring water

Aug 22, 2019

AldiWe purchased a case of Pur Aqua Spring Water and found about 5 bottles that have dozens of tiny black particles floating around in them. The seal had not been opened in any of these bottles. We are both disgusted and concerned for our health as we hope that we did not drink any...

Aldi / up fashion camiseta de tirantes

Aug 08, 2019

I bought 2 of these tops - each in a sealed bag from Aldi in Calpe. Once I got them home and opened the packages, both had the same fault - the binding around the neck and arms was frayed and had been cut wrongly. I live a long way from the store and now have to go all the way back to try...

Aldi / all paper products

Jul 26, 2019

Your paper products are being made cheaper and quality is more than poor. Coated / decorative paper plates are thinner and flimsy. You need 3 -4 plates for every one. They actually are useless. Your napkins have been cut down, not the size of a normal napkin, they are just as useless. All your...

Aldi / moldy/rotten food

Jul 26, 2019

In the last 2 weeks, I bought strawberries only to find they were moldy when I got home. I was in check out when I noticed some of the peppers in our bag were rotten. When I went back to find a better bag I discovered almost all of the bags had rotten peppers. And just yesterday I...

Aldi / puraqua natural spring water from aldi

Jul 20, 2019

I used to drink this water all the time but they've made a major change in it, Instead of spring water they're now selling their purified water as spring water and still charging the spring water price. I hope they just made a mistake and put the wrong label on the purified water bottle...

Aldi / worker

Jul 12, 2019

To Tiara: What you say about others has EVERYTHING to do with you, and NOTHING to do with the other person. Please do not take your misery out on me. Thought you were a good person, but you're not. If this were your store, I for one would not shop there. Yukkie Pooh. Ugly! This is what she...

Aldi / southern grove deluxe whole cashews with with sea salt

Jul 10, 2019

AldiI was eating my bag of cashews and I was approximately half way done when I bit into and advertently started chewing a piece of round plastic. I was shocked that this was inside the bag. I saved the piece of said plastic. Please see pictures attached of front and back views of the said...

Aldi / withernsea hu19

Jun 18, 2019

I am a regular customer of ALDI in Withernsea. I often pop in during my evening walk in spite of the store being half a mile away. Last night (17/06/19) I attempted to do the same thing, but the shutters were down and the store was clearly closed, at 21:35. Your advertised opening hour...

Aldi / shopping experience

Jun 07, 2019

My name is Djon Marinkov. On 05/29/2019 I went to Aldi with my wife to buy groceries. we used one grocery cart.The eggs were on sale -0.49, 3 limit per customer. I got 3, my wife got also 3 dozen for her mom and some other groceries and she was paying separately and she put her stuff in...

Aldi / 2303 nw maynard rd, cary, nc, 27513

Jun 02, 2019

I went to buy a bottle of water on 06/02 to get rid of some change, as I'm moving out of the States for a while. The cashier (I learned her name is Amany) started off with the words "That's it?" (In what seemed to me a condescending manner). That's fine, but as we were still counting the...

Aldi / shopping experience - aldi #57, 4750 coldwater rd., fort wayne, in

May 30, 2019

My name is Djon Marinkov. On 05/29/2019 I went to Aldi with my wife to buy groceries. The eggs were on sale -0.49, 3 limit per customer. I got 3, my wife got also 3 dozen for her mom and some other groceries. We use one grocery cart. We went to the cash register and suppose to be the...

Aldi / pur aqua bottled water

May 20, 2019

I have purchase this water many times and in recent months I have been suffering from unexplained Facial issues, head swallowing looking like a alien. The most recent since March and April and now May 2019, My face swallowing lips swallowing and tongue. The swallowing is so bad I had to go...

Aldi / happy farms shredded cheddar cheese

May 14, 2019

AldiI opened a brand-new packet of shredded cheddar cheese today, that was recently bought at an Aldi store from my mom. When I opened it (brand new) and wanted to make a sandwich with the cheese (because I am out of the regular square cheese) I had grabbed a handful out of the bag sprinkled...

Aldi / the pantry ready to roll white icing

May 12, 2019

Why can I not buy this product anymore? I have been into 3 of my local aldi stores and no longer on the shelves. I am totally miffed that I cannot get this anymore, its the best icing on the market and no longer get it, why do aldi do this? Why do they take a brilliant product of the...

Aldi / manager at vestal ny store

Apr 29, 2019

Manager embarrassed me at the register when I tried to find a cashier that disappeared after I asked her to hold my paid for items while I get a replacement for the item someone stole right after I turned around to go get one more item I needed... Manager started screaming into the radio...

Aldi Stores / cashiers stealing from customers

Apr 16, 2019

Cashier at Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27127 added a item to my receipt that I did not purchase, reviewing my receipt and telling cashier Elisabethe I did not purchase the item, she just looked at me and started ringing the next customers items, I stood there and she refunded...

Aldi Stores / cashier

Apr 14, 2019

When we got to the cashier we put our bags in the shopping cart and started helping the cashier to pack our stuff. As she saw that she started throwing the products carelessly in the shopping cart without even seeing, we told her to put them in the bags a little bit softly because we had...

Aldi Stores / happy harvest cut green beans

Feb 12, 2019

I went to open a can of Happy Harvest Green Beans and there were diced tomatoes inside. WTH. This is uncalled for practices. How can you put tomatoes in a green bean can and it get through your quality assurance and everything else. I want a refund plus having to go to store because needed...

Aldi Stores / overcharge on product

Jan 27, 2019

On January 27, 2019 we were shopping in Hannibal, MO at Aldi's store # 20(receipt # is 5982 441/020/004 at 3:52 p.m. Receipt total that we paid was $64.11. When we got home we noticed that the cashier charged us two times for the three cans of pink salmon that we purchased. Thu...

Aldi Stores / negative store experience

Jan 26, 2019

Parents are older and didn't see limit sign written in small print. Manager threw a fit at checkout. Was very cooperative and understanding about the limit policy but it was only met with anger. Cashiers were very nice and actually offered to return products in excess of the limit. Two...

[Resolved] Aldi Stores / one of your managers are stealing from you

Jan 21, 2019

Hi, I was writing you because one of your employees/ manager at the store is stealing for you. He would collect receipts that people paid with cash, and find the items in the store and take them. And he would give them to his brother or friends and have them return them while he is working...

Aldi Stores / puraqua purified water

Jan 19, 2019

Aldi StoresFor years we have purchased Aldi water by the case, just recently they had ran out from the warehouse and it took a while for them to stock it, when they did we bought two cases. I took one drink and knew it was not good, but me being the scheptic I am tried to get past it so I drank more...

Aldi Stores / bacon, sausages, ribs and yogurt

Jan 19, 2019

I have been getting a lot gas and a really painful stomach when I eat bacon, sausage ribs and yorgut from aldi. I stopped eating any of their meats and I was fine, tried having their yoorguts today and the pain came back. I just had to report to the food agency, there's definitely something...

Aldi Stores / purified water

Dec 16, 2018

I've been buying this water for months and except for the fact that it's filled to the top so it spills when you open it, I love it. However I bought a case this week and it tastes like Chlorine bleach or something. I can actually smell it before I sip it. Whatever you have changed, please...

Aldi Stores / service

Dec 13, 2018

I used to be a regular aldi customer. Lately my Aldi experience hasnt been great. I am never helped when i ask where a product is they just tell me and leave me to find it on my own, they dont treat customers with respect, they dont treat their workers with respect. I cant see sign...

Aldi Stores / friendly farms vanilla caramel creamer

Dec 10, 2018

I have been to 5 Aldi stores in and around my area in PA. Exton, Souderton, Royersford, Pottstown (Armand Hammer Blvd), Pottstown (RT 100). None of the stores have the Vanilla Caramel Creamer for the past 4 weeks. I would ask why and NO One could tell me why. Finally an associate at the...

Aldi Stores / almonds - allergen

Oct 19, 2018

Aldi StoresHello I purchased some Almonds Oven Roasted Unsalted Southern Grove Barcode sku # [protected] Store (?) not sure if its the location of the product but is the last 6 digits on the barcode 04677 Best Buy 09/05/19 Lot 67088 PPI-2-1 I found a bug inside an almond and I'm concerned I are out of...

Aldi Stores / friendly farms coffee creamer

Oct 18, 2018

On October 1st I purchased a few items, one being creamer. I selected the butter pecan flavor. I had previously used Italian cream, no problem with that flavor. I opened the pecan flavor about 4 days after purchasing. It tasted weird so I dumped out my coffee and tried another cup thi...

Aldi Stores / employees/managers

Oct 04, 2018

The staff follows black people around the store like we are criminals. It's sad and very unpleasant. I don't even want to shop at Aldi's ever again. I felt ashamed and I felt a since of humility. If you are gonna follow a black people around in the store I'd rather you say I'm not welcome...