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Safeway / bad attitude/customer service. manager never available.

Gee Cee on Sep 19, 2017
I went store # 983. The cashier, Ciarra, was not at her post at 21:19. I saw Safeway staff gathered and talking together. A man was in front of me, waiting. Before long, Ciarra appeared and processed this man's purchases. No one was behind me. Ciarra was not real friendly. I was operating...

Safeway / the store manager lied was dishonest

Sita M. Pfalz on Sep 18, 2017
7/16/2017 Time:3:35 pm I went to Safeway in Prince Frederick to exchange six hair colors which were one shade too light. The manager (Assistant) Carrie Cianciolo told me she could not return them as I did not have a receipt. She knows for sure that all hair colors were marked down to 75%...

Safeway / damage on property caused me to fall and skin my knee pretty bad

Penny Fitzwater on Sep 18, 2017
I went to the Safeway located at 3627 Airport Way in Fairbank, AK 99709 on 9/4/17. As I was coming out of the store with bags in hand my foot caught a hole right outside the entrance doors which caused me to roll my ankle and fall down. I scraped my knee pretty bad (still have a scab) my...

Safeway / salmon

RDavis597 on Sep 16, 2017
Hello, I purchased salmon from the Safeway located on 397 40th street NE! Washington, D.C. 20019 last week! This Safeway is my usual grocery due to the numerous complaints I've heard; it's very close to my place so it's very convienent for me! I decided to make the salmon today 9/16 and it...

Safeway / night cashier rudeness

Andrew Wyckoff on Sep 13, 2017
Date of incident: 9/13/17 Client number: 7073220664 Description I was shopping at my local Safeway late last night (approx 2:00 am). This Safeway location is Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. I live less than a block away and have shopped there since 2001. I walked in and had a short...

Safeway / sirloin petite steak

Lemmy Lim on Sep 13, 2017
I purchased Sirloin Petite Steak from your meat section at Seattle store near the University of Washington campus (4732 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105) yesterday 09/13/2017. The meat was putrid and off with a strong decomposing smell. I had no choice but to throw the product away. I...

Safeway / unethical behaviour

Rachel67 on Sep 12, 2017
I can not recall the exact date but it was last week. I was walking in a park located right behind the Safeway and witnessed two employees smoking marijuana. I didn't think nothing of it until I saw them both in the Deli. I was able to make out both of their name tags. One said Greg the...

Safeway / out of things on the weekend

Timothy Boone on Sep 11, 2017
Sunday, 9/10/2017, Vallejo, CA-went shopping for the week. very frustrated at the amount of out-of-stock items. Don't shelves get filled night b4? Isnt' weekend busiest time? Out of the following items: -Lucerne 1% milk -18ct. eggs on special -Joy hummus -Uncle Sams cereal -Graniac bread -pitiful...

Safeway / store closed early.

Kyle E. Escola on Sep 11, 2017
Tonight at 10:29 pm I went to my local safeway in Clatskanie Oregon to get some things I needed but the doors were locked and had apparently closed early for the night since they are suppose to remain open until late 11:00 pm. And this isn't the first time they close early all the time...

Safeway / boar's head london broil roast beef

foredeck on Sep 10, 2017
Friends, I've been a Safeway fan for many years. 410 2358 2284 I had a terrible experience, assuming I was buying Primo Taglio roast beef ($16.99 lb) only to get home and learn you no longer carry Primo Taglio. The Boars Head London Broil roast beef is insulting. It has a mushy...

Safeway / safeway brand cheese cake

Rylie uechtritz on Sep 8, 2017
Hi there I bought a cheesecake tonight and when I bit into it there was a piece of glass inside and it cut the top of my tooth. I'm just happy that I bit into that and not some child who could have swallowed it. Very dangerous on your part Safeway, not impressed. I do not understand how a...

Safeway / produce

savagedaughter on Sep 8, 2017
For over a year I have been filing complaints regarding the Produce Department about Safeway on Mead in Yakima, Washington. I have found the berries infested with mold. I took them to the store manager, he took them from me and walked away. I walked around the store for 30 minutes to see if...

Safeway / harassing employees towards customer

Rndm01 on Sep 5, 2017
There is a current employee of Cle Elum Safeway who has a bad track record with harassment and is currently harassing me because of her issues with my boyfriend and his ex who is also one of my friends. Just because of the issues she has with them gives her no right to harass me especially...

Safeway / pastry case

byler on Sep 5, 2017
On September 5th, 2017, at 6;30 a.m., I went to purchase pastries from the pastry case. I observed at least a half dozen flies in the case. I asked the clerk if she knew there were flies inside the case. She replied that she was aware of it, and walked away. I approached another lady who...

Safeway / complain

Amirante Francisco Jr on Sep 3, 2017
Today at 7:50 PM I approached the deli department counter and asked the staff for half pound of Genoa Salami. The staff replied to me that he was "closed" I asked him what time you close since the supermarket still open? He replied to me " I close at 8:00 PM but right now I'm cleaning the...

Safeway / racial discrimination and abuse

Icewaasp on Sep 2, 2017
As I exited the Safeway restroom, I was approached by two intoxicated east Indian females who started to abusively accuse me of the filth left in the restroom. I politely let them know the toilet was in disrepair before I used it. One intoxicated female proceeded to order me to clean the...

Safeway / deli

Mandonmimi on Sep 2, 2017
My husband went to Safeway in green valley at 2pm to order chicken and wedges from the deli and the guy wrote the order on a napkin. We went to pick up the order 6:45 pm and the chicken was ready but the wedges was never cooked. She said she seen it on the napkin but didn't cook them. We...

Safeway / starbucks

uriasbaker on Aug 29, 2017
On 16th and Southern the Starbucks service was horrible today. they open up at 6:00am and i waited there for 15-mins and no one came, even after asking an employee to call for someone to come, no one ever came. I've been going to this Safeway/Starbucks for 2 years now and never had a...

Safeway / petaluma safeway thumbs down

Yonnie0208 on Aug 26, 2017
Today at the Safeway store In Petaluma, Ca on McDowell... I was completely embarrassed and fed up. I Shop at Safeway just about every other day but tonight made me rethink about if this store/company deserves my patronage. This store has been re-configuring their isles..I was walking by...

Safeway / not hiring african americans

Jeweld55 on Aug 23, 2017
I have lived in walla walla wa for 2 years. I grew up in walla walla and left in 1975 to join USAF. I noticed in the the years I visited and since I moved here last year I have NEVER seen an African American. I have seen many other races but never African Americans. Is it walla walla...

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