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Safeway / safeway deli sandwiches

Kopach on May 23, 2017
Hello, Let me first start off by saying I am a loyal Safeway deli customer. I absolutely love your sandwiches. Tonight however, I was highly disgusted by the way my Sandwiches were prepared for my spouse and I. We both crave your sandwiches and convince our friends that your sandwiches are the...

Safeway / sales & buy in get one items

031744jao on May 23, 2017
Many times the price is marked wrong, and instead of the cashier being able to handle it you are referred to the customer service desk. Yesterday I went the for some hamburger buns & bananas & looked around. The hair brushes were on a buy one get one free for $7.99 and at the bottom of the...

Safeway / hot food

Bought Asian supreme meal last night from fresh food counter. Only food I ate last night. Have spent past few hours this morning with very bad sickness and diarhea, with all the food coming out. Not necessarily after a refund but it would be worth checking the store - clearly something was not...

Safeway / rude checker amanda vallejo

Roxannne on May 20, 2017
I was shopping this morning a little before noon at store 1631 in Vallejo at the Glen cove shopping center. I witnessed the two customers in front of me how rudely and unprofessional the check or treated them. First customer that was various items with a Safeway card that was not...

Safeway / Store service

James on May 9, 2017
I have been shopping at Safeway for years and never actually had any problems, but recently I received the worst customer service ever and that changed attitude towards them. When I checked my check I saw that some prices were different from the ones I saw on shelves, and when I asked...

Safeway / carts that stop at door.

Narcissus Cosgrove on May 6, 2017
I went into Safeway to do some shopping and decided that I would come back after I did some other errands so being a good customer wanted to return the shopping cart out front and come after I did my walk and other errands. The cart jammed to a stop and I jammed up against it. I did come...

Safeway / unsanitary restrooms

A1meda on May 5, 2017
I walked into the mens restrooms on May 4th around 6pm and noticed a foul urine smell and the sink flooding along with a very wet sticky floor which I'm sure wasn't water. This is not the first time their restroom has been in this condition which is very unsanitary and unsafe for anyone to...

Safeway / continuous overcharging

jenvinca on May 3, 2017
Safeway has serious issues with incorrect prices ringing up at the register, including weekly flyer prices, digital coupons and 'just for u' prices. Though the customer service reps are generally accommodating, I get very tired of having to visit customer service each and every time I shop...

Safeway / customer service/ abusing customers with poor attitudes in management.

Bob Moore on May 1, 2017
5-1-2017 I seldom do this but I know I should have done this 8 years ago. I moved here 9 years ago after going to the Lincoln City’s Safeway I could not take the rudeness any longer. I now make it a point not to go into the store not even to use the pharmacist (who as I remember is nice). The...

Safeway / Expired food

Angie P on Apr 29, 2017
Safeway at 4970 S. Alma School Rd in Chandler Az 85248 I've finally gone to the media since my neighborhood Safeway continues to have issues with expired food. I've had 8 instances in about 1 1/2 years. Twice the issue was baby food expired by a couple months. I've spoken with store management...

Safeway / store was a disaster manager rude and accusatory!

Sue P. Lynch on Apr 23, 2017
I went to Safeway today in North Seattle on 15th Street. When I arrived there were no carts available. The store was not busy and the carts were all in the parking lot. The produce section looked like a disaster area. The bagged salad I wanted, 2/3rds were already expired or expired the...

Safeway / Being over charged all the time

Teresa North on Apr 9, 2017
I have been a customer at Safeway for well over 30 years. In the last 6 months I have been over charged repeatedly. Yesterday I went to Safeway, bought my groceries. When I got home I went over my receipt. I bought 1 cucumber. I was charged for 13 cucumbers! I did go back to get my money...

Safeway / Pharmacy

Cynthia V. on Apr 6, 2017
The pharmacist at the store on Mexico and Colorado Blvd. in Glendale CO refused to wait on me and then when I told him to get the Manager 5 people showed up and threatened to call the police on me and that I needed to go to King Soopers. I've been shopping weekly at this store for 4 year...

Safeway / Fuel station 0525

Wayne Pridy on Mar 22, 2017
Why is it that i just went shopping in the supermarket and paid for my groceries with a card and went to your gas station to fill up and the attendant asked me cash or card, the price was 2.61 cash and 2.71 card that is a 10 cent difference, when i was in the store shopping and checking...

Safeway / Groceries

Scottinfogcity on Mar 16, 2017
Hello. Today stared out as a nice day. I went for a walk in the late afternoon down Mission Street. I want to walgreens and got some toothpaste and could only get $20 cash back from their machine. So next door was safeway so I got a melon gatorade and $60 cash at Safeway on 3350 mission...

Safeway / Deli food quality

John Charles Woodson on Mar 10, 2017
Hello, I was in the Safeway on 340 E McDowell Road Phoenix, Az and used my food stamps to buy cold chicken out of the deli area (I can't buy hot food in deli with food stamps). As I started to eat the chicken, I found the few pieces I ate to be as hard as jaw breakers candy. So I went to...

Safeway / Lean cuisine spaghetti with meatballs

Marc Greenberg on Mar 7, 2017
One week ago I brought this product at the Pacifica Safeway. I made it for my dinner last night. Within an hour I got violently ill, with symptoms I immediately recognized as food poisoning. This morning, after a terrible night and having had to cancel a court appearance this morning (ye...

Safeway / Catering platters and fried chicken

Cheryl mintz on Feb 19, 2017
Yesterday I went to my favorite Safeway store in Bowie, MD to pick up catering platters and fried chicken. The pick up time was supposed to be 11 a.manufacturer. I arrived at 11:10 and asked for the platters. After checking for the platters, the safeway clerk informed me that the fried...

Safeway / Staff

Bancroft Ave San Leandro California. Rude, dirty and that staff should be fired. I boycotted a long time ago. Prejudice. The word is being passed along to boycott this location. Do yourself a favor and close it. Giving your brand name a very bad reputation. I can make it 350 words. Staff...

Safeway / Signature select/restaurant style fire roasted salsa

Casey OnanIsland Spear on Jan 29, 2017
I usually stick to few salsas, but bought this one for the size an the price, mistake now I've tried many different brands, but this one is like eating bland spaghetti sauce with a terrible lime can't really taste any other spices the ingredients list, I understand the difference between...

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