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Dollar Car Rental — Pricing over charging

My flight had changed to a later flight so I ask them at the counter what the charge would be to return the...

Dollar Rent A Car — over charged for rental

I reserved a compact car for 6 days (2/25/20 through 3/1/20). This was for 174.24. When I arrived, they said...

Dollar Rent A Car — Dollar rental car billing issue

I recently rented a vehicle on 2/27/20 & returned on 3/1, I was initially supposed to return the vehicle on...

Dollar Rent A Car — rental car service

We (wife&I) rented a car from the airport and each was charged under Additional Charge 21.00 then thi...

Dollar Rent A Car — no recibir el producto encargado

Estimados DOLLAR CAR RENTALLS y subcontratistas AUTOEUROPA ( Natasha Alejandra Rodriguez): RENTAL RÉCORD...

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Dollar Rental Car — rental car

I was refused a pre- inspection card to fill out at the LAX Dollar Rental Car location on jan 9, 2020. they...

Dollar Rent A Car — rental car

My name is Alan Carr i rented a vehicle from Dollar rental at Cleveland Hopkins airport on Dec 29 i returned...

Dollar Rent A Car — rude agent at check in

Rental Record #[protected] I'd like to share my recent experience with renting a van from Orlando...

Dollar Rent A Car — focus of proving customer wrong

Poor customer service level. "Take -it-or-leave-it" attitude. Zero problem solving skills. Staff...

Dollar Rent A Carrental agreement [protected] reservation j1884601334 [protected] return [protected]

I rented this car and only used it actually 3 days.,
day one to get from Airport to Hotel
day 2 to drive to Ft Meyers from Orlando
day 3 return to Ft Meyers.
when I got my bill there is a $300. charge for vehicle damage., when I called customer service they tell me this is due to smoking. I HAD no previous Knowledge that there would be a fee. I could have easily NOT smoked. AGAIN I only used it a total of 5 hours in 9 days. This did not cause any $300 in damages. WHO can I get to reverse this fee., I have never used your company before and never will again., if this is not taken care of.

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    Dollar Rent A Carcopy of contract aao

    Im requesting a copy of my contract With the AAO Name on it Ashley Roberts . PLease give me a call if ypu need additional information contract rental #[protected]

    rented 6/26/2019 returned 8/9/2109 total bill 3945.15
    columbus airport

    Michelle Henderson [protected] email adress [protected]
    1941 woodland ave columbus, ohio 43219

    Need this information to file a civil suit against Ashely Roberts

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      Dollar Rent A Carrental

      I rented a car from Dollar and I cannot drive it for 21 1/2 days due to the fact the battery wasn't charged. The tires didn't have involved air in them. There were stratches on the driver side of the vehicle. It's wasn't clean. Someone had been smoking in the vehicle prior to me renting the vehicle. I can't deal with smoke I had to be rush to the ER. I could have died and all Dollar Rental wants to do is compensate me a 100.00 gift certificate. What about my life?


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        Dollar Rent A Cardollar rent a car

        Rented from Washington D.C. On return, walkaround with agent: no damage, all fine. A week later I see a $155 charge and from online it says window screen damage, which there was none when dropped off. Thus began 1.5 hrs on phone with 6 agents. Finally said a file was set up as had to check with Washington. Eight days later still waiting for file, any photographs, rental agreement, and no way to contact from abroad. Customer service is abysmal and someone there is lying. Emails get bounced back. One customer service agent said I had to contact Washington and gave me phone number that didn't exist. Two others asked if I'd been in an accident, when clearly I had not. Absolutely disgraceful service, customer reps. Rental Agreement [protected]
        Case Number [protected]
        This is a disgraceful company.

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          Dollar Rent A Car — customer service at counter

          I went to counter at San Antonio Airport Sunday morning to pick up my midsize SUV I had purchased through...

          Dollar Rent A Carexcessive toll charge but no evidence or receipt

          Dollar have charged over $100 to my credit card for toll fees.
          I contacted them for clarification of what these charges were for.
          They have refused to give me a bill receipt or itemise exactly what I have been charged for.
          This is surely fraud.
          How can I be billed without a valid reason for billing me.
          All I ask is an itemised bill for what I am being charged I will gladly pay if it's correct.

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            Dollar Rent A Car — employee

            Bee'lani (spelling?) driving van rtg787 at honolulu airport was ride and refused we get on her bus. We...

            Dollar Rent A Car — refund for days unused and unethical behavior by staff : invoice u26830635

            I did not make a reservation via phone but waked into the Dollar location in Jackson Hole to rent a car for 4...

            Dollar Rent A Car — rental

            I will NEVER rent from Dollar again. The counter agent was grumpy, the woman gave us no dictions that we need...

            Dollar Rent A Car — rent a car/ I am complain about double payment for renting a car with service

            - 1st payment: 05Sep19 - request number: CF471408 - rent car company: Dollor at Christchurch in NZ during...

            Dollar Rent A Carcar rental

            Good morning.

            ***Urgent Complaint- Rental Record [protected]-Grocott***

            I recently rented a car on 9th September at JFK, NY (due to return 12th Sept-JFK, NY 12:00), I have quoted the above RR number for convenience.

            This booking was under the name Grocott and was originally booked via at an agreed quoted price in GBP, please see booking data below:

            Booking No.: [protected]
            Confirmation No.: J1383601771

            This booking was secured at a cost of as outlined below:

            Car rental fee 4 days £173.63
            Discounts £0.00
            Total US$211.42
            Pay at pick-up US$211.42

            Upon arriving at Dollar in JFK to collect our vehicle, fresh from travelling from the UK we were greeted by an extremely dismissive and unwelcoming member of your team. There was no formal greeting and was simply asked for my licence and card. She then continued to speak to her colleague next to her without any real acknowledgement of ourselves. This immediately felt like we were not important to Dollar and our custom was an inconvenience.

            We were then bombarded with a barrage of requests around insurance and liability and taxes in an incredibly fast manner that it was hard to understand. However I was aware through our original booking that we would need to arrange insurance at collection. I stated third party as most appropriate. We were then told we should pay for a toll fee (even though we were heading to Montauk and our journeys would not include Tolls) and sat nav for car. I advised we would not need neither.

            We were then given a RR document and told to head to booth to collect car. At this point her conversation continued and there was no pleasantries or thanks.

            We then headed over to collect the car. At this point we handed over document and the gentleman hardly looked at RR document and just asked me what vehicle it is, I stated SUV Standard (as per booking), he said "you can take any car from 26-28" So we then had three vehicles to select from, not knowing too much about product features and benefits we chose the one in the middle. Upon entering the vehicle we noticed a strong sense of smoke from cigarettes. However the vehicle seems otherwise ok. We drove towards exit where we were required to present our RR document.

            The gentleman took the document and for 5 minutes we awaited our exit, however he then returned to say "you cannot have this vehicle" He then left us at the exit for some time only to return in another vehicle. He asked us to leave the original vehicle and get into new one. He then handed another RR document. This second vehicle seemed more dated than our first choice and (upon later inspection) it had previous user litter in glove compartment.

            As we were now being told to leave and enter the busy rush hour roads around JFK it was imperative that I maintained full concentration as driving an unfamiliar vehicle on unfamiliar roads.

            I then noted that the latest RR document had some very confusing and contradictory information. Firstly the second RR was at a Higher Cost (375.16 against previous 361.09)

            When making this booking it was clearly stated taxes were included, however RR states these were added.

            The insurance I chose (third Party) was at a higher rate on the second RR ( $15 per day as previous was $12) in total for the entire duration we had the following figures:

            2nd RR - $131.80
            1st RR - $120.80

            We then saw that taxes/service charges we as follows:

            2nd RR - $94.18
            1st RR - $92.11

            As a result following the vehicle change forced into us at the exit, we had a higher quote!!! Plus this was a vehicle that seemed from the outset to be less appealing for our holiday.

            In total we were given an estimated charge of 375.16 for the second vehicle against our original choice of vehicle of 361.09.

            Most importantly though, we committed to a rental that included all taxes/fees and we chose an insurance quoted at front desk that was vastly different when shown on RR agreement.

            In conclusion, we experienced very poor customer service, a last minute vehicle change prior to entering busy JFK roads, an increase in cost for in my opinion an inferior vehicle. Most importantly we have been charged amounts above and beyond our original agreement. When booked prior to arrival.

            We chose Dollar for a reason, we have used you before in Las Vegas and Orlando and received great service and up to this experience we would of chosen you again as we frequent the US on an annual basis where possible. However this experience has left me with a very sour taste.

            I would appreciate a prompt response in terms of how you can assist me with the above issues so that our future custom can continue.

            Many thanks

            Harry Grocott

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