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1800 800 6000(International Reservations) 1 0
+1 877 411 4300(Vehicle Violations and Accidents) 1 1
+1 800 235 9393(24-Hour Roadside Assistance) 2 0
+1 800 331 3550(Dollar 4Business Support) 2 0
+1 800 654 4173(Frequent Flyer Help Desk) 1 0
+1 800 654 0011(Website Difficulties) 1 0
+1 800 527 7752(Travel Agent Commission Hotline) 1 0
+1 888 367 4372(Dollar GDS Helpdesk) 1 0
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Dollar Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Dollar Rent A Car / car rental

Sep 11, 2019

Good morning. ***Urgent Complaint- Rental Record [protected]-Grocott*** I recently rented a car on 9th September at JFK, NY (due to return 12th Sept-JFK, NY 12:00), I have quoted the above RR number for convenience. This booking was under the name Grocott and was originally booked via...

Dollar Rent A Car / car rental overcharges

Sep 10, 2019

This is my ongoing story of their counter staff falsely informing me of ‘mandatory policies' That I must agree to pay for or else I won't get my vacation car. "My confirmation number is J11746998F3 I have been asked to send you a private message to discuss my complaint. I emailed full detail...

Dollar Rent A Car / car rental

Sep 03, 2019

This was my very first time renting from Dollar and it will be last, unless someone can right this situation. I rented a full size vehicle on 08/30/19-09/03/19 to travel out of town. I picked the car up on 08/30/19 before I went in to work. For starters, the person got there late (about...

Dollar Rent A Car / charge for fuel

Aug 21, 2019

MY BOOKING NO IS [protected] MRS M MARTIN ORLANDO FIOR 14 NIGHTS FROM 8TH JULY 2019 WE collected the car and drove away quite happily. However when we dropped car back at Orlando airport on 22nd July we were told that we should have returned the car full of fuel. However when we picked up...

Dollar Rent A Car / not a honest company to trust

Aug 14, 2019

Me an my family's rent a car Chevrolet suv plate number 10 of agust the day me and my family have the fly back to aruba 11am with America airlines we arive 8am at miami international dolar car return we was in a hurry to the airline check in almos to take the plain my son note that he dont...

Dollar Rent A Car / picking up a car

Aug 12, 2019

First time using rental Ref# [protected]: landed on time in Richmond, Va., with paperwork to pickup my car at Dollar counter in the main terminal at 8 p.m. No one was there and no sign was posted directing to another location. An attendant for another company told me to go to Hertz...

Dollar Rent A Car / services provided

Aug 12, 2019

Long story short, our windshield was broken 9hrs away from the pickup location. I called my insurance and filed the claim, I then called dollar customer service. I was hung up on and passed around for literally hours. Then I was told that the vehicle needed to be towed back to Jax, Florida...

Dollar Rent A Car / under age car rental

Aug 07, 2019

My daughter rented a car from dollar and paid $109 for a 2 day rental. She is 24 so we thought this was a good deal. I was sitting right next to her when she was talking on the phone to the rep. The rep told her if she pays the $109 in advance the young fee would be waved. My daughter...

Dollar Rent A Car / cargo por estanque de combustible indebido

Jul 20, 2019

Número de contrato:[protected] arrendé auto con dollar en minneápolis y otro ahora en miami. En minneápolis le pregunté en tres oportunidades a la persona que me atendió si debía regresar el auto con el estanque lleno. Me respondió que sí, por tanto, así lo hice. Al llegar a miami, le pregunté...

Dollar Rent A Car / customer service/ ez pass

Jul 19, 2019

Dollar Rent A CarI rented a car from LaGuardia, New York June 4 I was told I HAD to purchase the ez pass since I was driving to Canada. I asked if it was necessary and was told yes the car has them installed. So I paid the 80 something for it and left. Hit the first toll and it didnt work. I called and...

Dollar Rent A Car / unethical behavior

Jul 13, 2019

7/13/19 - Rental Agreement Number [protected] I reserved a car through Dollar at Logan Airport. They wanted to charge me $10/day for a toll transponder. I'm thinking if I hit a toll I'll pay cash instead. They didn't explain that Massachusetts no longer has toll booths; everything i...

Dollar Rent A Car / car hire ohare airport chicago

Jul 01, 2019

I returned car late to airport due to getting lost and traffic jams. i was never told about an extra days charge to my credit card I find a charge of $49.56 excessive. also there was no information given to me I found out when checking my statements. Also we were sent to the wrong terminal...

Dollar Rent A Car / car hire

Jun 19, 2019

Booking reference [protected] Rental Record [protected] 8th June to 14th June Our car on collection was extremely dirty. We drove to out accommodation and the next day realised there were two large ants nests in the car seats. This would not have been able to be missed if the car had...

Dollar Rent A Car / employee stealing item left in car

Jun 01, 2019

I dropped off my rental May 20. Immediately after We left in the shuttle, I realized I left my coat in the car. We didn't have time to go back, but the shuttle driver said they would mail it to me. I waited 10 days. Nothing. I went to the Lost and Found and filed online. They told me...

Dollar Rent A Car / car maintenance

May 07, 2019

Dollar Rent A CarOn May 2 2019 I rented a car from dollar at Norfolk airport, a little before midnight. Upon receiving the car, we noticed low air pressure. I thought when we went thru check, we would get it resolved, since I was traveling with my daughter and grandchild. There was no check out ! Just...

Dollar Rent A Car / dollar collection atlanta airport

May 05, 2019

Dollar Rent A CarWe went to the dollar desk at Atlanta Airport to collect our car booked through car rental 8 booking ref [protected] on 18th April 2019. The person on the desk said we had to pay $543.94 but our agreement said $184.58. He said if we wanted the full insurance and additional driver this wa...

Dollar Rent A Car / auto rental

Mar 12, 2019

I made a terrible mistake and rented a car from Dollar Rental.. Driving Dollar rent a car to cemetary to place flowers on a grave a dump truck dropped a pebble that hit my windshiedl.. so small, barely seen...but with my honesty and integrity I told them about it when I returned the car...

Dollar Rent A Car / linda synovitz toll charges

Jan 14, 2019

Dollar Rent A CarI rented a car at Orlando airport on December 20, 2018. Booking reference number: US467306030 Confirmation number: H8642615710 I received two notices regarding toll amount and administrative fees. Notice number is [protected] On December 26, I bought a Sun Pass transponder and used it...

Dollar Rent A Car / debit/credit card rentals/ a pervasive corporate attitude of unprofessionalism and theft by deception

Dec 23, 2018

Dollar Rent A CarI don't know who's more at fault here, Dollar Car Rental or CarTrawler. However, if I do not receive a full refund, I'm contacting every government agency, every local new station and any attorney that may be able to assist me!   To say that I'm furious is an understatement! Here's my...

Dollar Rent A Car / car rental

Dec 21, 2018

On July 19 through July 23 2018 I rented a car from the rental car company " dollar rent a car" located in the Toronto airport. After I picked up the car, I realized it doesn't have a GPS. Once I realized it doesn't have a GPS, I wanted to return it, but I didn't know how to get back to...

Dollar Rent A Car / car hire while we were in florida 2 oct till 17th

Nov 17, 2018

We had gold cover with the car hire Fuel included Paid for in uk with Thomas cook CDW Nothing was to be paid on arrival or return We were told to bring the car back empty Since arriving home my step father has had a few transaction taken from his bank 0ne for £85 One £ 70 We have...

Dollar Car Rental / unjustified administrative fee

Nov 11, 2018

Dollar Car Rentalwe had to pay 2 tolls while we were on vacancy round Denver If we agree the fact that there was tolls along the way and that we have To pay thèse tolls we are unhappy to see that they have taken 'administrative Fee' they had our credit card number and could easily take the money for the...

Dollar Rent A Car / obscene gas charge

Oct 27, 2018

Dollar does not tell you they charge 10 bucks per gallon to fill up tank upon pickup. Whoever includes such an obscene profit margin (400%) should be obliged and brave enough to announce this upon pickup. Otherwise it becomes a nasty trap for well meaning clients. Who reads a rental car...

Dollar Rent A Car / bait and switch at arrival counter

Oct 15, 2018

Long story short..reserved compact car, get to counter and find out we get a "managers special" which tuned out to be a van. Not what we ordered. Didnt want a van in Seattle traffic. And...we had to pay extra to get the car we wanted and originally ordered. Price price of bait and switch=460. Complained to response.

Dollar Rent A Car / service

Oct 14, 2018

Second day we had a flat tire. No spare and Dollar knew there was no spare. Dollar said someone will be there 90 minutes. Help arrived I 90 minutes and said they could not replace or fix tire. I called Dollar and they said a tow truck would come for car in 90 minutes. Then when car towed...

Dollar Rent A Car / car rental

Oct 11, 2018

H I just want to tell the horrible experience I and about 40 customers had to deal with at Orlando airport car rental. We use dollar ll the time but this time I have to tell you I will not rent from you again. We had a reservation with your company 5 months in advance and paid for it up...

Dollar Car Hire / rental

Oct 11, 2018

Aug 7 2018 our flight to orlando was delayed, our airline called dollar, to inform them, we were told all ok, on arrival to collect vehicle, dollar had cancelled it, we had to hire another vehicle, as they were not going to give us original rental, it cost $2, 874, we had no choice as we...

Dollar Rent A Car / customer service

Oct 09, 2018

Purchased a trip to Daytona Flordia on Oct.6th-8th, 2018 through Orbits with a Fire Department debit card. Upon arriving at the airport and maki g it to the car rental it was after 11:30pm and I was told that I could not use the fire dept debit card because my name was not on the card. So...

Dollar Rent A Car / unauthorized credit card charges

Oct 08, 2018

Dollar Rent A CarDuring trip to New York (JFK Airport) I rented a car in Dollar Rent A Car: - Rental Record #[protected] - Client: Jakub Chomicki, [protected] - Vehicle: Chrysler Pacifica [protected] / 6306195) - License: MA 5ES592 - RENTAL: 10/01/18 10:32 - RETURN: 10/02/18 15:55 (1 day and 5 hours) -...

Dollar Rent A Car / damage claim 6 weeks after rental

Oct 03, 2018

I rented a car at Dulles International and used it for two days in the local DC area. Upon return, the attendant noticed a small ding less than diameter of a dime in the windshield under the rear view mirror. I had not noticed this before and since there was no walk-thru when I picked the...

Dollar Rent A Car / poor business practices

Sep 06, 2018

I recently rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car in Cancun Mexico on contract # DCAN51-7881 LC/DL [protected]. The initial pick up process was ok but I was hustled by the rental agent to buy your insurance policy's... I use American Express to pay for the rental which includes $50, 000 USD...

Dollar Rent A Car / refund

Aug 30, 2018

Dollar Rent A CarI was not able to pick up my rental at time of pick up due to the agent messing up on her part.. I need my refund and was told to contact you on this matter... I paid online through dollar rental car website.. my confirmation number is. H7664434666 Name Tirone Eventz ... my email i...

Dollar Rent A Car / unauthorized additional insurance costs; car rental

Aug 29, 2018

Dollar Rent A CarHi, On the 1th of July, I rented a car at Herz (see attached doc). for 279 USD. The total price to pay was 479$, because I had to pay a deposit of 200 USD (reimbursed at the end). But the employe at the Herz office blocked my credit card after trying twice to get the payment done. To...

Dollar Rent A Car / dollar did not acknowledge its personal loss policy after breaking

Aug 24, 2018

In June 2018 we took our family vacation to Ft. Lauderdale. On day 2 our vehicle was broken into and valuables and my money was stolen as verified by the Plantation Police Dept. Report. We had just left church and was at Red Lobster for lunch. Upon returning the vehicle I received harsh...

Dollar Rent A Car / we paid twice booking rr [protected]

Aug 24, 2018

We reserved a car from a french website opodo number [protected] from 2 august to 16 august san francisco airort we already paid 1459, 71 € to opodo in may 2008 at the desk a woman proposed to us another vehicle for the same price due to this agreement we accepted un additional insurance and...

Dollar Rent A Car / customer service

Aug 23, 2018

Wife booked a rental car with your company to take family on her birthday roadtrip. When she arrived to pickup the car she was denied the reservation because since it was her birthday her license would expire that night. My wife went online while at the counter and renewed her license and...

Dollar Rent A Car / I ordered a hyundai elantra, I needed ample space for my special needs brother

Aug 15, 2018

We got to Dollar rental at Bradley Airport We got an upgrade, we got a Hyundai donate of some sort, we asked for a transponder They didn't provide one, we thought they did we drove off and about 40 mins down the rode I realized we didn't have it we turned around it was torrential downpour...

Dollar Rent A Car / car rental services

Aug 15, 2018

I came to a Ohio from Florida as I do every month because my business is in Ohio I've used Dolar a few times before this particular time I prepaid. Biggest mistake of my life. I get to the desk at the time of my rental. I am told they couldn't accept my credit card that they already took...

Dollar Rent A Car / unhonored rental

Aug 08, 2018

My husband and I rented a car online in April 2017 to be picked up at the airport in Providence, RI. The money was withdrawn from our account. Upon arriving at the airport, the Dollar representative said she could not rent a car to us. We showed her the papers we printed from Dollar...

Dollar Rent A Car / dollar in dallas texas under rental contract number [protected] on may, 30 2018

Jul 31, 2018

I booked Dollar for a Nissan Sentra on May 30, 2018, for seven days. In fact, we returned the car on day 6, but it was probably late so the charge is right. However, to our confirmed price of $209. the following charges were added: Toll charges: $62.49 It is not for the car company to...