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We rented a car through Internet, rental which belongs to travel jigsaw. After reserving and paying for the vehicle, we immediately changed the pickup time from that evening until the next day. When we arrived at the airport rental car agency, were no cars available. I called and wrote emails asking for a refund, but was told to wait until the end of the rental period...10 days.. to demand a refund.
Ten days later, I filled out the request for a refund, but the answer was to wait for up to 28 days. Now it has been over a month and we are still waiting to be refunded. I find this highly unacceptable. it has been now 6 weeks that this company is holding our money and I don't know when we will be refunded.


  • Ka
    Ka Ho Leung Jun 09, 2014

    Here is the real case booking reference number : 572556765

    The rental car company Alamo told me my ID has some problem and didn't let me pick up the car I just paid by credit card for 141.58 euro previously to when I arrived LAX airport Alamo on time June 7th, 2014 20:00.They told me they can do nothing and I have to contact myself, then I called this number:+441618362964 to cancel the booking and refund but the man in the phone said this booking can not cancel and no refund at all.

    I have sent the request to for refund but no reply.I have been looking for the lawyer to see if is a kind of international fraud to run business in UK.

    It seems that is too simple to earn mony by this way, somebody has paid to and the car company just refuse to provide the car then he/she just loses all the money for nothing.

    I've already saved the page of this post just in case, may block my account but I have other accounts and friends to post this truth again until refund to me.

    I am considering to contact mass media to show the public internationally to remind people be careful.

    My suggestion to
    Don’t stay behind, find out the solution.141.58 euro is not a big amount of money, this is disreputable to run business internationally by this way.

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  • Ke
    kevingreek Jun 18, 2014

    I had very bad experience 3 days ago with this ### company! I rent
    online paid with my debit card, then i arrived to Athens airport trying
    to get the car form AVIS, they denied to use my debit card at all and
    they canceled my reservation. I came back to the desk after 10 minutes
    and proposal to use another card and they told me that is already too
    late they already cancel the booking and now i have to make anew one. I
    went 5 meters away to the DESK of HERTZ and using the same card i got
    finally a car without any problem. The same evening i sent an online
    form message to the rentacars about the refund. They answer that they
    will not refund me, but only if i will make a new reservation via their
    site !!! So my advice is to DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !! I already post on
    facebook this bad experience for helping others to loose their money!!!
    Regards Kostas

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  • Un
    Unsatisfied Customer323 Jun 05, 2015

    Created a reservation with debit card, tried to pick up car and make the deposit with the debit card unsuccessfully. Caused me a lot of inconvenience. In the process of registration it wasn't made clear that I wouldn't be able to realize the reservation without the credit card with the SPECIFIC LIMIT. Tried to get a full refund with no success. Helpdesk is very unhelpful and there's no reply for a week now. SERVICE SUCKS, DON'T USE IT. SCAM.

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  • Lu
    Luca Biolcati Rinaldi Mar 29, 2016

    I had the same very bad experience. I paid with the Debit Card 95 euros but the company Europcar did not give me the car because I do not have a credit card. I asked for the refund but they did not refund me. I hope this company will fail very soon. Please do not give any money to their Website because it is a fraud. I have lost 95 euros and a lot of time.

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  • Cu
    cuneytu1 Feb 11, 2017

    This appears to be a scammer company who leaves the customer between the rental agency and itself for no fault of the customer. It could be that they are just lazy and incompetent if not conmen, for providing pricing that is not correct and then refusing the clients their refund because they invented a convenient 48 hour advance cancellation policy. The clients dont even know the real price when they buy the service from this scammer company, which is giving them false info. Deserves to go out of business really.

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  • Re
    Rentalcars.comarecheats Aug 04, 2017 is a scam. I paid online for a car which I was to pick up from a rental car company in Athens, Greece (Caldera). Upon reaching the office they said that I cant rent as I need an international license in addition to my Singapore license. This was mentioned in no document earlier and Ive been renting in Europe for decades with no such requirement. Caldera said no worries, your money will obviously be refunded as they are unable to give me a car. I walked to another car rental place next door and immediately rented a car - they said international license not required. I later get a note from that my money will not be refunded. No further explanation despite me trying to get an answer. There should be a system of redressal otherwise these scam artists will continue to fleece their customers.

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  • Re
    Rentalcars.comarecheats Aug 28, 2017

    @Rentalcars.comarecheats An update. I've been asking them to tell me where in the documentation it says that I need an international drivers license to rent a car as the other car rental company said I do not. Six reminders later they send me a nothing reply with still no proof that they told me to get an international license to rent. I think they budget to make 20-30% revenues from scams like this. Some one has to take them to court!

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  • Re
    Rentalcars.comarecheats Oct 23, 2017

    They are the biggest cheats. They love international customers as its difficult for them to pursue stolen deposits which they do willy nilly. I threatened them but we all know that I cant engage them from 10000 miles away. On my part, I have told of my ordeal to many via social media and has been shared substantially. I guarantee they will lose more business than the E200 that they stole from me.

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  • Ly
    Lydia's Nov 07, 2017

    I also used (Ref : 540 931 896) a while ago for my trip in Texas for car rental using Alamo. Upon arriving at the IAH North Terminal, Alamo rep told me that they runs out car and they failed to make any prior notice since I do not have USA ctc number, while my e-mail is clearly included. I made this booking 15 days prior to my arrival dates, they sure have plenty time & I even included my flight information details. They recommeded me to talk with Rentalcars rep since Alamo cannot do anything else. So I get in touch with Rentalcars rep, he said he already looked into rentalcars system there was no car available at the moment with Alamo or in their system for IAH Airport, as I was told earlier by Alamo Manager at that time she said budget/hertz still have car available at the moment, I informed this to Rentalcars rep & he immediately advised me to book another available as long it was the same category as my initial booking, Rentalcars will reimburse any excess amount of the new booking. Finally I got Hertz with car available same as my rental category, but the price was 400% higher than my booking in Rentalcars with Alamo. I wasn't sure I can goahead with this price even though Rentalcars have confirm that any excess cost will be reimburse back by them. So I called again to Rentalcars hotline to reconfirm this new price, and Rentalcars RECONFIRMED that they will still reimburse the excess cost as long I provided the receipt of the new rental & car are within the same category of my initial rental. So now after two months of phone calls and emailing back-forth with Rentalcars, they only gave me vague answers on the refund. ("Thank you for your email. I fully understand your frustration at how long it is taking to refund this this additional cost to you. This matter has been ongoing for quite sometime and I can assure you that I am doing my utmost to resolve this as satisfactory and quickly as possible for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.") I'm currently seeking for Texas Customer Assistance for this matters and legal counseling also. It appears they are stalling time in the process, for any clients making any action. I just want my money back and will not let this pass by. It was my hard earn money they trying to stole from me and perhaps many others as I see in this forum.

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  • Th
    theodore p cohen Feb 07, 2020

    your booking reference ( is 695 225 080 The car was to be picked up at WHITE PLAINS AIRPORT from dollar today 02/07/2020 at 3:15. the jet blue flight could not land and went to JFK. it is in the name of my wife-who is handicapped BENITA N COHEN dollar at jfk would not honor the reservation which was pre-paid and had to take an uber to her daughters. i coold not reach a live person aqt any of your tel #'s only a robot - i gave them the tel # i called from but they did not recognize it nor did the recognize your booking reference #. The dollar confirmation # is J2951999686. Please call me @ 561 689 6656 or my cell 914 439 7380. Oebviously she could not pick up the car as the plane did not land @HPN (white plains)please let me know asap how I can obtain the amount paid returned to the credit card used. i spoke with Dollar and the said only you can handle the discount. my e-mail is [email protected] thank you for you prompt attention to this matter. THEODORE P COHEN

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