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Complaints & Reviews

damaged my home

Just another complaint about Raymour & Flanagan. They are awful!! They damaged my floor and then they agreed to settle after nine months. I've been waiting for the check for weeks and nothing. When I call the people that answer keep disconnecting me by mistake. The service center is just awful. The floor was damaged because they did not have enough service people to set up my entertainment center. The service people that came to put the entertainment center together did not know how to and weeks later they sent one guy out to put it together. The entertainment center was 20 feet long and needless to say he had difficulty moving it which caused the damage. I will never buy from them again. But I suspect they will just be another furniture store that is expanding to quick in a poor economy and without repeat business they will in no time be in bankruptcy. I decided to write this as I have been on hold with them this entire time. Still waiting...

  • Za
    Zara Bradley Feb 28, 2010

    I purchased a dining room set from Raymour & Flanigan a year ago. I had my dining set only a couple of months when the table started to wobble. I called the store and they sent a repairman to fix it. It was free of charge as the furniture was under warranty. Everything was fine, so I went back to the store and purchased a living room set. Now the dining table is wobbling again and when I called the store they informed me that there would be a $50.00 charge as the dining set was no longer under warranty, and that I had to pay this charge with a credit card before they would come out. I feel this is unfair. I paid over $2000.00 for this set and feel it should not wobble at all, especially twice. Is this what is to be expected for the life of this set-that every few months the table will wobble again and I must call for repair? Also, I was a returning customer and feel that I am a loyal customer and this is how they appreciate my loyalty? Your reply would be most appreciative.

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  • Za
    Zara Bradley Feb 28, 2010

    See comments above

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still waiting

The worst place to buy anything from, I bought a couch and a chair, I have not yet received the chair and the couch arrived damaged. I had an appt to switched out the couch for a new one, and the salesperson called me on Sunday to say the chair had come in and he would add it to my delivery day. But what he did was cancel the whole thing and did not tell me. I'm waiting for furniture that is not coming and I don’t know when. Not to mention I paid in advance and when I asked to speak to a manager he won’t talk to me.

  • Ji
    Jill Ludwig Jan 31, 2009

    I see all these comments about the poor service and am surprised to say the least. I have shopped a number of times at the Nanuet Showroom with Cindy. She has made a difficult task soooo easy. I have referred so manypeople to her. She has even taken care of simple repair issues for us. SHe has gone out to the house to pre-measure and choose colors for our walls. I am very happy with the furniture and would definately refer her to anyone!

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horrible quality; awful cust service

Bought 9 pieces of furniture from R&F 1/08, noticed two problems soon after (broken left arm on one sofa...

inferior product and poor customer service

I purchased a couch, love seat, coffee table, end table and side table from Raymour & Flanigan's between...

rip off

The worst customer service I have ever experienced. The worst delivery service I have ever experienced. Assembled my furniture incorrectly, showed up 5 hours late! The were extremely rude on the phone. They acted as if they are doing me a favour. Do not do business with this company. They refunded my delivery fee, but I still can't use my bed. They can't come back when it is good for me. I spent almost $2000, and they give you a run around. I have never regretted a business transaction more. Save yourself the headache and don't buy from this sleazy operation.

  • Ju
    JustTheFacts1 Oct 10, 2009

    As a former employee, I can tell you that they will tell customers whatever it is they want to hear just to get them off the phone. The lower management will always take the easy way out and have others do the dirty work for them.

    Also, it is a common practice that R&F sells used furniture as new. Furniture that has been in someone else's home and returned to the warehouse would always be the next out of inventory to get delivered to the next customer. It's also happened that the same person that returned a piece(s) got the same one re-delivered on an exchange. That shows how they do not care about customer satisfaction.

    I could go on and on about how they try and deceive customer's. There is not enough space here or time for me to list everything.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid purchasing anything from them. It's not worth the hassle.

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bed bugs

Upon graduating college and getting a job, my daughter's first major purchase was a bed room set from...

lying about financing!

Purchased a bedroom set at the Stroudsburg, PA store. When we initially went into the store, the salesman wa...

order delay

I ordered a couch on 2/10/08. At the time I placed the order they told me 6-8 weeks for delivery. I have been calling every week since the end of March and they never have any information for me. For the past few weeks I have been calling more often. They tell me that they will call me when it comes in-to stop calling them. First they said to expect around 4/20, then 4/30. Now, in the first week of May (and 13 weeks later), they are telling me another week. They are not very helpful when I call and cannot give me any other information.

they have terrible service

About one month ago my sister ordered a new dining room table for my birthday for me on-line using her credit card. Unfortunately, when the table arrived it was damaged and very poorly made. I contacted Raymour and Flanigan and they told me they had a no-return policy but I could go to the store pick out something else and would get a full store credit and when the furniture was delivered they would pick up the table. Did not happen!

I went to the store and picked up $1400 worth of new furniture. When I got to customer service they stated that the credit could only put in my sister's name (her credit card) since it was purchased by her after they pick up the table. Fine - no problem. The new furniture was delivered and the table was picked up. My sister calls and they tell her that even though she ordered on-line that she would need to travel one hour to the nearest Raymour and Flanigan to get her credit. What the ***! I am furious and will never order or recommend that anyone order from any Raymour and Flanigan again!!

terrible experience

I have never seen a business as bad as Raymour and Flanigan. I question... are these names genuine family names or are they stage names as all scams are? I correct my questioning to add that if these are real family names then they either 1. Must be so gullible as to think that their business is running as it should or they 2. Are completely ignorant to think that a business can be managed and supervised by trained sales individuals that are more than educated on their product and know how to manipulate the situation as it is convenient for them and not the customer to include the owners (Raymour and Flanigan). Whatever happened to good customer care and quality products especially quality products which you thought you paid top dollar for? Any company worth their future would never outsource false leadership (Regional Sales Manager's) while they (R&F) vacation and enjoy life. Here is a short but fairly detailed story on what happened to my wife and me as customers and having to settle with a very unpleasant end result. When we first arrived in Connecticut we purchased a home and needed a new bedroom so we started the hunt for furniture stores keeping in mind we did see some fairly bad under budget commercials on a certain competitor that which I will not specify and thought oh my god where are we until we managed to find a store in Waterford, Connecticut that store was Raymour and Flanigan. Well on the way in we were not greeted not once I thought well I guess it’s not the same everywhere you go. Then as we were looking at beds and seemed serious to certain sales individuals and I say individuals due to the lack of enthusiasm in everyone there. Now keep in mind we are focused on beds and looking at the one we want when out of the blue this sale’s individual approached us and wanted to sell us a table... Now where does a bed come into play with the table? This situation should have told us all there was on about store but being open and not judgmental. We finally purchased what we wanted and while on display the bedroom set was solid and magnificent we even went to take it a step further to freefall with our backs on the bed and shake it and the bed did not budge so we thought this is exactly what we wanted a solid bed with frame that does not move. Well the delivery was not as promised and after several attempts by them they finally were able to deliver it to our home. When they were assembling the bed frame and laying the mattress in everything looked fine we even asked them if it was solid and sturdy and they mumbled yeah and nodded. I should have known then… that evening when we went to bed we noticed that the bed was sagging in the center and also it was moving as you laid in it and got out of it not small movements but 4 to 5 inches from side to side and we have wood floors. Now for the good part, we called R&F and explained the whole situation and they didn’t seem to want to hear our side of the story so I asked to speak with the sales manager this was not too good neither it seemed as if the sales manager didn’t want to hear the problem with their product neither so I asked for the regional sales manager thinking they’re has to be someone who will be more than willing to hear the problem. Well when he finally called me we spoke and I was too disappointed to even consider keeping the product so he managed to ask some trouble shooting questions as if who to blame and looking to point the finger to with questions such as “Do you have carpeting?” Then right after went on saying “well with carpeting the supports tend to slide and that can be an issue and the cause for your bed sagging and moving” Just then I cut his silver tongue right off and said “I have wood flooring” he gave a pause then went on saying that he will do everything in his power to get another truck out to my house to service the bed and fix the issue the next day. I said ok as long as you fix it no problem. The next day came and no truck came by with men and their tools. I called R&F and to their surprise they made a mistake and were unable to come out. Their response we are sorry and we will see what we can do to get someone out there next week. Now you know where this is going… right? So, I call the regional manager up again and guess what?... we had a couple guys show up the next morning. Wow if only everyone had a sense of urgency as the regional manager. Yeah right! Being a little sarcastic here with that last part. So they were in the bedroom and did what they needed to do then left. A couple hours that same evening the regional manager calls and asked how everything is and I tell him that it seems fine now after some small talk and apologies from him we hung up. Well guess what three days later the bed was the same sagging and sliding so frustrated that the only thing I did was not make any more calls and suck it up. Unsatisfactory service and product this has been my worst nightmare when dealing with sales. Never again! Oh by the way I made the bed a platform to mimic the support it had in the showroom. Thanks Raymour & Flanigan.

  • Cy
    Cynthia Koebele Apr 29, 2008

    can you possibly send me the regional managers phone # I am also having a bad experience and I need help!! Thanks!!
    [email protected]

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  • My
    myhero Jan 31, 2009

    Sounds like you were missing the slats. Simple mistake .. major headache.

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I really should have gone to another store

Horrible experience, yet to be solved. I purchased a queens size mattress, full size and twin size on 04/02, I should have received the complete order as of today, 04/14. They say they delivered a frame and I don't have it; I’m missing the full size 3 mattress and the twin size box spring. It's been 2 weeks and they have no idea about how much longer I have to wait. They really suck!!!

All the special offers are not worth the aggravation, I really should have gone to another store like sleepy or some one else. I keep calling and asking and they simply don't know!

  • Sc
    Scr8souf Jun 24, 2009

    With all the frustrations of moving, Raymour & Flanigan put us in a terrible predicament.

    They were so happy to take my debit card and swipe it, receiving whatever commission that they received in addition to an expensive purchase made for my mother (who I never wanted to see sleep on the floor anymore).

    We already had a U-Haul for our move and thought we could save the price of delivery. So we picked up the bed, and upon assembling it, the bed slats and rails were for a different size bed than we had ordered.

    Phone calls were made, in addition to multiple visits to two different R&F stores, but to no avail. The problem could have been fixed actually, if for the time being I was given the correct size from the display furniture, at least until we could receive the right items. Mr. Manager said no and shook his head as if that was the stupidest idea he's ever heard. Whomever we spoke with on the phone said we have to wait a week. Unfortunately, by then we would no longer have the U-Haul, I would be back at work (I took off for the move), and my mother would be still sleeping on the floor. This is in addition to the frustrations of moving.

    My mother really loved the bed (it reminded her of her grandmother's), but was so fed up she just wanted to return it. Guess what? They don't do returns and all sales are final, something no representative had explained until our problem had risen (and then we were told "well it was on the receipt").

    Okay Raymour and Flanigan, you got me. While dealing with the frustrations of moving (just me and my mother), you managed to prolong and aggravate our emotions. I received a parking ticket for the U-Haul, and you offered to pay half of the ticket. You suggested that I go to Home Depot, with all the frustrations of moving we were already going through, so they could cut it down to the right size; and your company will cover the cost. My goodness, for a Hospitality Management College Student, active volunteer, worker for the Hospitality Industry, and as a human being, I will cut my long story short:

    My purchase may not have been the biggest one, but care should have went into my problem. Other worries I encountered during my moving process were all being recycled and I had to deal with little atonement for a mistake that I had no fault for. On Queens BLVD, New York, there are furniture stores galore, all offering their services. We made a decision to choose R & F because of a reputation and standard we believed were held and practiced. However, I do not recommend ANY Raymour & Flanigan because of my experience; well, maybe I would recommend it to an enemy. :)

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bad quality on furniture!

I am so disappointed in Raymour & Flaningan. The customer service people are idiots. They have no clue a...

failure to honor extended warranty!

We bought a very expensive leather living room set consisting of a coach, love seat and recliner end tables a...

big problems all around!

My husband and I have ordered a large amount of furniture from here recently. We ordered a leather sofa...

worst furniture store ever!!!

You think you're dealing with someone reputable until the furniture comes. We bought mattresses;...

delivery delay!

I have purchased a bed and 3 piece sofa set on Nov 25th, 2007. The goods have not been delivered to be so far as of today (12/12/2007). I have to call them everytime for confirmation of delivery and receive the inevitable "We cannot deliver" response. Finally, they cannot even confirm the date of delivery now. The company representatives never call me on their own to communicate the problem. I have to initiate it. All in all... worst possible service. My new home experience has been tarnished by the inefficiency of the company since we cannot sit comfortably nor can we invite anyone to our new home.

  • Ca
    Carole Zbornik Feb 02, 2008

    I'm so happy I read these complaints as I was getting ready to go to Raymour & Flanigan today (2/02/08) to look for a kitchen set and guest bedroom set. I've been in R&F before but never saw anything that I liked but figured I'd give it another try. I've always wondered who makes the furniture they sell because some of it looks flimsy and cheap. There is a wonderful furniture store in Toms River called Seaside Furniture and I have bought several pieces from them and they DO stand by their merchandise. The only problem I have is that I wish it were closer to me. Also, there is Gelco Woodcraft Unfinished furniture in Ocean County (Eatontown) on Rt. 35 a little way past Monmouth Mall. ALL the furniture they carry is solid wood and very well made. You can paint or stain it yourself or they will do it for a small additional cost. I'm going to check out Seaside Furniture and Gelco this week.

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poor customer service!

At the beginning of September 2007, we went into Raymour and Flanagan to look at couches. My husband didn't want fabric, so we ended up looking at leather. We found one we liked and decided to purchase it. We ALSO decided to purchase a foam mattress bed and a full size bed for our spare room. The beds are fine, but the couch smells to high heaven. It's not a regular leather smell. I can't even explain it more than it smells sour or putrid.

I called the company 2 weeks ago. Talked to a woman at the main desk. Told her I didn't want a return a just wanted an exchange for a fabric couch. She was very understanding, told me that she has the same "smell" in one of her couches and that she needed to send an e-mail to the store manager and district manager, and that someone would get back to me either Saturday or Monday. Needless to say, those days went by and I received no phone call. When I called and talked to "said" girl, she basically acted like I hadn't even spoke to her, and told me that she would transfer me over to my sales person who took care of us. I told her that on Friday when I spoke to her she said it wasn't a sales person issue. She said she had to transfer me anyway. Of course, the sales woman got on the phone, I explained the issue to her and OF COURSE, she had to transfer me to her store manager. After speaking with him, he said that it stated right on the back of our contract that they do not do any exchanges or returns and that if I wanted to do an exchange, he'd have to get approval from his district manager and I'd have to pay a 20% rehandling fee. I wanted to say... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! I have to pay you more money cuz I'M not satisfied??!! After talking to my husband, he vetoed the idea of giving them any more money. I will NEVER shop at Raymour and Flanagan again. They DO NOT take care of their customers... but they DO take your money!!!


  • Bh
    BH Aug 20, 2007

    To this day, I am still waiting for our sofa to be fixed. My experience with this company has been a nightmare. The day our furniture was delivered, we noticed problems. A seat for the dining room chair was loose, there were nicks on some furniture, and hardware for our end tables, entertainment set, and buffet were loose as well. However, the biggest problem was a squeaky sofa.

    I called the company the first chance I got to express my complaints and to request repairs or exchanges for the defective BRAND NEW furniture. When the technician arrived, he was able to repair most of the problems with the exception of the squeaky sofa and a dining room chair. The dining room chair needed a replacement part which I had to wait for. The technician attempted to repair the sofa but on the same day he left, the other side of the sofa began squeaking. This lead to another call to schedule another appointment.

    We didn't schedule another appointment until the part arrived for the dining room chair so that the technician can try to repair both in one visit as opposed to two separate visits. I had requested a different technician because the original technician didn't fix the problem with the sofa. They did NOT send a different technician. The same one came back for the 2nd appointment. He was able to repair the dining room chair but unable to repair the sofa. The rear of the sofa now began to squeak.

    At this point I had begun to get frustrated. I made multiple calls to the Oakland Service and Repairs department (201-337-0980) requesting to speak with managers or supervisors. I was usually told that they weren’t available but I would get a call back. I NEVER received a call back. I finally spoke with a manager (Emilio) by calling in myself to express my frustrations. I requested to have the sofa exchanged. It was a brand new sofa that had already been taken apart twice. He insisted on sending a more experience technician and give them another chance. I declined and insisted on exchanging the sofa. At the end of the conversation, he agreed to exchange the sofa and I’d have to wait for yet another appointment. He had also stated that if the sofa was exchanged, I could not longer request repairs for the piece because it will no longer be covered by the plan. I feel this is a ridiculous policy.

    On the third appointment (7/31/07), two gentlemen brought in the new sofa. That one squeaked too and it was worse than the sofa I already had. This just goes to show the quality of the furniture they’re selling. I had requested the delivery men to leave the original sofa. I was forced to make another call. I had no other recourse at this point but to call for another service appointment. I spoke to Emilio again. He said this time he will send a more experienced technician to resolve the problem. I had no choice, either take the fourth appointment or live with a squeaky sofa. He pulled some strings to get me the first appointment that day.

    On the fourth appointment (8/17/07), they did send another technician and he did arrive first thing in the morning. He also seemed more knowledge and experienced. Unfortunately, he did not have the equipment or means to repair the sofa. He stated that the sofa needs to be taken into their repair facility where they have to proper tools to fix the sofa. Reluctantly, I accepted this answer because ultimately I just want to get it fixed. I received a call from a woman by the name of Applelina to schedule my fifth appointment (8/22/07). This appointment was to have a delivery team pick up our sofa to be repaired. I had expressed to her the ordeal I’ve been going through. She understood and told me that she would be requesting an early morning appointment (8am-12pm). My work schedule starts at 12:30pm so I need appointments in the AM hours.

    Keep in mind, taking away our sofa is very inconvenient for my wife and me. The company isn’t able to tell me how long it will take to fix the sofa. They won’t schedule an appointment until the sofa is fixed. So let’s say it take 2 days to fix the sofa. Then they call me to schedule an appointment for delivery. If they actually honor the scheduled appointment, I anticipate I’ll be without a sofa for nearly a week.

    Today (8/20/07), I received a call from a gentlemen from the Delivery department. He told me the appointment is scheduled between 10am-2pm. At that point I was very upset and tried to explain to the gentlemen that this wouldn’t work for me. He hung up on me.

    Immediately, I called into the Delivery department to speak with a supervisor or manager. Again, I was told none were available. The lady I spoke with, Tammy had advised me that they cannot guarantee any appointment windows and if the appointment didn’t work for me, I’d have to reschedule. At the end of the conversation, I was forced to reschedule to (8/24/07) but still she could not guarantee me a time frame! Again, she was only able to but in a request. If they actually pick up the sofa and repair it, will I get it back by Labor Day to entertain guests?? I requested the company’s corporate number and address. She was only able to provide me with a phone number of 315-453-2500.

    I called the number and spoke to Kelly. I told her that I wished to speak with someone on filing a complaint against the company. She transferred me to a lady by the name of Bridgette. I also advised her of my request. She placed me on hold only to hang up on me. I attempted to reach the Oakland Service center and today I only get their voicemail.

    I am at my wits end with this company. The way they treat their customers is deplorable. The only persons I’ve dealt with that have shown any empathy are Emilio and Applelina. The attitudes I’ve received from others have been apathetic. Their website doesn’t have a corporate address where you can write letters to complain. Attempts to make complaints by phone are given the runaround with phone transfers. I will never purchase anything from the company again. I will never recommend them either.

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  • Bi
    Bill Menconi Aug 20, 2007

    I am the guy who received 12 pieces... 12 out of 12 defective... basically, my story is sooo similar, but actually a lot worse!! I also spoke with this Brigitte... Someone is supposedly going to call me tomorrow night... lets see. I am clearly stressed and sick over this.

    Email me... lets compare our horror notes!!! This is sickening!!!

    Bill in Connecticut
    [email protected]

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  • Je
    Jen Feb 06, 2008

    I went in to Raymour and Flanigan in Greece one night to show my friend the couch I was going to purchase, when a sales woman was very rude and degrading to me. Because I am young she implied that I didn't have the money and that I wasn't serious about purchasing the couch... she was pushing me into financing the couch and that's all she wanted-she wanted to make the sale and didn't care about anything else. She was extremely rude! I would never buy anything from her! When I called the store manager to complain, he did/offered nothing, he said that she was one of the companies best sellers and is a "hard closer". I am appalled at the service I have been given and will never buy anything from that store!

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  • An
    ana R Apr 14, 2008

    I'm having the same problems. I purchased some matresses on 04/02 and to date 04/14 i still have to receive delivery of all items. I call and call and they cannot even give me a delivery date.

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  • Di
    disgusted in CT Feb 26, 2009

    I spent almost $2000 on a leather sectional which ripped at the seam 15 months after purchase. It was in the corner section in the back so was not from usage. I called to have it repaired and was told I did not have extended coverage after 12 months but they sent a tech out to get a quote to repair. A week later I had a voice message saying "there is nothing we can do to repair it". Now I have a ripped $2000 couch that I thought was durable enough to last at least 10 years- I am disgusted that in this economy their customer service is so poor. I hope they go out of business - I will never, ever buy anything from there.

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  • Ed
    EDWIN ALGARIN Jun 18, 2009

    My name is Edwin A. and live in NYC. I purchased $29, 000.00 of furniture from Raymour & Flanagan and cash for the entire purchase. As soon as I brought them the certify check that they requested, the heartburn began. First then lied about delivery date within a 3 day period. They wanted me to wait six days, because all their trucks were tied up. When i asked for my checks back and to cancel the order, they miraculously made room for me. They didn't advise ahead of time that they were coming. They dropped in while I has renovation going on. They piled up the furniture in one room and said they be back to put the furniture together. That never happened. They made me sign on the blind for the delivery and then the dirt started coming out. I noticed that I was overcharge for same pieces of furniture bought in pairs. Then I was charged for a mattress and an extra end table. I went to the store on 14th and Irving, relocated from 23rd and 6th, where I originnally purchased the furniture, and ask to speak to a customer rep. My rep. (Kevin) told me he would adjust the overcharges, but he had to check with the warehouse to see if they did indeed make the delivery of a box spring mattress and three end tables. The claim that when I signed the delivery receipt I acknowledge delivery of the items in question. In fact, they did not go over the ordered being delivered and just made me sign. Moreover, I noticed the box spring mattress being brought in to the building through the basement and stop them and said, "I never ordered a mattress. Take it back. I refused the mattress. The driver denies me refusing the mattress and the warehouse said they didn't want to come to my house to confirm what furniture I received. I call them over and over again and Mr. Kevin said they were too busy to schedule and appointment to confirm that I didn't receive the items. They finally made a date and I had a previous commitment. I called MR. KEVIN and he said all well we will try again next week. Kevin works til 9pm and I called him at 3:30pm. The trip from 14th St to Washington Heights is only 15 minutes. I traveled it 6 times back and forth when I was picking my furniture there. Anyway three months have passed by and still no call back. I feel helpless but not speechless. RAYMOUR & FLANAGAN ARE TWO OF THE BIGGEST THIEVES THAT HAVE SET FOOT ON THIS EARTH.
    They are ruthless and liers and have no ethics in doing business with the public. I too will join with those have been dupted by this company.


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  • Ed
    EDWIN ALGARIN Jun 18, 2009


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poor quality furniture

Let me start by saying that I call this store Raymour and Crapigan because that is what you're buying if you purchase furniture from this store. My husband and I purchased a leather sectional that we paid about $4000 in cash in June 2005. The one piece had to be replace right away because the top was sloped. It took about a month to get this replaced. Once that was replaced, all seemed fine until about 4 months later when my 8 year old, who weighed 40 lbs, sat down and the entire bottom fell out of the middle section of one of the couches. We turned the couch over and found that there was nothing in the way of support or cushioning underneath the furniture. It was ply wood and foam wrapped in leather!

We call Raymour & Crapigan to get the usual run around that we must have sat down on the furniture incorrectly etc. and that we could replace the furniture but they would only give us half of what we spent. My response, Hell No! We had only had the furniture for about five months and it was completely unusable. They agreed to let us select new furniture with full credit.

This time we selected furniture without leather covering thinking that the interior of the furniture would be made better. Silly us! Once we had the new furniture selected and all pieces delivered it was now February 2006. It is now 2007 and we once again need to replace the Raymour and Crapigan furniture. This time we will not bother with this company. I don't need the hassle or the lip from the poorly trained customer service people and I don't want anymore poorly made furniture.

  • Em
    emak13 Jan 27, 2010

    I bought a couch and a deluxe rocker, recliner chair I only had the furniture for two years, first the couch was a recliner, the head rest of the section was 3 inches lower than the rest of the other head rest, the cushion unerneath the middle was actually all falling out from underneath the couch and the middle seat finally caved in and the chair was put together with plywood and broke from the seat. Now that the seat is useless, I remembered someone who worked for Alperts, mentioned that they take broken furnture and fixes them up in the warehouse, and now that raymour and flanningan's took over I believe it is still going on somethings don't change. Sorry for not listening to my better judgement

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  • Ba
    Bawareoffurniture Jul 30, 2011

    I bought several pieces of family room and dining room furniture from Raymour & Flanigan (Lawrenceville, New Jersey) in April 2011. Was my first trip to Raymour & Flanigan. Here is what happened to the Wooden Dining Room Chairs with leather seats and back (SKU # 798072775) - The wooden sides and the legs of the dining set chairs have nicks all over. I can see yellow raw wood underneath. After two weeks, a screw fell off from one of the chair and another chair had leather wearing out from seat corners.
    Here is what happened to the Wooden Fireplace with side drawers (SKU# 399033009) – Without touching it ever, Nicks appeared over the edges. After opening the side drawers a few times, the top corners of the drawers are all peeled exposing the raw wood underneath.
    Here is what happened to the Two Full Size Leather Reclining Sofa sets (SKU# 202282959) – After few days of purchasing stitches from one of the seats opened. One of the reclining seats does not stay stable and is wobbly. Threads are hanging out randomly from various parts of the seams on both the sofa sets.
    Here is what happened to the Wooden Coffee table – It was dirty when it was delivered to my home so I cleaned the table top with wood polish. The table became smudgy and smoggy. I called the store and was told not to use wood polish instead clean with soap and water. Well that cleaned it. After few days two 2 oily looking spots appeared. Tried cleaning but didn’t go away. Table was not used this far. To date not a single thing is put on it but has a scratchy look all over.
    Furniture continues to fall apart. I bought the Platinum Protection Plan and have so far had them come twice. New damage has occurred since then. Calling them every month for a new fix is not a solution.
    I do not have small kids and nor is the furniture used daily. I am not sure how the top management and the CEO of Raymour & Flanigan continue to market such products. It’s a shame.

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  • Di
    Disgruntled in Dumont Nov 03, 2014

    Purchased a leather sofa "on clearance" at $700. The frame from left to right, sags
    or is broken in the middle. The sofa is JUST two years old - purchased 10/31/2012 - and I live alone! How much abuse could one adult that works full-time put on a sofa? Called Customer Service - Oh, because I purchased on clearance, there is NO WARRANTY. This is absolute stupidity - are they inferring that it is disposable as a piece of garbage because it is in their clearance department? Why don't they call it the "Broken Junk" department?
    The frame of the sofa touches the floor at midpoint of the sofa - it is suspended above the two feet (or actually 4 feet) the rest of the sofa. This is a piece of garbage - the brand is ELBA. Why would a store continue to sell such substandard quality - and then scold you for "purchasing in the clearance department" - as though I bought something from a garage sale. This is NOT acceptable.

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delivery and furniture condition

Raymour & Flanigan: Let’s start at the beginning. Raymour & Flanigans commercials promise delivery in three days. Well sure if you don’t mind taking several days off of work, because it’s your job to accommodate their lack of concern for the condition of the furniture they are allowed to load on their trucks, and when (not if) your furniture arrives damaged it’s another three day wait, as long as one of those three days is not Sunday or Monday.

I am waiting on delivery attempt #4 now. Oh yes, I was greeted right away and the sales person was very nice and helpful. The furniture is not high end but the price reflects that, most if not all is made in China. The style of the 11 pieces I chose was very nice and was well suited for my home. However, when it comes to delivering the furniture there is total lack of concern for you time.

Raymour & Flanigan will give you a 7 hour window of time the day before delivery, but that is not a guaranty, so it is almost a useless call. On two of the delivery attempts their drivers would call and say they will be at my home in (x) amount of time. Once they were off by 2.5 hours and another 1.5 hours.

On delivery day #1: The furniture delivery truck came with in their 7 hour window. This was the delivery to set precedence for the res of the Raymour & Flanigan experience. The sofa, chair and love seat were all acceptable; however, the end tables, sofa & coffee tables, night tables and dressers all had to be sent back. The kicker is here is that the delivery guys acknowledged that they knew we were not going to accept the furniture, due to it condition, before loading it on the truck. There were chunks of wood missing on most, thick layers of dust on some and scratches on the rest. OK Delivery #2, there was no concern shown from customer service, just their standard reply; it will take at least three more days to get the next delivery with a seven hour window.

Delivery # 2: (%#@(), 2.5 hours after the call saying they will be here in 15 minutes, with in their 7 hour window of time. I accept 1-end table, 2-night stands, and the sofa table. The rest had to go back.

Delivery #3: (#@!**& %$#) my wife calls me nearly in tears. I ‘m not too sure about the consideration of a deliver time on this delivery because I was not home, but they forgot to load the glass top for the coffee table so they would not leave the table. This leads us to delivery #4.

  • Jg
    J Gonder Oct 15, 2007

    Do not purchase from Raymour & Flanigan. I purchased a dinning room set; sofa, chair, accent chair, recliner, cocktail and end table set all to be delivered 9/22/07. On that day the delivery truck did arrive promptly and were very polite. Only the dinning room table, buffet & hutch were in acceptable condition. The living room stands did not arrive due to "damage in the warehouse". All of the other furniture was ripped and I was told that I had to accept the furniture and someone would come out to inspect the damage to process an exchange. After a week of trying to set up time for their service man to inspect the furniture I found out that they wanted to REPAIR, NOT REPLACE the brand new furniture. I was not happy with this option and after speaking to several different people was able to get an exchange authorized.

    10/6/07 - the exchange. The same delivery men arrived as the first time. They seemed upset & said that nothing was wrong with the merchandise. I showed them all of the rips. Then they said they would not bring anything into the house until I inspected it. So, they began unloading the truck in the street. The first 3 pieces, accent chair, sofa & the living room tables were all damaged. I was mad and immediately called customer service where I was instructed to accept what I could and refuse the rest. So, I went back out to the street to find the delivery men had packed up the truck & said it was all like that and nothing should be accepted.

    The next day customer service called me to see what I wanted to do. I said I wanted new, un-damaged furniture. At that time the customer service person said that the delivery manager inspected the furniture once it got back to the warehouse and deemed it as "customer perception", the material "defects" were acceptable and if that was not acceptable to me I should pick out different furniture. My options at this time was either a full refund of store credit & I could pick out something of equal or GREATER value or I could pay a 25% restock fee and get a refund. Then the customer service manager, Kim (Raymour & Flanigan in King of Prussia, PA) told me that this furniture was not the best furniture and that I should come pick something else out. Then 5 min later said “We do have this nice Cindy Crawford line…” Hello, did you look at my order that is what I bought!

    After arguing with several people I finally got them to agree with me, personally going to the delivery warehouse and inspecting the furniture before delivery with the delivery manager. At the warehouse I dealt with a very nice delivery supervisor and one piece was damaged and the rest was perfect. After seeing this and them refusing to leave any packaging on the furniture before shoving it in a delivery truck, I made the decision to come back the next morning with a truck and a few men to help me take the furniture which I paid Raymour & Flanigan to deliver. However, the cocktail and end tables were still not available and it’s not 10/15/07 and their customer service center has still not been in contact with me.

    Moral of the story is not to buy from Raymour & Flanigan unless you want to waste your time and money.

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  • Ju
    JustTheFacts1 Oct 10, 2009

    As a former employee, I can tell you that they will tell customers whatever it is they want to hear just to get them off the phone. The lower management will always take the easy way out and have others do the dirty work for them.

    Also, it is a common practice that R&F sells used furniture as new. Furniture that has been in someone else's home and returned to the warehouse would always be the next out of inventory to get delivered to the next customer. It's also happened that the same person that returned a piece(s) got the same one re-delivered on an exchange. That shows how they do not care about customer satisfaction.

    I could go on and on about how they try and deceive customer's. There is not enough space here or time for me to list everything.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid purchasing anything from them. It's not worth the hassle.

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do not buy the warranty for products from raymour and flannigan

DO NOT BUY the warranty for products from Raymour and Flannigan. We purchased about $10k worth of leather from them for about $1200. When we tried to have a rip fixed it was denied by the third party vendor. Raymour also stated it was not there problem as they no longer dealt with that firm. I will buy off the back of a truck instead of dealing with Raymour again.

  • Jo
    john doey Aug 22, 2010


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