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Complaints & Reviews

Luke Cali King Bed

We ordered a bed online in November. The bed was supposed to arrive early Jan but did not arrive till end in March 2020. When it arrived it was missing parts that we had to call to get ordered. We were told someone will come with the parts to install in a week or two. Today 4-4 we got a big bod in the mail from Z gallerie. When we called we were told we had to install ourselves. This is absolute nonsense we don't have the tools or the strength to put this together. Either compensate us or come please take the bed back

California King Luke bed

Order bed in November. Was supposed to be delivered in January. Bed did not show up till end of March. When bed arrived it has a queen base and we were told that we will be sent right base and people will come and install it. Just the base showed up with no one to install it. Now we still don't have a bed. It's been six months almost and we still don't have a bed to sleep on

Credit card

My account was closed by the store, then I paid the bill on time every month. For an account that is closed then they sent me a minimum payment due of $453, in which I was expected to pay, in which I paid in two installments in the months time only for them to report me to the credit bureau for a late payment! And refuse to correct the situation! No matter how many times I've disputed and called them with the complaint I've received no solution, for items I've overpaid for, awful company

online order

I place an order in August 2019 aftee receiving a giftcard Some of my items didn't come. I called, they said I would get a giftcard for 2 of the items they no longer have and they'd ship out the other item. The item was a candle, I received pillow cases. I was instructed to return the pillowcases & my item would be sent. No item, no refund, no emailed giftcards as promised. Many, many emails and long drawn out phone calls. As of 11/13. No response.

online order

king size tufted white bed

2216 I received a nice king size tufted bed as an anniversary gift on May 2019, few months later when I was changing bed sheets; I noticed lots of rips on a footboard from inside !!? I...

delivery and returns

I ordered a the Jen Bed online. It was surprisingly ready to ship weeks before they said. When the Delivery company called to set up Delivery, they were only in my " area" two days... Unfortunately, these two days I work out of town. The delivery company had no solution for me. I Called Zgallery customer service and they apologized for not having more flexible delivery options. They said I could send the bed back with no charges and re buy it in the local store and pick it up there.
I was happy with this Solution. It's been a month since the bed was returned and 3 phone calls later and still do not have a credit.
I called today " again" and was told because I " REFUSED " delivery I would be charged a 25% return fee... This is very dishonest. Delivery was not refused, they could not accommodate me. I did what customer service instructed me to do. They are very unprofessional, it's a shame. I've call Amex to dispute the charge...
we will see 🤷‍♀️

order not fulfilled

A purchase made on your website of items that later z Gallerie claimed was a system glitch in pricing and refuse to honor purchase. I made a large purchase on August, order number 1495820 customer ID 9687486 . The prices seem to be amazing for such an expensive company so I called the next day and asked if there was an error on their end and if I should expect a cancellation on my order they said "no there was no error it was a flash sale and i already paid the items so not to worry". I asked them to please send me a confirmation email. They said they would but I never received it. Days go by and I still don't have an update on my order so I call the company back and they tell me my order has been shipped and they were going to email me a tracking number since fedex still hadn't provided one. Days go by and still no news from z Gallerie. I called no less than 4 times and spent I've 40 minutes on hold each time. Wrote emails to corporate about my order status. There was a ticket created to find me a tracking number since the status of my order said shipped on 8/28/2029. Ticket number is [protected] and a person named Javier was going to personally take care of my case. I wait 3 days and call For a status when I was told AGAIN to give them more time to resolve the case. Finally I call 9/20/2019 and a customer service tells me that there was a glitch in their system and there was no way the company would honor the prices I received. I was transferred to a manager where I explained in detail how the situation was handled and he refused to help me. He told me no matter who I spoke with no one would help me and honor the order and that even though some orders did go out at the "glitch pricing" mine was caught before and they were going to issue a refund. I told him I did not authorize a refund especially after I spent A total of over 5 hours of hold time looking for my items in which in various occasions representatives told me they were already shipped. He told me that people were getting fired for the issues but no matter what i said I wasn't getting my order. Not only did they never reach out to me to tell me I wasn't getting my order or a refund but they handled the situation very poorly in keeping my money for 2 months

order not fulfilled

  • Updated by Jessika11 · Sep 21, 2019

    Still no update


On July 1st 2019 I purchased a wall art piece from Z Gallery located in Hallandale FL.
The item was delivered broken. Before I remove the item from the box I noticed it was broken and immediately called customer service. After put on hold for more than 30 min, finally got a representative who told me I have to take picture of the damage product via email and would get a response back in 24 hours. I waited more than a week and nobody responded back. I called again and a very unprofessional customer representative kept putting me on hold with no real answer to my questions. I asked to talk to a supervisor and they refused to transfer me saying a need a valid reason to speak to a supervisor. I finally got to speak to a supervisor but again still waiting for a solution. It's been a month an I still have the damaged item sitting in my office waiting for a shipping return label that never came. Dealing with this company customer service is so frustrating and the quality of their products are so cheap and overpriced. It is not worth your time and money to shop at this store.



I purchased a coffee table from Zgallerie back in May. Before making the purchase I was promised that if the item is defective and not accepted during delivery, I would be refunded my money including the shipping with no questions asked. The table was delivered mid June with a dent on the side and cracked top, and I refused the delivery. I immediately called their customer service and was on hold for 45 minutes. Finally the rep told me that I would be refunded my money and delivery fee and sent a follow up email confirming that. We are one month out and I still have not received my refund. I contacted their local store (since I do not have time to be on hold for a long time with their customer service) and now they are telling me that they will deduct a restocking fee of 25% and not reimburse my delivery fee. Furthermore they tell me In order to not endure those losses I should accept an exchange!!!? I am writing so that other consumers do not suffer the headache and emotional turmoil they have caused me.

delivery department

I set up an appointment for a delivery to be made on June 28, 2019. I received a voice message to say my delivery would be between the hours of 2-6pm. I took off from work. Still waiting as I'm typing this complaint for someone to call me to tell me there's a delay for my delivery. This is so unprofessional. I've been waiting for over 3months for this. Now what?


To Whom It May Concern, On April 9, 2019, I went into your store located across the street from the Galleria in Dallas, Tx. While there I decided I wanted to purchase the large...

dining room table

I placed an order (1293273) on October 8th, 2018. I am still missing the glass dining room table. It was delivered In November without connecting hardware and I was advised to return it. Since then, I have been told numerous times that it will be another 10 weeks. I called CS 2 days ago and now I am being told to expect delivery in July. That is 9 months from the time the order was placed. This process has been horrible. If I knew I would not have a table for this long, I would never have placed the order. Additionally, I received a damaged buffet that had to be returned, 6 dining chairs, one of which was the wrong color and had to be returned, and now a table that is still not available. Am I going to be told in July that it will take another 10 weeks?!?!?!?

ZGallery — credit card

I bought 2,800$ worth of thing under the agreement I had a yr to pay it if it was over 1,000 $ Then they conveniently run up everything separate so it wouldn't show up a...

delivery/customer service

Order #1303740-Ella Wall Clock. Placed order in October 2018. Was not delivered by the timeframe estimated so I called to check on the order. Was told it was damaged in transit and returned back to warehouse. Was told had I not called they would have just canceled my order and refunded. I asked for new order to be sent. It was. Received this time and it was damaged. The outside label on the box actually said Damaged!!! I have pictures of this as well. After multiple phonecalls, was told to send picture of the damage for review within 5 days. Never heard back. I have called over 15 times, each time waiting 40+ minutes to speak to a representative (have call logs and screenshots to prove it). Am told a different story everytime. After my pictures were 'reviewed' I was told to throw away the damaged clock and a new one would be sent. Next day I receive a return label via email to return the clock they told me to throw away!!! Have been told for over a month now that a new clock is shipping out and it never is. Have asked to talk to supervisors multiple time I was told there aren't any supervisors on site and they are not ever on site, only available if you request a call back from one of them. Then today I was told "they are all in a meeting" and rep would submit an escalation email for supervisor to call me. I asked when should I expect a call back and was told the estimated wait time is 5 DAYS. TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR!!! Over the multiple times I have called, I have been called impatient by a representative -let me remind you I have been waiting since OCTOBER 2018 for this clock-and one rep actually had the nerve to tell me she recommends I take a chill pill. Everytime I call it is an hour of my time on the phone waiting on hold and I am told a different story every single time. the rep today said she wishes the last rep I talked to would have been upfront with me so I was not led to believe my clock would ship out this week since they are 'weeks' behind in reviewing their orders. WHAT!! Not to mention I have been actually HUNG UP ON TWICE by customer service reps. I am appalled at the level of service this company offers and how it does not seem like I will ever receive this clock that I paid $300 for. it is a gift for my mom who is looking forward to receiving it, which is the only reason I have not said screw it and just sent a refund. Which I don't believe I would ever receive that either at this point. I AM AT MY WITS END!!!

UPDATE-I finally requested a refund because I am OVER IT and they tell me only supervisor can issue a refund...but a supervisor will never call you back!! Yes, you have to wait for a supervisor to call you-apparently there are none of site, EVER. They are holding my item and money hostage. This is THEFT. Taking it to the media and the investment company!!!

bedroom furniture

Please do not purchase anything here. Worst experience I've ever had! I purchased a bed and dresser and was told the order would take 3 weeks to ship. I was told I would receive notification of delivery date. As promised, I received a delivery date; however 2 hours following the confirmation call, I received another call stating the furniture was damaged and Z Gallerie would contact me regarding next steps. This took place December 15, 2018. To date, I have not received any correspondence from Z Gallerie. I have attempted to call several times only to be promised a return call and email with an overview of my issue which has never taken place. The customer service representatives have continuously provided me with unfulfilled promises even after I explained I am currently without bedroom furniture as a result of me moving my previous bed to prepare for the delivery that never occurred.


Furniture piece was delivered and did not fit through a common doorway. Had to refuse piece. ZGallerie blamed me for not measuring correctly. To rid myself of the furniture I had to pay a 50% restocking fee. Why would a furniture company build a piece that does not fit through a doorway? I emailed my concerns and was told if I would have measured correctly before I placed the order I could have prevented this. Hmmm. I did measure but never thought the piece would come fully assembled with the legs on which caused the two movers grief.

reflection leaner mirror

The worst shopping experience of my life. I bought the $700 leaner mirror. Waited 2 weeks for it to arrive. It arrived made terribly, the corners didn't even meet. Complained and...

worst place to shop

Zgallerie have the worst customer service that I have ever experience . Their product looks nice and very expensive but not worth the price . I order several items from them had issues with the item the managers never return my phone call that was 2 months ago . I called several time again to speak to them they said they will have to call me back and put me on a Q list still to no avail . In addition costumer service was suppose to give me a gift card via email nothing has shown up . They need to be out of business . I will now do all my shopping on Wayfair their customer service is one of the best they will never leave you unsatisfied

dining table

Ordered a dining table June 2018 that was "in stock". After many calls and being told so many different things, I finally cancelled the order today, Sept 18. Manager, Oscar, would not return my phone call after leaving messages and an email to Ian. I WAS a zgallerie customer, but never again. Ordering the same piece from Joss and Main which will be delivered in 1 week, who by the way, has great customer service!

purchase never arrived

I order a mirror and table in June 2018. Was informed the items by associated I would have both by July 18. After making the purchase I checked the website to track my items. A...

they will not honor catalog price

I received the newest Z Gallerie catalog, and on page 22 it listed a painting, entitled " New Purity" at $299. The painting was actually called "Prestige", and they fixed the catalog glitch and priced it at $599. I showed them my catalog, and they said tough, they won't honor it, even though it was their error. You would think the relatively low difference of $300 would not be worth the incredible bad will they have generated. They were rude, unpleasant, and said they literally will NOT honor their catalog price.

they will not honor catalog price

[Resolved] ridiculous shipping time

I ordered two Emery Beds November 2017. They are custom made to order so we expected the beds to be at least three months out be we never expected to wait until July of 2018!! The...

[Resolved] items on display in store

I recently shopped Z Galleries in the Oak Brook Mall in Oak Brook, IL. To my disgust, I saw a Journal with matching pencil set that read "[censored]ing Brilliant". I don't see anything brilliant of having these items for sale in your store where young children and young adults shop with their parent's. I have always rated Z Galleries as a high end upscale store with superb taste! To have these items for sale in your store goes beyond shameful! What does this say about Z Galleries reputation? It would be highly wise for Z Galleries to permanently remove these items from their display and continue to offer upscale products that are not offensive to their customer's. Thank you for your time!

  • Z Gallerie's response · Jun 25, 2018

    Hello from Z Gallerie Customer Service. Please accept our sincerest apologies if the pencil offended you. We have forward your comments to the VP of Retail Operations and VP of Purchasing. We take your feedback serious and appreciate the time you took to alert Z Gallerie.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] customer service on goods

Ordered (2) large Lanterns on 5/11/2018 on line. Received a confirmation email, received a tracking number which read: ETA 10-May-18 / Late May-Early June. That is not a tracking number.

Called 2 weeks after placing order, customer service said, yes this is scheduled to arrive late may, again no REAL tracking number, expect a new fed ex tracking number soon. Two weeks later, sent email to Zgallerie Customer Service, one week later, still no response, although their phone service says you will have a response in 24 hours. Called customer service another week later and the response this time was that, somehow the order got lost, but they knew this for 4 weeks, but took no action to resolve it. So now they have reordered it again, but yet I have no tracking number. Very disappointing as I thought this was a reputable company with great customer service. Lesson Learned.

  • Z Gallerie's response · Aug 01, 2018

    Hello from Z Gallerie. We are just now in receipt of this complaint and love to try and help resolve any and all outstanding issues. If you would be so kind to provide your order number we will research the matter right away. We apologize for the experience and hope you will give us an opportunity to fix this issue.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


I placed an order on 12/21, the items were a present for my friends birthday. On 1/17, I called because the order had not been shipped yet. Although, it had been a very long and...

dining table and chair

My husband and I are very upset and in disbelief regarding the service and follow up/ through experience we have had with Zgallerie. We ordered thousands of dollars worth of furniture from your St Louis store at the end of June 2017. We were promised the furniture would be delivered no later then 6 to 8 weeks making it mid to end September. I recieved pieces of my order throughout this time but did not recieve the empire dinning table, coffee table and 2 of side chairs until November 2017, 5 months after we ordered them.
My husband and I called the store and customer service several times. We were both told many different stories, intitially we were told all of our furniture would be delivered end of September, the beginning to mid October, then the end of October finally in we were informed the tables were on back order, the store should have told us that and we received our full original order in November.
Mid October I ordered a dining table and chair. I ordered it through the store and was told that the table and chair were in stock. There would be no issue with it being delivered to me by November 13, as I explained to the worker that I have an event planned for the 18th of November and would order another if I could not get this item by that time. I placed the order and when I called to follow up on it. I was told that only 3 chairs were ordered due to a worker at the store placing wrong orders in other workers names. So I had to order and pay for a 4th chair which I was told would be overnight/ expressed shipped to me, that never happened I am still waiting on it. I was deliver the bottom of the dining table about 2 weeks ago, then delivered the wrong table 1 week ago. I am still waiting on a Mila table top and a gunner dining chair.
If someone can please check into my order. I just want my items. I was sent a $100 gift card and told I would be compensated for the time it took to send the original order another once all the order is delivered. I just want what I ordered as soon as possible. I have offered to pick the items up, pay for overnight mail myself and was told I could not.
I have called customer service more times then I can count, I've been put on list for supervisors and mangers to call me back but not one has called me, although I have called and held the line to speak with them. I just want my order..

[Resolved] service

When I received a very nice email from D Matos with apologies and how even the VP was involved in my issue I thought perhaps I over reacted. NOPE..
Apparently they cannot find my 30, 000 order. They had no problem finding my credit card to bill it to.I supplied info requested followed up W additional email.
Still no response.I guess that will take 3 mo also.

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 07, 2017

    Thank you for your response. We will be back in contact with you today November 7th in attempt to resolve all issues.

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 07, 2017

    Hello sir,
    So glad we had a chance to speak. We have made the arraignments on your order and will be in contact with you. You have my contact information now and we can work together to ensure a great result. Thank you again for your patience. Please feel free to resolve the complaint if you feel the matter is being addressed. Thank you!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] ZGallerie — furniture

Worst experience ever. Will display all over social media the horrible experience I have had with zgallerie. I will never order again. Store mgr in sa, tx, sergio & fabian give me...

[Resolved] unethical behavior

I purchased over $30, 000 of merchandise In August. This is now November. I have half of my furniture. When purchase was made I was informed barstools and counterstools were custom. Arrival mid Nov. Rest was In stock.
When I phone customer service I get a different story everytime.Mirrors never showed up (not pass quality control per del company). I assume that's industry lingo for broken. I called customer service. Told Reship in 7 to 10 day. Next call was told never should have been told that have to come from California. Received email they shipped 10/20. 15 days ago. today I was told maybe before end of month. I assume they are being hand delivered and some is walking them to Florida. I also order the complete Edmond livingroom with three chairs. Told in stock, then changed to first week of November. Called today to be told they are custom order and will be December. They were sampled on floor and a stocking item in August. Apparently you discontinued them. Will I ever see them? Perhaps they are on same truck as mirrors? In addition I am told the custom stools are ?????? I n addition I paid two delivery charges so I could get stock merchandise del ahead of custom order and now told livingroom is custom order?
The staff at store is INCREDIBLE. ..Everytime I go in they are helpful, cheerful, professional and accommodating. Everytime I enter I say I'm not buying today and walk out spending a few hundred or more. Perhaps they should train corporate as each and every person I speak to in California has misinformed me, mislead me and gave me false information. Not to mention being arrigant and condescending.
I do not feel the amount of my business should give me special attention. If I spend $50 or $30000 in a month I expect integrity, truthfulness and service.
This is my first experience with Zgalleria. I own a consulting business that does turn Key packages and have to say this is not like anything I have experienced with a furniture store or any retailer before.
Can someone, anyone get me a truthful, honest expectation of when I can see my order?

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 06, 2017

    Please accept our sincerest apologies for this experience. We will have a Customer Service manager contact you today. Thank you for the opportunity to resolve this matter for you.

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 06, 2017

    Hello Valued Customer - We have sent an email to the email provided as we do not have contact information. Please take a moment to view and respond. Thank you !

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 07, 2017

    Thank you. We are in receipt of your email and have located your account. A Customer Service manager is responding to your email at this time. We looking forward to resolving this issue right away.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] deceitful unethical behaviour

I have been dealing with this since 8/4/17 order # 0805760fpug. I live in the Orlando area, I have spoken to managers, employees all promise to resolve the mistake however; it i...

[Resolved] musician art piece

I bought an art piece called Musician from online Zgallerie store. They shipped broken piece and then told me to ship it back for exchange which I did. Sent me another piece which is again broken and repaired. I have proof with pics and I sent to them. They are saying send it back to them again. I am not doing this third time. Its a heavy piece more than 70lbs. I have to call everytime for help or pay someone to help me out with this.
Their customer service says we know about this issue with this particular item, then why they are selling. I requested to speak with manager on 8/21 and was told it may take upto 48 hrs and now its 48 hrs and then they say that oh you requested on 8/22. Which is a lie. They are not letting me talk to their manager. Today I was told to wait until the end of the day. This has been a frustrating experience with this store. I have never had such an experience ever. Basically, they are making me keep a broken and repaired item at the cost of new. along with this, I get mental harassment.

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 07, 2017

    Hello from Z Gallerie Customer Service. We apologize for the delay we've just joined this message board. If you are still having problems, please email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to see if we can help resolve all outstanding issues.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] madera bowl with tripod base

2216 Big issue with this Decor piece, the Bowl sits freely ontop of the Tripod & is quite unstable. It frequently tilts & our biggest concern is it falling on our glass top table ...

[Resolved] inaccurate delivery dates, hassle refund process

We ordered the Riley Bed in March 2017 after seeing it in person in the Atlanta location. We called the store and ordered the bed and was told it would be 8- 10 business weeks due to its “custom” status. On week 11 we still hadn’t heard anything so I called customer service who basically told me it would be another month. I called the store location to see if this was correct and the rep told me that it was incorrect and we should be receiving the bed in 2 weeks. I was slightly annoyed seeing as we had already waited the full 8 to 10 business weeks but I said okay. We received an email shortly after saying the delivery company would contact us by the beginning of next week to set up a time. They never did.

From this point, I went back and forth with zgallerie several times to get the status of our order. It was one story after another. One time frame after another. Finally a rep told me that the headboard had not arrived at the delivery company with the rest of the bed. She said she could not give me a definitive timeframe but it could be another month. At this point we cancelled our order as we were fed up with the runaround. She cancelled the order and said we would be refunded in 5 to 7 business days.

7 business days comes and no refund. I literally go back and forth with zgallerie for the next month after being promised a refund date at least 3 different times to no avail. One instance even being told that a rep forgot to submit the paperwork to a manager for the refund to be approved. Other reps would say the money was going to be refunded on a certain day and it never was. There was never a manager available to speak with concerning the matter and the when I agreed to let one call me back, they never did. Finally a rep explained that they were having trouble locating the headboard and accounting would not process the refund until they knew if zgallerie was in possession of the headboard or the delivery company… neither having anything to do with me or my money. Finally the headboard was “found” and the money was deposited back into our account in early August 2017. I would not recommend this company at all as they cannot give you an accurate time on deliveries OR refunds, they seem to be completely disorganized and disconnected from their warehouse/delivery process. They also don’t appear to care to want to make things right after they have dropped the ball. For the cost of the items, they should definitely put more quality into their service.

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 07, 2017

    Hello from Z Gallerie Customer Service. We apologize for the delay we've just joined this message board. If you are still having problems, please email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to see if we can help resolve all outstanding issues.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] roberto bed order # 874038

2216 I purchased a Roberto bed online in the beginning of September 2016 and still have yet to receive an appropriate bed. The first time they showed up for the delivery (which wa...

[Resolved] vapor sectional 10+ weeks delivery

I went to the local Z Gallery Couch on Feb. 17, 2017 to place my order for a custom Vapor Sectional. I was made aware that ordering custom furniture would take 8-10 weeks but could possibly come sooner. I was ok with this however I received no updates from the company in regards to where my couch was at in the process and every time I called the customer service like I was given a new ETA on when I should expect to hear from the delivery company. Today I called to ask for an update/eta of the furniture and was told Mid to late March after being first told mid to late April and then early to mid May. They are apparently waiting on one piece. I asked why does that piece take 10+ weeks to arrive as the only thing custom on the order was the fabric I purchased. She said I would be hearing from the delivery company in early to Mid May. None of my questions are answered directly. Very frustrating as I would have definitely sought a better alternative had I been aware that I would be looking at a turn time of 12+ weeks for delivery. At this point I am not sure when I am to expect my furniture and am very dissatisfied with the customer service. If you are not going to make the date as promised in store and on your site good customer service practices would be to advise the consumer rather than leave them in the dark.

  • Z Gallerie's response · Nov 07, 2017

    Hello from Z Gallerie Customer Service. We apologize for the delay we've just joined this message board. If you are still having problems, please email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to see if we can help resolve all outstanding issues.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

product not delivered/ order took 12 weeks not 6-8 weeks

I thought Z gallery was a High End store and while the furniture looks high end the entire process after the bed was ordered is anything but High end. I ordered the bed Jan. 10th...

the # customer service

Purchased 15k worth of furnitures from them. Ordered in beginning of November now it's February I'm still waiting for my things to get delivered. Most of the items that...

customer service and return policy

Order #956930. I ordered 7 drapery panels on Jan. 3 for $699.93, $99.99 ea. They arrived and I discovered I needed 3 more. Went back online and couldn't find them. Called and...

alton chandelier

I provided a rating on the piece of $800 garbage I bought from them and tried to list it on the rating of the item and they DID not publish it...they only want good reviews, not...

poor quality furniture; worst customer service!

I first contacted z customer service regarding the horrible cushions on my z gallerie stella sofa right after they were delivered (August 2013). It took innumerable phone calls and email exchanges before the cushions were finally replaced. When they were, they were no better than the original ones, but I had no fight left in me!
I am 110 lbs and live alone. When I have guests, none could have created the wrinkly unacceptable mess they have become in only 2 years.
I also purchased the costly stella chair and ottoman (Which look better, because they are rarely used).
Also, at the time I received the "replacement" cushions, they left them in at my front door, and when I contacted customer service (Again after several attempts) about what to do with the originals, I was told to just "dispose of the original ones." not easy considering the huge size. I had to take them to our local dump and pay a $35 fee.

Recently, I decided to read the reviews and come to find this was a known issue at the time.
Got the band-aid, but the wound is a reality still till this day.

At this point, I cannot trust the "fix" in the cushions they have claimed in response to numerous customer complaints.

Prior to this, I was a loyal z gallerie customer as far as accessories and artwork, but have lost all trust and confidence in your furniture and customer "care."

I emailed customer service photos of my couch when first delivered
(8/2013) & current pics (8/2015).

No surprise - no response from z!!!