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liar salesmen

Bought furniture(bedroom set) 4 years ago when I was straight out of college. Didn't have enough money to buy straight out so opted to go the layaway route. I worked int he Schnectady, NY region then and happened to walk into the Raymour and Flanigan store just to check out layaway plans. I had not intention of actually purchasing the furniture right away. the saleman who greeted me was pleasant but with a shifty kind of appearance that I didn't pay much attention to at the time...in hindsight I should have! upon inquiring, he informed me that they didn't have any layaway options but that he could possibly help me get store financing. I agreed-BIG MISTAKE!!! I got approved for a $3000 credit line, and you can only imagine my glee! After walking around the showroom, I finally picked the bedroom set that I wanted and in my naivity, thought that I could come back probably the next day or so to finalize the sale. So I asked what the interest rate was and he replied "2%" very quickly while maintaining eye contact(didn't even bat an eyelid) I was overjoyed to say the least, because I mentally calculated that my payments would be very affordable. Fast forward to 45 days later...
Imagine my shock when the 1st bill stated an APR of 24%!!! it's 2% alright, but 2% per month!!! I immediately called the store demanding to speak to the salesman but was told that he no longer worked in the store. I explained to them what had transpired but they said that since I had signed the agreement, I was bound by it. I was fuming and my protests, of course, went unheard.
So 4 years and $94.00 per month payments later, I have finally paid off the furniture but have SWORN NEVER EVER to visit this shady company again.
My friends and family have been warned and thank God they have listened. Beware of those inviting ads on tv about no interest for such and such a period...complete lies.!!!
Lesson learned..take a deep breath and read the fine print

  • Ta
    taf712 Mar 29, 2009

    While I do agree with you about Raymour and Flanigan and their misleading salesperson, no interest offers are not false. You as the buyer must read your contract before you sign...if you look at your copy I am sure all details are listed there. Never listen to what the salesman tells you...READ the terms for yourself. I LOVE no payment/no interest terms. I have purchased every piece of furniture and every appliance for my home in this manner. You MUST have the payment by the end of the term or you will be gouged with interest. If you are a responsible borrower and pay the loan off in its entirety you will NOT pay interest. I have received thousands of dollars in interest free loans while I earned interest on the money in the bank and then paid the loan back on the due date.

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bad furniture and bad service

I've checked out these sites before and always read them with a grain of salt, so trust me when I tell...

extremely poor quality and bunch od liars

My husband and i bought a dining set from them and paid in check upfront. unfortunately when the delivery...

Leather couch

I bought a rich brown living room set from Raymore and Flanigan and have had problem after problem with it!...

poor managment

Re: A purchase from hell: Raymour & Flanigan, Franklin Mills Store On Sept. 7, 2008 I purchased a...

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damaged goods

Purchased $3700 bedroom set. 4 pcs arrived, 3 were damaged one of the 3 made incorrectly from manufacturer...

Hamlin Furniture

Horrible Company

Do not purchase ANYTHING from this store. I purchased a small table & 2 chairs in Feb. 2007. 3 weeks ago one...

incomprehensibly poor customer experience

Purchased youth bedroom set in early Aug 2, 2008. Paid in full. Two pieces arrive functional but damaged. One of the pieces is replaced Oct 18 after 4 prior failed replacement attempts. Customer Service manager promises $119 credit to make up for my troubles and promises to replace the other defective piece.

On Oct 31 one of the bed rails fails and bed is unusable. Customer service says bedroom is no longer manufactured and can neither be repaired or replaced. Also states they will be unable to replace/repair the other defective piece. I am referred back to the store.

Credit for $119 was never received.

Nov 4 Yonkers store manager claims ownership for resolving this issue. I propose a partial credit and that I will get the furniture repaired myself. Changing the bedroom is too difficult because entire room was accessorized to match (including carpet and wall paper).

Nov 11 Regional Manager agrees to my proposal and claims I will receive credit shortly.

Nov 21 Store claims they have processed credit but their credit card provider claims they have not received the credit. I remain stuck in the middle.

The above summary does not begin to illustrate the experience which I have been documenting in painful detail on a dedicated blog


couch & love seat

I brought a couch and loveseat from this company and when I received it, it was uncovered and they tried to...

horrible customer service

Purchased a couch from them 6 months ago- it now looks like it is 10 years old. I purchased the platinum protection plan and was told that if a tech came out and found it to be beyond repair that I would receive a replacement or refund. Well, the tech did come out and he did find that. He said the whole couch was damaged and there was nothing that could be done to fix it. I never received a call back regarding what was going to happen next. When I finally got through to someone, I was told my whole warranty is voided because there appeared to be cat scratches on the couch. The whole reason I purchased the plan was because the salesman told me it would protect against cat scratches. They refuse to give me a refund and say all they can do is send another tech out to look at it. I am confused and saddened. My 6 month old couch looks like it is 10 years old. Regardless of the warranty, my money should be refunded because they sold me such poor quality furniture. Has anyone had success filing a complaint with their credit card company or the better business bureau? Those are my next steps, aside from trying to get together a class action suit.

  • Ly
    Lynn K Oct 20, 2007

    Salesperson rude..kept leaving us once a prior customer returned to pick out additional items. 45 mins wasted waiting for her.

    When we were unsure about the size of a large piece, the saleslady informed us that we should order it anyway because of the sale, and there would be no problem with return. Ha!

    First we had to deal with the store manager... after 5 phone calls, it was decided that I would be allowed to return the furniture.

    2 weeks it took up space in my home, despite them knowing that I was scheduled to have carpet laid on that room. The third week my husband and son had to rent a dolly to take the 3 heavy pieces out to my garage. A total of 3 weeks of inconvenience.

    Now finally, delivery date was set...between 8am and 1pm on my day off, a beautiful day that I could have spent outdoors with my family.

    At 2:45 pm, I received a phone call stating that the men still had 3 stops ahead of me. Nice of them to call, finally! The little voice saying "I'm sorry" meant nothing to me.

    Thank goodness, I purchased on a 1 month billing with no interest charge, and did not pay them anything. If it is that difficult for them to pick up their own goods, can you just imagine how they would be with returning my money!?!

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  • Ro
    Robert Nov 19, 2008

    Do I understand you correctly? You purchased a couch that your cat used as a scratching post? and you want a warrantee to cover it? No warrantee will cover neglect, or abuse, such as Cat Claw tears, next time, save the money you would spend on the extra protection, and de-claw the cat with it.

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  • Gr
    Great Attitude Apr 10, 2010

    Does the warranty not clearly state that damage cause by animal beaks, teeth and claws is not covered? It does. Is there not any personal responsibility as consumer to read the warranty information? Should someone that has pets that destroy their furniture have the same rights as someone who doesn't have pets? Have you once purchased an insurance where they went over the entire agreement with you during the sale? I can almost guarantee no. It's your choice to have cats, and it's your choice not to have the declawed. Even if they were to replace this sofa, your animal would just destroy the next, just as quickly. And think about the environmental impact you'd be making having them replace a sofa, that will then have to be destroyed, because you choose to have cats. You are not the victim, this is all self imposed.

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  • Ta
    TaraTomma Apr 21, 2010

    I'm just wondering what couch you purchased... because I too bought a couch from them and after 6 months of use the cushions were flat, it is difficult to get out of because the springs provide such little support and the upholstery was worn out! I they sent me two sets of new cushions after numerous phone calls and conversations with customer service (the second set I paid $90 for higher density cushions!)... both of which felt as if they wore out in a matter of months... I demanded a tech come again a little over a year after it was originally purchased. He informed me that there was nothing they would do... the couch is deep set and because of the "poor spring structure" the cushions would always seem flattened. They would not refund my money and informed me that is was no longer under warranty (they only honor the one year from the manufacturer). I also purchased the Platinum Protection Plan... it doesn't cover horrible design and craftsmanship! I paid $2300 for my couch and over sized chair... ridiculous considering it looks 10+years old in less than 2 years. I was under the impression the Raymour and Flannigan was a reputable business... apparently not... it seems to me as though they knew the problem was the spring design all along and conveniently informed me of that after it was no longer under warranty. I will NEVER buy from them again! By the way the couch was called Chunkster. Don't buy it!!!

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Buyer Beware We recieved our sofa on 10/3/08 and 3 days afterwards the sofa began looking old and worn. The...

horrible service

I would like to inform you of the experience that my husband and I had in your Deptford, NJ store. We first...

awful company

I purchased Broyhill furniture which is expensive almost five years ago and it is ready for the trash. We are adults so there is no abuse only general wear. They don't care. Just try to sell you something else. Do your self a favor and just buy from a cheaper store. It will last about the same.

I spoke to a manager who sent a repair person they tell be they can take the furniture to the repair shop at my cost, 37.50 to truck it there, 37.50 back and 45.00 an hour to carefully peel back the fabric to re stuff the arms and redo the cushions. I purchased two sofas and two chairs. I got rid of one sofa already but now I just have to get rid of the rest. What a disgrace. They suck!

  • Ra
    rafty Sep 08, 2010


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terrible company

Never buy anything from Raymour & Flanigan! They are the worst furniture retailer ever! All they do is make mistakes and then the consumer is the one that suffers. More people need to report there experiences to the Better Business Bureau. Something needs to be done about how they do business.

I have been dealing with Raymour & Flanigan for 7 months. That is too much of my time waisted. All because they can not deliver my furniture in one piece and I received defective merchandise. It took them six times to finally get my furniture right. Don't believe the store managers or associates, they will make you promises and never come through on any of them.

If you purchase anything from that store you are making a big mistake!

  • Valerie Oct 04, 2008

    Sorry to say that I read all of the negative reviews after pen was put to paper. One reviewer told of horror stories concerning the "no interest" financing, this has my colon in a knot because I took the deal too, another reviewer complained of poor quality furniture from china. Sure enough this evening I had the misfortune of seeing that for myself when my overpriced firewood arrived (4 hours late). When I pointed out some defects in the finish to the delivery person, he stated that was a "rustic" look and was not a defect. To put the icing on the cake, the wrong tabletop color was sent. The box indicated the correct color however after opening, it was discovered that some functional illiterate repacked the wrong table in the box. I actually feel sorry for the delivery people because other than the sales person (Who knows how to hide and duck your calls), they are the only live people that you see and can shed your anger on.

    The bottom line is: never again.

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  • Ty
    Tyra Oct 11, 2008

    I diagree with the complaints that have been made, I had a good experince with Raymore and would recommend them to everyone who is looking to buy furniture.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Oct 28, 2008


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  • Mj
    MJ Donnely Mar 06, 2009

    I, unfortunately, am just finding out how they are. Tuesday I received a call in ref to delivery - we had scheduling problems, but, eventually was told my chair would be delivered Sat by 10:30AM. Wed a girl calls for what? to tell me someone will be calling Friday with my time frame. Told her I already talked to someone Tues, and it was to be delivered by 10:30 on Sat. My answering machine tells people to call me at work during work hours, but by chance I checked it, and, yes, there is a message my chair will be delivered between 1-5. Hello, I just went through this Tuesday, that I am leaving the house at noon on Saturday and nobody in the store has any idea of someone making an arrangement with me on Tuesday and they cannot cange their scheduling route. I can, I'll find the truck and flatten the tires.

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never again

Raymore and Flanigan we purchased a floor model bedroom due to renovation we had a delivery date for Aug 30th omg!!! They voided our order they sent the drivers without the queen frame they did not deliver the dresser we spent about 8 hours in a weekend...do not shop there...they sold the dresser to someone else as one piece they were rude and then they had the nerve to tell us to pay for the frame we need some kind of compensation for our time and aggravation nothing they found a dresser and gave us a queen frame and still it is not delivered and worst of all they want us to pay for the delivery of the dresser

  • Di
    Dixon B Feb 04, 2013

    raymour & flanigan furniture is poor in quality i think that their furniture is lousy and cheap .on 10/27/12 I purchase a kitchen set on 2/1/13 The set fell apart SAVE YOUR MONEY !!!

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platinum protection

I purchased the ever so wonderful platinum plan. Make a long story short... Never ever buy furniture from them. It will be the biggest mistake of your life!!! These people should be ut of business... The customer care is for the pits. They could care less if your unhappy or not! I am posting a complaint on the better business bureau. I hope can at least help someone from making the same mistake I and others have made!

  • La
    larryXcop Jan 17, 2009

    I have never dealt with R&F, other than several "chats" with their PR guy and one of the principals. As a ret. cop and now, consumer advocate, I have implored them for over 10 years to curtail the daily "DECEPTIVE" TV ads that constantly utter the notion that there is a SALE "going on right now". Ever notice that there is NO begining nor end to this (so called) SALE? For as soon as it purportedly ends, it seemlessly starts again, over, over & over again. That should provide the caviate and clue that they vigorously pursue "deceptive" ads, and equally deceptive business practices. If they'll lie and misrepresent re: their ads, what should a consumer expect in the "integrity" department? If you are one of those unfortunate consumers who were dooped, don't waste time trying to engender integrity into the manager's utterances; it's futile! But what you can do, is contact your state's Attorney General's Office and endeavour to have them cited for "deceptive practice" and improper use of the word "SALE". Many other and smaller outfits have been cited and fined, steeply, for such "false and deceptive advertising". They seem to hide in plain site and perpetrate this ruse on an hourly basis, 24/7. Their ads are more annoying than the reptition of the "HEAD-ON" commercials! Request, (demand), that your state AG finally does something about this and addresses ALL the more serious complaints that have become the hallmark for their disgusting business practices.. At least try and get an explaination why they have not acted on the deception(s)?

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  • Fi
    Filis Sep 29, 2012

    I bought leather couches 2 years ago with the Platinum Protection and the couches look horrible the leather is peeling off. I called and complained over and over no solution was done. A company like Raymour and Flanigan should stand by their product. The leather is very cheap. If i wanted a temporary living room i would of went to a cheap store but i went to a store with a big name and thinking that it has a good reputation but i was wrong. The worst part of it that THE WANT TO GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK FOR THE PROTECTION i never heard such a thing. i wonder how Neil Goldberg would let such a thing happen...

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no ethics, no customer service

I purchased the Carnegie love seat and couch along with the Elations table and chairs from the Manchester, CT R&F on 7/27. I was purchasing my first condo, closing on 8/15 so I wanted to get everything all set ahead of time. I scheduled an 8/21 delivery. At the encouragement of my salesman, I chose the least busy delivery date to be nice to the store.

After I decided on my furniture, I went out and purchased decorations, lamps, etc, all based on my choice of a deep plum couch and love seat.

At 7 pm on 8/20, I called R&F to find out what time my delivery was going to be. Long story short: somehow, my purchase had been cancelled out of the system. (In error of course.) Not to worry I was told, they put it back in, but I'd have to take delivery on Saturday 8/23 instead. They promised me free delivery and a 100 dollar gift card.

This was a problem for me because I had scheduled painters to come in to pick out colors for my condo based on my furniture arriving. I asked the woman I was speaking to, Jill, if I could come down and pick up a pillow from the floor model 1st thing in the morning on Thursday, 8/21. She said that was not a problem.

The next morning, I took the 1/2 hour ride down to Manchester. I asked to speak to the store manager so I could get the store pillow. Low and behold, they no longer had the floor model of the couch. Jerry, the store manager with 2 weeks experience, was beyond rude to me. Their store messed up, and he was treating me like it was my fault.

So, I asked him if I could take one of my actual pillows from my couch. Jerry went to check on my order. After about an hour, he came back. He told me that everyone messed up. My love seat had been sold. He said that IF I was able to even get it, it would be at least 6 weeks. Also, that was a big if. The chairs from the table were backordered. My furniture was not going to be delivered on Saturday.

He told me that I was out of luck and to pick out new furniture. Now, I have over 500 dollars worth of merchandise I've purchased to go with plum couches that I can no longer use.

This should not happen on an order placed three weeks in advance. I picked out a new couch. By the way, I HATE IT.

I had to bring the sample, which was cut off the floor model, to the painters. Then, I had to drive back to the store to figure out what to do about the table and chairs. Somehow they 'found' the chairs and my delivery was back on for Saturday. R&F took back their gift card and free delivery offer that they had offered me the night before and my bill managed to increase significantly.

Saturday 8/23 rolls around and I get my delivery. The plastic on the chairs have been left on. I had to spend over an hour taking the chairs apart in order to get the plastic off. Also, R&F delivered the wrong table top. Finally, I realized on my receipt that they had OVER charged me on the table.

I spoke to the manager, Bill. After much coaxing, he had my bill reduced by the shipping and the overcharge for the table. He asked when I could have the correct table top delivered. I suggested either Tuesday or Friday after 4 PM. I was told that these times weren't convenient for them. Well, the delivery of the wrong table wasn't convenient for me.

We set up another Saturday delivery, Saturday 8/30. I was supposed to be the 2nd delivery on the 8 to 12 truck. At 10:30 I called Bill because my table top still hadn't shown up. Guess what? It never did.

I don't know when I'll get it because no one will call me back from the store. Someone from the depot called me and said he'll personally bring it by Tuesday at 4:30, but I really don't believe it.

Raymour and Flanigan is by far the worst company I've ever had to deal with. They have yet to compensate me for anything. 3 day delivery guaranteed my ***!

  • Ju
    JustTheFacts1 Oct 10, 2009

    As a former employee, I can tell you that they will tell customers whatever it is they want to hear just to get them off the phone. The lower management will always take the easy way out and have others do the dirty work for them.

    Also, it is a common practice that R&F sells used furniture as new. Furniture that has been in someone else's home and returned to the warehouse would always be the next out of inventory to get delivered to the next customer. It's also happened that the same person that returned a piece(s) got the same one re-delivered on an exchange. That shows how they do not care about customer satisfaction.

    I could go on and on about how they try and deceive customer's. There is not enough space here or time for me to list everything.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid purchasing anything from them. It's not worth the hassle.

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poor customer service & no good warranties

Im getting so stressed out. I purchased a whole living room set jan, 2006 It had a manufactures defect !...

platimum protection plan

I purchased sofa and loveseat in March 2007 and purchased the 5 year platinum protection plan. A few months ago the cushions started to sag and guests would roll towards each other. In addition, the material looks worn even though its only a little over a year old.
I called Platinum Protection folks who sent a technician. He stuffed the cushions, which now are lumpy but said there was nothing he could do for the material. He noted on his sheet that we really needed a reslection.
Well, they called today to say there was nothing they could do because we should have reported it sooner. My response was that I bought a 5 year plan and nowhere does it state that I had to call within a certain timeframe.
Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed and am alerting anyone I know to never buy another piece of furniture from them let alone their bogus Platinum Protection Plan.

  • Wi
    withheld Dec 03, 2008

    I use to work for raymour and I can tall you that you had bout someone else problem, I hate to tell you this but they sold you use furniture, this company will do anything for a buck and sell you furniture that was already use

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  • Ji
    Jill Ludwig Feb 01, 2009

    When I purchased furniture the sales person explained that I have to call within 7 days of an incident or the platinum protection would not be covered. Too bad you did not read the brochure stating that clearly. I dislike when you see only bad things about a company and the good is witheld.
    In regard to the used furniture comment, are you kidding...they would loose their liscense! It is against the law.

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terrible service

On May 5, 2008 I placed an order with Raymore & Flanagan in Horseheads, NY for four living room pieces, a queen size sofa, a love seat and two club type chars. They were to be covered with fabric I chose in the store. The contract says a special order will take 6-8 weeks.

I don't know if I will ever get my living room furniture. We have to sit on kitchen chairs if we want to read the paper in the living room.

We have been given three succeeding later delivery dates. The latest being July 28 delivery to the Syracuse facility, after which it will be delivered to my home in Penn Yan, NY. That makes it 12 weeks before it even gets to Syracuse. I really don't know when I will receive my furniture.

  • Ma
    max and max Jul 23, 2008

    I totally agree with the comment. Raymour and Flanigan are bunch of crappy furniture sellers. The salesmen pretend they dont know what they are doing so they always ended up not delivering the item I wanted. Moreso, the salesman told me the financing wil be for 4 months but I later found it was 3 months. See...no one is a lil kid. And I dont believe the salesman didnt know what he was doing. He definately knows what he was doing which then means the management of R&F know of the dibious activities of the salesmen. R&F...save yourself. I now but my stuff from Sam's Club. Wayyyyyyyy inexpensive and they nice as hell. Bye Bye to R&F...not shopping there anymore till I die.

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  • Ap
    april may Apr 29, 2011


    Today I received a delivery from raymour and flannigans. I was at my front window when I saw a young man getting out of the passenger seat of the truck to help the driver back up to my drive way the driver approached my front door and greeted himself and asked me where I would like my stuff. I noticed the passenger had something wrapped around his leg I asked him what was wrong with his leg he said that the company has a policy that we can't show our tatoos off. I responded that was ###ing ### so this is the last time I will be buying from raymour and flanigans. Lost a vip customer to all your company rules for your employee's. The way I look at it there here doing there job to the fullest and then some should let them be who they are. I will be spreading the word!!!

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