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Here as part of a bus tour with Caledonian Travel, who are based in Scotland. Have been given a time for a group dinner of 7.45 pm. which is just acceptable. However having originally been advised by Caledonian Travel that Breakfast is served from 7 am until 10 am - this has been overruled by hotel staff and have been told breakfast will be served as a group booking at 7 am. This is totally unacceptable having been 10 hours on the road, given a late dining time and not leaving for our outing until 10.15 am. Is this common practice for your hotel to dictate a set time for breakfast and not advise customers until their arrival? Even if it is your practice to give a set time to bus group bookings, 7 am is unreasonably early. It is not as if there are amenities close by for those without individual transport and it is utterly unfair and disrespectful to expect your guests to sit around for over 2 hours. I am hoping this complaint will be picked up tonight and remedied before your guests retire for the evening. I may add it is not easy to find a phone number to enable one to contact Customer Care to have this problem dealt with. I trust I do not have to wait your suggested 48 hours to get this problem resolved as it requires attention immediately .

Sep 27, 2019

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