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+1 800 854 9517(USA and Canada) 20 8
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Complaints & Reviews

Ramada WorldwideNo Organisation

I booked to stay at the Ramada Newcastle-Gateshead on the 8th November 2019, due to a change of circumstance, this was then changed to the 27th March 2020.
I phoned the reservation line today as I have a funeral to attend in Telford and was asking if I could transfer my booking to this hotel instead for the 7th March for one night, and either pay the difference or lose the difference in money.
I was informed that they could not find my booking. When I phoned the Newcastle-Gateshead hotel, they informed me that they did not have the booking. I explained that I have the emails from Marcus, the manager, and Sharon the assistant, who had explained that they had made the changes.
I explained that I would like to transfer the booking to the Ironbridge Telford hotel and I was told that they would not do this, nor would they give me a refund.
I explained that I was not meant to make the payment until I reached the hotel but this had been taken anyway. The hotel said that this was not their problem and I need to take this up with
The attitude and complete disregard for my situation from the hotel staff has upset and appalled me.
I want to keep the booking within the same company, but it seems that no one wants to help and support me in this time of difficulty.
The staff at the Newcastle hotel, went from stating they would see what they could do, but then became rude stating that they would not be changing the booking.
I explained that they have made a mistake as they have not even corrected the booking and currently I would have turned up on the 27th March and there not be a room available. Staff then became nonchalant and appeared to not care whether they could help me resolve this or not.

Ramada Worldwidespreading privacy in public - humiliation and mockery acts against the customer

I am devastating until now of such disrespect and making fun of me been provided "" and made to my address by the hotel staff in my presence as talking on my back in Turkish language about me as a making fun between each other about me and pointing me as "this one" (stuff name at the reception desk - Mr.Dogukan Temel; 10feb2020 7-7.15 pm),
and further on top of it spreading my privacy in front of the public in the reception desk area where it is all in the entrance and exit to/from hotel while my check-out by "named" himself as a manager (Mr.Bayram Baldiz) instead of inviting me to a private business room perhaps in order to handle my complaint in privacy as per international law of privacy of customer and no single word of apology but instead of attacking me and involving in very rude attacking way of speech again with spreading all my private information of how I booked hotel room and which room I booked and when and so on - and all in public and on top converting this ridiculous monologue attack to my address with reception female stuff as a souk bargaining style!!!
I request the management of the Hotel Group to contact me immediately and I prefer that everything will be via mail only,
as after such attack and humiliation and mockery in my presence by your employees on my address thinking that I do not understand the Turkish language and further continued of rude attacking monologue to my address with sarcastic way of using words and same time spreading my full privacy in public verbally and I got a kind of phobia of having any conversation at this stage as I am afraid to be abused again.
I demand to take urgent actions against all the stuff!

Ramada by Wyndham — customer service and care-no invoice delivered

I stayed at the Ramada by Wyndham Hotel in Atlanta; I was told I could only receive a receipt/invoice via email. After confirming the email address, I was told I would be emailed...

Ramada Worldwide — dirty bed sheets and got a big bite on my ankle

622308 My wife and I were recently guest We felt confident in choosing your hotel which came highly praised, but the bed sheets were dirty and I have pictures the room itself was also...

Ramada Worldwide — jamal b

On Jan 7 between hrs of 6:00 or 6:30 I went to the front desk for towels because the cleaning lady didn't leave any in our room. I got her late Mon night they had me on the...

Ramada Worldwide — new year's eve gala

To Whom it may Concern My name is Rick West, my wife, myself and 4 other couples had booked tickets to the New Years Eve Gala event at the Ramada Inn, Jackson Point. I would...

Ramada Worldwide — service is poor/ rude staff/ no upkeep

622308 My stay at Ramada Almaty Kazakhstan is booked from 19/12/2019 to 24/12/2019. 4 rooms. 204, 203, 217, 601 On 21/12/2019 I am writing this complaint regarding not one but multiple...

Ramada Encore by Wyndham Tbilisi — beef burger

658445 I was the hotel guest from Dec/ 05/19 till Dec/08/19. I ordered a burger, bread was so hard and old, meat was hard and cold, French fries was old, I paid and asked for supervisor...

Ramada Worldwide — poor attitude from receptionist, fly in food, and poor, defensive response from my review on tripadvisor

622308 I stayed from 5th Nov to 9th Nov in Ramada Suites, Darwin, Australia. My main issue is with some of the staff members attitude towards me. We were not happy with our 1st room a...

Ramada Worldwide — wheelchair accessible room

622308 I made a reservation on Nov 1 for a handicap accessible room through the link provided by HGT Sports Services hockey tournament. In the confirmation it was indicated that...

Ramada Worldwide — overbooking in ramada plaza by wyndham newark international airport

622308 I recently had a very frustrating and extremely costly experience with your hotel. I feel that I am owed compensation from Ramada Windham Hotels for my expenses. On September 6...

Ramada Worldwideplumbing

Room 120 Dallas love field Ramada. 1st night toilet flushed slow and over flowed. Complained to desk. 3rd night took a shower and tub would not drain. Flushed toilet 5 minutes after shoes and raw sewage came up in the bathtub. Told front desk and they said maintenance was gone for the night. I asked for a new room and she said there wasn't any available. This is a health hazard and I need a full refund for my stay. By far they worst experience ever in a motel.


Ramada Worldwide — hotel stay Calgary downtown

I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your hotel on the night of sunday the 21rst of October. I visit Calgary pretty frequently for business and thi...

Ramada Worldwide — services

Good morning, My name is felippe valdez and I stayed at the ramada hotel in Paramaribo yesterday 10/29/2019 . Today I checked out and told the front desk I had consumed...

Ramada Worldwideservice

My name is Kevon and I checked into Ramada room 304 yesterday, and made a simple request at the check in counter. I am one of more than 50 people who decided to stay at Ramada for a business trip. I simply requested a room overlooking the pool. To my surprise, my request was disregarded by the receptionist and when the marketing manager made a request to the operations manager it was categorically denied without a reason provided to me. To add insult to Injury, my hot water does not work and there are things in my room that has a good bit of wear and tear overtime and it needs replacing or fixing.
I was of the honest impression that service is a major thing and the level of disregard to me is amazing for such a popular establishment. I don't think my request was anything impossible. But even if the reason for being denied was that no rooms were available, there is a professional was to do so. I am the only one from my team that made that request and I am also the second person to arrive, as the rest are due to arrive this week. the employees at the front desk need professional standard training.
I don't think I want the room change anymore to be honest but the level of service needs to

Ramada Worldwide — 1 day stay oct.16-17th

I chose this hotel as they were a Ramada-a known hotel. The weather was getting bad and I drove an extra 1.5 hours to get there. Unfortunately the electric power went off around 4...

Ramada Worldwidegeneral standards

This hotel advertises itself as 5*, it by no means that. There are no robes in the rooms, no carpet on the floors. The bathroom has little washing accompaniments. The minibar is very basic, no milk in rooms, or biscuits. The standard of food low, tasteless and repedative.
The continued music booming all day is annoying.
The general maintance is very poor with phones hanging off walls, locking sections on doors gauaged out. Wooden decking broken.
Ramada Wyndam used to have a good name said quality. NO MORE.

Ramada Worldwide — customer service and pool cleanliness

622308 We arrived at the Ramada Orlando on Tuesday 24th September. On arrival to our room (after travelling for 23 hours with 3 children) our fire alarm was intermittently going off. I...

Ramada Worldwide — health club mainly and others

Hi' With due respect Mr.df I want to put it into your knowledge that lockers are still not given to us, we all members are facing huge problem regarding this . Kindly give u...

Ramada Hotelrooms

I have just a few complaints about the ramada hotel in grassland Alberta. I have stayed at this hotel a few times for work and wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone. I have went with no hot water at two separate times another time my pipe let go from the bottom of the sink and it took them 4 or 5 days to get it fixed after being told about it. The elevator is away broken and days before it is fixed, the last room I was in the ceiling was all yellow from water leaks and in the corner ceiling was black. Hope u can fix these problems cause I won't be staying at any Ramada hotels anytime soon

Ramada Worldwidegrassland, alberta

Just got some complaints about the Ramada hotel in grassland Alberta I have stayed here a few times on business and it's been the worst experiences I ever have. I have stayed in many hotels over the years being on the road for business the rooms the last 3 stays all smell musty. The pipe on the bottom of the sink was let go and leaking all over the floor and it took them 5 days to get it fixed. The ceiling in the bathroom had black mold in the corner where it as been leaking for a while and I notice the water was running from the shower to the out side wall in the room. It is totally up to yourself but the manager doesn't do much about any of these problems there where told about them and now the elevator as been down now for 5 days the water as been gone a few times now also come back to the hotel after work and couldn't have shower. Don't think I'll be using Ramada hotel any time soon

Ramada Worldwide — hotel room

Over the weekend my husband and I stayed at the Ramada Inn in State College, PA. To say we were disappointed is an understatement. The hotel was dirty, outdated, uncomfortably...

Ramada Worldwide — guest relations and housekeeping

622308 I complained to guest relations as housekeeping had been in my room to clean and knocked my hair straighteners off of the side causing them to break. The technical team looked at...

Ramada Worldwide — cancellation of 1 room

Hello-I experienced a life threatening cardiac issue early this week and will not be attending a family wedding. My wife, her sister, and their mother will be attending. I asked...

Ramada Worldwide — hotel room had roaches

Hello my name is Kristopher Worth I stayed at the Ramada Wyndham Houston international Airport East this past weekend from September 27 Friday to September 30 Monday I had booked...

Ramada Worldwide — customer service

This place is horrible the worst customer service I've ever experienced. After having a beautiful day with family and friends, I had it ruined by attempting to check Into...

Ramada Worldwide — hotel booking

I have done booking of Ramada Grand View in Hong Kong for 5 nights, they gave us dirty room with very bad smell, reception staff is very rude. They are treating us very badly. We...

Ramada Inn by Wyndham — denied stayed

If you are a pet friendly hotel why was I denied to stay there. Booked online and got there to have the guy tell me we don't take cats. Is my cat not a pet, for your pet...

Ramada Worldwidethe hotel in whole

Everything about this hotel is miserable! Bugs all over my room. Lights don't turn on. How is one to sleep with these bugs all over the room! This is absurd. There is probably a reason this place not only does not have a sign up in the front of the building but no traffic coming in or out of the building. This is hands down the worst hotel I've ever been at. Bugs live in the shower towels given and the showers it self

the hotel in whole
the hotel in whole
the hotel in whole

Ramada Worldwide — front desk employees, managers actions to resolve problems, theft, horrible customer service

I had purchased 2 nights stay at the Ramada in Fresno. After the first night I went to lunch and ran some errands. I came back and my room was being cleaned by house keeping. I...

Ramada Worldwide — breakfast time

Here as part of a bus tour with Caledonian Travel, who are based in Scotland. Have been given a time for a group dinner of 7.45 pm. which is just acceptable. However having...

Ramada Pikesville — no remote control so I could not use the tv. no door key for room

The was no remote in the room so I could not use the tv at all!!! And I was basically trapped in the room because the key programming machine wasn't working so the one guy at...

Ramada Park Hall Hotel — o'connor and cole wedding 07/09/2019

Dear Sir/ Madam, Our wedding day started out really well, everything was going to plan and everyone was enjoying themselves. But after the meal and the speeches, some of our...

Ramada Worldwide — bed bugs bit me up in the room

On 7 29 while in the bed I was bitten over and over again all on my arms and hands my arm was swalling with 2 large bits and 4 of my fingers fingers with double bits I told the...

Ramada Worldwide — failing to provide a reserved room

On Monday, September 2, 2019, client made a reservation on line for two (senior) adults at the Ramada Inn at Warner Robins, GA for the evening of Tuesday, September 3, 2019...

Ramada Worldwide — my refund

622308 I looked online and reserved a room at the ramada for aug 30 for 2 nights. 2 weeks of booking my room I asked about the fireplace, the couch and etc because that's the room I...

Ramada Worldwiderefund

Confirmation number [protected] I was told I would receive a refund for booking on 9/1 arrived at 800 Morrisey Boulevard Boston MA location at approx 4am and no rooms where available. I have yet to been able to get through this sites Hotel Manager as supposedly he is the only one that can approve a refund. I want this resolved asap or I will be reporting this to the Massachusetts Attorney General my number [protected]

Ramada Worldwide — bed bugs in my house

622308 I didn't have bed bugs when I moved in my place in March 2019. Since I started with Ramada inn on Shaw and Fresno in June 2019 I have bed bugs now. My three little ones and two...

Ramada Worldwide — worst pool water

Ankit Jamar This side from Kishangarh Ajmer (RAJASTHAN, INDIA). yesterday i visited your ramada at kishangarh and also went in the pool and i found that there is too much of...

Ramada Worldwide — hotel

8175 East Skelly Drive, 74129, Tulsa We want to get our money back. We didn't even stay because of how unsafe we felt. The room smelled like pee and cleaning products. Staff...