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Diamond Tours, Inc. is the premier tour operator in the United States that specializes exclusively in affordable motorcoach group trips. Our clients include senior citizen centers, social groups, church groups, travel agencies, bus companies, family reunions, bank travel groups, and more. Over a million Americans have traveled with Diamond Tours since 1987.

Complaints & Reviews

maine trip october 12-21, 2019

Started out in Henderson, Ky. In Harrisburg, PA, we were informed that someone forgot medicine so a detour was made to a VA hospital to get medicine. Spent 3 hrs there with very little communication. Then because of this we missed The Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. But we made it to Mason Jar Food & Drink which was not impressive at all. Waste of money for that place. Then went to Boott Cotton Mills the next day and visit there was cut by 1/2 hr. The trip continued with visit to Boothbay Harbor and on to Seashore Trolley Museum (another waste of time and Money). Our visit to Kennebunkport, Me was concluded by a stop at Franciscan Monastery. Here we were offered the use of restrooms but no mention of looking around. The ride on the streetcar was thru a mass of debris and cut trees and was very disappointing and Hot.
Next day we were rushed at Portland Head Lighthouse to get to lunch in Portland where we were allowed 2 1/2 hrs. On to Victoria Mansion to rush thru to get to Freeport tp shop at L. L. Bean. Two hours here but too much time. Then we had the Nor'easter which could not be avoided. However, we were told we would vote on whether to drive later to get closer to Boston or stay where the electric was off. That vote was never taken. So we stayed where no lights, no heat and not hot water. The next morning, we sat and sat for ???? . Again communication was very poor. Then finally underway to Boston, where as we were getting off the bus, we were asked if we wanted the allotted time. No vote but people yelled out no so our time in a very historical city was cut to 2 hrs for lunch and touring. TWO hours. Then we waited 45 minutes for a bus to get thru traffic and then another hour in traffic to get out of town.
Then the ride home on Sunday turned into a prayer meeting and testimonial time. Captive audience right. No choices. People sang several songs, testimonies were given but the ultimate was when our bus driver( suppose to be alert and concentrating on driving) gives his testimony for a 1/2 hr. Not the time or place. Plus very loud so it actually hurt my ears. Had to use ear plugs.
Rest stops we're not announced until arrival most of the time so people were not ready to get off the bus.
Music played was too loud in spite of respirated reqUest to turn down.
DISAPPOINTED and not likely to use Diamond tours again
Melissa Kellogg

mt rushmore, the badlands & black hills of south dakota

I am currently on a tour of Mt Rushmore, the Badlands & Black Hills of SD tour. I have purchased tours with...

tour bus and itinerary issues/ mature saints trip leaving from cincinnati

Tour #1532165 New York City and the Statue of Liberty, dates September 19-25, 2019. First let me say the majority of the trip was acceptable. First the tour bus pulls in to the area for us to board. The bus did not have Diamond Tours written on it. It had Jaco Limo and it looked as if it had just come from a bus selvage. The front passenger side window was taped with black tape, The bus actually looked like it had been in a few fender benders. I have been traveling with Diamond Tours since 2017 and we always had a nice bus. I seriously do not know where they got this bus. I have pictures that show what i am talking about. As we arrive We did not have much time in PA, i wanted to see the Liberty Bell but the lines were too long, so i opted for a horse and buggy ride instead, which was enjoyable. There issues getting to Avenel NJ, between the bus drivers GPS talking and the tour guide helping to get to our destination. it was very destracting. A few times we got lost and had to back track or the GPS took us a roundabout way to get to the hotel which took up time. The hotel itself was in the middle of nowhere. There was absoluely nothing to do near the hotel. The bar at the hotel was not open the whole time there at least that would have been something to do. After being there for 2 days I found out we were staying not far from a major prision. That did not sit well with me. But i was told the area was the safe. We were so far from New York city it took us about 40 minutes each time we had to go into the city. It would have been better at least to have either been in the city or a lot closer, mind you New York is very congested with people and traffic 24/7. So yes we were always rushing to get everywhere and only so much time to enjoy. I especially took this trip because i wanted to experience China town and Little Italy which were on our itineary, well that did not happen. We were told streets were blocked because of a United Nations event. I still cant believe there could not have been someway we could have gotten there. Mind you i paid $760 dollars plus insurance for this trip. The end of the trip was a stop to Eckley Miners Village. Most passengers did not even get off the bus, we were over an hour late getting there, we could have skipped this and done something else earlier. so in conclusion i did not get to experience Little Italy or China town, the Soutrh street Seaport. Also on the way home an alarm on the bus was beeping all the way to Cincinnati. The bus driver did not know how to get it to stop he called someone and they tried to help. So yes it was not an enjoyable relaxing drive all the way home. The tour bus leaders were great except they could have passed out water a little more especially after we walked through Central Park, the temperature starting rising, I dont think some of the senior passenges realized when they said a lot of walking not to that extent. Most times we were dropped off and had to walk over 2 blocks, in the downtown ny, mind you some of these passengers were on canes and wheelchairs.

tour bus and itinerary issues/ mature saints trip leaving from cincinnati
tour bus and itinerary issues/ mature saints trip leaving from cincinnati
tour bus and itinerary issues/ mature saints trip leaving from cincinnati
tour bus and itinerary issues/ mature saints trip leaving from cincinnati
tour bus and itinerary issues/ mature saints trip leaving from cincinnati
tour bus and itinerary issues/ mature saints trip leaving from cincinnati

bus trip to mackinaw city, michigan

Relatives of mine recently went to michigan with diamond tours trip #1550967. The trip was great until they...

bus seating to tight

I just got back from Nova Scotia. The bus was horrible seats to small, to close no leg room, no where to put drinks, books etc everything had to be held. Tire had a hole driver did not catch this before leaving for trip. Men on bus told driver of hole in tire he purchased a recap. The recap was no better. He slept in and we miss the main attraction of 15 foot waves. Gave our leader a hard time.

I feel Diamond tours should have guide lines for these rental buses. My tripe was 12 days cramped in a seat that had no leg room and if person in front put seat back, all the way, seat was in my lap giving me no space to move.

The bus driver commented on the bus was used to haul children. Bus was dirt, air filter dirty, food on seats, and was told that the bus was being sent to dump when he return. I guess my question for u would you want to ride this bus for 12 days. That bus represents Diamond Tours get your act together. I for one will demand my money back if I ever see another bus like this. Should you not give me my money back we will end up in court. I made photos of this bus seatings and will keep on file after I sent you a copy to prove my point.

Know what kind of buses and their shape before lease a bus from them. You should be in charge and make demands of what you and the people traveling want and need for a good trip. You will begin to lose as people will quit traveling on Diamond Tours. I will sent another letter, President of company, and photos filet him see the work his employees are doing.

Kay Moore

bus seating to tight
bus seating to tight
bus seating to tight
bus seating to tight

tour to cape cod and martha's vineyard

I just returned from a 11 day 10 night tour to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard from Shreveport, La. I had experienced a previous trip to Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC a few years ago with Diamond Tours and had a wonderful trip. When I contacted the tour director, I was not told this was a Booker T Washington Alumni group. When the itinerary arrived and I saw it was a BTW group, my fees had already been paid, so no backing out. When a trip is for a special group, everyone should be told before the trip fee is paid. Our stop at Roanoke, VA was on Sunday and only a few street vendors were there. The itinerary had read this was a large shopping market, but it certainly isn't on Sunday. So this was a lost day of events. There was no wi-fi on the bus and the plug-in's on my side did not work for charging phones and iPads. There were players for movies but they skipped and would not play an entire movie. My friend and I were on the next to last seat on the bus and not once were the back seats allowed to unload first. So every stop we were last in line for whatever (restrooms, food, etc). I will say the bus driver was very nice. Our original itinerary had our stay at the Seashore Park Inn which when googled, looked decent. When we loaded on the bus to begin our trip, we were given a new itinerary and our four night stay in Cape Cod was at the Captains Quarters Motel. I haven't spent a night in a shoddy hotel since I was a young person. No need to go into detail except to say it needs serious updating. I had discussed with the tour director from the beginning about the tours on Martha's Vineyard. My friend and I wanted to tour the island and not shop as we will never get to go again. The tours were forty dollars and we ask a few times about giving the money to her and was told she would get it later. When arrived on the Vineyard expecting to get on the tour bus, there wasn't room for me and my friend as we had not paid. There are several other reasons to complain but will just say, I will not go on a Diamond Tours trip again and will not advise anyone else to go on one of their tours. My friend and I were so disappointed. What was suppose to be a once in a lifetime trip to the Cape was not what we expected. I wonder if I will even get a response from Diamond Tours.


We have taken several Diamond Tours, and the tours themselves are good. However, if you require a hotel room with handicapped access and your request one be reserved, don't count on it being available to you. Our latest trip was a Savannah trip June 24 to June 29. Once again a handicapped access room was requested when our reservation was made. When we reached Savannah (800 miles from home) we were told that the handicapped access room had been given to someone else. Due to the type of handicap, a bathroom with a raised toilet and grab bars is a necessity. The hotel clerk suggested we take the available room on the second floor and when it was necessary to use the bathroom to take the elevator to the lobby and use the facilities in the lobby. Not a reasonable accommodation for an 82 yr old w/an assistive device for walking, especially in the middle of the night! We were told by a Diamond Tour Manager that the request for a Handicapped access room was not a "reservation", but only a "request" and is based on availability. This is not mentioned anywhere in the literature. Had it been indicated we would not have booked a tour. It has happened on previous trips as well, but I thought it was just a "fluke" until someone from the company actually verified that handicapped access is not guaranteed. I don't know how they can continue this practice as the ADA does indicate "reasonable accommodation", and I would think the traveler who specifically requests the necessary accommodation when booking should be told that this accommodation may not be available when they reached their destination. On this trip, after a lot of bickering and arguing, and with a lot of help from our Diamond Destination Manager, and hours after all the other tour members were checked in the hotel finally found a room with grab bars at the toilet and our Destination Manager picked up a plastic "raiser" for the toilet seat. Unfortunately, this was after we were made to feel extremely uncomfortable just because of being handicapped.

bus driver

I was on a Diamond Tour to Virginia Beach with the North Berrien Senior center, from Sept 23 to Sept 29, 2018. Our group leader is Debbie Ziemke. The bus driver was pleasant and did an excellent job of driving us to and from different places on this tour. On day 3 of our vacation, my friend and I were sitting in the lobby of our hotel, when he came running down, demanding the hotel staff ( a male and female) to " turn the channel to FOX news). He yelled at them, and after the changed the channel said We are kicking those Dems butts, and saying the supreme court judge, whos name I have forgotten was kickin ass.. my friend spoke up, and at that point this man turned from a mild mannered nice bus driver to a out of control person, ranting and raving, and storming out of the hotel...We were frightened...So was the staff at the hotel...I asked them if they felt the same way we did, and they totally agreed this man was out of control. Face red, Yelling ect...It is not appropriate for any employee to voice his political views on anyone...The thing that worried me was his quick temper...I did tell our group leader. I wanted to share this with you, as the man never attempted to apologise at all. His name was John. That is all I know. I would like you to tell him not to yell his political views to anyone, he had no idea if we were in agreement or not, and frankly did not care. Not right. Thank you for listening

unprofessional treatment during trip

This is so long overdue, but you have the most unprofessional, disrespectful group leader (ES) anybody could...

new york city/statue of liberty 7-5-18

Was very disappointed in the New York/Statue of Liberty trip on July 5, 2018. Didn't get to go up in Statue of Liberty which is why we went. The enroute hotel was dirty and in the middle of the night the hotel gave another couple the key to our room and luckily no one was hurt. No responsibility was taken by Diamond Tours or the Hotel. The trip was very fast paced and not organized well. Our Tour Guide walked fast and by the time we caught up with him he was ready to go to next spot. Once home called Diamond Tours to complain and was told would get a return call from customer service but have never received one. Called a total of three times requesting return call and still haven't received return call. Will not travel with Diamond Tours again.

new orleans trip

I attended a Warner Robins Senior Trip to New Orleans with Diamond tours. I specifically went on this tour because my late husband and I had always planned to do the riverboat cruise. Unfortunately he passed away this past February. I decided I was going to go on this trip and do the riverboat, just like we always said we would. We were informed once we arrived at the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler at 1 pm, that the boat had been broken for a week and wouldn't be fixed for the following two weeks. This was highly disappointing, but what could I do? We were then informed that Diamond Tours knew that the boat was broken. They didn't make additional plans to make up for the inconvenience. Basically we were told we had a free day to do what we a city that we didn't know. Nor did we have transportation. After walking around idly four hours in the hot Louisiana heat, we met up with the tour group for dinner. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Out of 40+ people, not one of us were happy with our meal. Our service was horrible. And the manager was incredibly rude to all of us. Needless to say the last day of our trip which was suppose to be the highlight, ended up being a complete disappointment. I know Diamond Tours can not help the attitude and service of Bubba Gump Shrimps, but I do hope they keep that experience in mind before using them again to represent to Louisiana culture. I am however, very upset that we weren't informed about the broken riverboat, since they had been notified a week before that it would no longer be part of the excursion. I may of canceled all together.

  • Rh
    Rhonda Blum Oct 16, 2018

    My group of 46 just returned fro a Diamond Tour to Niagara Falls and Toronto. Everyone was pleased. All the hotels were nice. We even stayed at a hotel that was within walking Distance of the Falls. We felt safe and walked around the area every night. The dinners provided were good. One even gave a beautiful view of the falls. Our group couldn't get over the value we received for the amount we paid. We had an excellent driver that drove a Mercedes engine bus. It was the smoothest bus ride we had ever taken. We were gone for 8 nights and 9 days.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie Ledford Apr 05, 2019

    Traveled March 25th to New Orleans and returned March 30th. Our driver Paul was friendly, but never talked to us about where we were when we crossed state lines, and made several wrong turns and had to backtrack often. On our schedule we did not have time when we went to a plantation to see all the sites-time was always cut short. I had been very interested in trying some of the local foods, but NEVER one time stopped at a site for that. Our lady who planned our senior trip did a excellent job of planning what she could do to entertain us.

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new york, atlantic city, pennsylvania tour

June 10-14
Bus driver got into an accident in new York City ruining our entire new York City tour.
I delayed my bilateral mastectomy surgery so I could get to see New York City, I've never been.
The rest of the trip was awesome.
We were given $12 for a meal, I told the host to keep it, that in no way compensated for the loss.
I would like to have a full day in New York City once I am healed.
Lori Beaulieu and David Dowdy
2861 Main Street Route 17 Fayette Maine

trip from michigan to martha's vineyard and cape cod on 6/18/2018

Comfort Inn Hotel in Syracuse NY was horrible, dirty and it had bed bugs. The second hotel Ambassador Hotel in Cape Cod was also dirty, smelling old and had no elevator to the second floor. The continental breakfast was horrible the food was not good.

It cost $37 to tour in a van around Martha's Vineyard not worth it because much of what you saw was forest area and the driveway to someone's home.

The bus driver was not pleasant non communicative. He barely spoke with us the four days he drove us around. He did perk up when a collection of money was given to him which he did not deserve. The bus also broke down and another tour service company drove was from Syracuse NY to Michigan. Now this bus driver was wonderful we should have had this kind of person for the entire trip he was kind thoughtful asking if we needed water and asking if you need help to get on and off the bus. The driver was from Fitzgerald Tour not sure but he was great.


Recently I took a Heritage tour with Diamond Tours along the Florida coast. First let me express what I really liked about the tour. Our driver Malissa was excellent, the tour stuck to the schedule, the tour historians were by and large fairly good, everyone was very professional. I just don't think they were equipped to provide in depth Black History.
Here's what I didn't like: the tour was scheduled to tight (we didn't have enough time between Amelia Island and the Diamond Tour dinner to freshen up), most of the places we were assigned to eat were terrible (example: Hurricane Patty's Waterfront). We were not allowed to provide a Black Historian although Ms. Bernadette Reeves used to work for Diamond tours.
We did however, get to enjoy her historical perspective of St. Augustine. She turned out to be the best presenter of Black History we encountered. That may be because she lived through the history. If you have an opportunity to provide a historical tour for another Black group you may want to think about employing Ms. Reeves. I know that your tour group would greatly enjoy it. You may also want to contract a Black Historian to present at Kingsley Plantation.

washington dc, smith co sr, june 7 -12

Terrible trip. Small bus seats, hotels ok, prepaid meals sub par. Trip organizer never gave clear...

washington d.c. trip 5/3-5/9 b & r tours combined with golden tours

Tour#1411814 Very poor communication between the leaders of the two groups. To start with the B&R group waited an hour for the bus to show up. Our leader change the pick up time the other group did leave a 1/2 hour earlier than the y were scheduled to but we were left waiting. Then I was taking a nap woke to find my backpack under my seat was all wet with spilled lemonade from the lady across from me that did not say a word to anyone that she had spilled the sticky drink. At our next stop I had to clean it up. I was told were the paper towels were but neither the bus driver or group leaders offered to clean it up. Thank goodness my items inside my backpack were not damaged. The Iowa leaders did not let our leader have much say in things, I was expecting a game filled fun time, instead we have inexperienced, rude leaders with Golden Girl episodes, movies, trivia questions and a few prize drawings. The snack pack & water was nice. There was so much confusion and irritation. When we arrived at our hotel in Dumfries, VA our buffet dinner was not set up for enough people and of course that lead to running short or out of food. Someone did not add the B&R Group in so we waited for setup. A suggestion stay downtown D.C. to cut the 2 hour bus ride out each day and allow free time to walk to see the sights further. Sondra did a great job as the step on tour guide she was so informed and helpful unlike our tour leaders. Another suggestion National Harbor is such a neat place. We were there at lunch time and the Ferris wheel does not open until 4 p.m. Mon-Fri, Noon Sat & Sun. It should be worked out so that stop is a dinner stop with a little more time. I was told they try to keep the cost get what you pay for! For my almost 800 dollar trip I was so disappointed.This was my first Diamond Tour and most likely the last. I will pay more for professional, quality tours that I have experienced prior to this. Once again you get what you pay for.

tour number 1297940 new jersey to canada

The tour director was amazing. It was wonderful to meet such a positive happy energetic gentleman. The bus was a day trip bus.The most uncomfortable bus ever with undersized i get storage, and seats. The hotels were so remote we spent hours getting to any and all attractions. Two full days three tour guides did not show. The tours we did have were 80% on the bus. The amount of time it took to get everywhere cut time at attractions like the underground city in half. We were short on time everywhere. My most desired location Quebec was not worth seeing. I will not use diamond tours again...


The 7 days and 6 nights bus trip from The Kingstowne Adult Center in Alexandria, VA to Mackinaw City-...

trip to mackinac island, mi / hotels and restaurants


Our group from Kingstowne Travel Club for Active Adults just returned from trip to Mackinac Island, MI. The group travel from Alexandria, Virginia to Mackinac Island from 17th September and returning 23 September 2017.

The touring was great but the hotel in Mackinac Island, MI was horrible and not accommodating for older adults. The bathtubs/showers had no safety grab bars, the tile on the floors were slippery, the carpet needed cleaning, smelled horrible, there were wires hanging everywhere in the room to support the flat screen television in the room, the AC was loud and ran non-stop and the carpeting had trash particles apparently left from the previous guest. Upon arrival, I had to go to the office to request another ice bucket because the one in the room was broken and the phone did not work. Diamond Tours should be checking out hotels prior to securing accommodation for occupancy. Clarion Hotel is well below standards / poor quality hotel and not equipped to accommodate seniors and no one else. Best Western and Radisson hotels were right on point, no problems at all.

The restaurants in Mackinac were horrible for dinner, food was always cold, food choices were limited, and desserts were questionable. The only good meals were the one we paid for.

I would rather pay a few dollars more and have a better quality of food and restaurants.

The motor coach driver did an outstanding job. Lori was very professional and kept us abreast of what was going on every day.

badlands trip july 2017

Extremly poor company, they have VERY low standards, dirty hotels, busses never cleaned, rude tour guide and driver. I have been trying to get a refund, but its been 2 weeks. Upper mgnt has same poor customer service the driver and tour guide did. They just don't care (except for you giving them the check). Very poorly planned trip, and extremly bad exicution. I should have read reviews on this company first( my bad!!!) all i can say is STAY AWAY!!! I can't say this loud enough. If your interested in seeing nothing but restrooms and throwing away money then this is the company for you. If you expect other than that, go with another company. Thanks for your time jim/lori