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Checkers and Rally's Complaints & Reviews

Checkers and Rally's / Service Complaint

David Domaguin on Sep 23, 2017
My wife & daughter are allergic to peanuts. Before ordering, I asked what kind of oil do you fry with? Customer Service worker said "regular" oil. I asked if that meant corn, soy, vegetable or peanut oil & if she would check. She said there was no info about what type of oil being used...

Checkers and Rally's / over charged ,wrong order

mzmerryk on Sep 23, 2017
on 9-13-17 we went to checkers store number 5139.at 1;18 pm. we placed an order that was for 3 sandwiches and 2 shakes that totaled $20.28. which we paid. when we got home we had someone elses order which was 3 cheaper sandwiches and 2 shakes and the receipt on bag was $13.62. i have tried...

Checkers and Rally's / my order was all wrong

Strong Kandice on Sep 22, 2017
Just left checkers on Pio Ono Ave in Macon Ga and I ordered 2 5pc wings not seeing boneless wings anywhere on the menu and that's what I got I'm so mad because I really had my mouth ready for some real chicken wings tried calling to see if they had any or was there a reason I got bonele...

Checkers and Rally's / uncooked food

Katt1984 on Sep 20, 2017
I Kathlee Henderson stopped by a checker on my lunch on yesterday which was 9/19/2017. It was at the location 4000 University Dr. Huntsville, AL. I ordered the new chicken dippers and fry box along with a checker burger with cheese. The chicken dippers were burnt (cooked entirely too long) also...

Checkers and Rally's / ordering

Shelton Carver on Sep 19, 2017
On Sept 20, 2017, I visited the Checkers on Peach Orchard Rd in Augusta Ga and was told that the lady couldn’t take my order, during the hours of operation. As I was leaving I noticed that the employee couldn’t take my order because she was hanging out of the drive thru window talking to...

Checkers and Rally's / rally's promotions september 18th 2017 free cheeseburger day

David couch on Sep 18, 2017
Went to my local Rally's like I always do got $20 worth of food asked about my free cheeseburger with the promotional code 4111 just like it said to do on the national cheeseburger ad ad I was told that the owner and manager knew nothing about it and Rally's didn't do that was sort of...

Checkers and Rally's / missing bacon on my big daddy "bacon" burgers!

latrujillo23 on Sep 18, 2017
This is a regular restaurant I come to at least once a week due to the close proximity to my house, at least 3 times out of 5 I have problems with my order! Usually its something minor that I catch right away but tonight it was obviously very busy and I waited in the drive thru long enough...

Checkers and Rally's / the service at a restaurant

user1729943 on Sep 17, 2017
I went to the rallys at 38th st and college avenue. The employee at the drive thru told me that he was unable to take and fill my order, during hours of operation, due to the fact that "he was the only one working and he needed to go to the bathroom." I was then told to park in the...

Rally Burger / food, atmosphere, cleanliness

DouglasSpell on Sep 15, 2017
My wife and I went to the NEWLY opened Rally Burger located in Corona, CA. Off of Main Street. I asked how long they have been open, it was stated two (2) weeks. Upon walking in the side door by the drive thru pickup window my shoes started sticking to the floor from the spilt...

Checkers and Rally's / cheese fries

StephAsh0 on Sep 15, 2017
I went to Rally's today to get the loaded cheese fries. I Got all the way home to find they gave me chili cheese fries. So I went back to get loaded cheese fries. No one apologized, they were just like "well do you still have a receipt"I wasn't even crappy at all. Then I pull out of the...

Rally's / customer service at drive thru

Shane Gibbs on Sep 15, 2017
I pulled up this evening at the Rally's on North Verity Blvd, in Middletown, Ohio, 45044.I sat at the speaker for several minutes until a voice came on and said something unintelligible over the speaker. When I asked him to repeat, I got no reply. I continued to sit there for 12 full...

Checkers and Rally's / food quality

losherrod77 on Sep 13, 2017
Went to Checkers on September 13, 2017 on University Blvd in Jacksonville Florida and I ordered the 4 for $3 fish meal and a ice cream cone. I returned to take the ice cream back because it tasted sour. Got back to work and looked at my sandwich, the fish were brown, it looked very old and...

Checkers and Rally's / opening hours

Dstone577 on Sep 13, 2017
I am an emt with Cincinnati And attempt to go to the madisonville location in the morning around 1030 before my shift. The answer is always the same, they don't open until 1130 when the hours of operation clearly reads 10am. There is always the strong smell of marajuana as well. On top of...

Checkers and Rally's / rallys on lee road in cleveland

Bianca Kaylon Kelli on Sep 11, 2017
I literally haven't been to a Rally's in YEARS & I had a desire to visit one of your establishments. Once I arrived at the window I asked the drive thru employee to give me one second while I looked over the menu. She began to get very impatient with me as I was trying to place my order...

Checkers and Rally's / the amount of staff, and the food

NellyBell on Sep 10, 2017
We go to the Rally's located at store #4048 in Columbus, Ohio. Different times of the day mainly in the evening for dinner. Every time it's always just one, or two workers working. On 9/10/17 we ordered 3 Chicken boxes. They had no ranch dressing when the day previous to this they said...

Checkers and Rally's / service and food quality

Lesley Stanley on Sep 8, 2017
Store #3173 780 N. Perry St. Pontiac, MI 48342 Date: 09/08/17 DS260/20356 I went to your store at 6:51pm and purchased a rally burger with cheese 4/$3. It was full of mustard. My fries were cold and double fried and my apple pie had been over-cooked and pie filling oozed out onto the bag and...

Checkers and Rally's / overcharged

hIjI on Sep 5, 2017
I didn't realize until the next day what Checkers had charged me for a Champ with Cheese meal (Large Coke) was $18.53 once I had ate and trashed my bag. I looked at my bank account the next morning and realized it was $18.53. I was like OMG for a Champ with cheese meal. I tried calling the...

Checkers and Rally's / racial discrimination

Matthew7020 on Sep 3, 2017
I went to the rally's location on the corner of red bank road and Madison rd in Cincinnati Ohio and was extremely pissed off due to racial discrimination went to the drive thru they came over the speaker and told me they was backed up really bad I needed to park in the parking lot and...

Checkers and Rally's / complaint on manager

Candygirl01 on Sep 2, 2017
The gm manager was so nasty to the workers and customers on the macon ga pionono .that its sad i feel like team work start with tge manager and if the manager have analtituide then you yell at your workers ..ima make a complaint against her it was saf and rude ..she eas yelling at one of...

Checkers and Rally's / drive thru service

Ashlea White on Aug 30, 2017
I ordered the 3 for 4 with a chicken sandwich, with special instructions. I asked for it to be minus mayo, add pickle and mustard. She says "what was that on the sandwich"? So I reply, "I would like minus mayo..." When she extremely rudely cut me off and literally screams "I HEARD MINUS...

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