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Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

4300 West Cypress St. Suite 600
Tampa, FL

United States

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 813 283 7000 103 34
Web: rallys.com

Checkers and Rally's Complaints & Reviews

Checkers and Rally's / customer service

Jlo1984 on Mar 18, 2018
I just went to order food in the drive thru and the lady was rushing me to order. I explained that I needed a minute before I place my order as I was ordering for myself, my boyfriend, and our 6 children. She proceeded to rush me and told me there were cars behind me waiting, but there...

Checkers and Rally's / service

Nayytb on Mar 18, 2018
The rallys on Monticello Norfolk, va 23510 customer service is horrible. I wanted to order a strawberry cheesecake ice cream and i was told the ice cream machine is down and it's not her problem. I will no longer spend my money at rally . This is very unprofessional! I waited in line for...

Checkers and Rally's / bad managing

Mr Peoples on Mar 15, 2018
Who ever is the little light skin manager working on night shift with the little mole on her chin is needs to be terminated. First I can't get my order remade, then I cant get a receipt confirming my refund. She has a bad attitude and doesn't know how to deal with customers properly. How...

Checkers and Rally's / gave the wrong food and it was terrible.

mpkjsm2017 on Mar 15, 2018
I went to rally's around 1:30 am thursday morning. I ordered two 4 dollar meal deals and they didn't give us the apple pies. They also gave us the wrong burger. It had what I think was mayonnaise on the cheddar bacon crisp and barely any bacon. We also ordered medium fries and received...

Checkers and Rally's / did not get what I ordered a baconzilla

Thelma Jefferson on Mar 12, 2018
3/7/18 I ordered a Baconzilla at the walk up window I had a coupon if you buy the baconzilla you got fries & drink free. When I got home and open the bag then sandwich there was no bacon what so ever ' only a double cheeseburger. I live 26 some miles away, and I was not going back. this i...

Checkers and Rally's / restaurant

Liddie1963 on Mar 4, 2018
Hello, my name is lydia an I just wanted to say whom ever told y'all to close the bridgetown, ohio location dont listen to them anymore..!! They made a very bad decision to close that location and keep price hill and springrove locations open.. They are the 2 worst restaurants i've ever...

Checkers and Rally's / rallys

Kimberly Wagner on Mar 4, 2018
I have frequented restaurant Store # 8239 8601 Preston hwy Louisville ky 40219 quite often i am a creature of habit. Always ordering the the meal, 10 pc bone in chicken wing garlic parmesan with a large sweet tea no ice. I would always have my wings dropped fresh and added extra sauce. And...

Checkers and Rally's / missing food and problems with manager

Kenneth Coon on Mar 3, 2018
I'm complaining about store number 4034 the manager's name is (katelyn b) this is the third time I've had a problem with this location and reported it to the same manager I placed an order today for $29.54 check number 10044 I place this order and then I also paid to add a loaded fry and...

Checkers and Rally's / service

Teewill on Feb 28, 2018
The Rally's on Lindbergh Blvd in Florissant Missouri always out of vital food items and condiments! If u try to go after 9pm forget about it, tonight they were out of meat for the Big Buford's, out of medium size boxes for the fries, every time we go they are out of mayo or the monsterella...

Checkers and Rally's / service and food

Jamie35 on Feb 21, 2018
Ordered 4 fish and number 11 large..was ask to pull up weight no big deal, while bat the window all you could hear was horse play and cussing pulled to the side weighted 15-20 mins finally got food wrong size fire a very small order that had been over cooked looked very old and cold, 2 of...

Rally's / this is an old complaint, that has never been resolved

Jason's on Feb 17, 2018
I have a complaint from thanksgiving day about 8:30pm. My family and I was denied service at the driv thru for no reason. I am wondering why it takes so long do fix a problem. I spoke to a person who said his name was David Terry on 12/28 he asked me to text him my address so I did he said...

Checkers and Rally's / I am complaining about service

Shialohhh on Feb 7, 2018
There was a woman on the microphone at Rally's on Manhattan her and the gay guy with the red shirt had an attitude and told me to pull up at the window. I pulled up at the window and she jumped out the window trying to fight me. Shes a brown skin woman with dreads and the guy is tall and...

Checkers and Rally's / customer service

MissyMM on Feb 2, 2018
When completd our order the women taking order didnt repeat order then coming to the window to pay an she slams the window. We asked 3 times for sauce an had to repeat again. Then my husband asked her something she was very rude. She proceeded to have an attitude. She slammed the window...

Checkers and Rally's / drink

Miracleaustin on Feb 1, 2018
I recently went to checkers (milwaukee wis north ave) I ordered a number 3 with a large sprite they gave me my drink & it didn't taste like sprite at all it was very bitter & tangy salty taste I asked for my money back & didn't receive it I knew it wasn't sprite when I smelled it my other...

Checkers and Rally's / video

lissamb on Jan 28, 2018
I have seen this video all over FB and think this woman should be fired and the person taking the video. That is horrible! I cannot imagine doing this where I used to work. We took pride in our work and in the safety of the people we served. This is the most disgusting video and the person...

Checkers and Rally's / we need a checker's/rally's

Jennib18 on Jan 27, 2018
I just don't understand why the capitol of Alabama doesn't have one your restaurants. I love your food. Please, consider re opening a location or three or four in Montgomery, AL. We miss you and love. Hope to see one popping up soon. P.S. Eastchase and Atlanta hwy is a great location for...

Checkers and Rally's / cashier service

Chandler666 on Jan 21, 2018
I was in the drive through and the manager (I think the the gray shirt with red sides) abruplty, super [censor] rude, handed me my bag of food almost throwing it at me damn near making me drop it and rudely said "have a great day" and just slammed the window smiling. The other worker...

Checkers and Rally's / drinks

Nicole Kotlow on Jan 21, 2018
Last night I went to the Rallys in mesa. Got home at my food. Then took a drink of my kool aid icee and got white plastic pieces in my mouth. there was over 50 little white plastic pieces. I took a few drinks before I noticed it. So I'm sure I drank plastic. I took off the lid and there...

Checkers and Rally's / not having enough people to work at night

Fat Mama on Jan 14, 2018
Everytime i go to this rallys they are always shorthanded. It seems like its only at night. There general manager or the assistant should help them when needed. I dont feel its safe for only two people to be in a store all night without any extra help. The store is a million dollar store n...

Checkers and Rally's / manager courtney

LenaMLenaMarie88s on Jan 13, 2018
I called the checkers on wrightsboro rd Augusta ga to let them know I did not receive apple pie that was to come with the order the Manager was not only rude but hung up. I was in no way rude to this young lady and I do not feel that a manager should be rude to customers after calling back...


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