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1866 930 3718(Canada) 3 1
+1 973 520 2700(Head Office) 11 11
+1 800 877 7004(Clinical Trials) 1 2
+1 800 877 7484(Employer Solutions) 0 2
+1 800 426 4702(Nichols Institute, San Juan Capistrano) 2 1
+1 800 421 7110(Nichols Institute, Valencia) 0 2
+1 800 336 3718(Nichols Institute, Chantilly) 1 1

Quest Diagnostics Complaints & Reviews

Quest Diagnostics / driver

Aug 24, 2018

One of your drivers needs almost hit me on I-25 in Colorado. We both got off at the Hampden exit and I gave him a dirty look and he started yelling ugly bitch at me. He then proceeded to weave in and out of traffic putting others in danger. This was at 6:33pm on Friday 8-24-18. Vehicle...

Quest Diagnostics / driver 11658

Aug 14, 2018

Almost caused an accident after getting off I15 northbound at the pleasant Grove exit. Cut off a line of traffic, slammed on their brakes, then flew into the left turn lane almost hitting the car in front. Car was number 11658 if this is seen again we will be calling the local police...

Quest Diagnostics / trying to extort money from patients

Aug 12, 2018

My regular dr. Uses quest labs when his own lab people are out or when they call in sick and no one is available. He's sent me to them 2 times before. The first time was about three years ago, and all I did was walk in, tell them my dr. S name, they took blood, and I walked out. No mu...

Quest Diagnostics / unethical treatment

Aug 01, 2018

I went to Quest Diagnostics in Sarasota, Florida last week to have my blood drawn pursuant to my doctor's request. I made an appointment online in the morning since I was fasting. I arrived at Quest, signed in and waited until I was called. I was called and told to go to Room 3 where my...

Quest Diagnostics / bills

Jul 30, 2018

My name is Anrio Charles. I live at 15421 Long Cypress Dr Ruskin Fl 33573 Invoice number 5092150806 and Lab code TAM Invoice number 5788292396 and Lab code TAM - I'm writing this, to notify you about this concerning bill that I have received. There are false allegations implying that I had...

Quest Diagnostics / unethical behaviour

Jul 26, 2018

# 5901878880 Connie Smith 251 W. Keller St. Hernando, Florida 34442 On April 17, 2018 I saw Julie White a PA at Florida Dermatology for the first time. I have a condition called guttate psoriasis. I have had this condition for years and have always been prescribed Methotrexate for it. Miss White...

Quest Diagnostics / unauthorized charges on my credit card

Jul 19, 2018

Quest Diagnostics has charge my credit card numerous times without my permission and refused to put the funds back to my car this is illegal and their companies should be out of business no one should have to deal with this. They will lie and say the charges will be reversed and a...

Quest Diagnostics / unfriendly and unprofessional staff member

Jul 17, 2018

each time i have gone into this location, 7528 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136, one of the staff members has been extremely rude. today... july 17, 2018... I was waiting out front with another woman for the doors to open once they came back in from lunch, the staff member...

Quest Diagnostics / unprofessional

Jul 11, 2018

I went to have my blood work drawn this morning by a lady named Stacy, at the quest diagnostics Lab, located at the Eastlake professional Center this morning. When I was making conversation about wanting to say "hello "to another employee, I had seen for years, who was not currently there...

Quest Diagnostics / spouse's test results sent to me - how is this not a hipaa violation?

Jul 06, 2018

Yesterday I received my spouse's lab results -they were addressed to me. Working in healthcare I can not see how this is not a HIPAA violation. I am not his guarantor - rather I am the policy holder. On their site, Quest claims what I have quoted below. However, I didn't JUST receive an...

Quest Diagnostics / accessing test results online

Jun 19, 2018

After receiving an email saying my test results were ready at the MyQuest website I logged on, entered my ID and the last password I had used. each time I got an authentication error notice. Tried using the password reset but the email they sent didn't work only resulting in the same...

Quest Diagnostics / service - my son's labs were lost

Jun 13, 2018

June 1st 2018 I took my 4 year old son in to have labs drawn for his FU appt with his allergist. he was scared like any other child getting a needle in their arm so he cried and screamed the whole time. Today we go to the FU appt with the allergist only to be they never received the...

Quest Diagnostics / lab test billing

Jun 04, 2018

I did a lab test last year with this company and submitted my check for my bill of $1097.92 and quest didn't submit my bill to the right address of my insurance company and quest said they sent me my money back in December 2017, but I never received my money back, I told them on phone with...

Quest Diagnostics / blood draw, quest diagnostics, 5891 transit road, lockport ny location

Jun 02, 2018

My name is Jane Logan. My appointment at the above location was on May 23, 2018 at 9 AM. The confirmation # for this appointment is/was KEP62304. The issue is with the phlebotomist - name unknown. I requested that a butterfly needle be used because the BD vacutainer's draw is so strong a...

Quest Diagnostics / home blood draw

May 31, 2018

I have home blood draws set up for every Wednesday between 9am-1pm for my INR. Yesterday morning I didn't receive a reminder call from my usual phlebotomist so around 12:30pm I decided to give them a call to see if they are sending someone new & if they'll be runing late. The operator...

Quest Diagnostics / billing department

May 28, 2018

These people are the single worst medical billing office I have ever worked with-- and sadly, I have had a lot of opportunity to talk with different providers and their billing departments. I received services from Quest in my doctor's office in the summer and fall of 2017, and the...

Quest Diagnostics / quest lab employee driver complaint

May 21, 2018

I was at one of locations where your drivers stop by to pick up blood works for your lab at Lakeside Medical Associates on Rinaldi Blvd. As i was picking up a patient myself and as I was ready to pull out of the facility I would haveto go around the building through the back parking lot...

Quest Diagnostics / blood work for toddler

May 03, 2018

We needed blood work for our 4 year old son because of constipation issues. They attempted to draw blood from one arm but missed so they drew the blood from his other arm. If they weren't sure about their 1st attempt & the vein wasn't visible, they should had not stuck him until they were...

Quest Diagnostics / labwork

Apr 27, 2018

I had an insurance change at the beginning of the 2018 year through my employer and had NOT received any information as to where to go for labs at this point. I always went to QUEST with my prior insurance and it was in network. My new insurance had NO copays for any labs whatsoever so it...

Quest Diagnostics / billing 11 times more than what was initially communicated

Apr 10, 2018

My wife had undergone for some blood work which was related to her very initial stage of pregnancy confirmation on 27 Jan 2018 but before giving the blood sample we confirmed about the cost of those test by providing our insurance details and we were told that these tests would cost...

Quest Diagnostics / lab billing

Apr 09, 2018

Quest does not take the insurance negotiated price into account when billing. They charge insurance a high rate, get paid by insurance and expect you to pay the difference. I paid the amount the insurance company said was my responsibility. I have called Quest numerous times, my insurance...

Quest Diagnostics / courier driver road rage

Mar 30, 2018

On 3/30/2018 at approximately 4:30pm on VA route 50 westbound, the bald/white bearded man driving car #75335 with license plate VTB-9212 stopped in the road next to me and yelled through the window telling me to use my eyes and using his hands to point to his eyeballs. I had put on my...

Quest Diagnostics / quest diagnostic roadrage driver 117040

Mar 28, 2018

We were driving from the i25 to Belleview Ave by the Denver Tech Center at 207pm I believe. We were turning right from the off ramp to Belleview (of which we have our own lane and it was clear for me to turn) And your horrible road rage driver with white Hair was in the lane next to us and...

Quest Diagnostics / driver

Mar 22, 2018

On Tuesday aprox 16:50 this driver appeared to be very agitated and was beeping at a few drivers. He ended up behind me as I was getting into the highway in Campbell Ave in west haven. I looked in the rear view mirror and then witnessed him throw a small pizza box out his window. I let him...

Quest Diagnostics / blood lab work

Mar 16, 2018

Went in to quest diagnostics on colonial drive in Margate Florida for lab work ordered by my physician. Upon arrival I signed in on a sheet of paper as they did not have an automated sign in( that was no the issue) I sat there for 40 minutes in a visible location in front of the window, 3...

Quest Diagnostics / quest diagnostic

Mar 03, 2018

Muy mal servicio para a tender a mi hijo con autismo, la señora alvarado le hablaba al niño en un tino muy fuerte le explicabamos la condición del niño y ni aun asi le tubieron paciencia.. tambien atendio a otra persona antes q ami hijo y le hablaba igual.. al parecer esta persona no esta...

Quest Diagnostics / very sarcastic and seem upset

Jan 30, 2018

ZULEKHA. Was very sarcastic and got very upset because the Dr did not send what kind of lab work was needed. In the past other lab technician has help me by calling the Dr and getting the info. We arrived at 10:25am fasting and right now it is 12.00pm and she told me almost yelling that it...

Quest Diagnostics / inconsistent & discriminatory billing practices

Jan 19, 2018

I had labs completed 5/5/17 as part of an annual physical. Invoice# 4998447764 & 4991973825. There were tests coded incorrectly either by the physician's office or by Quest to Anthem insurance. After months of unsuccessful calls, I sent a letter dated 12/20/17 requesting the codes that...

Quest Diagnostics / patient website - less employees "human beings"

Jan 18, 2018

January 15, 2018 went to have my lab tests done. From more than 3 people working last year, I found a machine where to register my info. The same person who look my info in the computer was the person taking my blood. Then I want to see or get my results, I have to register in the...

Quest Diagnostics / unprofessional attitude and supar method of taking blood

Dec 19, 2017

My husband and I went to Quest Labs for our yearly blood and urine tests. We had a very unpleasant experience. There was a young lab person who took the blood in room 2. She was nasty and left a mark on my arm. She said I'm taking the blood from left arm and didn't even ask which arm i...

Quest Diagnostics / physical abuse by quest diagnostics employee at sahara ave, las vegas nv

Dec 01, 2017

I had blood work done on 11/30/2017 in sahara ave, Las vegas branch. There was technician, her name is "FLORIDA" who drew my blood was so rude and poking in 4 places to get nerve. I requested her to use the butterfly, She said "I know, that's what am using". Finally she got it in one...

Quest Diagnostics / erratic/aggressive driver

Nov 30, 2017

This morning (11/30/17, approximately 8:37am) I was driving on Ridge Pike in Pennsylvania, when the driver of vehicle #75993 with PA license plate KKH3611 sped up to cut me off while their lane ended. I checked my rear view mirror, and there were no vehicles behind me where she SHOULD have...

Quest Diagnostics / bad attitude of quest lab employee

Nov 23, 2017

I went to quest lab on 11/20/17. there was one guyanese looking woman there. I don't remember her name but she was the only one working there that day at that center.. Quest Diagnostics Queens Flushing, 4161 kissena blvd at concourse level. she had a very nasty attitude. she was asking me...

Quest Diagnostics / driver complaint

Nov 13, 2017

I'm writing to report an erratic Quest Diagnostics vehicle. While driving to work this morning, vehicle #142, PA Licencse plate KBA-2747 literally drove me off of the road. I was waiting in traffic to merge onto 279S heading into Pittsburgh when the Jeep vehicle came speeding from the left...

Quest Diagnostics / lab test results

Oct 29, 2017

On Wednesday October 11th, I submitted a urine test to Quest Diagnostics at 8186 N. Lindbergh in Florissant, MO as a background check for employment testing. I have submitted test to Quest three other times over the last two years, so I am familiar with the proper protocol and procedure. I...

Quest Diagnostics / missing test

Oct 17, 2017

This in reference to Specimen: HL406220B and Patient ID 4252144 about my blood text collect 10/5/17. My Dr. requested a Vitamine D test, it is missing on the test result. I called talked to their result department, the agent is very rude and told me it is on my Doctor's order but not tested and...

Quest Diagnostics / phlebotomist / becky

Oct 11, 2017

We signed in and waited for about 5 to 8 minutes. So I told my son to tell the lady he need labs. Another 5 minutes went by. So I said ma'am how much longer do we have to wait for labs she said "another 5 or 10 minutes". I replied he has a test at 1. She said I can go to another Quest. So...

Quest Diagnostics / customer service

Oct 06, 2017

I am complaining about the quality of service at one of your locations in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, Texas. I have been sent to this facility for myself as well as my children for different reasons. Every experience I have had has been poor and unacceptable. Today, as the sign say...

Quest Diagnostics / communication

Oct 06, 2017

I called ahead at the broad st, meriden ct. office to inform them i have not received an insurance card, however, I had a letter with my ID number on it. My Dr accepted the letter and had ordered blood work. I asked if they would also accept my letter from my insurance company so I could...

Quest Diagnostics / throw my ivf blood work in the garbage

Oct 03, 2017

I had time sensitive blood work to perform for my ivf. Someone at quest throw it in the garbage. I had to wait for another cycle to perform not only the blood work but to repeat all the tests required by my fertility doctor. Kathlyn Walsh, quest diagnostic supervisor, informed that the...