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Customer Support Phone Numbers

1866 930 3718(Canada) 3 1
+1 973 520 2700(Head Office) 11 11
+1 800 877 7004(Clinical Trials) 1 2
+1 800 877 7484(Employer Solutions) 0 2
+1 800 426 4702(Nichols Institute, San Juan Capistrano) 2 1
+1 800 421 7110(Nichols Institute, Valencia) 0 2
+1 800 336 3718(Nichols Institute, Chantilly) 1 1

Quest Diagnostics Complaints & Reviews

Quest Diagnostics / billing uninsured

Mar 24, 2011

Quest billed my wife over $625.00 for lab services ordered by her Doctor. We have no insurance, and when I called to see if they would discount the bill for a cash pay, the customer service rep stated that it is against company policy to discount a private pay account. Discounts are...

Quest Diagnostics- South Plainfield, NJ / bad service

Mar 04, 2011

I went in to take blood and the technician was so horrible that I told her I wasn't comfortable with letting her touch me. She was rude, she ripped my paperwork, she was asking for things listed on the paperwork which I thought was the reason I was at the lab. It was the most...

Quest Diagnostics / invoices addressed to minors


I have had this issue before - but did you all know that if your minor child is sent an invoice (addressed to the child/payable by the child) you, as a parent, are NOT LEGALLY responsible for the bill? Well - My 16 year old daughter received an invoice for lab work done by Quest. The...

Quest Diagnostics / making appointments


Don't bother making appointments. First you search for an appointments number. Its not on your prescription form. When you arrive at appointed time, others coming in after you sometimes get called before you. Watch billing like a hawk. Check box yourself, if you do not want to pay...

Quest Diagnostics / procedures


Quest Diagnostics in Santa Paula - I signed in and sat down waiting to be called for them to take my paperwork. There was only one name ahead of me, and a lady came in after me. No one showed up at the desk for 15 minutes, then they called the person ahead of me, and then called the lady...

Quest Diagnostics / fradulant billing


I have been trying for over 2 years to get Quest to send a bill to my insurance company. Blue Cross says the lab work is 100% covered and would be paid as soon as they received the bill. But I can't get Quest to send a bill. They have stated to me on several statements that they send...

Quest Diagnostice / poor services and unprofessional attitude


Dear Sir/Madam, I have a matter today at Diagnostice Quest. I brough my daughter today for a blood draw. Her name is Melissa;she had a bad attitude to treat the customers. She asks for who is next, I came to her and tell her that my daughter name is Vivian and she answered that " You are...

Quest Diagnostics / billing


Quest sent my husband a bill for services rendered in March. In May, we received a bill. I called Quest and paid the bill. In June we received another bill, dated March as well, the same date as the prior services that had been paid off. Unknowingly, my husband paid that bill. When I asked...

Quest Diagnostics / fraudulent billing


For a YEAR, I had a running battle with Quest Diagnostics regarding billing for a set of laboratory tests requested by one of my physicians. When the sent the bill to Blue Cross Blue Shield for reimbursement, Quest used a diagnostic code that was different from what the doctor used on the...

Quest Diagnostics-Hamilton, NJ / lousy service center


This is the 3rd and final time I am going to that lab! First experience, I waited 3 hours with my 3 year old son in tow. My request for an update on how long it would take was met with, "We don't know. We'll call you when it's your turn." While we waited, the Tyra Banks show...

Quest Diagnostics / pediatric blood draw


I went for blood work for my 7 months old daughter. The technician who drew the blood did a pathetic job. Inspite of me asking her to draw blood from her fist (she has had her blood drawn at her Pediatrician's) the technecian said she could find a vein in her arm and pursued. The...

Quest Diagnostics / overbilling uninsured


I am pregnant and have no maternity benefits with my insurance. My doctor negotiated a lower rate to help me out. The hospital negotiates a lower rate to help me. Yet Quest claims they have no such thing and that I must pay in full unless I make under 40K per year for a family of 4! Of...

Quest Diagnostics / illegal balance billing


Be careful about paying bills from Quest Diagnostics. Both my husband and myself have been "balance billed" by Quest for labwork. Quest is a preferred provider for both our insurance companies. Our insurance companies secure deep discounts from Quest for services (ex. insurance pay...

Quest Diagnostics Labs / unsafe and unclean patient practices


Quest lab tech did NOT open the needle and syringe in front of me, he took them out of a box, already opened. After drawing my blood, he dropped the gauze on the counter and then picked it up to put on my wound. The place was shabby, dirty and very unclean. I am furious that I didn't...

Quest diagnotics / blood work appointment


I made an appointment with this agency on 1-16-09 for to be seen on 1-21-09 at 7am for some blood work on my 9 yr old. I signed at 6:55am. The staff were chatting with each other while the waiting room was full with about 12-15 people waiting to be served. I noticed that clients were...

Quest Diagnostics / improper lab work


On may 30 I went for a blood draw when I went to my doctors office there were no results after two days of phone calls they said they would send the results to the doctor's office which turned out to state not sufficient sample to perfom test. this was the fifth time this has happened...

Quest Diagnostics- Fullerton Harbor Blvd / poor staff


I took my 9 month old son for blood test to Quest Diagnostics Lab which was referred by his pediatrician. They were first not able to understand the code writeen in the test paper provided by the doctor. They took 1 hr to break the code. Then there was just one specialist who takes the blood...

Quest Diagnostics / wrongful termination


I worked for a decade at Quest Diagnostics with a clean record. About a year ago my Mom took ill. She only had 3 months to live. We were very close and the grief hit me very hard. I had 5 bosses I was there long. When I had problems with the grief, instead of talking to me about my changed...