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PSI Seminarsbeware

A good friend of my mine called me and told me how this PSI seminar changed his life. Since he was so amazed by this philosophy of life, and how it is benefiting his life, he wants me to go. He won’t take "no" for an answer even when I said "I don't want to pay $500 for the seminar." He said “I will pay for it." He is taking this PSI thing very seriously, and since I have respect for him I would like to learn more about it.

Now in my mind this is just someone else to telling me how to live a better life. I am doing just fine at living my life my way. So I wanted some feed back from some people that might have heard of this philosophy on life and how it affected them in some way. I see from reading these posts that PSI seems like the same garbage that many self help organizations such as but not limited to Tony Robins, Landmark Forum and Scientology.

I’d be a little better off throwing away my initial $500 on Robert Kiyosaki's poor real estate advice seminars. At least there's some way to get back your money with some blind luck. I supposed if you're interest in this self help/new age/positivist guru BS lessons, I have an educational private torrent site that has some of them. I just feel that there is no need to *** away money into a cause that tells you that money doesn't matter...

I agree it's beneficial to some people who need that switch turned on, no doubt. What's unfortunate is that some people feel they need the attention and structure to practice something they can read at the library or do for free. ***, I can buy friends by plunking down the 3-4 grand from a complete course on random people's worthless hides.

But from the reading here PSI is more or less a piece of paper from a seminar that won't do much except chafe your butt when you wipe it. In both cases you receive some kind of a funny paper in the end of the process, the main difference is that one of them you might use to increase you price/value on a labor market, (which with PSI is not going to happen) while your can use the other one to wipe your ***. It's always nice to get a different perspective, but a $500 perspective where they don't really tell you anything, is pretty ***, but this PSI ### seems like a money sink.


  • Ga
    Gaperina Mar 08, 2012

    My partner at PSI 7 had his wife leave him and accuse him of cruelty and abuse. I do not know where this came from. He was working on himself to be a better husband and father. It tears my heart. I think she was reading about how many came back from PSI and broke off their marriages. He wanted the opposite and got it anyway:(
    As for me, the experience was positive. My life and relationship has been helped. But the truth is that we each need to walk our own walk. Taking the time and $ for an intense experience to examine yourself can help you to change for the better. For reasons like you find here, I would avoid it if you are not well grounded. No-where outside yourself can you find what you really want and need. There are many ways to find this. PSI is one that works for some, but not without some risk.

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  • Du
    due diligenece Feb 16, 2012

    PSI seminars is like network mrketing, except the residual income goes to the people at the top. It is designed like network marketing, as it came from holiday magic, shirley hunt is a network marketer and it is better than network marketing ( for PSI Seminars ) as the believers work for free. which has landed the company into labor law violations in denver, as a result of an employee complaint. the material is recycled pop psychology and since this is a complaint board, the original author has evvery right to voice her frustrations. This is not one of the healthiest products out there..look at some of the courses Oprah endorses and and do your homework. There is a lot of dysfunction within the company in its relationships, and how it markets, better to stay away and not get caught up the drama..all the best.

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  • Ru
    ruppertk1323 Apr 11, 2010

    I have graduated from the PSI Basic.
    I am truly shocked with all this negativity I read here. They didnt strip me of my own thoughts morals logic or values. My marriage was saved after we attended- better communication, stronger friendship and true honesty. We are far from perfect and didnt leave the seminar with an over night fix. Through day to day life we have used our new tools to create stronger and happier relationships with others and each other. It's really up to us how we want our life to be, we can not change other people, we only have the power to change ourself. We can not always change what happens to us in life but we CAN change how we react to it. Everyone leaves with their own kind of experience from the seminar. Can I say the seminar saved my marriage? I dont think so. I think the seminar showed me to look within myself, be honest with myself. Everything starts and begins with me. My husband and I saved our marriage because thats what we really wanted to do. I really suggest if you havent attended, go check it out- see what it is that your spouse or family members learned- see if they were really brainwashed. Dont worry you can drink the water :)

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  • Ea
    Eagoves Oct 23, 2009

    Hi there and wow!

    All I can say is wow... Amazing.

    I've been through all of the PSI Courses, staffed WLS, Camp
    Choice, Principia and actually brought the Basic back to NY City 3 times... as well as played PLD, have been a PLD Angel 4 times, attended 4 Ack Nights in celebration... etc.

    I have never seen such a big group of people crying in their coffee over the responsibility and accountability of GROWN UPS. People BLAMING PSI SEMINARS FOR RUINING THEIR LIVES. What is that about? What kind of mentality is that? To blame a seminar company for what?

    Look at yourself, your life, your past choices, your responsibility or NOT, the people in your lives. NOW hold YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICES.

    Next, hold the people in your life accountable and responsible for THEIR CHOICES.

    It's that simple.

    I am NOT brainwashed. I don't even watch tv. I have a thorough understanding of the classes and why they are run the way they are. There are more than 600, 000 PSI Grads in the world, less than 1% asked for the money back after the Basic Seminar.

    By the way, the class is refundable. If you feel you got NO value out of the class, you write a letter and get all except $50 back. I have NEVER met anyone who asked for their money back because you'd have to be DEAD NOT TO GET VALUE OUT OF THE BASIC SEMINAR. As for those of you who've not been through the entire class commenting on blogs and the internet? How can you be an authority of something YOU KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT?

    All this pissing and moaning just blows me away. All this pointing fingers at a seminar company that is doing MORE GOOD IN THE WORLD than any other organization I have seen to this day. The graduates contribute all over this Earth we share yet, I see this MEAN stuff happening on websites because you all are blaming a seminar company for the results that YOU'VE CREATED IN YOUR OWN LIVES.

    Your choice to write here and vent... in this pity party keeps other people who may benefit from this work and the PSI Courses away because they buy into your victim stories of misery and woe. Then you roll it all together with insulting people who have embraced the work in their lives because you'd rather pull them down then lift them up.

    I will tell you right now that if you write one derogatory thing about me I will sue you for slander. My life is so clean, I don't even drink coffee. I am acutely aware of what I am writing right now and clear on all of my decisions in and around this seminar company so do NOT use me as a verbal punching bag as you did my FRIEND Michelle in the above posts. Go back and READ what she wrote. She was logical about what she wrote in a kind manner... Be careful what you say here, that may just be a Graduates LOVED ONE.

    How can you write that to someone you don't know about her choices? You don't know her or what her life is about...

    PSI is about personal choice.
    It is about taking responsibility for our own choices.
    It is about personal accountability for what we think, say and do.
    It is about world contribution and believing that we are one human family, not just a town, city or country, that every person matters.
    It is about letting go of the behaviors that are NOT supporting us in creating the life we really want to have.

    Doing the work and CHOOSING TO TAKE THE CLASSES and participating is MY DECISION. No one forced me, begged me, pushed or shoved me or guilted me into anything. I was not held down against my will or manipulated into anything. The person who shared with me about it never even asked me to go. I actually asked because I saw how his life was evolving because of choices he was making and ideas he'd learned through PSI Seminars. I was interested because I saw someone I cared about living a life of honesty, integrity, keeping his word, growing his business, creating financial freedom, building and keeping amazing personal relationships in his life. He was leading by example. I had a wonderful life before PSI Seminars and I wanted more of what HE had... I knew that I could always grow in my life and TRUSTED and LOVED my friend so that I was excited to step into the adventure of the Basic and the other classes and work.

    My suggestions:

    Embrace your life. Contribute to your communities. Be responsible. Be happy. If someone doesn't want to be with you, let them go. They are doing you a favor and giving you your life and the next amazing chapter in it. Let go of the way things are supposed to look or the way that you were told growing up it would be.

    I promise you that misery loves company and there will always be people that will jump into your pity party and cry with you. That behavior supports you for about five minutes, then after that, how does it serve you?

    And life is so much more fun when you live from a power position of being accountable, being responsible, that you make your own choices, create your life to be the way you want, when you answer to no one except yourself and live in a way that empowers others because you've embraced what is wonderful about you. When you live a life of contribution and concern for others and you give of your heart, your time, your special gifts and that makes a difference to others, you will be living a life of joy and passion and giving. It is about respecting others choices and giving them space to make their own decisions. There is so much delicious stuff happening in this world.

    Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy? Based on the tone of this blog, I guess you'd all rather be right than happy... which in your eyes, makes PSI Seminars WRONG... and a company that is creating "World Peace One Mind at a Time" is not wrong or to blame...

    No one is broken, no one needs to be fixed. People are not manipulated. Nor do people make mistakes. No one is to blame. There are no victims, only volunteers.

    People make CHOICES. A mistake is what a person calls a choice that did NOT turn out the way they originally thought it would... blame is what people do when they do NOT want to look in the mirror at their own choices or contribution to a situation. It's so easy to BLAME someone else or an organization. What about your life?

    I can lead the horse to water and I cannot make him drink. What I mean by this is, I can tell you a million reasons why I choose to be and stay involved with PSI Seminars and it won't matter one bit if you are not open to learning about it other than from what you read here written by people who may have never even taken a class offered by PSI. I have a circle and access to more than 1, 800 PSI Grads. You want to know about the work, I'd be happy to ask them for support on sharing what they've gotten out of the work.

    I can share a million different experiences supporting the work in the world, or tell you about the amazing friendships I've created with people I've met, or how involved I am in charity work in the world and in my community because of what I've learned through PSI Seminars about being of service on this planet...

    I can defend the company, I can ask you all to be more open minded, I can spout example after example of the good work being done by grads everywhere... this list is long and I completely understand that it's your CHOICE TO either believe me or to bah humbug what I've written out of your mind.

    What I know is that YOU are responsible for your choices as am I. What I may consider amazing, you may not. And it's all good. PSI Seminars is NOT for everybody.

    It IS for those who want to excel in their lives, to be more successful in their relationships, to take better care of their bodies, to contribute to the world around them, those who want to build their financial situations for the better, who have a connection the Creator/God and believe in spiritual aspects of life... PSI Seminars IS for successful people who want to be MORE successful, who want to raise themselves up along with others in their lives. It is for those who want to create closer relationships with their loved ones and business associates.

    If this is NOT what you want in your life, then do us a favor, don't come to the Basic or PSI classes. PSI is for those who take responsibility in their lives, who are accountable for their decisions. If you are a pisser or a moaner, then don't bother. If you want to cry about what you heard or were asked to do, stay home. If you don't want to do anything to make any changes in your life for the better, then stay away.

    This company was created and stands today, the oldest seminar company in its original form. Without advertising. 600, 000 + PSI Basic Grads... Why? Because it works. The work works for those who choose to use it in a way that supports them in CREATING, BEING, WORKING, CHOOSING... more, better, different than they have now and are making a difference in the world all over the world.

    Whenever I read people putting down PSI Seminars, I think of how I've chosen to apply the work to my life. I think of my experiences at each class along the way. I remember each staffing experience and what that brought to my life. I get excited about the different fundraisers and contributions I make often because I know more than ever how much the world needs me... I get excited about what I am creating, giving, doing and sharing. I am not blaming anyone. I am not on websites putting down something I know nothing about. I am too busy creating my life to be the way I want it to be, the way I've dreamt it can be to hang out in the pity party with anyone.

    What I wish for all of you is that your hearts be softened, your minds be opened to the possibility that life is not always the way you planned. That people may do things you do not understand or desire or approve of. So what, now what? That you'll understand that we all have our paths and what's wonderful is that they are individual and what works for one, may not work for another. And that it's OK. May you figure out that the more time you focus on the pity party, the less time you have to focus on the PARTY THAT IS YOUR LIFE... that you are missing out on all the fun going on around you. I wish for you that you contribute to your communities, so much so that your heart fills with joy and almost explodes with pride because you know you are making a difference. I wish for you that you feel amazing in your relationships and can communicate your needs clearly so that there are no fights or drama. That you figure out how to attract and create financial freedom. That you let go of the past and live in the NOW.

    There is so much more I wish for you AND did I learn all this from PSI Seminars and the classes? Maybe, maybe not. I had a foundation I was building before I got to the Basic AND what I will tell you is that this work has supported me in continuing on my life's path, my soul's path in a way, that I could not imagine where I'd be without the work. Certainly, I'd have created a wonderful life AND I would not trade the past years involved with PSI Seminars for a life without it.

    You all have no idea the good stuff that you're missing.
    It's ok, all the more fun for us Grads to have!

    Dream big! Have fun! Live with Passion! Love!
    With Respect,
    Cindy Phillips, PSI Seminars Grad and PROUD OF IT!

    San Diego Basic May 04
    PSI 7 397
    Women's Leadership C-82
    PLD Team 6
    Principia 04 & 05
    PLD Angel 4 times
    Built, staffed and Chiefed 3 NY Basic Seminars 2-06, 6-06, 5-07
    Staffed: Basic Seminar 8-04, 9-04~ WLS 07, Camp Choice 07, Principia 09
    Supporting & staffing: Boston Basic Seminar February 2010

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  • Mu
    Mushroom Dec 15, 2008

    I've spent the last 4 days in PSI Basic training. I enjoyed the seminar. It touched on a variety of subjects all of which had to do with discovering more about myself and how I think. I had some good experiences and some personal growth. It's true they apply pressure to get you to bring your friends to an introductory session and to get you to sign up for the next, much more expensive seminar. The whole class gets an hour long sales pitch for the next seminar. Then, there's 20 minutes of the 12 staff members talking to people one-on-one. I got hit up once, stood my ground, and the guy backed off. It wasn't a big deal to me. I had a worse experience with a door-to-door Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman. Yes, it's heavy handed, but it's a free country and you don't have to buy anything you don't want. Personally, I dismissed the sales pitch, felt gratitude for having learned what I did, and moved on. And, I didn't get any heat for not signing up.

    Keep in mind the general public attends these seminars. There's no screening process and there's a lot of pain and suffering in the world. When someone is confronted with exercises that have them review past hurts, there are people with enormous burdens who are unloading, perhaps, for the first time ever. On the application, you are required to state if you are undergoing psychiatric treatment or have a mental illness. If so, you can't attend. There's no verification of records so its possible to have mentally ill people attend or people who aren't being treated, but should be. There are also people who have no friends in their lives and the good feelings generated from the seminar experience cause them to want to perpetuate it with the same people. So I'm sure there's people who get fixated on the whole thing, but I don't know that it's PSI Seminars fault per se.

    It is a New Age course, so to speak. Occasionally, there were some facts or famous anecdotes which weren't quite accurate. But, on the whole, I found it to be a very good seminar. They clearly tell you if there's something you can use, use it and if you don't like a concept, then don't use it. The people who completely change their identity or seem brainwashed are probably people who thought they were completely "broken" before the seminars. I suspect these are the same personality types who take on other identities to replace their own: bikers, Goths, punks, or sometimes corporate executives. They don't like who they are so they replace their identity with somebody else. In those cases, if it wasn't a PSI Seminars identity, it would definitely be something else.

    PSI Seminars is a business. They have to put out a good product, make people feel good about how they spent their money, and gain new customers. Otherwise, they go out of business. How is this any different from any other business?

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  • Ka
    katherine Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have you read Michelle's comments and website, ? It is clear she is not the brightest light bulb on the Christmas tree.

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  • Je
    Jeff Oct 07, 2008

    Hi Michelle, thanks for your comments, but I think you're full of sh*t!!! Please grow up and look at what your doing and asked yourself "What if your wrong?"

    Flirtation with the Cult/LGAT
    So I recently attended a recruitment meeting for an LGAT- a Large Group Awareness Training. These cult-like groups don't really have a compound and make you live there; they are mostly about getting your money by charging you absurdly huge amounts of money for seminars that use some very shady tactics.

    I had presented a speech the night before at my school, discussing the ways that cults and LGATs hook people and their similarities to hypnotic techniques.
    So I went the next night to actually observe what went on and see what happens. Here's the story:

    The first thing was that I signed in to a table outside the hotel ballroom. Several of the seminar leaders were standing by, dressed immaculately. I approached one, smiled, and signed in and was given a name tag. The man recognized my name (I had been emailing him) and introduced himself, asking who had brought me. I told him nobody.

    Tonight's event was the "Graduation" from the initial seminar, which had taken place over 4 days and cost a shade under $500. To celebrate the graduates, all the participants who'd made it through the four days were invited to bring their friends and family along. As the crowd mingled, the grads and guests mingled and chatted with Seminar employees who strolled around, making introductions.

    None of them attempted to talk to me- the lone guy ambling around, talking on my cell phone periodically, taking notes here and there.

    Finally we were let inside to the ballroom where the meeting was being held. We took our seats. Some seminar people went around the room, still talking to people, working the room.

    The man I'd been emailing came to the front, introduced himself, proudly pointed out the grads, and asked us all to give a big hand to celebrate their achievement. I glanced around the room- the grads all looked so excited, so happy, but it was nothing next to when the speaker introduced the man who'd actually led the entire seminar. When he came bounding up on stage and took the mike, the grads went wild. It was spooky- it was like Elvis inciting a flock of girls. The grads even gave him a standing ovation, and, as he spoke for the next hour or so, the grads' glee didn't diminish- they kept giggling in bliss and ecstasy.

    The moderator spoke at length, again congratulating the grads, at first admitting a couple of things- first off, how odd this must all seem to the guests. "You get BEGGED to come to this by your friends or family, and now you're here, hearing all this, right?" Pretty much. "And you must think its kinda weird, right? They're telling you 'You gotta come to this! BUT- I can't tell you what it's about!" The grad next to me giggled. "Well, let me tell you: it's not a cult. No. We're here to help you, to get you to achieve your full potential…." He went on; talking about what the course could do for you, but in very vague terms. "Nobody's forcing you to attend, right? We're all here on our own free will, are we not? We all have the choice to accept or decline." I nodded, but my stomach was turning. This is exactly the 'illusion of choice' that a cult would present.

    The moderator went on to tell a little about the seminar, but even he admitted it was hard to put into concrete terms- that it was really something that must be experienced, because there were so many group exercises; that it was very 'experiential.' I wanted to hear more about this, to find out what the exercises were like, but he would only say it was like a taste of steak; that the only way to see it was to actually go through with it. One of the more disturbing moments was when he presented a 'theory of mind' on the board to illustrate how our minds work. It bothered me because it was similar to part of the hypnotic induction process in how you describe the workings of the mind and how hypnosis works, just before you actually perform it. Basically, 'you first describe, and then you perform.' He prattled on about it, and I nodded my head, pretending to be intrigued instead of horrified. He next had all the grads come up on stage as we applauded them. The mod continued heaping all the adulation and praise onto him that he could, recognizing them for being on the pathway to success and overcoming their personal limitations. He gave them diplomas and read them on stage, which pretty much just reinforced or repeated what he'd said a minute ago. Then he asked the grinning grads to tell us all about how much they loved the program and their experience, to tell us how great it was. "Just try to sum it up in one word, " he challenged them. They thought a moment and then you heard them say things like "enlightening", "success", "learning", "magical", etc. Now came another creepy highlight.
    "And how many of you had resistance at first, when you came in here, all but kicking and screaming, at the start of the first day?" Almost all raised their hand. "How about at the end of the first day?" Most hands stayed up. "And the second day?" About half the hands were still up. "How about the third day?"
    ONE hand remained in the air.

    Jesus Christ, I thought. This is how it works- the first two days are spent in long exercises designed to break, embarrass, or humiliate these people, and the second two days are about building them back up.
    It was pretty insidious. One thing a cult or LGAT would do is shower the individual with love and acceptance. But this group went one better- start with ridiculing them or tearing them down. It actually makes sense- in one hypnotic induction, we create relaxation by first inducing some stress, and when that's absent, the relaxation is more powerfully felt. And likewise, how best to show love and acceptance? By first creating its opposite experience….

    But why would nobody walk off after the first few hours of abuse? Simple; they've heard the promise of personal benefit if you stay in for the full four days; plus, you're not eligible to get your money back for any reason if you don't complete the course in full.

    After this, the moderator showed the schedule for the next seminar (four days- 2 days of 6pm to midnight, and 2 days of 10am-8pm) and presented the cost and where we could sign up, also saying if we had any doubts, just ask around tonight, and to take it, since we could always get our money back if we were dissatisfied (provided we completed, of course). He closed by suggesting we now turn to the person who brought us here and ask them why they so badly wanted us to take this seminar.
    I turned to the man next to me, "A", I'll call him, and began asking questions. I talked to him for a while, learning that a friend had gotten him into this almost a year ago. At first he had declined but I guess the friend had badgered him enough and he finally took it. I also learned he was new in town and I wondered why he'd waited till he'd moved to take it, but didn't ask him.

    He told me that he'd always been into reading about religions, philosophy, self improvement, and the like. Off the bat, he also admitted that this seminar was like a religion and wasn't- it was definitely an organization, and they were out to make money, plain and simple. That said, he felt like it benefited him quite a lot anyways. I moved on to my next question. "I understand this stuff is a lot of group exercises; that you learn a lot in there." "Oh, yes, definitely, " he nodded vigorously.
    "But what was it like? What did you guys do?" He looked blankly, as if he'd lost his train of thought, finally saying. "It's hard to describe. We did so many…” and trailed off- it was as if he couldn't remember any! Why couldn't these people describe what had gone on? It wasn't like they were being coy or secretive about it; it's more like they just couldn't retrieve the memory!

    He finally told me an odd one about the inner child or intuition, being in groups of 2, where one person describes a sick friend, giving somebody a few clues, asking them to come up w/ whatever they intuit about the described person. "A" claimed 90% accuracy rate in the facts the intuition drags up and looked at me, wide-eyed, for my reaction. I saw through this (vague-speak, like an Oracle; can be interpreted so widely that it could apply to nearly anything) but he was amazed by it. I feigned amazement, too.
    "What else did you guys do?" I really had to pry it out of him- you'd think in four days of doing mainly exercises, he'd be able to remember much more, more readily, but no. Finally he came up with another, and it was sad.

    I'd had heard of this one before: the "broke your word" thing, designed to make everybody see their flaws and play that up. "A" described how he seemed to have done the best, seeming to have kept his word the most faithfully, for a full week, until the mod turned it on him, saying he didn't believe it; either A had lied to him, or A had broken his word to himself. When confronted with that, A said he felt shocked, and reacted in an astonished manner, as if he were still stunned by it. He even described hearing that as a "slap in the face." Of course, this same point was driven in, in many ways, to all the graduates in those first 2 days.

    At end of our conversation, I asked if he had any last things to tell me about it, and he advised me to "take the jump" and just try it out. He thought I'd get a lot out of it, that I was curious and smart. He hoped it would help him succeed farther, especially to get over his shyness, loner tendencies, and to help him become a leader- after all, he'd signed up for the next 2 courses, which probably cost $6, 000 to $8, 000. I kind of wanted to hear more about this and track his progress, so I exchanged phone numbers with him and left, wondering what I'd hear next. As I stood up to go, I noticed nobody ever asked me directly to sign up, which was kind of a nice sign, but then again, when I looked around, I saw all the seminar people were busy talking to the grads and their guests.

    So what hypnotic techniques and methods did I observe? I'll detail them in the next blog.
    Oh- and if you don't think these people are out to take your money, if you really think they're beneficial- I just have one question for you:

    If this group does so much good, and there's nothing sinister or shady about their method, and that it really WILL change you life, well, why can nobody who goes through the program seem to be able to tell many details of it?

    Surely something so important, so groundbreaking in one's life would be a bit more memorable, wouldn't it?

    How the Cult Works: Hypnotic Secrets
    So here's my expose on how and why the group worked:
    One of the really ingenious tactics they used was not to use any kind of promotion except for the very best of all: word of mouth. Everybody knows how strong word-of-mouth is, and anybody can tell you that's going to beat any paid advertisement. But these people went a step further- they had instilled it into their grads that they absolutely HAD to share this path to success with whoever they loved and cared most about.

    I thought that was pretty smart. Just think: if your closest friends and most beloved family members came begging you to do something, you'd surely listen to them and consider it over just about any other source in the world, wouldn't you? I mean, what if it was your parents? Your wife or husband? And that's exactly what I saw. One woman even brought her 8 year old daughter.

    As further proof that the seminar leaders found this angle to be absolutely critical, remember that nobody approached me before the meeting to give me a friendly hello. Why? Because I'd come alone- they had no convenient grad to use as an opportunity to springboard through to me. No, they concentrated on talking to the grads and getting through to THEIR guests. They knew full well that those people were the ones to work on, because they already had a very solid 'in'. Remember also that the lead guy took notice of me when I signed on and his first question was to ask who brought me.
    The Moderator: He was definitely 'built up' in the grads' mind as an authority figure; unquestioned, blindly accepted, and acknowledged as somebody who had total control and commanded total admiration of the group. Again, it was creepy to see the unabashed adulation for the guy- standing ovations, big vacant smiles and laughs at whatever he said.

    The moderator was also quite smart early on in his speech to disavow that the group was a cult or that it was shady, all the while acknowledging it was mysterious, wasn't it? In hypnosis, one great tactic is basically to acknowledge whatever the client says; all the while you lead them in the direction you want. He also made sure to let everybody know that they had a choice to say yes or no to this, but to request that you at least give a chance and listen with an open mind. Doing this puts the guests at ease and calms them, as well as creates an "illusion of choice." If you believe you have a choice, it relieves the pressure and you remove your mental blocks and defenses to whatever you're about to hear.
    Also, this talk was similar to our hypnotic pre-induction speech, in which we give to tell the client what is going to happen, what to expect, and demystify the process, etc.

    Most of the talk was quite vague and nebulous- the moderator almost never gave concrete ideas or facts, but rather couched everything in metaphoric and indistinct terms- these is completely the language of trance, especially that method practiced by Milton Erickson, who could basically hypnotize somebody without them really being aware of how it was working. The way it works is that the mind of the subject is distracted, trying to address and make sense of the vagueness, while the speaker continues, throwing out more stuff, slowly overwhelming the subject's critical mind and thought processes, until they just want to escape, which they do- into hyper suggestibility and hypnosis.

    The Theory of Mind diagram was more of the same- misdirection, vagueness, and giving an explanation of how the mind works. Again, we do something almost identical in hypnosis. It's part of the standard process.

    Bringing Up the Grads: This was just more of the adulation and praise and attention lavished on those who succeed in the group's terms. If they deviate or fail, they are punished, ridiculed, but once they make it through, they are accepted and rewarded by the group. These people who did stick it through probably have some issues on where they belong, or are looking for a place or group to have an identity with (In fact, the man I'd later talk to would tell me as much, saying that he was new in town, didn't have any friends, and was sort of lonely. I also thought it was curious he waited for a year to take the class, it was as if he had come at a more vulnerable time).

    Also, with this praise/reward, it becomes even more powerful when it's contrasted against earlier punishment methods- again, what better way to make somebody feel loved or appreciated than to first put them down?

    RESISTANCE: The major creepy moment. In the first two days, the grads admitted resistance to the group's exercises, but almost none for the 2nd two days. This suggests that the first couple days were completely about breaking down the grads, showing them they were insignificant, wrong, and fundamentally incorrect and deeply flawed. Of COURSE there would be resistance to that. Incidentally, in almost ANY hypnosis, there is resistance of some sort, even for very positive therapy, because the subconscious is grappling with suggestions for change and there's a consequent struggle as it grapples with integrating the hypnotherapist's suggestions. And hypnotherapists actually take resistance as a positive sign, because it means that the course of therapy is working...

    So 'resistance' means that the lessons are sinking into the grads, and after two day's worth of these exercises they're open to all sorts of things, reflecting sadly over this deeply vulnerable self that has been exposed and open. They go home, probably feeling broken and beaten down. But there's not much time to reflect on that and think too critically about it, because after the second day ends (at midnight), they're back at 10am the next day for another round. So they have just enough time to sleep before they return- this limits the chance they have to think too much about it and try to get out of the seminar, which they probably won't, because they can't get a refund unless they tough it out for the full four days. So they reluctantly trudge back to the group, likely expecting more abuse and breaking-down exercises.

    But when they come back, there's a change: the group is using a new tactic! Now, they're focusing on acceptance, more positive things, likely telling them that they can change and have all they could ever want if they take the next courses and learn more what the group has to offer. And that day and the next are devoted to showing them acceptance and love, as well as heavily pitching their higher levels of courses.

    In fact, I'd suspect that the group doesn't really impart much, if any, lessons for success in the first seminar. I bet, as the first session in hypnosis is really to condition the subject for more hypnosis, that the group is really just priming the individual client for more and more sessions and seminars.

    Another thing that contributed to breaking down the individual's willpower and opening their suggestibility was the long hours. There are many ways to go into trance; the best known of which are things like dancing, chanting, singing (which I heard there was singing going on at these), and doing this for long periods of time. However, a lesser-known way of increasing suggestibility is by controlling the diet. Not just by fasting, but by affecting the blood sugar levels, by not eating, or eating too much. If you control the diet (which seems likely, since the first two days were held during typical dinner hours), you could affect blood sugar, making it drop and creating a subtle anxious, hyper suggestible state in your subjects.

    That said, when all was said and done by the 4th day, they had created 30 people who had 'learned' that this group was the key to success and changing their lives, and were also told to share this wondrous revelation with all the loved ones in their lives. This was reinforced again after the moderator finished talking and suggested that we turn to the people who brought us and ask them why they wanted us to take the class so badly. Again, they're using the power of word of mouth (from loved and trusted friends and family) to convince and tantalize the guests, so they can continue the cycle.

    So there you have it- of course, many different walks of life use these methods, but before you dismiss it, you have to admit that when a group is using all sorts of hypnotic manipulation tactics, whether or not they intend to, then they consequently must be practicing hypnotic manipulation, whether they intend to or not.

    I think I've made a pretty strong case that's what this group is obviously doing and using that leverage for the sole purpose of making a lot of money from their seminars.

    Oh, and here's another bit of evidence why I doubt their sincerity: Part of their name/motto is about people working synergistically together. You'd think with a focus like that, what better synergy could you get than a couple of their grads partnering up? Or better yet, a big group of them networking within each other, buttressing and backing each other up? What a strong, powerful bond, right?
    But when I asked "A" if he was going to stay in touch with his fellow grads, who we had just been hearing had some sort of collective epiphany all together, he reacted like the thought had never really occurred to him. "Hm, I guess so, that might be good, " he said hesitatingly.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Shelton Oct 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I went through the seminars TOGETHER. I find it interesting that so many of the people on here don't seem to be willing to grow with their spouse and then they wonder why they find themselves in different places in life. My husband and I learned this early on in our marriage when I was reading so many books and attending real estate seminars...I began to grow and he was not in the same place. We talked about it and agreed that we should both grow together so we are in the same place at the same time. Perhaps ask yourself why your spouse wanted to grow and you didn't? I see THAT as the reason marriages split up...I see it every day before any of them ever go to a seminar. When I take responsibility for myself, my marriage, my children, my finances...then and only then is when I am in the drivers seat. Taking a look internally and seeing why you have the results in your life that you have...that is key. So many on this board seem to give away the control of their life. If my husband was going to something and said it was so good and he wanted me to go...I would go because I trust, love and respect my husband. I would ask you...why didn't you value your marriage enough to trust? How in the world can someone else have so much control over your marriage?

    Michelle Shelton

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  • Ro
    Robert Sep 27, 2008
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    So yesterday I was on my way home from a family reunion on a small but very full plane, and was extremely tired and just ready to turn my brain off. The woman next to me introduces herself and asks me what I was there for, bla bla bla. I answered her and was polite, but all I really wanted to do was read my book. She then says I seem tired and stressed, and I say, "yes, I am" and then it comes: "It sounds like your family could use some emotional counseling. Have you ever heard of PSI Seminars?" At this point, my brain screams. I suddenly become claustrophobic and want to get off the plane NOW! Instead of panicking, I tell her what I have heard about PSI. She then asks me where I have heard it. I say some forums that I go to. She tries to ask which forums, how does she log in, etc. I am very vague and evasive about rickross, and just tell her I cannot remember what they are called (at the point my brain was in last night, it was quite believable, too since I kept forgetting words and such). Then she asks all about whether I have heard of the secret or anything like that. So start to tell her about my linguistic analysis of said book, and how we use certain metaphors in order to make certain concepts more concrete and easily understandable. Suddenly, she didn't want to talk to me anymore. I managed to escape from that conversation much more easily than I thought I would.

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  • Ma
    Mark Sep 22, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Here is more emails going back and forth. Problems in marriage after their return from PSI7!!!
    Proof that PSI causes problems with peoples marriages.

    Re: [PSI7Team471] Any feedback?
    On Mon, 9/22/08, Bxxxx Axxxx
    Subject: [PSI7Team471] Any feedback?
    To: [email protected]

    Date: Monday, September 22, 2008, 6:57 PM
    Strange I thought. My husband got out of psi7 and since then or I should say since we went to these classes he's been different. Not
    in a good way. Example, since basic in July he's went out and turned his phone off about 8-9 times. In the 7 yrs we been together
    he did that maybe 2x. He's been very cold towards me where as before he was a lot warmer. He accused me of taking interest in
    someone from psi7 no idea where that came from. He said he see how people are so friendly up there and wonder what I was doing??????
    How weird is that. It seems a lot of his team mates found someone on the ranch and did not care about the 30 day rule. Not my
    problem. I told him our team was serious about our ### and I couldn't say for others but no I was not even thinking of it. I had
    a whole lotta my own bs to deal with. So this whole being responsible for yourself thing has been challenging to work with.
    However I been totally surprising myself. The angry Bxxxx would have had a divorce by now after I got done doing the pay back.
    wow. I don't want to be that way and I realized that by me being mean to him that is what gets him to get into shape. What an eye
    opener. So this past weekend he did it again this time for the whole weekend. Which was his first weekend home since he went to
    psi7. He had to work for 2 wks in cali before he came home after psi7. I know why we attracted each other in the first place but now
    I no longer am willing to go back to my ego. It never did serve me. However, it would have served me in making my husband act
    right. Scary. So talk about realization. I will never go back to that, even if it means parting ways. I talked to him like I never
    did before after this weekend. I told him that I will not go back to operating from ego, so this is what's in my heart that I was
    really hurt and he's been taking this new loving me for granted. Based on results. When he graduated psi7 we established rules for
    our marriage which he has broke every one repeatedly even the ones he has made. Still doesn't make it right for me to break them too.
    I been going through some major trials especially within my marriage. I told him I choose not to be a taker and will not do
    things back to him however I am no ones door mat. So we spoke as we always do and I went to church Wednesday night and he came and met
    me there. We saw a counselor Thursday night where he said he realized how much I changed and freaked him out in a sense because
    he hasn't made that kind of changes. Pretty interesting. Then I told him I hope for his self that he is sure about what he wants and
    is doing it to be a better man not changing because I will walk if he doesn't change. Then it will just keep resurfacing. It has been
    a challenging ride for me in my marriage. I It made me realize how empowered I am and thanx for some people from the team reminding of
    rule #6. Reminding of how far I have come and to be responsible for me. I found myself picking at him and realized I was doing it just
    because I was frustrated with myself. The bottom line is that I just wasn't willing to give him me anymore. The real me. I tried
    justifying how he doesn't deserve to know the real me and therefore I'll just talk 2 him from my ego. wow what a trip. I so had to
    call of me forward lately to shift constantly all my negative thoughts. In the corner of my eye I could see my whole list of
    justifications for why I'm going to get a divorce and never speak to him in a really long time. His family was even adding to my
    justification list. I so had to stop and focus and call forth the real me to be responsible and shift this to a positive path for
    myself. I know, a long message. Thanks for taking the time to read it. So I have and I have been noticing when I am in resistance a
    lot faster now. I thank god for psi it has definitely helped my children as well have a better mother. I know I can do anything
    literally. Any feedback? Where do you draw the line between not being a door mat or how can I tell if I'm just taking a back door?
    If rules was established and constantly broken by one player? The player breaking it is saying there's nothing wrong with it but they
    don't want me to play by the same rules. What is that communicating?

    Dear Bxxxxx,

    What a kind and open heart you have! My advise would be do not give up your positive, giving side - sounds like you are trying to stay on the right path but are experiencing major turbulence! I want to share with you that I just watched the movie that Rob recommended, 'The Secret', then I watched it 4xs over. Some relevant excerpts: The Law of Attraction states if we stay positive and focused on what we want, we are bound to attract it in our lives (and vice verse)... in a relationship it is easy to see/feel the negative things... so try writing down all the things that are going 'right' and all the things you appreciate in your husband - that he has contributed (perhaps ask him to do the same) and share the list every day. Listen openly just as we did in class. Just a thought...


    My husband also returned from PSI7 last month and we are working on the fundamentals. (WORKING ON THE FUNDAMENTALS)

    It takes effort but "When You Put Your Heart in it", and "Honesty", you may experience some "Precious Pain" and "Lessons Learned" but "If We Hold on Together", you will "Believe <you> Can Fly"... "My Wish" for you is complete love and happiness so "Dive" in, lead with your heart and go after the life you deserve!


    Re: [PSI7Team471] Any feedback?

    Hey Bxxxx dont give up! I also have had some troubles with my hubby and am know seeing our marriage therapist again. Remeber old habits dont just disappear cuz u went to 7! it takes 90 days to install new habits. fight on, ur not a quiter! continue the counseling and hopefully the resentment and breaking of rules will stop. only u know what ur relatinship is like so be careful on the feedback cuz we will comment on what was wrote and do not know all that has happened between you both. My rule has always been if there is no physical or mental abuse then there is hope for a future together. I hope in your case its not that. being married is a learning learn what works and toss out what doesn't. I love u and hope that with counseling and alot of love u are able to work things out!!!


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  • Sa
    sam Sep 21, 2008
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    PSI is clearly a scam and acts very muct like a clut. My son was conned into it by his then-wife, who also took it. It left him financially ruined, with compromised his morales and divorced. It also almost left him estranged from his mom and his siblings. Fortunately, we all love him too much to turn our backs. We knew the things he was saying were not his words, but words PSI put into his head. Now he is divorced, caring for his children on his own. His wife went for a weekend of supposed camping with her dad. Called on Sunday night to tell my son and their children she was not coming back. She wanted a beach-front lifesyle and a new life, including a new man, who left her a few weeks later. I lived with my son and her for 3 years and was there when this craziness started. Like any marriage, there were a few issues, but nothing dramatic until this PSI cult came into their lives. Stay away from PSI, don't let any of them near you at any cost. Keep them away from you money, you will soon have none if you don't. Those "free" basic seminars paid for by one of you friends or family have a very high cost indeed.

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  • Je
    Jeff Sep 10, 2008

    I just returned from the ranch and I too am now having problems adjusting to life again. I left my wife believing it was the best thing for me and now I am having seconds thought about what the hell I am doing. I started doing research and found several sites showing PSI for what it is; a Large Group Awareness Training program. I do feel as if I have been "programed" with all these seminars. This was very stupid on my part. I failed my wife, my family and myself because I got involved with this.

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  • Je
    Jenny Aug 16, 2008
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    I attended the PSI Basic seminar in Chicago, and initially believed it to be a good thing. So good in fact that I signed up for an advanced seminar (Psi-7), which is held at the compound (I mean ranch) in Northern California. However, only a couple of weeks after the basic seminar I became aware that I was totally unprepared to deal with the issues that the emotional raping of the Basic seminar opened in me. But, no fear, as the Psi gurus told me….all that will be dealt with in the next seminar.

    I continued to have new difficulties in life all the way up to the advanced seminar. Once you get on the ranch in California it is nearly impossible to get out. Shame, guilt, belittling, browbeating, public humiliation, and the ever popular ‘You’re on silence’ are the tactics they use to keep you from leaving. I finally was allowed to leave the ranch only after walking off a ‘training exercise’ and refusing to participate any further.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Aug 13, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I agree PSI is a CULT!!!

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  • Ba
    Barbara Jun 21, 2008
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    PSI Seminars They made a zombie out of the love of my life! Los Angeles California
    In Nov 2002, a friend invited my husband of nearly 30 years and me to a mysterious meeting. 'You'll find out it's about when you get you get there.' We liked this person so much that we went, more as a favor to them because they seemed to be under some kind of pressure to bring people.

    I think I'm as smart as most anyone, but I really couldn't understand what the speaker was selling. When the meeting stretched into a second hour, I was bored and frustrated because there seemed to be no point and no end.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my husband's expressionless face. He seemed mesmerized. Several times during the course of the evening, I tapped his hand with mine, attempting to bring him back to reality. Each time hee jerked as if I woke him from a dream.

    Relieved when the speaker seemed to be concluding, I was anxious to get out of the room and go outside for some fresh air. It was impossible for me to hide my impatience as the room exploded with the noise of chairs being moved because we were instructed to sit in a circle.

    Suddenly my friend's demeanor changed as they pressured us to join 'it' that cost just $500 apeice. With anger welling up inside, I said, 'I still don't know what 'it' is!'

    The people who were sitting in our circle seemed to break into two halves. One half focused on me and the other half on my husband.

    What happened next reminded me of the scene in 'Close Encounters' when the aliens took the main charecter aboard their space ship.

    It was surreal watching them surround my dear, sweet husband and walk him to the back of the room where banquet tables were set up. Through stinging eyes, I saw him hand our credit card to someone who processed our payment!

    As the others continued to plead for me to join, I nearly bolted across the room to stop the transaction. For the first time in our marrage, my husband snapped rudely that this was what he wanted to do and I was going to do it, too.

    We nearly came to blows!

    His good sense returned long enough for him to realize that absolutely no way was I going to be dragged into this what-ever-it-was.

    My reluctance to continue to be a spectacle dictated that I allow him to sign up by himself.

    The ride home was quiet, but my mind was whirling with thoughts of Christmas coming next month and spending so much money on WHAT?

    That night was the beginning of the end of our marrage. There was nothing I could do or say to stop him from taking PSI's Basic and all the levels ending with Principia. Since 2003 he went to Principia twice, the 'Ranch' three times, volunteered for so many seminars that I quit counting, charged well over $30, 000 on our credit cards not including the transportation and meals. Like a converted fanatic, he badgered all our friends, relatives and his coworkers to join PSI. He took off work so many times that he lost his job!

    And, when we could no longer make the minimum payments on my salary to the credit card companies, he began the downward spiral that resulted in his drawing out all our equity in our home, his cashing in his 401K, asking me to cash in my IRAs ... Today our house is being threatened with foreclosure and he's talking about bankruptsy!

    I'm nearly 60 years old and he's retirement age and he gave everything we own to PSI Seminars.

    Just when I thought things could not possibly get any worse, he announced proudly, 'I'm sending our grandson to the ranch in July.'

    My ears were ringing and my mouth became too dry to ask how he is going to pay for it. I can only guess he was able to get yet another credit card. This will be at least the fifth or maybe sixth one he's opened and maxed out since this nightmare began.

    During sleepless nights, I worry about our finances and uncertain future. I blame myself because it was actually my friend who took us to that meeting that fatefull night.

    But most of all, I blame PSI because they tapped into some weakness they found in the love of my life ... they twisted him into some kind of monster who destroyed all of our tomorrows together.

    As we signed our divorce papers in Mar 2008, I found the only good thing in this mess: We have nothing left of value to fight over.

    PSI owns it all!

    X of PSI zombie
    Clovis, New Mexico

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  • Valerie Jun 20, 2008

    I attended a PSI seminar and am sorry I did. Since when is one man with huge issues and no psychology degrees qualified to do "light hypnosis" and regression therapy? Now I understand why the PSI questionnaire inquires about your mental health! These people are about to launch an entire room of people (some with very obvious mental health issues) in to a new realm from which they may never return! Never in my life have I heard so much wailing and mashing of teeth as this self proclaimed Jim Jones Koolaid Master leads them in to the "junk yard" in an attempt to rid each one of their past "demons" and bring them to a new self realization that will forever change life as they know it. After the "session from ***" you are sent off with your "micro group" to enjoy lunch with total strangers at the local burger joint; then return for another gruelling 8 hours of sitting in the worst chairs ever invented to listen to stories so strange you'll never need a perm again! I left wondering why anyone would want to return to a ranch in the boondocks and entrust their lives to total strangers who lost what few rocks they had left to a man who calls his disciples "lovely's"? Thanks but no thanks. Think I'll invest the "arm and leg" it costs to attend PSI 7 and leadership in a trip to Hawaii where my mental health will surely be intact upon my return home!

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  • Ju
    June Jun 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    PSI is a bunch of crap. Beware; it destroys marriages.

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  • Tr
    Trenna Jun 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    The answer to you question is yes. PSI uses past graduates from the basic and PSI7 to “staff” the basic. It's basically free labor and more money for them. PSI will tell you that once you complete PSI7 you can audit the basic class at no charge. They also tell you that you can attend as many times as you want. Several times I re-audited the basic and was placed into a group with the new people attending. I was told not to tell the new people what we were about to do so as not to ruin the experience for them.

    I also remember back to the time I was invited to a basic graduation by my friend. I remember people standing up and telling their stories about how PSI changed their lives. Looking back on this I remember the argument I had with my husband that night. I tried to talk him into taking the basic and pointed out the people who stood and related their stories and how it had helped them. My husband said these people reminded him of “shills” planted in a group to tout the possibilities of PSI. Naturally I got pissed off when he said this and wouldn’t listen anymore; but looking back he was right.

    When I staffed the basic I saw the same people infiltrating the micro-groups, acting like it was their first time and pretending to sign up for PSI7 without any hesitation. If you were a first timer and had some doubts how much convincing would you need when someone you sat next to for four days signed up without hesitation? I think about this from time to time and wonder if there was one in my group.

    And just so you know I ruined my relationship with my husband, family and friends because of PSI. I have tried to explain this to some of my PSI “friends” and were told to “stop being a victim.”

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  • Tr
    Trish Jun 12, 2008
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    Thanks to PSI SEMINARS for destroying my life.

    Well I have been officially divorced for 2 weeks now thanks to my husband leaving me after returning from PSI Seminars. My husband of 23 years had the gall to text me with his "I want out" statement. It was such a blow. He left a week after his return from the ranch telling me that he loved me, but wasn’t in love with me anymore. The "I love you but am not in love with you" statement is so common that it’s redundant. It's just an excuse for selfish actions. A reason for doing something so unthinkable to someone you care about. I couldn't eat, breathe, sleep... it was like being one of the walking dead. The only thing I did do was go to work and think about him. I even neglected my children due to the depression.

    I have begun to assess my life as a newly-single woman. First of all, let me tell you, it is scary. To be 47 and divorced is not what I had planned. Actually, I had thought that, at this point in my life, I would be enjoying the fruit of my labor; enjoying the freedom to come and go as we pleased, visiting friends and family members, eating breakfast for supper, or vise-versa, sleeping and waking when we wanted, grabbing up the grandkids, spoiling them rotten, then taking them home all rowdy and full of themselves of course,
    lots of spontaneous love-making (isn't this what we wait for all of our "nurturing" years for?) Now that none of these things are going to happen or, at least, not with the person I had always planned to do them with, I find myself quite sad.

    I don't think people really understand what really happens when 23 years of your life goes POOF and everything that you have worked toward and looked forward to becomes a wish unfulfilled. Twenty-one years is a long time. Twenty-one Thanksgivings, Christmas', New Years, Valentines, Easters, Fourths of July, Halloweens, birthdays,
    anniversaries, so many friends and relatives passed away, the hurt shared, so many new babies born, the joy also would take all day just to list everything that has happened over the course of 21 much fallen behind me, like taillights in the rear-view mirror and the specter of a very long road ahead...where will it take me?

    I miss having a partner to share the big and the small happenings of life. I miss having someone there when the furnace goes out, when a tire goes flat or a sink is stopped up. I miss having someone there to rub lotion on my back in that one place you can't reach, no matter how you bend your arm. I miss having someone there who has watched the same TV shows and wonders, along with me, why they killed off a certain character. I miss cooking a special dinner and that special someone digging in with gusto and complimenting me on how good it is and coming back for seconds, or thirds, or fourths...
    I miss someone coming along to the mall and grumbling the whole while as I "look" at everything on the shelves. I miss walks in the park or long rides in the country. I miss hearing a great song on the radio, turning up the volume and singing along. I miss having a craving for something and running out at midnight to buy it. I miss dirty socks on the bedroom floor, wet towels thrown over the shower- curtain rod, muddy footprints from work boots, discarded change on the dresser, fighting for custody of the TV remote and I miss snoring.

    I know that every person here has a list of things they miss, too. I would give anything to “feel normal again.” The theme of many seems to be "it will be ok"...How? How can it be okay when every second I wonder if this is the last time I will ever see my soul mate again? How will it be ok if looking at my children, whom I love more than life, makes me sick because all I see is my husband. How will it ever be ok for them when I don't want to get out of bed. I love him more than my own life and he doesn't love me because he “found” something called PSI. The hurt might be less but it will never be ok. You lost your family... we all have... and without family life is worthless... you hide the pain... but it will NEVER be ok!

    How do the PSI Drones live with themselves selling this crap to their family and friends?

    So Thanks to PSI SEMINARS for destroying my life.

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  • Ja
    Janet May 26, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I've had a PSI woman hammer on me for the last month about attending a PSI basic in Chicago. She is a business contact and she has been doing a very hard sell. I explained that I was not in the financial position to afford the $445.00 seminar fee. In miracle like fashion, she secured a partial "scholarship" for me. My end cost came to $145.00. Don't worry, I just put a stop payment on the check and I am anxious to see the fallout of that action. I'm sure there will be some. These people are becoming pests. It's ridiculous. I did some research about PSI today, I was to attend this seminar this coming Wednesday to Sunday. I was concerned about the crazy hours, 6 p.m to Midnight both Thursday and Friday nights then 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. THis is a huge amount of time. Now I realize that they do some sleep deprivation tactics, seperation from family and friends etc. I had a bad gut feeling about this and my feeling was accurate. When I called the woman who recruited me and told her that I wasn't going to attend she went a little balistic and started to attack me personally, telling me that I am standing in the way of my own growth, what have I got to lose, she had all of these people pulling for me (like I ever asked anyone to do so) and that she was just beginning to love me and all of this other ###. Bottom line, really trying to convince me that I was making a big mistake. When I mentioned obtaining a refund of my $145.00, of course that just can't happen and it's against policy, blah, blah, blah. I told her that if PSI people were about what they preached the $145.00 refund shouldn't even be an issue. She said that if I attended I could get my money back. I told her that my time would be better spent contacting the BBB or another agency that examines consumer fraud. Luckily, the check hadn't cleared and I just stopped payment on the check this morning. Hope that doesn't bite me in the ### but I do work for a very powerful law firm in Chicago and if I need a letter written to these people, I can have that done by one of my attorneys. This organization is very scary and I would include them under "cult status". I regret that you experienced what you did at the hands of these new age shrinks or whatever they want to consider themselves. I do believe that there is a special place in hell for people who present themselves as kind and loving only to gain access into someones head and pocketbook. Good luck to you. I'm grateful I listened to my gut.

    PSI is a Cult!!!

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    Marc May 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been reading the posts on PSI SEMINARS for the past few days and a few things have occurred to me that I'd like to share and put out there as food for thought. There certainly has been a lot to think about lately as my husband left me after returning from PSI7. It makes me so very sad to think I am going to lose my husband to what literally amounts to brainwashing. The first thing I've noticed is that it seems to me that there are certain times of the year when things seem to happen ...inexplicably. It may be coincidence, like the idea that deaths come in threes. But, as strange as that seems to be, I have noticed that it DOES seem to happen. In much the same way, I've noticed that the Holidays seem to be a time when, if some kind of impasse is going to occur in certain marriages, they seem to come during times of celebration. Much like this celebration the group members have while they are away at the RANCH. I know there is no logic behind it; special days where people become introspective and start thinking about their pasts, their lives, wondering what could have been, might have been, should have been and, often, when certain people go there in their minds, they seem to want to ACT. This seems especially true of people who are thinking about leaving their marriages. It’s fascinating and horrifying to me that this Large Group Awareness Training causes these poor souls to lose themselves and in the process they lose their families. I have read so many posts from the people who have lost their spouses, who say that their spouses left saying “this is what’s right for me.” Coincidental? or is it?

    I think this compounds the pain for the people who lost their marriages or relationships. There you are, buzzing along in your life, thinking everything is great, planning parties, special nights, vacations, get-togethers with friends, etc. and, then, BAM! Seemingly out of nowhere, here comes your spouse, returning from the PSI Ranch suddenly disillusioned with the whole thing, bored, needing space to find themselves, unhappy for months or years, (nice of them to let you in on it, finally) or they simply just up and leave with no explanation and, consequently, no need to FEEL any of the pain and chaos they've left behind. And, there we are, trying to pick our chins off the floor and return our hearts to the tattered wounds in our chests. It all feels like some nightmare from which there is no waking or some sad movie for which there is never enough tissue handy. We get left on our wedding anniversaries. We get left when someone dies. We get left when we are either in financial crisis, or when we have reached a point when we are financially content. We get left after the purchase of a new house, or when we are close to living in the street. We get left when we are sick. We get left when the spouse is sick and leaves to "protect" us. We get left...I could go on and on. My point is this; we get left when the other person finally exposes him/her self as someone who cannot deal with the realities of life after returning from these ‘courses.”

    Seems like the person you stood with at the altar in front of loved ones and uttered words which meant so much to us suddenly develops amnesia or wakes up from this dream-like state they've been living in and, lo and behold, those promises they made become foreign to them, as if they've been watching a movie in another language without the subtitles. While we're all living our lives, feeling secure that the person who impacts our lives the most, receives the most attention from us, shares our beds, our most intimate thoughts and knows our bodies better than we do, have promised us to love and cherish and be there for us in any and ALL circumstances suddenly seems to use some event, like attending this course at the RANCH, usually when we are distracted by the hundreds of tasks we are performing, working toward what we thought was a shared goal... when lightening strikes. All of a sudden, we are not good enough, rich enough, passionate enough, understanding enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, young enough, not working hard enough, are lacking in mind-reading skills or sophisticated enough to realize that life is more than this. THIS. They look around and say to themselves and, if we're lucky, (mostly, we're not) HEY! THIS in not enough! I want more! I want (insert whatever it is they tell you they really want here). And we are thinking, HEY! I've been giving you _________! In that moment, you are not living with what you thought was a mature adult; you have been transported to the checkout counter at Wal-Mart and your spouse is having a temper-tantrum because they want something from the impulse aisle. Why? Because they are intrigued by the newness, the pretty packaging offered by PSI, the surety that they absolutely CANNOT leave the store unless they have that. And, while you are dutifully paying for your practical purchases, they are busy hiding stuff in their pockets. Stuff they don't need. Stuff they will probably tire of soon. Stuff that just ends up clutter for someone else to clean up. And believe me there is stiff to clean up. Stuff they can't afford. In any case, their emotional pockets are crammed with crap they never told you they required, like buying more of these seminars and emptying out your bank accounts. They just realized they needed it and will do anything to get it. No they didn't need it. They either knew all along that they wanted that stuff and were just biding their time until the right time came along to grab it or they sometime along the way saw it and thought about it until they couldn't ignore it anymore and went back and picked it up. But they NEVER give you a chance to give it to them because they don't want you to know that they always want. Want, want, want. As if we don't want too. We're just not in that big a hurry.

    These people stampede over us and everyone else in their way, whether they love them or not, to get at that THING they want. A lover? Freedom? Space? A better life? Financial security? Things wrapped in shiny paper with big, colorful, fluffy bows? Makes you just want to smack 'em and tell 'em, hey! Look! I want that stuff, too. I'm just not willing to toss everything else out of the cart to make room for what usually turns out to be a beautifully- wrapped, festively adorned EMPTY BOX! And that’s exactly what PSI Seminars is; an empty box!!! So, after they've sacrificed everything, and went after what they wanted, had time to open it up, and find out that, in digging around in the box, they find nothing. Nothing. Just air. The same air they had before. I don't know why these things seem to happen around certain times. And, at certain points. Seven years in, fourteen, twenty-five. I'm sure some socio-scientist has a theory. I don't EVEN know. All I know is that it happened. It happens way too much and is rewarded way too easily. Marriage, in this society, is not revered anymore and PSI destroys marriages. It is more often reviled as the quick all fix to everyone problems, well it isn’t. It takes a brave person to enter that particular pool anymore. Lots of sharks swimming around in there. I don't have any real answers. I wish I did. I'd sure save each and every one of you one scary, treacherous swim. Truth is, we don't know what we really have until we open the box. Sometimes, some parts are missing. But there's no company to order spare parts from, no service desk to complain to so, we whip out the duct tape and hope it is strong enough to hold. Sometimes, we get lucky but, eventually, the tape weakens and pulls off. And we are left with a broken item or in this case a broken heart and a broken mind. Some of these things can't be fixed.

    No matter what is going on or what you have been told, you are NOT broken, so don't waste time looking for the missing parts. It is not you who needs fixing, my friends; it’s them. Let them scramble around, looking for that THING. We may be bent, sometimes. We may be seriously bent, and in danger of snapping. But, then, the wind dies down and, finally, after the storm, we stand tall again, basking in the sun, looking out upon a tranquil blue ocean. That's what happiness is. It’s inside of you. It always was and it always will be...if we let it be.

    PSI destroyed my marriage. I will always believe that in my heart and mind. They took my husband and turned him into a mindless PSI drone. More concerned with himself then his family, his wife or children. They are unimportant. Something he was not before his return from PSI7.

    Thank you for letting me post.

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  • Ma
    Marc May 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PSI Seminars is a CULT. Stay away from it. It destroys peoples lives, ruins marriages and relationships.

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