Fitzgerald Coaching Complaints & Reviews

Fitzgerald Coaching / services not rendered - total rip off

Mar 15, 2018

All their phone numbers I had no longer work No phone numbers are listed on any email response I have requested a conference call with [email protected] and said that my assistant sent the data in the wrong format, which is the format they told us to use... it's all a sham They...

Fitzgerald Coaching / lead generation

Mar 10, 2018

I've tried this service for a year. I have gotten one qualified lead in that time. One meeting in a year. Oh, and I sell over $20 million in real estate each year so I'm not lazy or inexperienced. I probably received 12 leads this past year where Bob's telemarketer would say the prospect...

Fitzgerald Coaching / prospecting

Mar 08, 2018

100% scam and frauds!!! Took $5k for 10 guaranteed transactions, they sent me 3 leads which were bad to say the least as some were other brokers that had the property listed and then suddenly stopped communications. Their ye numbers are disconnected their employees emails bounced back and...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / listing lead generation

Dec 19, 2017

I would like to share our experience w/ Fitzgerald Coaching. We are a top producing team in the largest city is Iowa and have been in the top 3% of all of the realtors in our area for the last 6 years. Our experience has been a disappointing and frustrating one and a waste of money. Our...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / seller lead generation

Sep 07, 2017

Nothing but lies and promises. Bob promises 10 listings in 180 days. He is suppose to generate appointments by calling FSBO and Expires but he doesn't make the calls. They charge you $5, 000 up front and a 20% referral fee. This sounds great. It has now been over 9 months and I have yet to...

Bob Fitzgerald / real estate program-prospecting

Apr 06, 2017

I was promised a guaranteed contract to receive listing appointments. They called endlessly for weeks. I did over-night them my $5, 000 as instructed. I did not do my research online before paying for the Bob Fitzgerald program. I did call the agents the company suggested, of course they said...

Fitzgerald Coaching / told me they would lead generate for $5,000. for 10 listings its been a year -0-

Nov 12, 2016

I was pressured by the sales agent from Fitzgerald coaching. I was dealing with an family emergency when my brother was hospitalized over a year ago dying. The agent from FC called and I told her it was bad timing and she was pressuring me that the spot was only open or it would be gone...

Bob Fitzergald Coaching / bob fitzgerald coaching is a scam~!

Aug 17, 2016

REALTORS BEWARE!! I wish I had read the reviews prior to sending them 5K from all the other agents that were scammed out of their money. If this company spent half the energy they spend getting our money on actually doing what they promise the program may work but its a fraud. You can't...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching/Prospecting / prospecting

Jun 10, 2016

I too am a top agent who got suckered in on this prospecting program. I still send my Expired and FSBO listings twice a month but haven't heard from them for a year, and the leads I received at the beginning were a mix of crap...either not in my zips, land vs residential, and FSBOs who...

Fitzgerald Coaching / they promised services and never delivered after I paid them $5,000.00

Jun 04, 2016

Received initial phone call from salesperson in mid February 2016. They promised a list of services and gave me references of current clients names/contact numbers. After I followed up with all the clients, I agreed to sign a contract and sent them a check for $5, 000.00. When I hadn't...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / real estate listing service

Feb 09, 2016

As a top producing Realtor, I was approached by Fitzgerald Coaching in August 2015. They promised hundreds of leads for listing homes in my area. I verified with the agents they referred to me and bought into the program. My contract stated that if, after 6 months, it did not work for me...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / rude sales people

Jan 27, 2016

1-25-2016 I received a phone call from Bob Fitzgerald Coaching wanting me to sign up to have them prospect on my behalf. The first sales person I spoke with was nice and explained the program to me. I was told to think about it and get back in contact. 1-26-2016 I received a voice message from...

Fitzgerald Coaching / prospecting, guaranteed 12 -16 listing appointments per month. scam!

Oct 08, 2015

I was called (hounded daily/weekly) by a sales lady from Fitzgerald Coaching who promised me 12 to 16 actual appointments per month if I paid $4500 ($1500 per month) up front and a 20% referral fee per closed deal. I also had to pay for a monthly service that gathered all of the FSBO and...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching/Prospecting / prospecting leads/appointments

Sep 18, 2015

I received a phone call today from a man named Pat and when I explained I was not interested, he started shooting off questions and bullying me. He didn't let me respond to him but kept shooting off insulting questions. He finally said "I will call you tomorrow" as in a threatening tone...

Fitzgerald Coaching / these guys are obnoxious

Sep 15, 2015

This guys calls me to pitch me setting appointments for me. I told him politely I am not interested he proceeds into his pitch, no harm no foul. Then I asked him to remove me that I would not be interested in hearing from him again, then he says hey I will be calling you. I said is that so...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / telemarketer complaint

Sep 14, 2015

The telemarketer, Pat, from the Bob Fitzgerald Coaching company, called me twice. The first time I let him know that I work by referral and although I appreciated his call, I am not interested in the services he was offering, and to please take me off of their list. He called back on...

Fitzgerald Coaching / ripoff scam

Sep 09, 2014

Bob Fitzgerald and his company is a total waste of money. They do the sale pitch very well and even have 3 agents from Keller Williams swear by the service that they have received. They will call DNC which is a huge problem in a major city, their tactics are fraudulent. Please don't...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / lead generation service is a rip off

Jul 17, 2013

They prospected me hard to land my business and collect my $3000. They gave me a break from the $5000 the originally wanted. No wonder they don't take credit cards, they would lose the refund battle for sure. I thought I had negotiated well and that their perserverance would pay off...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / harrassing

Jul 03, 2013

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching is a scam that generates business by harrassing top real estate agents until they finally give in an try the scam Bob Fitzgerald Coaching service. Of course, any company that operates this way does not deliver in its promises, and only makes money off of the initial...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / company doesn't deliver results

Jul 31, 2012

As a realtor, I am constantly trying to find ways to better my business. When I heard that Bob Fitzgerald coaching would call leads and set appointments on my behalf, at times when I was unable to be making calls myself, it sounded like a perfect opportunity. They charged an up-front $5000...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / elan program

Nov 09, 2011

Bob promises 10 listings in 180 days for $5, 000 upfront cost. He is suppose to generate appointments by calling FSBO and Expires but he doesn't make the calls. He claims he calls 3 - 5 times a week. I was lucky he called once every 3 weeks. Big scam and don't be caught in the...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching - Elan Program / service not received

Apr 22, 2011

The bob fitzgerald elan program targets realtors across the country claiming you will receive appointments from expired listings & fsbo. They promise you 10 listings in 180 days and additional services as well. I was told that I can give them a list of zip codes to target and a price...

Bob Fitzgerald Coaching / charged $5000 for services not delivered

Feb 09, 2011

Beware of the Bob Fitzgerald expired listing program. Bob's sales staff are targeting top producing agents around they country. The sales pitch is that they will call all of the expired seller listings and for sale by owners in your area and set appointments for you. The promise i...