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I have been reading the posts on PSI Seminars. They are interesting and entertaining. The definition of a cult is to follow something or someone's teachings. So, I guess by that is a cult. Of course these teachings aren't new. Jesus taught the same things. As did Buddah and other spiritual leaders. It is simply to be okay with yourself and okay with others. To be respectful and not expect others to adjust to YOU. It is the law of allowing others to be what they want to be without judgement.

No one can make me do anything. I chose what I do and who I trust. When my dear friend said, hey this was good for us. I checked it out. I wasn't scared and I had no fear of being brainwashed. I mostly trust myself. I know when something is right for me or not and it doesn't matter what anyone says to me. They can't "make" me do anything...they can't "make" me feel anything. I am in charge of myself.

So...with that said, I am okay with everyone posting that PSI is a cult. The only power these posts have is what I give them and I chose not to give them any. It is my life. It is my point of view. For anyone to say something is wrong for me...well, how could they know. I know I feel better, have better relationships and my business has doubled. That is enough for me. After all...we all have results in our question to you is...are you happy with yours?


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    miscallenous Nov 16, 2019

    Interesting comments. I took PSI basic 10 years ago. It changed my life in a positive way. At the time I was dating a guy who was in and out of jail and I had no concept of awareness or intelligence at the time. My brothers were the one that enrolled me into the basic. I didn't realize all the bad choices I had made until I took Basic. I came out of that class so high on life. Of course I was broke at the time, and yes they pressured me to sign up for 7. What did I do? Put it all on my credit card. The ranch was amazing, I told my parents that I loved them for the first time and they thought I was high on drugs. Nonetheless, it changed my life and my relationships with my family are so much better. I never experienced any weird sexual cult thing, but I can definitely see how people get high on life through the exercises they provide. It's ALL very positive and life changing, but people become vulnerable and you end up having strong connections with others in the group. I can see how the weak minded can easily be influenced by someone else and think it's all love, but there's obviously going to be some sick people there who will take advantage of you. Thank God I wasn't that stupid and everyone in my group was kind and respectful. I signed up for PLD after and that's what really sucked my money dry. The 90 day goal challenge thing was cool, but when they push to enroll other people to take the basic, that's when I was tired of the cult talk and pressuring others to take. Although it made me realize that the reason why I couldn't enroll people is because I made it about myself. If I really wanted to change their life and not pressure them to take it, I could have led by example. I clearly was that strong at the time, and again, not everyone has that skill. That's where this whole thing is flawed, but it is also a business... That being said, my family and friends are highly involved in it and majority of them are doing amazing things. Some of us go back to reaudit, and then I have some family members who don't go back at all but have taken the tools with them to start their own businesses and all is doing well! I think all the negative comments about PSI are very unfortunate and those that had a horrendous experience probably needed to see a real therapist/pyschologist. PSI is a personal growth seminar, sort of like Tony Robbins or Think & Grow Rich type of people. Not everyone can think like that... some people had SERIOUS traumatic childhood experiences which is probably best dealt with a clinical psychologist.

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    Mike Spencer Sep 30, 2018
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    Interesting comments. It seems to me this is obviously a money grabbing cult using promises personal improvement to suck people in. Any self help group that tries to suck you dry of your money is not helping you. The Wikipedia description of the group is amazingly benign. I would suggest picking up a book called "The Secrete", it sounds like the exact same principals this PSI Group advocates. It will save you $500 and plus the hundreds I'm certain they charge for refresher courses or whatever they peddle. Or listen to a Tony Robbins seminar for free. Just rip it off using a VPN. Good luck whatever you decide!

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    Jesse Olive Dec 07, 2015
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    I just took PSI basic. It isn't perfect, but it does provide some great tools for growth and healing. I am not happy with the heavy sales effort and believe they could have gone about it completely differently, but I am happy I went.

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    JR598 Jun 21, 2014
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    really helpful to have some insight as to what goes on in the PSI "ranch" and the basic seminar. I had a person in my life who has done ALL the seminars 15 to 20 years ago, and is still using flawed coping techniques. Lying, manipulating, passive aggressive, being deceptive with intent. The basic seminar is 600 dollars now, and the PSI 7 ranch experience, is 4, 500, (plus airfare of course). I believe the PSI people seek out lost and unhappy people, and convince them that if they REALLY want to be the way to do it. I looked on the website, and the now like 5, 000. Really? over learn to be "happy"? and move forward?
    I know the buzz words, "get clear"= goals. "move forward" = signing up for the next seminar. I was urged to attend the basic seminar, because...well...thats what they do. Fortunately, I found out that everything they told me about "us" was a lie(about our interaction) that took care of that. I was going to attend, because i was being supportive, and I am always open to new ways to be happier, and enjoy life.
    Dont really get why they have to spend part of the seminar hard selling you for the next. the results should speak for itself, and people will want to sign up on their own.
    The big "secret" is what happens during the seminars, the "excersizes" and this blog was helpful Thank you all...

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    Stilltogetherafter42 Nov 12, 2010

    I too attended PSI with several others from my work place as the CEO of our company was really big into PSI so PSI was really pushed at work even somewhat mandatory. Now several of the people that went past basic and to 7 and beyond are divorced and spent money way beyond their means to pay for the "ranch expierence." I checked out basic and said not for me and my wife and I are still together and just celibrated our 42nd this year. And yes I think PSI is a cult in it own way. When the guy teaching our basic insisted that Albert Einstein actually rode a moon beam from the earth to the moon and back, I realized that PSI teaching was not for me.

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    abp222 Aug 29, 2009

    I read all the previous complaints and could not believe it. My complaint is that people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. We all make our own decisions. I actually went to the basic and I can say I had a bit of fun. I did freshen up on a lot of things that I had gone through in previous leadership camps I attended in high school with Interact and the Rotary Club. Had I not gone to the leadership camps, I would have walked away from it saying I had learned a lot.

    At the end of the seminar, I talked to a woman there and told her that this would have been something exceptional had I not already gone thru these exercises already. I just felt like I had not gained much from it. She then walked me over to this man that gave me paperwork to fill out for a refund. I got my refund a few weeks later. No biggie.

    People can honestly benefit a lot from this, but keep in mind that anything in excess can be bad. I mean, should we call casinos cult homes? Some people get so obsessed with gambling to the point where they loose the shirt on their back just betting. Also, what should we call people that buy $3000 designer bags when they don't even make that much in a two month period? Who should we blame there?

    People; please take responsibility for your actions.

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  • Hi
    Hilyard Apr 03, 2009

    I'm saddened that the course Tom Willhite spearheaded so many years ago has turned into an incestuous, orgy where the staff are all sleeping with all of the students and grads.

    It saddens me that the staff promotes students to support, uplift and hold other students in greatness when they do horrific acts. Instead of holding people accountable and in integrity. How can people possibly grow in this environment when everything is a sham and done sneaky?

    20 years ago this program was amazing. Now it's disgusting. I'm sure Tom is rolling in his grave. But hey don't believe me check it out and ask how many people in the room are divorced and broke. I guarentee you it's the majority.

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  • Ja
    Jason Feb 04, 2009

    What can anyone tell me about MLS? What happens there? I'm trying to get out of it now and am trying to get my money back!


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    Paul Aug 16, 2008
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    As the husband of one PSI Graduate I would like to say to PSI seminars, “Thanks for destroying my marriage!!!” My wife was recruited to PSI by one of her girlfriends. My wife came back from the basic class and asked me to take this class, that it would be good for me. I asked her what the class was about and she wouldn’t tell me. Her exact words were "you have to experience it for yourself." When she “graduated” she asked me to attend her “graduation” on the following Wednesday. She said that she wanted me to show her that I support her in her life. I felt somewhat put out by that statement as I was very supportive of her and our life together.

    I went to the ‘graduation” and found it to be nothing more than a sales pitch to sign up new recruits. I was approached by no less than four men, PSI grads with name tags no less, and asked if I would be signing up. When I said no, I was told the class would change my life. I said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” When asked why I wouldn’t take the basic I explained (very nicely I might add) that they had not shown me anything I felt I could use in my life. I was happy with my life as it was. I had a good marriage and life was good. Or it was good until PSI entered into it.

    Unbeknownst to me, my wife paid these PSI idiots $3000.00 dollars at the end of the basic for PSI7. I didn’t find out about the money until a couple of months later when she told me she was leaving for a week to California. Now this was a complete surprise to me as she never told me about this trip. She also told me that I would be unable to contact her as the ranch had a strict policy on accepting telephone calls unless it was an emergency. She took off and no word from her all week. She returned and she was a different person. She was arrogant, rude and very self-centered. When I asked her what was wrong with her she said the one thing she had learned from PSI7 was not to do what people expected her to do. She was living her life the way she wanted, according to her reality. She told me she did not care what people think of her, she was going to live her life the way she wants. It was "I want to live my life, NOW."

    All the telephone calls with her PSI Buddies were filled with statements like "awesome" and "I am so excited." I thought she was going out of her mind.

    On the 30th day after her return she left and immediately filed for divorce. No explanation whatsoever. She has been gone a year now and I recently heard she attended their Leadership program for the sum of $4000.00 and that she had charged it to her credit card, which was maxed out already.

    To add insult to injury I heard she started dating men on and after several losing relationships has decided to put out feelers to see if I would be interested in taking her back. So much for 29 levels of compatibility, huh? Not that I see it working, but is this normal? I just started getting my life back to normal after all the bs with her involvement with PSI. Believe me when I say it has been a nightmare.

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    Steve Aug 16, 2008
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    Four years ago I lost the love of my life after her return from PSI7. I wouldn’t recommend this crap to anyone. The original poster believes she’s a better person because of her involvement in PSI and that’s ok. She obviously was looking for something in her life and feels she found it this mind-bending thought processes known as PSI Seminars, which is nothing more than a Large Group Awareness Training Program designed to separate your from your money.

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    Michelle Aug 16, 2008
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    I took these email/posts off another Yahoo group for a PSI Women's Leadership Class (99). They "Graduated" in June 2008 and their already having problems. See the emails below.

    Hi Everyone-
    I first want to start by saying Thank you to Mxxxxxx and Cxxxxx for
    coming over last night. It was great to catch up. We really had a
    nice time.
    However, out of the ten people that rsvp'd to come over only 2
    showed up. Now a couple of months ago that would have really hurt my
    feelings. I would have made up a story about it that so and so didn't
    like me or whatever. Mxxx Axxxx taught me different. What is
    absolutely shocking is that only a couple of people even bothered to
    call and tell me. Jxxxx Jxxxx said she might not be able to come
    and never called back to tell me she wasn't and Kxxxx Mxxx called
    right at the time the party was supposed to start. Lxxxx Axxxx told
    me she was definitely coming and that she would be bringing a fruit
    salad. So good I didn't need it or wasn't depending on it! Lxxxxxxx
    said she was coming to Lxxxx but she too never bothered to call and
    let me know that she wasn't going to be able to come. Sxxxx Hxxxxx
    spoke with me and got directions the day before or so, confirmed with
    Mxxxx that day and then never bothered to come. Lxx Pxxxx said she
    was going to come and she too never called me back. Kxxxx Cxxxx – I
    am totally amazed at you. I chose this date mainly because of your
    schedule. I called you twice to confirm. You said it was good and
    then you never even bothered to call and tell me you weren't coming. WOW!
    Not that good. It is rude and inconsiderate to treat people this
    way and I am wondering how this is showing up in your lives?
    I planned and bought food for ten people…and no one even worried
    about just letting me know that they weren't coming, another day would
    be better or that it just wasn't of interest. Many other options were
    The only way you know you love yourself, or anyone else, is by the
    contracts (ie. Commitments) you are willing to make and keep!
    I am writing this email to be honest and tell you that your actions
    affect people. What you say your going to do and what you do about it
    – matter. The energy you are putting out about yourself is FLAKEY.
    Sorry to start the day with such a negative email. I hope it is
    taken positively so that you can shift in your life and take your WORD
    more seriously.

    Txxxx wrote:
    I didn't see her writing that as revenge...merely a share when each
    one of us writes stuff on the yahoo groups as to what is going on in
    our lives I can bet you there is somebody else out there dealing with
    the same issue for we are all connected! That is why I don't hold back
    what I share or find out about myself I mean I've been in my ### for
    the past couple days and see what has come of it... I created the
    t-shirt presale and started the Dixieland yahoo group to build the
    mastermind! Just a few more steps towards what I want... and in
    sharing those things with all of you I hope that all of you can apply
    it to your lives as well! Who knows what can happen by just saying
    this is how I feel! And this is what I created because of it!
    Everything is exactly perfect just as it is! And in my position it is
    hard to say and believe sometimes... but really it is just that...

    Hi Kxxxxxxx and the rest of you WLS ladies!
    I read this when it came through from Kxxxx...I am not sure what to
    feel about it. I do want to give input as I know it is helpful to ME
    to give and receive other perspectives. It is the reason I wanted to
    have this group more than anything. When I get called on my STUFF, it
    helps me with other relationships in my life. Kxxxx having the
    courage to do highly valued by me. Support doesn't always
    come wrapped in a neat little package and MAKE me feel good. (I
    know...I have to make myself feel good).

    Accountability is crucial to support each other with our word and
    deed. I am not sure it is as powerful sending an email as it would be
    to pick up the phone and say...hey, we missed you, is everything okay?
    I do think in this group that is used to sharing our could
    be a way to support and hold accountable the behaviors of sisters that
    are connected more deeply because of our experiences on the ranch.

    It is sort of like the story where the business man is on the bus
    reading his Wall Street Journal and the man with kids gets on the bus
    and starts disrupting the business man. The kids are throwing a ball
    and yelling and running all over the bus. The business man gets quite
    annoyed at the man because he just sits there like a bump on a log and
    the kids are tearing the bus apart.

    Finally the business man is so upset he taps the guy on his shoulder
    and says..."Buddy, can you do something with your kids?"

    The man turns to him and says, "I know I should. We just left the
    hospital and they all saw their momma, for the last time. She has been
    quite ill for a long time. I went in last and as I sat with her she
    took her last breaths. I haven't told them yet and I am not sure how.
    I simply don't have the energy to take away their fun at this moment."
    The business man had a new and different perspective. He went from
    annoyance to compassion. Just like that!

    Kxxxxxx certainly has a good point about keeping your word. I don't
    see it as a judgment; I DO see it as accountability to do what was
    agreed to.

    What I haven't seen is anyone step up and acknowledge that they indeed
    gave their word and then didn't live up to what THEY said they would do.

    I don't think I would have sent a public email, although I pass no
    judgment on that either. I admit I haven't read through all of the
    posts so perhaps some of the ladies did respond and acknowledge the
    fact that they did not keep their word. I did see that Sxxxx
    unsubscribed. It may or may not be related. I hope NOT as running away
    from a conflict or confrontation may not serve her in the long run in
    other areas of her life. Again, this is not a judgment, simply another
    perspective that maybe wasn't considered. And like Kxxxxx said, what
    better place to mess up than with your sisters?

    How did this situation support me?

    I have a challenge with over committing my time. Sometimes I commit to
    things I don't really want to do and then they are not real high on my
    priority list and my results soon expose that fact. So thank you for
    the reminder that this could very well be me that didn't prioritize
    and then simply forgot. It helped me Kxxxxxx, that you shared to the
    group. Thank you.

    My challenge to you Kxxxxxx, would be to call each and every woman
    that committed and talk it out with them. You might not feel it is
    your place, it doesn't matter if you feel it is your place or not. It
    is your choice, of course. You can do it...or NOT. I have been
    practicing giving people the opportunity to share their perspective
    with me...without judgment to see if I can see where they are coming
    from...I don't have to agree or disagree. I can choose to befriend
    them or not, depending on what I am okay with in my life.

    My challenge to the ladies that didn't show and didn't keep their word
    would be to call Kxxxxxx before she calls you. Don't offer excuses...I
    am sure things came up. Simply evaluate your word and how strong it
    is...and use this as a benchmark for other areas in your life that may
    or may not be working.

    As for hurt feelings. We have all learned that we are in the driver’s
    seat of our feelings based on how we process the situation. No one can
    hurt our feelings without our permission. Remember from your
    leadership cards out of Path to of the qualities of a
    leader is self-control and control over emotions. I think taking a
    stand as to what expectations are is the noble thing to do and holding
    people accountable. This is what Kxxxxxxx did and I am proud of her for

    Does this make sense to anyone? Am I communicating clearly? Any other

    Warm Regards,
    Mxxxxx SXXXXXX

    My Kxxxxxx,
    Really? Your feelings weren't hurt by this? Wow. I hope that's
    true. I know that for me, had I had that experience, my feelings
    would've been hurt. So my thoughts were similar to Txxxxx's, in that I
    projected what I thought I'd feel in that situation. Reading between
    the lines of your email, I saw hurt and anger and...(Resentment which
    turns into) revenge in putting people's names out there. I guess it's
    a BTLTXT moment for me, as I know I am putting words in your mouth to
    say you were angry/hurt and taking revenge via your email.
    Ok, so I definitely reacted to your email. Part of me totally gets
    the making others accountable for their actions (or inaction) part.
    However, is it my/your job to make them anything? By emailing all of
    us, and not individuals? By telling the whole story to the group? I
    guess that's were the revenge part comes into my interpretation. Why
    does the whole group need to hear all of this? Why is it any of our
    business? I know, from personal experience (as at times I give my
    word and don't keep it) that just because we do this work, it doesn't
    mean we always keep our word. No one does. What is different about us
    hopefully is that we notice when we don't keep our word, and hopefully
    work on being more accountable.
    I guess I take issue with labeling people ("FLAKEY...rude &
    inconsiderate" for example) and making up stories about them. I don't
    know what happened to/with those eight women. I hope all of them are
    fine and that something wonderful kept them from attending, rather
    than something disastrous. I don't know, and my point is, neither do
    You put a ton of work and effort and love into making the evening
    happen, and I was thinking of you ladies last night as I went about my
    life, wishing I had the liberty to fly in for the party. I envisioned
    a bunch of LS grads getting together, lounging by the pool and getting
    to know each other in a fun/unstructured/casual way. That's the story
    I made up about last night! It's always disappointing when things
    don't go according to plan, yet it's also a huge learning experience.
    What have you learned, My Kxxxxxx?
    Your point is well taken, in that we impact those around us. All
    the time, every action we take, every decision we make no matter how
    small. It is up to us as to what kind of impact we choose to have.
    Your email had its own impact, didn't it?
    By the way Txxx, one thing you wrote totally struck a chord in me,
    that if I don't show up, no one will miss me as I am not all that
    important. Wow. I totally rationalize things with that thought process.
    So my sisters, as usual, this has given me much to think about, and
    much to examine in my own life. When I don't show up for something,
    who is impacted, and how? Similarly, when I organize something, and
    there is not the turnout or result I expected, what is my part in
    that? How did I help create the result I did get? What can I learn
    from all this?
    I love you, My Kxxxxxx! I'm glad the 3 of you had a great time last
    night! For the ladies who didn't attend, I hope all is well and I
    know they, as well as I, missed a great opportunity in Fallbrook!
    Maybe next time there's a get-together in an exotic locale (Fallbrook
    sounds pretty exotic as compared to Boulder, Colorado right now) I
    will create the liberty to be there!!!

    Kxxxxx Sxxx wrote:
    I mean what I said….I don't have my feelings hurt. There is a
    difference between taking it personally and feeling resentful that I
    put a lot of time and energy getting ready for this evening. We had a
    great time and I am not one bit unhappy that I did it…I only called
    names to show accountability for each person. We all have the power
    to affect each other…and our actions speak much louder than words. I
    just wanted to call it as it was.
    So – not that scary. Pain is way tooooooooo huge of a word to use
    for this.
    I appreciate your time and thought to write to me. However,
    sometimes we can read way too much into things….and I think that might
    have happened here.

    On Behalf Of Txxxx CXXXXX:
    Dear sweet Kxxxxx-
    This is a scary one to respond to.
    It sounds like you actually are Very hurt, Kxxxxx. And your
    feelings Are important. Too important to not express. Sometimes I find
    that when I fire back at other people it gives me a new focus to
    deflect how hurt I really am. If I strike back and hurt the offender,
    the bringer of my pain, I place my pain back on them. But it also
    keeps me from really "feeling" and having to acknowledge what's really
    going on for me. In this case that 8 women, who you've established a
    mutual bond of love and integrity with, let you feel that you weren't
    important enough to warrant the kind of phone call you would have
    hoped for. And for them, perhaps, that THEY were not counting
    themselves as important enough to be actually missed!
    And how false that is. We hold ourselves in such low regard. We
    don't see... I often don't see my own value and impact as an
    individual even to the people I love and that love me most. We are
    each vital because there is no US without each individual stepping up
    to the circle.
    Stay connected with how you are feeling. Communicate the truth of
    your feelings with love. We are all struggling to create the best life
    we can...and struggling to even believe in ourselves that we can do
    it; that we're worthy of it -often unaware that anyone would even
    notice if we didn't.
    Much love to Kxxxx, Cxxxx, Lxxxx, Axx, Lxx, Cxxxx, Mxxxxx,
    Kxxxxxxxxx, Sxxxx and Jxxxx...and my 100 other sisters standing in
    this circle with me.
    Txxxx Cxxx
    Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs,
    even though checkered by failure...than to rank with those poor
    spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a
    gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
    Theodore Roosevelt~

    On Behalf Of Kxxxxx Sxxxx Sent:
    Re: so I'm ready to bang my head on the wall now!

    It has been my experience that the harder you work, the luckier you get!

    Txxxx Mxxxx wrote:
    Thanks for all of ya'lls loving words it really means alot to me! my
    luck has got to be changing! It won't get any worse than this! I found
    a four leaf clover in my yard this morning! I'm saying that it is my
    money magnet! I guess from the greatest tragedy comes the greatest
    ahah! It is really hard to live by the old fashion the women stays
    with the kids and the man goes and makes the money! Especially me and
    I feel that is what I've been struggling with I mean before I got
    pregnant with nxxxxxxx. I worked two jobs and was going to school full
    time! I didn't need a man for ###! I was making things happen! Sxxxx
    really had to step up his game to keep up with me! Then two
    pregnancy's on bed rest! I almost lost axxxx because I was working
    double shift at cracker-barrel 8 months Prego...4 days in the hospital
    after that episode! So yes I over do it at times! I always said my PLD
    song would be "learn to be still"! And now it's raise your kids...
    you'll have time for dreams later :P

    So I'm ready to bang my head on the wall now!

    Txxxxx Mxxxxx wrote:
    *bang* *bang* *Bang* *bang* so yes it is not effective but at the
    moment feels good! I'm spinning in circles figuring out all that is
    going on in my head! It is so hard to be surround by so many people
    who live in sacasity and not want to go there yourself... so I've
    broken my foot not to long and not been able to work (have to climb
    ladders and such for resets)... which I'll admit was probably a
    product of my feeling stuckeness! The universe going 'ahah' so you
    think you feel stuck 'OK' here’s a broke foot for you! :P [censored]. Now
    the suncare season is over and I'm looking for something else. I do
    have a interview for an office manager position for a dance studio
    which definitely helps one of my goals to start dancing again (Once
    my foot heals of course) Sxxxx sits on his butt and does nothing...
    so not only do I have to deal with my ### I have to deal with his
    too. Which when he is in his just sits there frozen in fear I
    guess. While I look every direction on how to keep everything together
    with 3 kids that need to be fed and clothed and taken care of...
    schools starting soon well at least for exxxx anyway. She needs school
    supplies and such. And the power is about to get cut off. Hell when I
    do get the job I don't even know how I gonna get the kids in
    daycare... they don't have daycare assistance like they do out in the
    west! And if talking from responsible WTF did I do or think or say to
    create this? How do you find the balance with raising kids, your
    marriage, yourself, and the thing bigger than yourself! I thought I had
    it all figured out! I thought I had come up with the grand plan! A way
    to make money for both the family and the vision and still be home to
    teach my kids! And maybe it still is. It just hasn't happened yet my
    chain is about to snap I don't know how much more I can take before I
    have a nervous breakdown
    LoveTxxxx xoxoxo

    Hey Txxxxx,
    First things first...BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE...
    Ok, Ready...
    You are not responsible for Sxxxx's ###! That's his poopie, not
    yours. You can encourage him to shift out of it and if he chooses to
    remain in it, then he's in it.
    Reconnect yourself with what it is that you want. Yes, you're
    surrounded by scarcity, AND its how you deal with it that will make
    all the difference in the world. For all the scarce thoughts,
    challenge yourself to flip it into the positive and create an abundant
    YOU are in charge of your destiny. The Universe is a lot of fun to
    play with, and based on my really delivers. Maybe the
    Universe is telling you, with a broken foot, to take a step back,
    recharge, take care of YOURSELF, and slow down a little... instead of
    "You want to be stuck, here's a broken foot to help facilitate that"
    Remember, you can only give to others what you give to yourself.
    This includes to your job, family, husband, and children!
    Love ya
    Kxxxx S.

    -2 Votes
  • Je
    Jerri Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I have read all the posts here on PSI and I would like to add what happened to me. I had a friend, a very good friend, recommend PSI to me about three years ago. I attended the basic class and immediately felt invigorated. I noticed a change in my attitude towards my husband and family. Looking back on it I was a ###. Nothing was good enough and I wanted more from my relationships then was reasonable. I tried to get my husband to sign up for the basic on the third day of class. He refused after he asked me to describe what they do there; I told him that he would have to experience it for himself, which I see is a common statement in most of these posts. I was angry at him for not wanting to support me in my need to have him attend. Later I came to understand why. The facilitor told all of us that PSI is a tool to a happier life and everyone in your life will not understand what you have gone through until they attend also. I remember the slogan “resistance is persistence.” If the people who love you don’t attend the seminars they are holding you back, so you need to leave them behind.

    At the end of the basic I signed up for PSI 7 at a cost of $3000.00 dollars. I took the money from our joint account. My husband was obviously upset with this but I didn’t care. I felt this change/experience was worth the cost and the grief it cost me with him. He put his foot down and said enough is enough.

    I went to the ranch and participated in the pole, the wall, the ledge, the barn dance and wore the clothing that was selected by my PSI buddy. Clothing that I felt uncomfortable wearing in even a private setting. I looked into the eyes of several men, strangers to me up to then, and felt like they actually wanted to have a relationship with me, beyond the physical. I felt they had seen the real person underneath. I came home gushing like I had the time of my life. My husband was angry as I left without a word of warning to him or my family. He had even called the police to report me missing. I even signed up for the Leadership Seminar for $3600.00 dollars and charged it to my credit card. My husband blew up at me, asking me if I had lost my mind.

    I told him upon my return that if he loved me he would find the time and money to attend the training. I told him that it would save our marriage. Looking back on it our marriage was on its fifth year and we were both happy. We were both looking forward to our lives together and starting a family. And more importantly he was my best friend. He suggested marriage counseling and we set up an appointment.

    After speaking to the therapist I felt like she was ganging up on me so I refused to go back. Three weeks after returning from PSI7 I left my husband and filed for divorce. I gave up the man I had married, the one who protected me from harm. The man who told me he loved me more than anyone in his life. I gave up my husband, my best friend, for my own self interests when I should have known better.

    I was out on my own and loving the attention I got from my PSI brothers and sisters. The support for my move, or shift, was almost overwhelming. I felt that the people in my group were the only ones who could understand; they were the only ones who would love and support me; my husband and family were strangers to me now even though I had their love and support for my entire life. I would communicate with my PSI group on a yahoo group site, but the communication was short lived as they started having their own problems. The group stopped talking and the messages died out after a few short months. In the meantime I quit my job and started looking for something better.

    While waiting for the divorce to go through I stayed with my best friend, but the relationship was strained as my husband and her husband were also friends. Her husband started watching me and would inform his wife that under no circumstance would she be going to PSI. I tried to get her to go to PSI. I tried so hard to convince her that this was the right decision for me but she continued to tell me that I should tried to work things out with my husband. I saw this as being unsupportive, moved out and dropped that friendship. We were friends for 10 years. I had learned one thing from PSI and that was not to do what people expected me to do. I moved in with my mom and this was more than she could take. She asked me to leave after two months. I was staffing the basic and playing PLD and trying to get others to enroll for the basic. I failed to see that I was on a course of self destruction and I was still looking for a job.

    In the meantime the divorce was finalized, the house was sold and after taking a loss on the property I moved into an apartment until I could save some money. I bought a house a few months after the divorce. I bought the house for more then I could effort and I didn’t care. I also bought a new car and later had that repossessed because I couldn’t afford both the car and the house. I felt that this was my reality and everything would be alright.

    After a time I decided that I needed to find another man in my life. I see references to that “number 10 relationship.” This was what I was looking for. I attempted liaisons with several men and could not find one that could understand why I had this attitude towards life. I wanted more and I wanted it immediately, but the world was not cooperating with my reality. I turned to an internet dating service and started looking for the “perfect” relationship and after meeting a few men I found the one I was looking for. He wined and dined me, told me that I was perfect for him. I thought I had found that number 10 relationship. I took this relationship for what I thought it was, LOVE. I was so involved with the relationship with this man that I decided immediately to move in with him when he asked me. We had only dated three months. I sold my house and moved in with him. The little money I had earned from the sale went into a joint account and he spent it on one of his new toys. I failed to pay attention that this man, my number 10 relationship, had just divorced his second wife a few short months before I met him on the internet. He had four small kids from his first marriage and I became a baby sitter when he wanted to go out with the boys on weekends and drink half his salary.

    It was about 2 years after PSI7 he asked me to marry him. We were married and a few weeks afterward he quit his job and had me put him and his four kids on my health insurance. He stayed at home and would expect me to wait on him and his kids hand and foot when I got home from work. It was a few short months later when realizations started to hit home. I was asking myself what the hell I was doing with this man and his kids. He was treating me like I was nothing more than a maid. This was my number 10 relationship?

    I realize now that I am the failure. Not as a PSI graduate, but as a human being and as a woman and a wife. I was duped into believing that PSI was the answer to everything wrong in my life. I threw away my first husband, a man I loved for a relationship with 78 strangers. People who said they loved me, not because of who I was, but because of what they had made us. The relationship with these people did not last. My first husband suffered the most as he tried several times to get me to see reason after I left. I threw away my friends as they refused to see my point of view when in actuality I should have seen theirs. My point of view was more important. My family disowned me after my outbursts towards them when they refused to listen to my new found views on life.

    It is now too late to go back and fix the wrongs I did, and I have tried. My ex-husband refuses to talk or even see me, and I can’t really blame him. I left him without any explanation. I didn’t even shed a tear over the loss of our marriage, he once said I ripped the heart from his chest and didn’t even think enough on our relationship to take the time to smash it. And he was right, that is exactly what I did.

    Now I am in a broken marriage to another fool who takes me for granted, treats me like I am his slave, and I have no where to go, no one to turn to, and this is what I wanted in life? Even the friend who introduced me to PSI dumped her marriage and is pretty much in the same boat I’m in. And I hate her for getting me involved in this.

    I was a stupid, arrogant, self centered fool. I agree, PSI does give you the tools, the tools to destroy your life. It destroyed my life with a good man and earned me the likes of the “Al Bundy” personality I’m with now. I am ashamed of what I did. I am ashamed of what I have become and I would not recommend PSI for anyone.

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  • Je
    Jesse Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Some family members have gotten involved with a cult/pyramid scheme called Psi Seminars. They've been spending money they don't have (up to $4000/seminar, for which they travel to another state and have to stay in hotels) and it's wreaking havoc on their lives. One has lost his home, two are threatening to end their marriages and are alienating their grown children. They are demanding that our relationships with them be within the context of us paying them to attend these seminars as well.

    One of the family members is my godmother. One is recently detoxed from a heavy chemical addiction. All are vulnerable as hell and looking at this as the cure for sadness, loneliness, addiction, boredom and the heartbreak of psoriasis.
    Now they are trying to start seminars here in our state and on top of their being taken advantage of, We're worried that by bringing a pyramid scheme accross state lines, they are opening themselves to criminal liability. How can we open their eyes to the danger that they are in, emotionally, legally and otherwise? Does anyone out there know a good deprogrammer?

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  • Je
    Jenny Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I attended the PSI Basic seminar in Chicago, and initially believed it to be a good thing much like the original poster of this blog. So good in fact that I signed up for an advanced seminar (Psi-7), which is held at the compound (I mean ranch) in Northern California. However, only a couple of weeks after the basic seminar I became aware that I was totally unprepared to deal with the issues that the emotional raping of the Basic seminar opened in me. But, no fear, as the Psi gurus told me….all that will be dealt with in the next seminar.

    I continued to have new difficulties in life all the way up to the advanced seminar. Once you get on the ranch in California it is nearly impossible to get out. Shame, guilt, belittling, browbeating, public humiliation, and the ever popular ‘You’re on silence’ are the tactics they use to keep you from leaving. I finally was allowed to leave the ranch only after walking off a ‘training exercise’ and refusing to participate any further.

    Is PSI a cult? You bet it is. I was stupid enough to believe this bullsh*t and paid for it with my mind, money and my family. The price was NOT WORTH IT.

    Ranch Sisters? What a joke.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How could I have been so STUPID. I spent thousands on PSI and even opened a website called I have the site open right now so you can see the names of my “PSI sisters, ” their names, addresses, telephone numbers and email address. Tell them how stupid they were because they are not listening to me. Their still BRAINWASHED. And I put all their information up on the site and people have used it to commit identify theft. How stupid could I be? Well I was stupid enough to believe PSI and the dreams makes you believe and found out the world has other plans. All this crap knocked me on my ***. Stay away from PSI!!! Please.

    Michelle Shelton, WLC C99

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  • Pa
    Paul Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They host seminars which cost $480 for the “Basic” (first of a series). They try to sell you other seminars that cost upwards of $3500. They market these seminars as teaching you many useful tools like motivation, time management, letting go of your inhibitions, yada yada yada. Basically, for the “low cost” of the seminar, we will fix all your problems.

    Yow! That sounds kind of like this (from the Scientology website):

    There are more Life Improvement Courses churches of Scientology offer as practical technology about man. They can be applied to actually improve conditions in life. As one applies this technology to day-to-day concerns to better himself and others, he finds he is now more able to continue his journey to higher levels of spiritual awareness and ability.

    Below is the full list of the Life Improvement Courses:

    Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course
    Personal Values and Integrity Course
    How to Improve Relationships with Others Course
    How to Improve Conditions in Life Course
    Starting a Successful Marriage Course
    How to Improve Your Marriage Course
    How to Be a Successful Parent Course
    How to Maintain a Successful Marriage Course
    Financial Success Course
    How to Make Work Easier Course
    The Dynamics of Money Course

    Or this one from evangelical minister Peter Popoff:

    The Divine Transfer Kit

    This Powerful Kit Incudes:

    7 Hours In Heaven - Book
    Prosperity Thinking - Book
    God Has Promised You Divine Wealth - Book
    Guaranteed Answered Prayer - Book
    Angels - Book
    Dreams - Book
    God's Promises - Devotional Book
    God's Abundant Blessings - Book
    Releasing The Power Of The Holy Spirit In Your Life - Book
    HOOKED! Breaking Satan's Bondage - Book
    Amy Cardiff's The Preacher's Kid - Audio CD
    Divine Transfer Wallet with Engraved Prayer by Rev. Popoff
    3 Audio CD's "For My Very Important Platinum Member" Powerful Teachings by Rev. Popoff
    A Divine Transfer Bracelet
    Beautiful Cross Necklace Personally Brought Back From Israel By Rev. Popoff Filled with Holy Land Soil and Water.

    Love Gift of $89.99 (A $390 Value!)

    "Love Gift". Hilarious.

    People manipulating people through faith is a long standing human tradition. The headlines and the history books are packed full of people who have given their last thin dime to some shuckster. Personally, I blame the shuckster and the sucker in equal measure.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was not comfortable with his new behavior after his return from PSI. It always felt like he was manipulated to believe the things PSI “taught” him. Moving out was really hard on him after I decided I couldn’t take it any more. I was so tired of trying to make ends meet after he would spend all our money on this PSI crap.

    He had been my whole world for 20 years and he has built this fantasy about what’s going on in his head, though, that he’s the victim of a wife who gave up on our marriage for no reason. I guess I did give up. He makes himself out to be this innocent guy who just wants to play on the computer for stress relief, taking the PSI Life courses and I’m the one controlling his behavior. Some of our friends wonder what had happened and when I told them I came off sounding like I was a nut. Actually I wouldn’t have believed it myself if this had happened to someone else.

    I took the time to tell him how I feel and how things were occasionally. But to no avail. I didn’t avoid telling him that I love him or that I needed him and wanted him. I told him I would support him with anything except for this. I wanted him if he was willing to treat me like I deserve to be treated. As his wife not as some PSI Zombie.

    And yes, I can see how it feels like PSI IS controlling him. There were consequences to his behavior and losing your wife to a 9 hour a day computer game habit and internet relationships with his PSI friends/groups was a consequence to his behavior. He chose to hermit up with a computer and live with this PSI fantasy everyday and it was just too much. They are sad and lonely people little people who feel as if they had nothing in their lives before PSI and unfortunately he’s on that path to his destruction. And even more unfortunately, I paid the price too. I lost my husband, my marriage and my financial security because of the choices he’s made.

    It doesn’t seem fair. I either live miserably with a man who’s essentially cut himself off from real life (IE me) or I live miserably away from that man and at least the bills get paid. Computerized foreplay wasn’t my idea of fun and apparently I didn’t have equal video capabilities to hold his interest.

    This was the cost of PSI; MY MARRIAGE, My husband and our future together.

    I hate divorce and I hate PSI Seminars.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes PSI is a CULT.

    In Nov 2002, a friend invited my husband of nearly 30 years and me to a mysterious meeting. 'You'll find out it's about when you get you get there.' We liked this person so much that we went, more as a favor to them because they seemed to be under some kind of pressure to bring people.

    I think I'm as smart as most anyone, but I really couldn't understand what the speaker was selling. When the meeting stretched into a second hour, I was bored and frustrated because there seemed to be no point and no end.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my husband's expressionless face. He seemed mesmerized. Several times during the course of the evening, I tapped his hand with mine, attempting to bring him back to reality. Each time hee jerked as if I woke him from a dream.

    Relieved when the speaker seemed to be concluding, I was anxious to get out of the room and go outside for some fresh air. It was impossible for me to hide my impatience as the room exploded with the noise of chairs being moved because we were instructed to sit in a circle.

    Suddenly my friend's demeanor changed as they pressured us to join 'it' that cost just $500 apeice. With anger welling up inside, I said, 'I still don't know what 'it' is!'

    The people who were sitting in our circle seemed to break into two halves. One half focused on me and the other half on my husband.

    What happened next reminded me of the scene in 'Close Encounters' when the aliens took the main charecter aboard their space ship.

    It was surreal watching them surround my dear, sweet husband and walk him to the back of the room where banquet tables were set up. Through stinging eyes, I saw him hand our credit card to someone who processed our payment!

    As the others continued to plead for me to join, I nearly bolted across the room to stop the transaction. For the first time in our marrage, my husband snapped rudely that this was what he wanted to do and I was going to do it, too.

    We nearly came to blows!

    His good sense returned long enough for him to realize that absolutely no way was I going to be dragged into this what-ever-it-was.

    My reluctance to continue to be a spectacle dictated that I allow him to sign up by himself.

    The ride home was quiet, but my mind was whirling with thoughts of Christmas coming next month and spending so much money on WHAT?

    That night was the beginning of the end of our marrage. There was nothing I could do or say to stop him from taking PSI's Basic and all the levels ending with Principia. Since 2003 he went to Principia twice, the 'Ranch' three times, volunteered for so many seminars that I quit counting, charged well over $30, 000 on our credit cards not including the transportation and meals. Like a converted fanatic, he badgered all our friends, relatives and his coworkers to join PSI. He took off work so many times that he lost his job!

    And, when we could no longer make the minimum payments on my salary to the credit card companies, he began the downward spiral that resulted in his drawing out all our equity in our home, his cashing in his 401K, asking me to cash in my IRAs ... Today our house is being threatened with foreclosure and he's talking about bankruptsy!

    I'm nearly 60 years old and he's retirement age and he gave everything we own to PSI Seminars.

    Just when I thought things could not possibly get any worse, he announced proudly, 'I'm sending our grandson to the ranch in July.'

    My ears were ringing and my mouth became too dry to ask how he is going to pay for it. I can only guess he was able to get yet another credit card. This will be at least the fifth or maybe sixth one he's opened and maxed out since this nightmare began.

    During sleepless nights, I worry about our finances and uncertain future. I blame myself because it was actually my friend who took us to that meeting that fatefull night.

    But most of all, I blame PSI because they tapped into some weakness they found in the love of my life ... they twisted him into some kind of monster who destroyed all of our tomorrows together.

    As we signed our divorce papers in Mar 2008, I found the only good thing in this mess: We have nothing left of value to fight over.

    PSI owns it all!

    X of PSI zombie

    Clovis, New Mexico


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