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I have no complaints This is my experience:

I was first urged to take the PSI Basic Seminar in January 2002 by my personal trainer. I signed up and took the class a month later. The Basic Seminar is a great seminar that changed my life in a profound way for the better. I used to be very afraid of people and now I consider myself a leader ready to take on any kind of challenge. This class was simply huge for me.

After 2 months I could feel myself slipping into my old ways of thinking. So I came back to staff the Basic Seminar in May 2002. It was again a huge experience for me. I signed up for the next class called PSI 7 (AKA The Life Success Course). I attended the class with great anticipation in July 2002. The class starts out rather rocky in that the facilitators are hard on the class the first two days. Slowly one lesson at a time you get a chance to see how your thinking and your perceptions are holding you back from achieving more in life. In this class you are able to see how your thinking processes hold you back from achieving more. On Day 5, some who take the class report an epiphany as students are given an opportunity to achieve more in one day than they ever have in their lives. The light bulbs go off and most students go through dramatic positive changes on this day. I like to call this class the greatest seminar in the history of mankind.

Men’s Leadership Seminar (MLS) is a further extension of PSI 7. This class is under constant change and the content changes slightly from year to year. In this class the facilitators give the students the opportunity to step up and become leaders. If a student shows up and displays leadership qualities, that is fine. If the student shows up and displays follower qualities, that is fine too. Together the leadership class and PSI 7 have been described as being Very Intense. If they were not intense, you would not get any growth out of them.

Those persons in this forum and others who complain about PSI Seminars are basically victims who are looking for an easy way out of everything. The truth of the matter is that those things really worth having are difficult. This is the case here too. One of the beautiful things about PSI Seminars is that there are no tests and no one will get in your face and force you to do something that you do not want to do. For those weak individuals who like to complain about everything, they certainly will be challenged and will be resistant to change of any kind.

PSI Seminars is not a cult. It is operated as a seminar company with a devoted collection of alumni who feel loyal to the company. Jim S


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    Frankol Nov 12, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Frank L from Denver

    I’m truly wowed by all the comments I have been reading for the last 3 hours. I just finished up the basic class yesterday and I must say how happy I am that I didn’t allow all this negative commentary to affect my choice to go. You see, I’ve lived a rough life, I seen dead bodies of friends, I seen my dads dead body after being destroyed by a drunk driver. I’ve made over 3 million dollars in my lifetime and I lost everything because of my dads death. I went to PSI basics because I chose too. Even before Sunday I made my decision to attend the next level. I am a thinker, an analysts and I watched everything in my room this past weekend. I paid attention to how I was felling. Sometimes mad, sometimes sad, sometimes trapped and cornered.
    But, I know that I am greater than the victim that I have become over the last 12 years. I have to say that I don’t know Chuck Morrison as a man. But I know that he led me to see what hinders me through the content of PSI.

    There are only a few people I truly can credit pivotal moments too. GOD, Pastor Ed -and Chuck Morrison. So if you’re on the fence do your research. But, what I’m seeing as I research. The people that are complaining are the people that are living day to day with the same issues. Myself included, but I know that I have to change. Thank you Chuck, Thank you PSI

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    Chuck Morrison May 24, 2012

    Just to set the record straight. I have no idea who Amanda Lea is and have never been to Calgary where she is from. I studied jewelry under many great teachers starting in 1969 with Russ Baker, owner of Ecolin Inc., Port Jefferson NY. I then went on to work with Ed Rosenberg, ( owner of Spectore Corp, Boca Raton Fla.) in Manhattan ( and remain close friends with him today ) Eddie is the President of the World Titanium Council, and I took classes at NYU, and with numerous Master Jewelers and Gemologists in Manhattan. I moved to Santa Cruz CA, and worked with Master Jeweler Kenneth Matthews, Jewelry Atelier in Carmel CA. and opened my own business in Santa Cruz where we did repair work, stone setting, casting and manufacturing in our own company for all of Zales San Jose and Granet Bros. in SF, along with over 35 other retail jewelers, in the Santa Cruz area. I then moved to Maui and worked with Jade & Pearl /Oriental Antique Expert Tim Morrow owner of 'The Gallery' and Harry Haimoff, master jeweler, before opening my own wholesale/retail establishment, and doing work for over 30 major retailer jewelers in Hawaii. When I first took the Basic Seminar, I became very involved, took all of their classes and after meeting some of the best people I have ever met, especially at the Men's Leadership Seminar, I decided to staff and volunteer. In 1984-85 I was offered a position with PSI to study and facilitate. My top jeweler, David Fairclough, took my business in Maui, kept my customers, and started his own company, which is still running successfully in Wailea today. I became one of the top facilitators at PSI, and went on to facilitate all of the classes, including the Men's Class for the next 15 years. During that time I opened Las Vegas as a Business center, re-opened Denver CO. and assisted in opening Phoenix AZ., with Jim Luck and Chuck Schnieder, and assisted the Ohana in Hawaii in re-opening Honolulu. I became a regional Director, Head of Facilitation, and eventually COO on the Executive management team. I left in 1997-after having a difference of opinion with the management team on where the company was expanding, having basically hit as high as I could as part of the team, and to stop traveling, to spend time with my family. I ran the St. Viator Boy Scout Troop 143 and watched both of my sons achieve Eagle Scout. I worked with both of their baseball 'careers' from Little League, Club Teams, Legion, and High School, while also being on the Board of Directors for our local Little League. I left PSI ( with great compensation ) on good terms with PSI and the owner. I have run seminars with Shakti Gawain, Linda Chandler, John Gray, and other great people over the years, however, my primary business company does consulting and executive managment leadership training. I have worked with the top real estate companies here in NV, Century 21( Mike West, owner ), Prudential Americana, Performance Marketing America ( Ken Baxter, owner ) Nevada CPA's Association, and the number one ranked company in the US in theming construction ( KHS&S Contractors ) ( Dave Suder, President ) from 1998 till the present. I have worked with another partner, Mary McEllhatten, running Executive Leadership Training for the Clark County District Attorneys office for the past 2 years. All of the companies I have worked with have participated in Community Service projects of a major nature, and we have done over 100 projects in the past 15 years. I have come back to work with PSI twice as a consultant, along with my other clients, once in San Diego and most recently in Las Vegas, and still contract to facilitate Seminars with them, because they have one of the best products and some of the best people on the planet, as customers, employees, and bring the best of the best in, to work with always. 'Failed entreprenuer' ? Maybe in Calgary.? Just getting a few facts straight.

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  • Am
    AmandaLea Mar 27, 2012

    I suppose that sometimes we forget as consumers that we are held to "Buyer Beware" clause. It is unfortunate that not everyone investigates before investing $500, let alone $15, 000. Like most things, a human being should want to move forward with an understanding of what they are investing in.

    I have spent the last 3 days further investing time into researching PSI after attending the basic. After the basic, did I want to invest into PSI 7? Absolutely! As a responsible adult did I take the time to think this over, list pros and cons, and consider my other financial responsibilities (such as an upcoming wedding, my partner being a student, and the new house we just moved into)? Absolutely! I decided the train stops here. I decided that I had some new skill sets that I could use in my every day life, such as listening in a new way, giving to those around me (not limited to staffing a basic, and learning to change how I viewed the past to better my current relationships.

    I had taken similar workshops through my place of employment without guided meditation and visualizations, and received very similar results.

    I attended basic and my first instinct was not to leave my partner. It was to talk about all the things that were under rug swept, listen to how she felt, and work together to find a way that we could both exist without one over compensating for the other. I did not max out my credit cards, buy a Porsche, and take out a mortgage on a mansion. I did not "hook up" with a facilitator or another student. I feel that these are choices that align with my integrity and moral compass.

    I would recommend those that did act as described in all the reviews take a long, hard look at yourselves and ask yourselves why you took these actions, in a vulnerable state or not. These were choices that otherwise consenting adults agreed to.

    Before attending a seminar, you did not take the time to investigate the company you were investing in before dropping $500, which says quite a bit about your inclinations towards impulsiveness.

    This is not meant to be for one another, everyone takes back something different. This is simply encouragement to share responsibility rather than finding a scapegoat to place anger. You made a pretty reckless choice before being "under the influence of PSI, " but of course there's no way you could have made another reckless choice if it weren't for them.

    Lastly, I wish everyone would stop quoting the book about cults in our midst. The author has since been involved legally, recanted, issued letters stating otherwise, and removed mention in all future publications.

    This was a neutral review from someone that attended and did not buy into marketing, did not lose their spouse or job, and did not act out of her integrity. She used common sense, took what worked for her, and discarded the rest (yes, I did actually have control of my actions). What did the rest of you do? There must be SOME ownership on the consumers part for their err in judgement when not under the influence of the company.

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  • Du
    due diligenece Feb 16, 2012

    author seems like a psi seminars burning their image. the las vegas location is run by chuck morrison, failed entrepreneur in jewelry and his own pop psychology, must take some real low self esteem to crawl back to psi smeinars and acept a lower position than when chuck morrison left...not a place to visit or send your kids...look at the videos on you want those featured students buying homes in your neighborhood?

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    Doug mc Sep 06, 2010

    Based on the few negative complaints I have read, I find it interesting that PSI Seminars is still in business. With this said, that last word is exactly the point. It is a business. They charge for their services. They provide opportunities to change your lives. Is this not what a business is suppose to do? If a business provides a service, they are expected to be paid for these services. And if these services do not meet your expectations, you have the ability to receive a refund. BUT, what is NOT mentioned in all of these complaints, is what the PSI organaization pays back to the people. PSI Seminars is the only "for profit" part of the PSI organization. PSI World, the main reason the organization exists, is a non-profit company that offers opportunities to people world wide. I can go on and on listing the many projects PSI World has taken on throughout the world, but it is easier for you to simply Google it.

    That said, here is MY experience with PSI Seminars. I had made some bad choices in my life and had heard of PSI, so I decided to try it out. It was an deep, emotional experience. But, it showed me that the direction I was heading in life was NOT the one I wanted. So, I signed up for the next phase, PSI 7. This portion of the seminars became a benchmark in my life. It showed me what tools I needed to have a fulfilling life. It didn't change my life, I changed my life because of this. Most of us have been to some form of counseling, yet were disatisfied with the outcome. Most of us have been on vacations, hoping to return to our lives with a feeling of rest and being fully relaxed. Yet, we end up coming back to our lives with good memories, but feeling exhausted and drained. And, how much do we normally spend on a week long vacation? $2000 to $5000? When I was finished with the PSI7 seminar, I found that I was rejuvenated with desires to tackle every situation that came my way. I was not exhausted. I was not tired. I felt it was the BEST vacation I had ever been on. Hard work? Yes!!! Emotional? YES!!! Would I do it again? YES!!!

    To dispel some myths about PSI Seminars. In order to get the full benefits of the seminars, the facilitators want you to finish the program. They WANT you to get the true meaning of their teachings. After completing the several seminar steps, I have never been contacted by PSI. Not for more money, not to attend more classes. If I wanted something from PSI, it was up to ME to contact them. It is up to ME to continue practicing the ideas that were presented to me. Again, everything dealing with PSI has been up to ME, nobody else. My choices, my feelings, my life.

    The teaching of PSI Seminars may not be for everyone, but for the MAJORITY of people who attend, have found it to be extremely valuable. If you think only weak-minded people attend, think again. Many CEOs, politicians, attorneys, doctors, yes, and even psychologists have gone through the programs. This is not a cult, not a religious sect, not a crooked business. See for yourself, and don't trust what others say, including me. This was MY experience, and yours may be totally different.

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  • Em
    Emms Mar 30, 2010

    For some people it works, for some people it doesn't. If it didn't work for you, all you lose is $50. Please stop making a big deal about it because obviously it didn't work for you. Maybe you didn't open up and do every exercise to your fullest potential. But in the end all you lost was 4 days and $50. I'm sure they told you that you can get your money back if it doesn't work for you besides the $50. Your probably mad because it didn't work for you than compared to others. Take a risk and try the basic again for free. or staff or maybe even PSI 7. You might get something out then. If your so set on your ways, that's how you'll end up being for the rest of your life. If you love your life now, so be it. But obviously you are already hating on the world over some little thing such as PSI seminars. Look at the track record of this organization it tells all. If people can believe about God and the almighty, why can't they also believe in themselves. In the end just ask for your money back. What's the problem. Oh because it screwed up your life or peoples lives. That's a choice you make not PSI. But in the end you can't blame yourself for the choices you make so you place it on PSI seminars. My guess is most of the people commenting about how bad their experience was took the basic only. Its funny because I'm sure that its just the tip of the ice berg. If you only got some things out of it, try go back again. See what happens, put more effort, open your mind. If you just want to keep wasting your time hating PSI and bad mouthing it, then it seems like your programs are firing on all cylinders. Its called Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and over. That's how your life must be. Please take a risk and do it again. Like I said, you'll be surprised.

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    Steve May 14, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Sorry Jim but you're the victim here. Did you even read what you wrote here. Those persons in this forum and others who complain about PSI Seminars are basically people who have either been ripped off by the Piss and ### Institute or lost a loved one to this MADNESS. You appear to be the one looking for the easy way out. "The truth of the matter is that things really worth having are difficult." NO ###!!! You had to take this crap to figure this out?

    PSI Seminars is a cult. It is operated as a seminar company with the thought of how much money they can get out of you and use the loyal members to recruit more members. By your letter it appears you, Jim, spent at least $8000.00 dollars on this ### in less then a year. So you tell me, Jim, has life been worth it? Did you ruin any marriage or relationship because you recruited that person to the piss and ### institute?

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