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Heald College / Being A Fake College

Nov 29, 2015

I know this college is already closed… good thing too. But I just like to get my story out there. I went to Heald College for Medical Assisting… BIG mistake. Mistake 1- I was told that Heald has a comprehensive career service department which will help you get your first job in your chosen...

Heald College / Degree copy

Sep 24, 2015

I called heald college to request a Duplicate degree. They always asked me to left a message but never called me back and now the school closed nationwide. I don't know how can I get a copy of my transcript or duplicate certificate. Is anyone know how to contact Heald college since the school already closed. Thanks

Heald College / They will not give me a copy of my diploma

Apr 22, 2015

I tried to get a duplicate copy of my diploma and when I called they said that according with the records I needed to pass a timing test I asked what I needed to do they said I would have to enroll again in order to get the test done. At this time they can't enroll I told them that he...

Heald College / Harassment

Feb 20, 2014

I am complaining about the harassing collection calls and threat letters in the mail. heald college has me under a written deferment stating that I do not have to pay while I am in school. I have received emails, collection calls, and threat letters every week for two and a half years, and...


Feb 18, 2014


Heald College - Portland, Oregon / Money, Lies, not transferable

Jul 26, 2013

DO NOT GO HERE! They cost $4500 a month, cannot transfer to other schools (articulation report pulled), they tell you what you want to hear, NOT AMA crediable, and put charges on you that are not valid! If you have FasFA and PELL GRANT why would you be charged for (BOOKS) 747.07? UM WEIRD

Heald College / Facility, Students, Courses


I'm currently enrolled at Heald College, and I hate it. They promised a "hands on" experience, which I am not getting. They only care about the money, They don't care about there students. The teachers are rude and are always late to class. Very unprofessional as the student body...

Heald College - San Jose / bad at reading the situation of their students


i am in a graduating student but heald college dropped me without a good reason. at first i was fixing all the papers i needed for my extern but their adviser for this doesn't know how to read our (students) medical records she still a little notes from our physicians. after this she...

Heald College / Fraud and lying


I went to Heald college to get a AA degree as i continue to go I was not only held there longer then I needed to be I was not graduating with a AA no I was going to leave with a AAS. I was set to graduate and everything and I was cleared to go today 10/8/12 the day before grad I'm not...

Heald College Roseville Campus / Misleading and hard sales tactics/financial aid scam!


I went to Heald College in April of 2008 because they were offering degree’s in Sales and Marketing. I was told by Cherie Tullis when I went to register that the Roseville campus did not offer that major, but I would be allowed to transfer to the Rancho Cordova campus in my last...

Heald College Modesto / Tuition


I started school at heald in November of 2012, and I have maintained excellent grades in the two years that I have been there. Recently, I was told that Part-time students would be charged more for classes and that full-time students would be charged less as an insintive for moving along...

Heald College / Hiring process


They lead you on and pull you through hoops tool never receive a call back. I went too the group interview and was called back for an interview. The director of admissions advisers told me she only called back myself and another gentleman. Went through 3 days of interviews, one phone...

Heald College, Fresno, CA / False promise/discrimmination


I too am a victim of this college. I have recently graduated with honors and an AAS from the medical assisting program. I began my education with Heald in Concord. After I completed my first quarter, I transferred to Stockton Campus and completed two quarters there. In the beginning of my...

Heald College / Scam with Financial Aid


While this school had a few teachers that genuinely cared for the students it ultimately has an admissions staff and finacial aid department that are full of crap!it's quite obvious this school only cares about getting money.after going to school here for nine months with straight...

Heald Hayward California / The school is a scam


While this school had a few teachers that genuinely cared for the students it ultimately has an admissions staff and finacial aid department that are full of crap!it's quite obvious this school only cares about getting money.after going to school here for nine months with straight...

Heald / Quality Education


If you are looking to be an instructor bypass Heald College. They will hand you a WASC accredited college level textbook and syllabus tell you to teach college level transferable course. When the students cannot handle a typical college workload they demand that you lower the...

Salinas Heald College / Externships


About 6 months ago I began my Medical Assistant Externship. We are required to complete a total of 160 hours at a clinic setting over a period of 10 weeks in order to graduate. The site I was placed in was Gonzales Medical Group, for the next few weeks I worked hard in order to complete...

Heald College / Unfair Hiring Practrices


I recently applied for a Criminal Justice instructor position at Healds San Jose location. I have worked in law enforcement for 30 years, and hold a Community College Life Time Teaching Credential. The interview was going fine, until 10 minutes into the interview, when an Administrator by...

Heald College / kicked out of college


I was addent helad college with my sister . we both had same class but we got explied for different reasons I got explied for being sick with the cold and fever two times the first time that i got sick was on mar and the second time was on april .My sister mayra got explied for miss a lot...

Heald College / They care more for $$$ than helping u


if YOU decide to go to heald college..think again...U MUST READ THIS!!! IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE GOING TO HEALD!!! Their advisor will tell U any lie to get you in. PLEASE NOTE: The ADVISOR are the salesman...salesman tells lie... --The advisor told me I can take a leave of absense no matter the...

Heald College / False Representation


I had Arlandis McClain as an advisor when I enrolled at Heald. I kept getting phone calls from the same phone number over and over. Frustrated, I finally answered and asked who it was that keeps calling me. He told me he was calling from Heald college. I said I wasn't that interested...

Heald College / over aggressive


I recently was interested in the Heald college in Modesto. My sister and my boy friend were as well. I made a phone call to them informing them that we were interested in the school and would like to make an appointment to check out the school and ask a couple questions. So we made an...

Heald &for Profit& College / Possible False Info


Heald 'for-profit' college states on their website: "Because Heald is regionally accredited, it has articulation agreements with other regionally accredited institutions that accept Heald credits toward bachelor’s degree programs. This means that you can transfer your...

Heald College / Full time/Part time status


Recently, I've had a storm of issues with the Salinas Heald and their attention to details regarding Full-time/Part-time status. So initially I got let go from temp work and decided to take up a new line of work: Medical Assisting. Since my income at my temp job was considerable, I...

Heald College / biased instructors and staff


Another thing that I forgot to add in the previous complaint "unprofessional IT instructor", if Heald College has the Financial Resources to establish new programs such as Construction Management, Pharmacy Technician and so on, why cannot they institute just one class covering Macintosh...

Heald College / unprofessional IT Intstructor


During my attendance in 2009 at Heald College. For the Final for one of my classes, we were required to give an Oral Presentation on any topic that is geared towards our major, for mines it was on "Mac OS X Snow Leopard". When I had completed my oral presentation and was leaving the...

Heald College / Expired Sodium Chloride


In our labs this past week we using expired 0.9% Sodium Chloride injections. We were not only injecting our fellow class mates but also outside volunteers. The expiration date was Dec 2006... This upsets me because now I wonder what if any harm it can do to you and also why was thi...

Heald College / Unethical Practices with students and security


Heald Collegei have been a student at heald college for over a year now and have come to realize that the school is very money oriented. not just through admissions. about 8 months ago there was an admissions advisor who was "let go" his name is michael macneill. he is the person who puts on the...

Heald College / Complaint!


As of 2009, Heald College was purchased by Corinthian Colleges Inc, and they are now a for-profit institution. The main objective with a for-profit college is to make money $$$$$ and alot of it! And all of that money is being drawn out from us, the students. Rather than using that money...

Heald College / Scam on Student Loans


If you want to be a victim of (scam) attend Heald College.. This is the worst school. The instructors try to act like they know every damn thing and don't know more than I know. Some of the staff, graduated at Heald, and they act like they ### just finished up in kindergarten and...

Heald College - Oakland, California / They lied to me


I attended the Oakland, CA Heald College (now closed) campus in [protected] and graduated with an AA in Legal Office Administration. I went right out of high school not knowing what I wanted to do so Heald sounded like the best option at the time. I was told before I applied that the...

Heald College / student loan


August 2008 i decided to go to school, i went over to Heald College, speaking with the financial aid adviser i told him i would like to apply for a grant to pay for my education. he manipulated the form where i would not be eligible for a grant and applied me for stafford loan instead...

Heald College / Harassment by Teacher


This letter was sent toAssociate Director, Healthcare Programs. which they want me to change my schedule instead of morning classes, they want me to take them at night. Thats how they want to fix the problem. I cannot be in an environment where the teacher makes fun of the errors I do in...

Heald College San Francisco / Rude staff!


I have been with Heald College for over a year. My first quarter with them was HORRIBLE! Everyone there gave me wrong information! They call you all of the time when you miss class and speak to you as if you are their children. This school is horrible and have some of the rudest people I...

Heald College / Harassesed by the staff, no job placement, threaten they would take legal action against me


Heald College is very unprofessioal, they have low opinions about students. I graduated from Heald College in 2008 at the Rancho campus, I never recieved assistance in job placement. Even after I brought it up their attention. I transferred to the Roseville campus, (huge mistake). I wanted...

Heald College / theft


I am a retire college professor from a State accredit college. After I retire I taught two quarters at Heald "College". I quit after two quarters; the eduction quality is a joke at best. The cost to attend is outrageous -Heald charges more per year than the U C system charges. What Heald...

Heald College / Kicked out of Heald


I have been a student at Heald College since January 2007. Two weeks ago the new Quarter began and I had my classes and all. I go to the office to change my major, and they said I no longer qualify to be a student at Heald and they kicked me out of school! I just recently had a baby and...

Heald College / Lifetime Career Placement


I decided to take Heald College up on their offer of lifetime career placement for alumni. What a joke! First the Heald location couldn't help me because they didn't offer my "program" at the school and I was advised to go to another Heald location. I wondered why thi...

Heald College / False Information


Heald College is a joke! After attending school for three quarters and 10, 000 dollars worth of debt, I have come to the conclusion that i have once again sucked into a scheme. The advisers are really nice when you go and sign up they act like they care, shame on me for falling for thi...

Heald Business College / Fraud/humiliation/discrimination


To whom it may concern: My name is Tishay Wright. I am a student at Heald Business College, in Hayward. I joined Heald back in July of 2008. My area of study is Administration with emphasis on Accounting. When I decided to go to Heald I was really excited about it. I couldn’t wait to...