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Complaints & Reviews

AMP testing center

I am trying to schedule my test and it's been weeks. I have made numerous calls and I get hung up on after 15 minutes of hold time. Also my emails are not responded to. I have hit a brick wall and I would really like to schedule my testing date but I cannot. Please have someone call or email me back asap in this regard. [protected] email [protected]@gmail.com

Poor customer service

I have previously emailed you all over 2 weeks ago and never received a response. I have also been calling constantly since 10am cst (7/29/2020) and it is now 3:11pm cst andI have yet had the opportunity to speak with someone. I even took it upon myself to drive to the testing center to see if they can assist me with scheduling my exam but they were no help. I am trying to schedule my RE exam for 8/3/2020 but there isn't any availability for that date for any locations nearest me. The earliest date available is 8/25/2020 and I can not take my exam at that time because I would have started my new job and I cant take off within the first 90 days. There are also no weekend availability as well. Please respond to your emails

Matching registration with actual documents

I registered to write my lituk test far earlier this year. Due to covid-19 this was delayed. I was able to re book for 23 july 2020 and off I went to write. On arrival I produced my valid and up to date south african passport, only to be informed that I did not have a valid travel document which was the option I had chosen to register with. I was informed that there was another document which was classified as a valid travel document. I re booked and paid again for tuesday 28th july having changed my option to passport. I can only assume that my computer auto populated my registration with country of birth as united kingdom and place of birth antrim where I currently live. I confidently attended this morning, only to be told that the information on the registration was incorrect. I now have to book and pay again with the result that it will end up costing me 3 times the price. I would like an explanation as to why it is so important that the registration details match the identification on the day and I would like a refund for the 2 times I could not write the test. I have just proved that when I have added my contact details at the bottom of the registration it automatically changes country and place of birth.

Testing.. Respiratory

PSI said they have investigated my complaint and the proctor did nothing wrong. I was held hostage for an hour, while the proctor paused the exam. He came back on and apologized. I couldn't move, talk do anything. An hour was taken off my test and told they did nothing wrong. This is rediculous. They cancel it if you leave the camera. Unprofessional!

  • Updated by boker1204 · Jul 25, 2020

    Can I please get a response? Monday I will be writing the credentialing board. I don't understand how I can disconnect for an hour and go right back to taking the test. I could have gone and studied for the question. I have to ask permission to use the bathroom. I'm not giving up on this.. this truly shows lack of integrity, care and disregard for your customers. Due to the importance of respiratory therapists during the Coronavirus pandemic, I would think that I would be put to a higher standard and not disrespected and lied to. Your proctor paused the test.

    I have the paper where I wrote if I can go grab the phone to call, are you there, etc, not trying to get up and fail the exam. It was hard if I even needed a bathroom break. My first proctor said I had to wait 4 hours.

    If I did disconnect, it would not continue to say proctor paused exam, my internet would not be displayed as running, the proctor would not apologize for pausing the test and most of all the proctor would not let me complete the exam. If that's the case, I can disconnect anytime I need to look something up.

    This is an injustice for every student taking a test under that proctor and possibly your company. I have never had a problem like this through medic school, HS, etc.

    I keep hearing you say you are going to investigate and elevate this situation, but you are not doing nothing. I am going to do it in the right way and not be a victim of your proctors. I sat for an hour looking at the screen, not moving or saying a word.. that is extremely traumatic for as someone who already has test anxiety. I will 'escalate' the situation myself. Thank you.

Staff member at testing site

The red headed women at the testing site was extremely rude and unprofessional. The reviews for this site have endless complaints about rude staff - especially the red headed woman. I was told I was not allowed to bring in medication. I am disabled and need to keep medicine on my person. I called PSI corporate before my testing and was told this would not be an issue. She asked for proof which I am not required by law to provide. She asked to hold my medicine and I refused because it was none of her business and she was not wearing gloves. She asked me to open the bottle to view the tablets, she did not introduce herself as a medical professional or pharmacist. When I took a break, the staff member (red headed woman) was not wearing a face mask which was required by state mandate and the PSI testing center rules. When I finished my exam both women who worked for PSI were not wearing face masks. As someone with a disability I am more immunodeficient and I was offended that the staff were careless and not wearing face masks as all times. I am going to be filing a complaint with the ADA and the state of WA due to the staff treatment of persons with disabilities and ignoring state mandated rules due to Covid 19.

  • Updated by aytdmn · May 20, 2020

    Compliant filed in Washington Sate Attorney General for ignoring state mandated rules regarding Covid 19.

  • Updated by aytdmn · May 20, 2020

    Complaint filed with the Americans Disabilities Act - ADA for illegal and invasive questioning.

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I'm trying to take the real estate broker's exam in Colorado. I was initially scheduled to take it in the middle of March but it was canceled due to covid 19. I rescheduled it for the first week of April. And they had to cancel that one so I rescheduled it for April 16 and they canceled that one so then I finally got a email saying that they would contact me to reschedule. I was never contacted. I had to call them and finally got another date for 20 May. Last night, on the 19th at 5 PM, I got an email saying they had canceled my test for today. When I called customer service what they said was that they are
canceling some people and letting others come in to take the test to practice social distancing. When I ask how they decided who was going to get


Unprofessional testor instructor

I tested on 02/20/20 at southfield michigan center. I caught the blonde white lady talking about me and pointing at me to other instructor..wen i turned off my blow dryer. This was in front of 7 other testees. Was completely unprofessional. She also failed me before i even got to elavator. This was retest. I had failed the first one after sitting out 3 practice tests. This time i had all my supplies and did each practice test. I believe she failed me on a biased opinion due to her unprofessional relations with me during test. The cameras should be viewed it was a 9am test.


I took the California General electrician exam in December in Ventura California i marked down every answer. I know i got right. Which was 85. They say i got a 58. I've heard alot of people tell me that California tests are geared for maximum failure rate to generate money. I already called a lawyer to resolve this issue. I want an investigation and my score changed to a passing grade. [protected]@yahoo.com fix it or i will proceed with a class action lawsuit

Inaccurate website and unprofessional customer representatives

Their website won't allow me to pick just one portion of the test and when I call the representative I was told it was fine and on my test date the test center told me I was signed up for both portions of my test and I had to take both. When I called before my test they make it sound like it was my fault and it was too late so they can't do any thing about it. I pretty sure they don't care about the candidates and they just want our money. I wish I have different option to take my test but too bad it had to be PSI.

psi testing center for a master electrician texas

I have taken the PSI exam for master electrician 10 times I'm very upset only missing it by one or two points each time I had to multiple tutor seminars studied studied studied study and the computer glitches and ask the questions that does not even pertain to master electrician very very upset want my money back want to see my test where I failed want a paper exam very unhappy with PSI testing system

Residential builder

Something is definitely up with the
Residential builders exams, the residential builder exam has 120 questions when I sat down, but they only score you on 110. I literally looked up 80% of my questions to find the answers and I still missed 60 out of 120 or as they print it I missed 50 out of 120. This is my 3rd time taking the test, I missed more this time than on my second try. Something isn't right. I'm positive I got atleast 80 answers correct. Because I found the answers in my books. what can I do?

Residential builder

Washington state limited energy/low voltage exam

PSI testing is set up for you to fail and keep failing, they put in lots of questions that are not related to the field you are testing in. I am trying to get a low voltage license, I have 40, 000+ in this field and so many questions are not related to it, in fact, not related to Electrical at all. An example is they asked me who approves medical devices prior to use. Now how is that associated with low voltage (cameras, alarms, speakers, tv, internet) Every time I take one of these test, you get different non related questions, or questions that belong to Commercial Electricians, not Low Voltage. They do not allow you to review wrong answers in order for you to learn from your mistake, you are left guessing what you did wrong. If they were to eliminate the non related questions, I could pass this easy. The state only allows PSI for testing, and it seems to be a scam.

psi cosmetology teacher nj

I have completed my 600 credits here in NJ, I have a 90 grade average all through the program, I am licensed hairstylist for 28 years owned 2 of my own Salons. I am extremely motivated outgoing and also a mentor/ Founder, in 20 beauty schools to show the Airmakeup application to beauty students.
I have taken this test in Linwood NJ for Licensed Cosmetology teacher now the 6th time. From time to time I have had the Procter humiliate me in front of people which I reported to the Vegas Nevada office. I have a suspicion that the computer terminals are rigged. Malicious intend to fail
people to keep retaking the test to just make money. We do not even get results back of what questions are wrong, however it is true to fact that the material on the computer terminal at psi has 75 percent of the questions that are not material we have from the state to study for the exam. I have gathered all evidence and kept all my tests. The most ridiculous question is what pet should be allowed in the school/ salon.
I am requesting a subpoena with my attorney for my tests documents, that is my work and should not be kept private to my life. It has cost me over 300.00 extra to pay for 6 tests. I know everything in the theory book inside and out answers.

Customer service

I recently took a real estate test at the Macon, Ga Amp testing facility. I have NEVER seen the kind of unprofessional, rude and disrespectful service that they present at this testing center. I will not recommend this site to anyone and I will Never use them again. I'm a 42 year old male with a BS degree in business. I am not a 6 year old which is how they treat people.


I have taken this test 5x🤦‍♀️ The LHA. This last time i fail by 8 questions and i know i was well over prepared and it makes no sense we can see the question we miss and truly and honest i don't think they have a clue just taking peoples money. Some of the question was crazy and worded so different to wheee they want you to fail to collect ya money again. I'm done with it & looking for another job no hassle with license from psi. Order test materials 3x and all 3 had the same question only thing different they threw in on the next two i bought 2 or 3 different question. I called they were very rude. Scammmmmm

aws solutions architect exam

I tried to take an AWS Solutions Architect Exam with PSI on Mon in Portsmouth. The PSI Test Centre was unable to deliver the exam. I was told I would be contacted shortly by a member of the PSI team to reschedule. Three days later, I have heard nothing after having spent £150 to take the exam. Customer service from PSI has thus far been lacking. A holding communication would have useful. Would not recommend PSI as an exam centre for AWS.😞

double charged

I can't imagine that the large corporation PSI has such unprofessional actions.
PSI did wrong - double charged on the clients but never do the refund for them.

- PSI double charged to me. Quy Duong, Confirmation number Q36580634
- By contact PSI staff, I had sent a bank statement via Fax and also sent via email and got confirmation PSI received it and will do a refund.
But now is ABOUT 2 MONTHS and we still not get my money back. We tried to contact again as many time and got the same answer but nothing happens


washington and california state general electricians exam

The California and Washington State General Electricians exams are terrible exams! Those exams are designed, and administered for a maximum failure rate. The exams are full of unnecessary, irrelevant questions that are outside of the scope and duties of the General Electrician. The tests are designed to insure a high failure rate, and repeated test taking for maximum revenue for the testing agency. General Electricians are not Contractors, Buyers, Sellers, Architects, inspectors, or Engineers, and any testing should reflect electrical installation, not electrical engineering. Conclusion: electrical exams are less legitimate, and more scam!

customer service dereliction

I have left numerous voicemails, because nobody ever answers the customer service 1-800 number, with no reply, though the greeting states a reply will come within 24 hours. I finally got through via email, though that proved fruitless. I went back and forth stating and restating the problem, unable to schedule a test online though all pre-qualifications had been met and long since submitted according to the agency pre-qualifying. Whomever was emailing with me would not listen and kept redirecting me bak to the beginning where it was already proven failed several times over. I am not inarticulate. This person seemed to work from a script with no real problem solving understanding or ability. My elation at finally getting a reply was quickly deflated, then I was cut off with no more responses. I called the pre-qualifying agency, again. They submitted a complaint to PSI and told me someone should contact me shortly. Nope.
This has been weeks now -months if you count the last time I had a very similar issue. It seems their online system is not always up to speed. It happens. But their customer service is about to cost me money for taking so much time to get anything done, disallowing business dependent upon testing for license.
I have saved the email chain, but am unable to share it here for being the wrong file format.

customer service

First of all every time I call psi I am put on hold for 15 minutes and have to leave my information for them to call me back. They don't call me back till hours later. I also scheduled my exam with accommodations and it won't let me log in to psi because I have accommodations... So when I called to reschedule my exam I was put on hold and left my info again. They called me back just to tell me I had to be transferred to the accommodations department.. So I waited for another 20 minutes just to leave my information again for them to call me back. I didn't get a call back till 2 days later.. I tried emailing them and no reply... On top of that the psi in baton rouge la has had technical issues so my exam had to be canceled and I hear they are shutting it down now.. Ridiculous. This whole process has been a giant headache. Fed up with this company..