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Rewards certificate removed from online order Dec 22,2019

The reward certificate amount, $475, was not deducted in the final checkout on Dec. 22, 2019. The checkout...

Furniture order

I ordered a bed. Right before delivery they told me there were pieces missings and could not deliver. I was told there were no other beds available. I called back and was told there were so this person canceled the first order and reordered the bed. I was charged twice but received one bed. I have been goint round and round with them to get my credit for the bed. There is no communication between anyone over there as I received a different story every time. Every time I call I am on the phone at least 30 minutes. I finally contacted the CC company to dispute the charge. Now the company has cancelled all the other orders that I placed for other items because I have a complaint filed (so I am told when I called). It's like the twilight zone. This is not the first time something similar like this has happened.

Outdoor dining table I tried to return

I ordered an outdoor Granada dinning table for $1200 and when it arrived, it was not the correct size for the space, so I called to have the table returned. I was provided an order number and told it might be a few days before I was contacted to arrange a pick up date for the table.

It has been 2 weeks and I called 4 times without any success at getting assistance from Pottery Barn support. I have been on hold a total of 190 minutes and although I understand everyone is busy and impacted by Covid-19, there is no excuse for Pottery Barn not to provide proper assistance, especially considering I have spent over $5, 000 on their products in the last couple months.

Today, May 20th, I waited 50 minutes and the representative told me she needed to connect me to the Furniture area. I asked her to speak with a supervisor and she put me on hold and back into the regular waiting area and no one ever answered after waiting 90 minutes.

There really is no excuse for the poor service from a company who charges premium price for their products.

Thank you for sharing this information and I hope Pottery Barn learns something from the several complaints listed in the different forums.

ashton sleeper sofa

On Dec.10, 2019 I ordered an Ashton sleep sofa with a guaranteed delivery date of Jan.6. On Jan 7 I called to find out why it wasn't delivered. Spoke to Julie, then Olivia. They put in a request to cancel with the vendor telling me I'd hear back in 7-10 days. I called again and was told they would put in another request and I'd hear in 24 hours. I waited till Jan.29 and spoke to Deborah who reassured me that I'd hear back in 24 hours once again. It's now 48 hours and I called and spoke first to Phyllis and then to Frank. Frank cut off my call and didn't call me back. I redialed and just got someone else on the phone since Frank wasn't available. He should have returned my call since he cut me off. In the meantime, my order #[protected] has still not been canceled. I want my money back and my order canceled because now the delivery date was changed from May to June. I am NOT waiting for a June delivery when it was promised Jan.6 for my granddaughter's birthday. Elizabeth said she can only cancel the order 30 days from my original delivery date Jan.6. If I don't hear that my order was canceld by this Thursday, Feb. 6, then I will be contacting my attorney.

misrepresentation of services and very poor customer service


I'm extremely shocked at such a poor customer service and false representation of services for such a recognized brand. Shame to the leadership of this brand for their mismanagement.

I placed an order on for a bed, which was cancelled without notification sent to me. Few days after when I called to follow up, after an hour of back and forth, and speaking to a manager, I was offered to choose a different colour for the same bed and PB will honour the same price.

Few days later, I called to confirm the preferred colour, and after spending another 45 min I was told that PB can't ship this bed after all due to logistical issues ( outright lie as a local store offered to source it for me but won't honour the same price).

After calling everyday, repeating the story ( there is no ticketing system and no notes were left from previous calls), I was told that PB won't honour their promise and good luck ( I was literally told sorry that our agent misrepresented our commitment but we won't do anything about it, and go ahead and complain).

I hope u can't get away with doing business as such for long.

misrepresentation of services and very poor customer service

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online order placed. missing parts. never received promised replacements. trouble getting refund when returned to store.

Order placed online to Pottery Barn on November 6 for 2 table crystal lamps. Received 2 bases and 2 shades on separate days around December 2. Missing parts to attach them. Called Pottery barn and was told that they would send new ones with parts. Received 2 more shades. Never received new bases. Called and was told they were rushing me 2 new lamps and I should receive them in 2 days. Never received them. On December 30 returned 2 bases and 4 shades to Omaha Regency Store where I was told to do some shopping cause it was going to take awhile as they had to call it in. I returned to find the returned lamps assembled (ready for display?) which is all I needed in the first place! She made us wait while she chatted with 2 coworkers and then gave me a ticket with a refund of half the amount I paid for them on the receipt and said I must have bought them on promotion. I did not. I spent hours on the phone and made a 30 mile trip and I not only do not have 2 lamps but I have not been refunded the full amount.

furniture delivery

Ordered a PB Pearce sectional sofa back on Oct 17th. Window has passed for delivery. Still not sofa in sight. No idea when it will arrive. Calls to CS result in LONG wait times, followed by staff members who are trying to get you off the phone as quickly as possible. They say they will 'transfer' you but in actuality they hang up on you. This happens OFTEN, I believe it is a tactic, resulting in you having to call back and waiting in queue again for another 10-15 mins. I'm telling you- it is intentional and happens more often than not. They must be trained to do this.

Last year we had a horrible experience with a bed delivery that took almost 5 months to get.

Look elsewhere, do not trust PB. I am curious if they are going out of business bc the customer service is one of the worst I've seen.

pottery barn cancelling order and late delivery

Had the Pottery Barn designer from the Greenville SC store to our home and we bought all the furniture he suggested
July 8 2019 we bought a sectional sofa, Ottoman, oversized chair and a office chair
This was all to be delivered in August but was not delivered until October 25 2019 and sectional was dirty.
In August we ordered a sofa, two bookshelves, chair and ottoman
Bookshelves were delivered 3 weeks later
October 23 sofa was delivered
October 28 email was sent to schedule delivery of chair and ottoman
October 29 receive phone call to say chair and ottoman are cancelled?
Really PB you can cancel 8 weeks later when I already have the other half of my order?
Truely the worst customer service ever
Buying furniture should be fun not a nightmare
Is Pottery Barn going out of business?
I have just read so many reviews that are similar to my experience
I am a very sad and frustrated customer looking for compensation on my purchases


I purchase a mattress along with my bed from pottery barn Jeddah Saudi Arabia . The mattress totally sank on one side of the bed and I went to pottery barn in Jeddah to ask them my rights regarding the guarantee . They informed me that the mattress was still under guarantee but because the branch I bought it from had closed down they couldn't help me and that I would have to go to the manufacturer of the mattress. I went to see them and they said they couldn't help either.


I ordered some nice furniture from Pottery Barn in early May. When I place the order ([protected]), PB...

couch broke/poor customer service

Not only did my 8 month old Pottery Barn Turner couch break when I sat down on it, but I have been calling customer service every week for 6 months to try and get it replaced. I speak with a new customer service rep. Each time and am told that they are sending my information to their "furniture medic" team to come out and inspect it, but nobody from their "furniture medic" team ever contacts me. I am done with their department and tried calling the store manager. Well, I have up on him after waiting over a month. Now, I am waiting on the district manager to help.

missing coffee table

Ordered a coffee table July 1, it was to take 6-8 weeks, they emailed to set up delivery for July 29th, the delivery company confirmed that Friday that the coffee table would be delivered for Monday the 29th. On Sunday at 3pm, they called to say that they couldn't locate the table, they needed 48 hours to locate it, and then reschedule. I don't know how a confirmed coffee table goes missing, but after 48 hours it is still nowhere to be found, and their response it well we will just refund you, or you can wait another 6-8 weeks for a new coffee table. When calling to complain, I was put on hold for 24 minutes, then transferred, then told I can wait another 20 minutes or have someone call me back in 24-48 hours. This is absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

rewards program

Pottery Barn is running a real scam with their rewards program. We bought a lot of expensive outside wicker furniture in June. The salesperson (excellent employee) encouraged us to use the credit card because of the great rewards program. I received the email with my $750 rewards certificate. I made a purchase spending $316, leaving a balance of $433, I incorrectly assumed. I tried to place another order yesterday using my rewards certificate, it would not work. I talked to 3 different customer service people, # 1, very pleasant advised me to call in my order and maybe I could just add on, # 2 said no, it is a one time use, you need to spend the entire amount or you lose the rest. I asked to talk to a supervisor, he was terrible, no apologies, said we should have read the fine print. He was one of the rudest customer service individuals I have ever spoken too. My one error was not getting his name. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to shop any more at Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, West Elm, Mark & Graham or Rejuvenation. I will do my best to pass the word to as many people as I know how terrible this company is. The only possible resolution would be to change their policy. It seems from all the complaints I am reading online I'm not the only customer that did not read the fine print and is very unhappy with this rewards program.

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    exjudge Jul 31, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I experience the EXACT problem with a $700 rewards certificate. Pottery Barn customer service kept insisting this was a Comenity Bank issue and theirs to resolve. Spent over an hour on the phone with Comenity Bank yesterday after "inadvertently" being hung up on twice and switched to different levels of customer service. End result is they insist they do not have the authority to fix and it is a Pottery Barn issue. Any suggestions on what to do next other than tear up my PB credit card and blast them on internet?

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customer service

Ordered and paid for a Danielle Lamp online and was given a few estimated dates for arrival, didn't arrive...

rewards program

Pottery Barn is running a variation on a bait and switch with their rewards program. I bought an expensive sofa. The sales person highly touted the credit card as a fabulous rewards program. "You'll have hundreds of dollars in rewards to spend!" Indeed an email came, bearing my 525.00 reward. The email delivering the reward, says to "save this email as a record of your current rewards balance." And lots of bold boxed print about how to earn more rewards and get 10% back! Subsequently I called in a phone order to buy an end table that cost 226 dollars. Neither the sales person who sold me the sofa, nor the agent taking the phone order mentioned that the reward can only be used a single time, regardless of the amount being spent. Today when I tried to order another table over the phone, I was told that I had no rewards balance because I had already used the certificate. Imagine if you had 100, 000 miles in an airlines reward program, and you used 15, 000 miles to upgrade and then were told that was it, you had no more miles to spend. Pottery Barn is not offering a legitimate rewards program. It's more like a punishment.

$750 reward certificate not applied

I'm writing with a corporate complain about my Pottery Barn customer service experience.
Back in August 2018 I received a $750 rewards certificate from Pottery Barn. I used this certificate for a purchase of a chair in November 2018 and surrendered the certificate at the same time at the store in Orland Park IL.
I waited for the item 6 months only to see with the first statement in April 2019 that the rewards were not applied to my purchase. Since than I made multiple phone calls and spoke with multiple customer service reps and their supervisors to resolve the problem.
First, I was told that there was a glitch in the system but it was resolved and the rewards will be applied within 5 - 7 days.
A week later I called again only to find out nothing was applied but after spending over an hour on the phone and being re-directed to different departments, I was told it will be fixed. I called few more times and was assured that it will b taken care of.
Well, I called again today asked to speak to a supervisor directly but during my several conversations with supervisors, miraculously the phone was hang up on me.
So about 70 days later my rewards are not applied, I feel deeply cheated by Pottery Barn. I hope you would keep the record when the customer calls with inquiries about the order but was told that they don't have records from my previous conversations. Today, the supervisor sounded like he completely disbelieved me and hang up on me. To name the few names I spoke with to resolve his issue:
Sarah, Michelle, Miss Keisha, Dan and his supervisor.
I'm hoping you can help me resolve this issue. I am deeply disappointed in Pottery Barn.


There have been other issues I've had with your company so I think this is the reason I'm writing now. One more little thing that is annoying that I'd like to share.

I have a rewards certificate that expired yesterday. This is for rewards for money I have spent with you in the past. I was informed that you will not extend the date of expiration as I have run out of the time allotted to spend by a day. Funny but the $25 rewards would have probably not gotten me much in the store. But I would have gone in and probably picked up several things thinking I was getting $25 off my entire purchase. But now I won't because you won't extend the expiration. I think all these minor changes (including that in order to make a return at the store I need my card) inconvenience the customer and relays poor customer service. More and more I'm shopping at stores like Crate and Barrel where everything is much easier.

poor customer service

I placed an order for a leather couch, loveseat, and large ottoman on Friday, May 24th 2019 (order number [protected]) with Pottery Barn in Huntsville, A:. On Tuesday, May 28th, (after the holiday weekend) I went back into the store to upgrade the leather. I was told by the store manager, who placed a call to higher management, that I could not change the order even though what I wanted to change would cost more. I could understand this if the item had been made or shipped, but I will not receive the items for 12 weeks. Higher management told the store manager that the order was in Fulfillment and nothing could be done. I asked to speak to someone of higher authority and was told that there was no one higher I could contact. The store manager showed me a document informing me that once the order was placed, no changes could be made. This was the first time I was shown the document and I certainly never signed one!
To change the leather to a higher grade (Vintage Caramel) at this point should be as simple as a computer code change. Yet, they are unwilling to even consider that simple task. Pottery Barn's unwillingness to help a customer is antiquated and out of touch with customer needs. I will have to stop payment on my credit card unless I am allowed to make this small change. Thank you for any help you can give me.

deceptive advertising

On Wednesday Feb. 19, 2019 I received a message from Pottery Barn confirming the purchase of an Adeline rug (order number [protected]) at a total cost, including front-door delivery, of $597.59. The following morning, I called customer service and tried to cancel the order but was informed the rug was already being shipped and my only option would be to refuse delivery. I never had the opportunity as the shipper left the 70-pound rug inside the door of my 4-story walkup without contacting me. I soon learned the rug was ineligible for return because it was a final sale item. Final sale items according to Shipping and Returns policy have prices ending in $.X7 or $.X9). The Adeline rug is listed at $499.00. If I had known the rug was nonreturnable, I would never have purchased it.
I thought the best thing to do was wait. I was due to go into the hospital for surgery, so I have been unable to pursue this matter until now. I would like to return the rug to Pottery Barn for a refund.

furniture purchase and delivery

Do not order furniture from Pottery Barn!!! We ordered a rug, a sectional couch and a recliner-$4, 000 +/-. Four months later they tell us both recliner and rug are no longer available. Why not tell us at order??

So we order another recliner. Believe it or not, 3 months lager they tell me AGAIN that vendor no longer makes the recliner. To make matters even worse, we kept getting email notifications that the products were ready for delivery, when they were never going to come.

Still worse, the products are still published on the PB website as being available. Someone will order it (like us) only to find out in 4 months that it isn't coming.

We spoke to PB reps, who did nothing for us. Now waiting 6 months, the customer service rep offered us a 30% discount as a courtesy along with free shipping on a new and again different recliner (stupid me for hoping they would get it right) only to have her re-neg on the offer and only now offer me 10% off and no free shipping. I can go online and get 25% today as a promotion and yet she can only give me 10%? What a sham!!!