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Pottery Barn complaints 198

Pottery Barn - Citronella Lava Candle Black One Size (Order [protected])

This candle arrived completely broken into multiple pieces. The box was not visibly damaged. I immediately contacted customer service. The rep attempted replacement but I was informed the item was now out of stock. At the time, I did not think it made much sense for me to have to print a label/ship the broken item back for my refund. After thinking further, it was a ridiculous ask! I have complied at this time.

Desired outcome: I would like my refund for the candle to be issued and for PB to consider ways to not burden customers for its failings in delivering a broken item.

Pottery Barn - Erroneous Custom Order Furniture Piece

Hi All! I purchased a custom-fabric chair from the Pottery Barn in person at the store, but did not get charged for it. The PB Associate that placed the order incorrectly entered my contact information, credit card information as well as ordered the wrong chair (which I did not realize until they called to set up a delivery date and request an updated payment information). I did not realize it was the wrong chair until I actually talked to the person who sets up the delivery. She was very polite and asked if would like to be transferred to customer service, but I declined and said I would have to call back. I do not want the chair; do I have any recourse? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Pottery Barn - Terrible Service and long waits for furniture and other items

I waited weeks to get our furniture from Pottery Barn Teen. We ordered it in May, and it all finally came in 3 weeks ago. I just got delivery today and the slats on the beds look sketchy and the service didn't even screw it in on my son's bed. My daughter got a Blair desk, but the service said it didn't have all of the parts and never put it together. 3 boxes weren't even opened. I paid $7, 000 for awful service and furniture not even put together. Just 2 beds and one desk and one dresser. I am a fool for paying so much for furniture that is no better than any other furniture store. Don't buy from Pottery Barn!

Desired outcome: Fix my problems, finish putting my furniture together

Pottery Barn - transfer

I received the email on 8/14 for my 9/2 payment copied below below. I just received my new account and am not sure where my payment went. I have now been charged late fee

Dear Roberta,

This is a confirmation of your one-time payment authorization made on 09/02/2021 to Comenity Bank. Please save a copy of this for your records.

Comenity Bank will apply this payment to your Pottery Barn credit card account and, pending final authorization from your bank, a single ACH electronic debit in the amount of $338.00 will be deducted from your bank account on 09/02/2021. It may take two additional business days to complete the funds transfer.

Payment Date

Payment Amount

Payment Confirmation

Checking Account Number

Routing Number

You promise that you are an authorized signer on the account. You understand that you may edit or delete this payment by one of the following methods:
Using Account Center Online (If you've registered for an account):

Most payments can be edited up until 5:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) and deleted up until 11:59 p.m. ET on the day of your scheduled payment date.

Through Customer Care:

Unprocessed payments can be modified by 5:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) by calling Customer Care at [protected](TDD/TTY: [protected])// on or before the day of your scheduled payment.

If you are not registered for Account Center and need assistance, call Customer Care at [protected] (TTD/TTY: [protected]) during Customer Care hours (Monday - Saturday, 8am - 9pm ET., Closed Sundays).

If you have questions about this message or your Pottery Barn credit card account, please call our Customer Care team at [protected] (TDD/TTY:[protected]). We will be happy to help you.

Desired outcome: they find my payment

Pottery Barn - Paxton hand blown glass 3-light pendant #2154081

In Sept. 2020, I ordered the Paxton Hand Blown Glass 3-Light Pendant #2154081. It was delivered in October. Since then, it has been safely stored away in a closet because we were unable to get an...

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Pottery Barn - Pottery Barn duvet cover and shams

I ordered shams and duvet on line in June 2021 and forgot to put my free shipping promo code in and actually decided I didn't want to wait until summer is over to get my delivery in Sept 2021. The next day I got a confirmation email and I tried to cancel it. They said it was too late even thought it won't be delivered fir another 60 days.

Oh but they said it's so easy to just return the often (and pay again fir shipping) which I did not wa t to do. I talked to three reps on the phone and sent back and forth several emails and they just would not budge. They offered 20% off my next order to which I replied I will never ever order from a company that dues not allow you to cancel an online order the next day. The problem never got resolved. PB is going to send a truck to my house, and then put me through the hassle of sending it back in a truck. Lots of waste and emissions from diesel etc. all they had to do was press a few computer keys to cancel but they make it impossible. I expect better fir the prices they charge. This a deceitful. They have almost a thousand complaints on line and they seem merciless. I'll never ever buy another thing from this tainted company.

Desired outcome: Cancel my order which was placed within 24 hrs!

Pottery Barn - online ordering not working

I am unable to place an order online from your website. When I select an item to add to cart, I get an "Invalid response from the service (internal error)" code. Basically, it is forcing me to call customer service to place an order which is inconvenient. Why have online ordering if it does not work?!! This is not the first time this has happened and your customer service person I spoke with about a previous online order was happy to help me place an order over the phone but oblivious to my frustration that I had to call them to place the order. When I informed them their website was not working for online ordering, they just dismissed me and said they would let their higher ups know about the problem. It would be greatly appreciated if you could get this fixed as there are products I would like to order online! I don't have the time to sit on hold for a customer service rep to help me place an order. I will choose a different vendor because of this ongoing problem.

Desired outcome: FIX your online ordering!

Pottery Barn - Chesterfield Sectional Couch

I ordered this sectional couch in March 2021 with a delivery window of June 8-22, 2021. It is now August 2021 and I still do not have my couch or even a delivery date for it.

I have called customer service more than ten times about this issue. They have never initiated communication with me to inform me of delays or other issues. The last piece of the couch supposedly shipped from the factory two weeks ago (7/23/21) and they charged me the $4400+ for the couch at that point. Since then, there has been no update whatsoever on the item (that I now own) or when I can expect it. When I call to inquire, they assure me I'll hear about delivery "in the next few days."

I am at my wit's end with this couch. Their refusal to deliver or give me any actual information about an item I have paid for feels a lot like theft.

Desired outcome: Couch delivered in the next week or definitive delivery date provided.

Pottery Barn - Customer service

I've never had a worse experience with a customer service department than Pottery Barn Kids. My chair has been backordered since placing the order and the delivery date continues to get pushed back. I've tried calling so many times, both the store and customer service line, to cancel and no one will allow me to cancel the order for a piece of furniture that isn't even available. The new estimated delivery date is the week that our baby is due. I've tried explaining to customer service that this is the last thing a new parent wants to deal with and they've showed ZEO. empathy. I've never seen such greed from a company. I will NEVER order from Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Kids again. Their customer service department should be ashamed of themselves.

Pottery Barn - Person

I called to order a toy box for my granddaughter at Pottery Barn kids and Therman who took the call kept me on line for ten minutes and couldn't find toy boxes that your company sells. I had a question about materials used to make and he told me to go back on website and I should be able to find it, so I hung up. I called back and ask to speak to a supervisor and they put me on hold someone else picked up call and I ask if she was a supervisor and she said no and she couldn't let me speak to one. I said I have a complete and she she said she could handle it I said I want to speak to a supervisor and she argued with me that I can't speak to a supervisor even tho I have a complaint. I have never seen such incompetent people work for what I thought was a gret company. If it weren't for my son wanting it from your company where our granddaughters nursery was bought from I would order from another company. Please respond. Thank you, Helen Benson Email or call [protected] or [protected]@gmail.com

Desired outcome: For someone higher up to look into this and compensate us for such an inconvenience.

Pottery Barn - Mango wood vase - large

I placed an order for this vase on 6/25/21 which arrived on 7/7/21. Upon opening the product, a strong scent of cigarettes escaped the box. Inside I found an item that looked nothing like the vase that was advertised. The outside was never white washed (as was advertised), it was full of dark stains and burn marks, and was clearly an unfinished product that they forgot to paint in the warehouse. The item is so ugly there is no way the website would include images of it on their customer photo page. The scent was stinking up my apartment that I rent so I threw away the vase as it served no purpose except to damage my apartment. I spoke to two customer service reps on two different days (submitted 7/7, replies 7/8 and 7/9), both of which would not offer anything in return unless I returned the item. I would like a refund immediately -- keep in mind this thing is $200 + tax/shipping ($238).

Desired outcome: Full Refund or Store Credit

Update by Matthew Lawrence
Jul 09, 2021

The issue was resolved. After a few discussions, Pottery Barn fixed the problem. Thank you for the expedient and ethically-appropriate resolution.

Smell aside, it sure looks beautiful.

It poly makes sense that they'd want the product return in order to supply a refund.

Yeah that big dark circular stain at the bottom and black streaks all look pretty excellent. Looks just like the product!

Pottery Barn - Customer Service

Good Day,

I was in the Huntington Station Pottery Barn and West Elm stores yesterday, 4/25/21 and while the sister store, West Elm, was willing to take my designer's ID # for the discount, the Pottery Barn store manager was very rude at the question of this, shouting that the designer must be present and that she did not "know her." How does a manager know all the designers that deal with Pottery Barn, I wonder?

What is confusing to me is that the manager was willing to let an order of over $600 go, as I was told to go and place the order online using my designers ID #, which I did.

This system does not make any sense!

It seems to me that customer service is totally compromised for the impersonal online approach of placing an order. I was inconvenienced to have made the trip to the store, only to be told to go home and place the order online.

There was a lovely, older woman named Harriet helping me. It was demeaning to see how the store manager was treating her. Harriet was wondeful at customer service and making me feel taken care of and at ease with her small talk and help. The manager was rude to her and dismissive to me making me feel like a criminal for wanting to use my designer's ID#, even after trying my best to have our designer come in to the store, which she was not able to do, and having offered to have her speak with my designer about texting her the ID # while I had her on the phone. The manager would not speak with her and showed no willingess to accomodate me in any way.

This was a most unpleasant experience and it will be a very long time before I consider shopping there again.

Thank you,

Mariyn A. Albanese

Pottery Barn - Order # [protected]

Please reference order # [protected] placed on 03/09/2021. Item # [protected] (the bed) was delivered on 03/11/2021 without any hardware/bolts to connect the bed. I was told that they would place a medic order for the hardware & my appointment was set for 04/13/2021 at 12p.m. On 04/13/2121 I took a vacation day from work to be at home and received a email at 5:48p.m. advising that my medic appointment was rescheduled for 04/20/2021. I called pottery barn to discuss and was advised that a order was being placed to see if it could be completed earlier than 04/20/2021 (never received a follow up a call.) On Friday, April 16th I called to confirm that the appointment scheduled for 04/20/2021 was for sure a definite appointment to ensure that I did not waste another vacation day at work. The representative reached out to the local service hub and confirmed. On 04/20/2021 I stayed home all day from work on "vacation" and received a email from Mark Goldman advising that there was a error preparing my delivery. I emailed Mark (very nice guy) and he called me advised that he wasn't aware that all I needed was hardware. Mark made a few phone calls and called me back to tell me that the only option was to order another headboard which would be delivered August 2021 (4 months from now). So my $1800 headboard is propped on my freshly painted wall with a sheet behind it to ensure it doesn't damage my wall.
The second issue item # [protected] delivered to me on 03/22/2021 damaged. I returned the blanket and pottery barn received on 03/28/2021. I called and was told I would have it on 04/2/2021, I called back and was told I would have the replacement by 04/09/2021 and advised that I would hear from distribution center within 3 business days as to why the order had not shipped. I never received a phone call and called back on 04/13/2021 and was advised that I would received by 04/19/2021-04/21/2021. I called on 04/22/2021 to check on the blanket again and was advised that the order had not be shipped because the box that said "ship upon receipt of replacement" had not been marked when my replacement was received on 03/28/2021. So I'm emailing to request compensation for this disaster of a order that I have waste 16 hours of vacation on and still don't have the hardware. My phone number is [protected] and my email is [protected]@gmail.com. Pull the notes on my order and you will see that I've called MULTIPLE times, way more than I have elaborated on in this message. I work in customer service for a corporate company and never in my entire life have I experienced such awful service.

Desired outcome: Compensation for me wasting 16 hours of vacation time and countless phone calls. The ridiculous delivery fees on this order that cost nearly $3,000 would be great.

Pottery Barn - Journal luxury leather case for iphone cognac item #7632950

This item was gifted to me mid July 2020.
The item specifies LUXURY, but this item has simply fallen apart at the seams over the past month. I have lost credit cards as it LITERALLY fell apart. I made a complaint by email. Nobody responded. I rang customer services and I was told 30 days is the maximum return window. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor told me - faulty or not - if no faults are noted in the first 30 days then the item is absolutely NON RETURNABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS. I asked, " what if a leg fell off a chair after 31 days?" I was told, "LITERALLY ZERO EXCEPTIONS E V E R "
This breaks consumer rights. Manufacturers are liable for product defects occurring during the manufacturing process. The Consumer Rights Act means any product I buy must be of satisfactory quality, fit for its purpose and as described.
This phone case IS NOT LUXURY & IS N O T fit for the purpose that it was supplied for.

Pottery Barn - Mis-representation on conditions of a return of defective merchandise

Purchased a Banks table and dinning room suit from PB in late 2019. Finish began coming off table top almost immediately- order touch up kit ( received 7 months later- color did not match). Finally in September 2020 PB replaced the table. Again finish started coming off second table in areas the table was not even used. PB representative stated they had issues with this table and could not assure the finish issue had been resolved. PB agreed the finish was defective and offered to refund my purchase with a check once I returned my furniture. I double checked as PB did not offer another table in the size or style I needed so I had them clearly state I would receive a check not store credit. Customer service person GiGi assured me I would receive a check.

Well the next week I received PB gift cards. I called customer service and after talking to numerous people and escalating the issue I was told there was no way they would refund my money as promised and a gift card was their only solution. Basically I was offered gift cards in the amount of $4500 which I could not use as they had no acceptable table to replace the items returned. I attempted to escalate the situation to a higher authority at PB but the CS supervisor said her boss does not interface with the public! I just spent over $12k with PB and they refuse to speak to me.

Reluctantly, I had no other option than to replace the exact furniture I returned with the knowledge the top will have to be covered at all times to protect the finish. The customer service person actually suggested I hire a profession company to apply a protective finish to the table ( this is new furniture ).

PB did offer a discount to replace the furniture ( not on sale) but still charged me a second delivery fee and taxes $679. Had I known this to start with I would asked for a replacement table and paid to have a professional finish applied.

I found the process very frustrating and plan to make it my mission to discourage anyone from doing business with Pottery Barn.

Desired outcome: Pottery Barn reimburse me for added cost to replace defective product.

Pottery Barn - Lamp shade that discolors ofter around one year

I bought 2 Maddox Terracota lamps, the extra large size with the white shade. After less than one year, the lamp shade started to get the streaks of yellow on both shades. The light bub was the LED...

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Pottery Barn - Pottery Barn Rug

I am refurnishing my home and have ordered from several companies as part of the process. I have not has any issues with any of the other companies I have ordered from. Just Pottery Barn.

I purchased a $1, 099 rug from pottery barn. I received one notification on February 13, 2021 that the rug has shipped and will be delivered between February 25 and March 1. I receive no further communication from Pottery Barn. On March 9, 2021 I call Pottery Barn customer service to see why I have not received my rug. Pottery Barn customer service responds by saying that the rug was left outside of my rowhome in Baltimore City on the sidewalk on March 3, 2021 and that they would not send a replacement or refund my money.

The issue that I have with this is that the delivery people from Pottery Barn (assuming that they are not lying about leaving the rug on the sidewalk in front of my home) did not even knock on the door to alert me to the delivery. Instead, they elected to leave the rug outside of my home on a heavily trafficked portion of sidewalk right next to Patterson Park in Baltimore City without so much as a knock on the door! I never saw the rug that I ordered, but allegedly it was delivered and now I am out $1, 099 without any rug to show for it.

I contacted Pottery Barn Customer service in an attempt to resolve this issue and they refused to replace the rug or refund my money.

Desired outcome: Refund

Pottery Barn - Faulty bed

We purchased this bed in August 2018, but did not move into the house until January 2019. On Thursday, January 21, 2021, after two years of use by a now 12 year old, the bed literally collapsed in...

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Pottery Barn - Return of duvet cover and shams

I ordered a duvet cover {Helena Floral Embroidered Cotton Duvet Cover} on December 29. 2020. I had it sent to my niece's address, in Las Vegas. She didn't feel the merchandise was worth the cost. She returned it on January 9, 2021 Return # W210228522. When I could not find any information about the return, I called customer service. Apparently, the person who did the return online only did a draft. My return was just sitting there. Had I not called, I would not have been credited for the return. I checked my credit card and I find today that you did not credit me for the full amount. Why? I cannot believe your person made an error and then you have the audacity to charge me for something unknown. You should be paying ME. Please get back to me. I don't want this to be my last Pottery Barn purchase.

Original purchase #[protected] Imogene Brown
100 Aura Rd., Unit 105
Clayton, NJ 08312
[protected] home

Desired outcome: I want the difference of what I paid and what was returned, credited to my account

Pottery Barn - Chair cushions

I received a Buchanan Roll Arm Upholstered Armchair from Pottery Barn about a month ago. Within days, it was clear I could not sit in the chair for longer than ten minutes before I started...

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