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Pottery Barn - Chair cushions

I received a Buchanan Roll Arm Upholstered Armchair from Pottery Barn about a month ago. Within days, it was clear I could not sit in the chair for longer than ten minutes before I started...

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Pottery Barn - Merchandise that was returned

I placed an order with Pottery Barn and later returned some items with a preprinted label from Pottery Barn. Credit was not given on my account and I called and reported the problem. I continued to make payments because I did not want bad credit. Several months later the credit card company with Pottery Barn issued me a check, and my account balance became 0 with Pottery Barn. In late December I placed an order and it was blocked. When I called about the order, the agent said the merchandise in question had not been restocked. I replied I thought everything was ok because I was issued a check. I was informed I could not order on line with them. I tried to talk to different agents and each time I was told a supervisor would get in touch. That did not happen, and I have been treated like I committed a crime which is not true. I would like to speak with someone in charge and I want my reputation as a consumer restored with shopping rights that I deserve.

Desired outcome: I want my shopping rights restored and not treated as someone who committed a crime.

Update by Doris Dorton
Jan 09, 2021

I would like to state that my previous issue with Pottery Barn has been corrected. I only wish Pottery Barn would communicate with their customers to let them know they are trying to resolve a problem. Every contact was made by me to find out the status of the problem.
Finally the last time I called about the problem, an agent was able to tell me everything had been corrected. She was polite, helpful, and understanding. I did previously talk to another agent who was also helpful but this agent was suppose to contact me or have his supervisor contact me which did not happen. He may have been the one to set the wheels in motion to correct my problem. I do not know because of the lack of communication.
It took some time and effort, but my account is ok now.

Pottery Barn - Item I don’t want

I made an order which was delayed and decided with the delay to find another picture for the spot on my house. I emailed to cancel on 9/28/20 and it's 12/14 and they still won't take care of it...

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Pottery Barn - Order number [protected]

I ordered the above item and then immediately tried to cancel it. I had just purchased an identical item and now realized I did not need this second one. I have been communicating with the very...

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Pottery Barn - Service

I ordered a Raleigh Platform Bed on September 7 together with two nightstands when Pottery Barn during a 25% off promotion. I paid for all items including tax and shipping at that time. On November...

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Pottery Barn - Comforter: high end. Marked wrong size

I am so upset. recently, I spent almost $3, 000 at Pottery Barn in Birch run, MI. The bedspread I purchased was marketed king size. However, weeks later when I moved and put it on mu king size bed...

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Pottery Barn - Return policy

I Ordered 4 chase Lounge Chairs and cushions on November 5th and changed my mind on November 8th, deciding that the other one of their lines would be a better fit for my needs. I proceeded to call to...

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Pottery Barn - King size bed frame

I have been complaining to Pottery Barn regarding a King Size Bed Frame that we ordered and was delivered. We have been complaining for 4 months about the bed frame squeaking so much we cannot sleep...

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Pottery Barn - Owen round pedestal table

Order was set to arrive a month ago and is now delayed another month. On top of that the table cost $560 and they are charging a $250 white glove delivery fee. Customer service says it is mandatory...

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Oct 15, 2020

Pottery Barn - Shipping and customer service issue

I never received Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume shipped Oct. 6. UPS tracking number is invalid. I have spent hours with customer service & they couldn't locate it because of wrong UPS number. Rep entered a return in the system noting that it was delivered! There's no shipment detail anyone can find since it was wrong tracking number.


Pottery Barn - pb comfort sofa with double chaise

Ordered PB comfort sofa with double chaise lounge and it was delivered with no slipcover. Order #[protected]. I have reached out to customer care and have provided photos with no return call/follow up, nothing! Have waited 5 weeks for the delivery and now we have a bare sofa we can't sit on. Extremely disappointed after spending a lot of $$ and have no answers or time frame when we can expect the slipcover to arrive. Very poor customer service. The side of the chaise cushion also soiled and almost looks moldy. I would expect more from pottery barn.

Oct 09, 2020

Pottery Barn - Never receives order and was charged

I ordered a rug in aug and never received it. I have called several times and emailed pottery barn with no response. All customer service reps gave me the runaround and kept telling me it is on its way with no tracking info. I finally got a straight answer that the rug is not available and was cancelled weeks ago... I am still out the $ with no refund...

Please help get this resolved.

Oct 02, 2020

Pottery Barn - Poor customer service and unsuccessful delivery

Pottery Barn has failed to deliver my daughter's bed 2X now and my daughter has had no bed for 2 weeks because of their error. I am deeply disturbed by the complete lack of service I have gotten from...

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Sep 12, 2020

Pottery Barn - Ice Lynn 9.2’x12.5’ wool rug #[protected]

I am emailing due to my order of the Icelynn rug #[protected]. Our original order number is [protected] (Sandy Foushee)and [protected] (Lyndsey Feterl, my daughter) We originally ordered on September 6th & were provided with an email confirmation with note on confirmation order "No cancellation, refund, exchange". On September 10, I received an email that my order was cancelled.

I called next day, 9/11 and talked to Prince, a customer service rep. I told him I would need to talk to the supervisor since I believe that this might escalate. He asked me for Account numbers first, then mentioned that he could help me himself with my order. I told him the situation and he said that he would be able to re-order them for me with no problem. No supervisor would be needed. He re-ordered five rugs for me and two for my daughter Lyndsey. Credit cards were provided for both transactions and assured me I would be receiving my rugs. I was first told that my rug would arrive around October 16 to Katy, Texas and Lyndsey‘s rug would arrive around November 2nd to California. He mentioned there was some type of problem with first order, but no problem with this one. Lyndsey received her email confirmation and I did not.

I called today and talked to Phyllis. She confirmed my email and sent one to my daughter and I. About an hour later, my daughter received an email noting "Per your request, your order is cancelled". She did NOT cancel hers and I have not cancelled mine. I called back and got Phyllis again on the phone. I told her Lyndsey's was cancelled and she mentioned mine was also. I mentioned that this was second time our rugs were cancelled. At this time, I asked for a Supervisor.

After speaking with Prince and Phyllis, who were both very friendly and professional, I began speaking with the supervisor, Charlene. Her tone throughout our conversation was unfriendly and she eventually hung up on me. I'm not sure if you have recordings available, but I believe anyone from Pottery Barn would find her customer service appalling. She essentially told me they will not be delivered and Prince should not have taken the order. Considering this was the supervisor for your company, I was baffled to see this is how she handled my case.

I was told the error was in pricing, however, it was Pottery Barn's mistake, not mine and therefore I would expect Pottery Barn to uphold their end of the deal. I was not allowed to cancel my order and I expect that you should not be able to as well. We had two confirmed orders, money was taken out of our accounts and then cancelled by Pottery Barn as "Per my request"? I am very dissatisfied with how this has been handled and I would be happy to reach out to the Better Business Bureau if we cannot find a resolution. Thank you! Sandy and Lyndsey
New order numbers that were assured delivery:
#[protected] (5 For Sandy)
#[protected] (2 For Lyndsey)

The rug you selected was priced at $1, 839 on sale for $49.95 - obviously an error. Pottery Barn's Terms & Conditions state: "We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate your account, refuse service to you, or cancel orders" so they are legally allowed to cancel your orders.

Considering the amount of the price error and that you tried to order SEVEN of them, I'd say you are a victim of your own greed.


Pottery Barn - Rewards certificate removed from online order Dec 22,2019

The reward certificate amount, $475, was not deducted in the final checkout on Dec. 22, 2019. The checkout screen froze for close to 10 minutes. Finally a screen came up confirming the order, but it...

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Jun 08, 2020

Pottery Barn - Furniture order

I ordered a bed. Right before delivery they told me there were pieces missings and could not deliver. I was told there were no other beds available. I called back and was told there were so this person canceled the first order and reordered the bed. I was charged twice but received one bed. I have been goint round and round with them to get my credit for the bed. There is no communication between anyone over there as I received a different story every time. Every time I call I am on the phone at least 30 minutes. I finally contacted the CC company to dispute the charge. Now the company has cancelled all the other orders that I placed for other items because I have a complaint filed (so I am told when I called). It's like the twilight zone. This is not the first time something similar like this has happened.

May 20, 2020

Pottery Barn - Outdoor dining table I tried to return

I ordered an outdoor Granada dinning table for $1200 and when it arrived, it was not the correct size for the space, so I called to have the table returned. I was provided an order number and told it...

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Pottery Barn - ashton sleeper sofa

On Dec.10, 2019 I ordered an Ashton sleep sofa with a guaranteed delivery date of Jan.6. On Jan 7 I called to find out why it wasn't delivered. Spoke to Julie, then Olivia. They put in a request to...

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Dec 31, 2019

Pottery Barn - misrepresentation of services and very poor customer service

Hi, I'm extremely shocked at such a poor customer service and false representation of services for such a recognized brand. Shame to the leadership of this brand for their mismanagement. I placed...

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Pottery Barn - online order placed. missing parts. never received promised replacements. trouble getting refund when returned to store.

Order placed online to Pottery Barn on November 6 for 2 table crystal lamps. Received 2 bases and 2 shades on separate days around December 2. Missing parts to attach them. Called Pottery barn and was told that they would send new ones with parts. Received 2 more shades. Never received new bases. Called and was told they were rushing me 2 new lamps and I should receive them in 2 days. Never received them. On December 30 returned 2 bases and 4 shades to Omaha Regency Store where I was told to do some shopping cause it was going to take awhile as they had to call it in. I returned to find the returned lamps assembled (ready for display?) which is all I needed in the first place! She made us wait while she chatted with 2 coworkers and then gave me a ticket with a refund of half the amount I paid for them on the receipt and said I must have bought them on promotion. I did not. I spent hours on the phone and made a 30 mile trip and I not only do not have 2 lamps but I have not been refunded the full amount.

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