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cannot get refund

Ordered over $500 of linens mostly based around a new comforter, bedskirt, etc. PB immediately sent out sheets & other extraneous items but after several weeks, I called to see when the comforter would arrive & was told it would never be available. Now this was an order placed in September from their October catalog!I sent everything back & I have been playing h*** trying to get my refund. Multiple calls & emails have gotten me promises but no action. Five month later I am still owed $, It was not my fault that the items shown in the catalog never really existed in inventory to be sold! Cannot believe PB values its customers so little.

waiting 10 months for crib, charged on credit card

I was 5 months pregnant in May 2010 and had been dreaming of the Pottery Barn “Darcy” crib for my new baby boy. My mother, mother-in-law and I went to Pottery Barn Kids near my home to buy (and pay full price for, being $1, 100) the beautiful crib. I called prior to leaving to make sure they had it in stock. I was told there was only one Darcy crib left and that it was the floor model. I was told we could buy it for a discount which was very exciting to us, being $300. We arrived at the store that day and spoke with the manager. He informed us that they had the Darcy dresser/changing table AND the Darcy crib floor models available for us to purchase at a very discounted price. We immediately bought the dresser/changing table for a discounted price of $200 and an entire set of crib bedding, pillows, books, other toys etc. The crib was not available for us to buy at the moment because they needed to order a new set of hardware from the manufacturer. We agreed to keep in touch with them until the hardware came in and we’d pick up the crib at that time. Months went by. We were constantly in touch with the manager, who was very nice and kept us informed of the situation. The corporate offices would not give him a solid “yes” or “no” answer as to when or if the hardware was to come in at all. We decided to wait until the hardware came in because this Darcy crib was the only one left and was my dream crib. Months went by. He had spoken with the corporate offices many times (as did we at this point) to no avail. They would not give a definitive answer. Finally, the store manager told us he didn’t think the hardware would come in. At this point my baby, Oliver, was almost 4 months old and had been sleeping in his Pack ‘n Play since birth. It had been 7 months since we first walked in to Pottery Barn for the Darcy crib. He felt awful for the situation we were in and with the approval of the Eastern Regional Manager, Linda Carstenson, agreed to sell us another crib for a discount ($500 instead of $1000). We chose the “Larkin” crib (obviously not as cute as the Darcy) instead. I just wanted a crib for my son. Enough is enough. Well, it just so happened the Larkin crib was on backorder. We were informed that the Larkin crib would not be delivered for a month. FINE. WHATEVER. What’s one more month? This was getting more and more ridiculous but I wanted a nice piece of furniture for my son! One that I could afford! We agreed to wait ONE MORE MONTH for this crib. We agreed to these terms: once the crib was delivered, the full price would be paid for by credit card (my mother-in-law’s). When the delivery company set it up, I would call Pottery Barn and tell them I was satisfied. If I was, the discounted price would be adjusted on the credit card, and I would have my crib. If I was not satisfied, the company would disassemble it, take it back, and the money would be refunded immediately. I received a phone call from Pottery Barn’s delivery company, Excella (I’m not positive of the spelling). The truck from Pottery Barn had not made it to their warehouse yet so they did not have the crib to deliver to us. It would be a week late. ANOTHER WEEK. Are you KIDDING ME? I called the Eastern Regional Manager, Linda Carstenson immediately to discuss my concern. I am appalled at this service. I am appalled at this company. I had to leave two messages on her voicemail before she had the poor store manager call me back. He could do nothing in this situation. All he could do was apologize. This had nothing to do with him anymore. He had already done everything he could do and I wanted to speak with someone higher up in the Pottery Barn chain. I asked him to give me Linda’s boss. He gave me the name of Doris Simms (another Regional Manager, higher up). I called her and left a message the same day. Another point to be made: he had a different delivery date in his computer than what the delivery company told me. I spoke with the manager and left the message for Doris on Friday, January 28. It is now Monday, January 31 and I have not heard back from Doris or Linda. I have left three messages on each of their voicemails since Friday. Today, my mother-in-law checked her credit card statement to find $936 charged from Pottery Barn Kids. We have no crib. We have not received a phone call back from a Regional Manager in weeks. I don’t know what to do at this point. All I wanted was a nice crib for my son and now he will be 5 months old in 12 days. This is the worst service I have ever encountered. THE WORST.


I am a former employee of Pottery Barn. I worked there for a few months and it was horrendous. I will never work for them again. The treatment of employees is awful and they overwork you without providing adequate breaks. The managers are poor quality and stand there and criticize you. They don't provide ANY type of training from day 1, and when you try to ask an associate for help, they walkie-talkie you and tell you to go "do a once around and greet people" or stop there is no way to learn or get help. Every second is like walking on eggshells. I've never been so stressed out in my life and I can honestly say that it is not worth the hassle. And most of the people who shopped there were snotty, wanna-be rich people...hello, all the crap is made in INDIA or your money, go to the Dollar Store.

folk art metal weathervane

I received my Pottery Barn catalogue and the next day I tried to order a metal folk art weathervane and I was told I couldn't order it because they didn' t have any. I couldn't believe it. I told them I just received my catalogue the day before but they couldn't do anything for me. If this company were like Nordstroms they would've offered a replacement item for the same price as the weathervane. I bought a hurricne lamp that cost more than the weathervane, guess that was kind of stupid. I had just had surgery the week before for invasive skin cancer and the weathervane was supposed to be kind of a get well gift from my husband. Pottery Barn blew that one. It's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of, receiving a catalogue but not being able to order from it. I think it is false advertising which Pottery Barn should take a good look at.

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    pobarjenkins Oct 29, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Maybe they ran out? Just because you received that catalogue that day doesn't mean other people did.

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terrible furniture

I purchased a Seabury sofa from Pottery Barn in 11/08. The sofa was fairly expensive and described as one of the “finest we’ve ever offered”. The couch was supposed to have a clean, modern lines, but within a month of purchase I noticed the cushions starting to sag.

I placed a call to Pottery Barn customer service was told there was nothing they could do and instructed me to follow their upholstery instructions, which I do.

I have to rearrange and fluff the couch cusions after each use. I almost cringe anytime someone sits on it knowing I will have to make adjustments as soon as they leave.

An upholstery professional came take a look to see if there was anything that could be done. He opened up the cushions and said the foam core is lowest density foam available and the overall construction was sub-par.

It would cost me hundreds to try to fix the couch so it's probably going to end up going to the dump sooner than later.

Warning to those thinking about buying a Pottery Barn couch or any other piece of furniture from them. Don't do it!!

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My son had been eyeing furniture on PB Teen for 2 years. I thought it way over priced for a 12 year old's room. Finally one day they sent an offer of 10% off total purchase. To increase the savings, we ordered a "set, specially priced if you buy multiple items at once Don't ever buy a set from this Schlock outfit. It's a lie! We ordered the Stuff-Your-Stuff platform bed system - a bed, two bookcases, a desk and a shelf- and on the same invoice, we ordered a matching dresser, the cushions that go with the bed (which must be ordered separately and custom fit the side and back supports), and an under desk cart.

At the time we placed the order, the bed and the dresser were back-ordered. My invoice states "Available for delivery September 11th and 13th (set and dresser, respectively). Concerned that we would wind up with part of a room, particularly if they discontinue the remaining items, we called the customer service representative prior to placing the order and she assured us that 1. this was their most popular line and would not be d/c'd, 2. they had a contract with the manufacturer to supply the items and they were on order scheduled for delivery on September 11 and 13th; 3 we could arrange with the shipped to have them all delivered at the same time. So now that we have sold my son's old furniture to make room for the new furniture we expected to be delivered this week, we're told it's now b/o'd until December!!! Turns out that they don't stock "sets" exactly. They ship your set from the available stock of individual pieces. So now they have the bed back in stock, but the bookcases and shelf have sold out and are back ordered, so the entire "set" is back-ordered. When asked to ship the pieces they had and send the rest when available, the *** as dirt woman on the phone told us that they can only ship the set as a whole and that if even one of the pieces is b/o'd, the entire set is b/o'd. So, in other words, if they get the bookcases in from the manufacturer (scheduled to come off b/o Oct. 1) and then get the shelf in (scheduled to come off b/o in December), they might be able to ship the "set". but if, in the meantime, the desk or the bed sell out, then the entire set will become back-ordered again, indefinitely, ad nauseum...

This has all the elements of common law fraud: a promise that was intended by the offerer to be relied on by the recipient(we didn't go out an buy other furniture), was relied on (my son has no furniture) to the detriment of the recipient (did I mention my son has no furniture? - and by the way we have these useless bed cushions and under desk trolley with no bed or desk), and the offerer breached the contract! FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! I am sure that what they are doing is illegal in at least one state and I have a good mind to contact the Attorney General in each state to suggest they pursue legal action against PB.

  • Al
    Alisa May 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I purchased furniture from Pottery Barn February 2010. We were told by two sales people that there was a promotion for zero percent interest financing. There were also signs all over the store advertising this sales promotion as well. This month we received a bill from WFFB (the credit card company that handles Pottery Barn’s financing) and it showed that we were being charged 19% interest. My husband and I have two credit accounts open with other furniture stores where we could have purchased furniture at zero percent interest financing. We called WFFB and were told that our account did not qualify for the promotion since we had purchased the furniture after the promotion had ended. We went into the store and spoke to the manager and were again told that we would not be able to have zero percent financing because the promotion had ended when we bought the furniture. I explained to the manager that we had only bought the furniture from Pottery Barn due to the promotion and that we had been told by two different sales people at the time that the promotion was still active. The manager told us that we would not be able to have the zero percent interest financing. I have asked that we be allowed to return the furniture. The manager has refused since it has been more than 30 days. Part of the sales agreement was that we would purchase the furniture under the terms of the promotion. Since Pottery Barn has not abided by the terms of the agreement, the sale is invalid and we should be able to return the furniture.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 30, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I don't see why you had to personally insult the woman you spoke with towards the end. She is probably just doing her job.

    What they did was poor. I assume what happened is the first person you spoke with had no idea what they were talking about. But I'm about 99% sure the attorny general would laugh at you for threatening legal action.

    Have you tried cancelling the order? If they have sent you some items already, offer to send them back if you can cancel your order completely (Sometimes they will even cut you a deal to prevent cancellation). I have never worked for PB, but I have worked in a furniture store and usually you can cancel orders, especially ones that are so obviously back-ordered (though they should have explained this all to you in the first place).

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all silver products turn pink - no pb remedy or recourse

I have purchased numerous silver items from Pottery Barn, including jewelery boxes and picture frames. Within a fairly short amount of time, the silver items started to turn pink despite following the cleaning instructions not to use any chemical, but only soft cloth.

When I phoned Pottery Barn and spoke with Jeanette, she indicated they had no remedy for this problem and they would provide no recourse. Don't waste your money on their product.

I have previously purchased many items through Pottery Barn and am disappointed in their product and service. I will no longer be a customer of Pottery Barn.


I ordered a large size Logan entertainment center from Pottery Barn online in June, 2010. After a week or two I received notice that my item was scheduled to be shipped on July 2. On July 1 I received a phone call from someone at PB telling me that my entertainment center had color irregularities and would be rerouted back to PB. I would be receiving a new entertainment center to replace the damaged item.

A few more weeks went by. I emailed customer service and was told that my item had already been shipped. I responded by calling the customer service number listed on the web site and was put on hold for something like 30 minutes--had to listen to same annoying 50's scat music over and over. At this point I was so angry I wanted to cancel my order. when an attendent finally came to the phone, he told me that he would provide me with a 500.00 credit to my credit card if I would keep the order open. I agreed. A week later I received a call that my order would be shipped. when the truck showed up it contained an incomplete order--it was just a small piece of the logan entertainment center. I am tired of being put on hold for long periods by customer se4rvice and being jerked around while PB gets interest off my 3000.00 payment. The shipping vendor blames it on PB and PB blames it on the shipping vendor. I am the fool left holding the bag in the middle.

I won't order from PB again.

buyers beware

My husband and I move onto a house from a smaller condo and decided to redecorate our living room. We searched high and low for the perfect couch, and ended our search with a design consultation at Pottery Barn at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. The designer was lovely and spent almost two hours helping us pick chairs, accessories etc.

Weeks went by, and we received a call that our furniture was ready for delivery, almost three weeks ahead of schedule. I was thrilled, until I got home from the office. My husband had taken delivery of a solid WHITE couch. (We ordered the white herringbone which is more tan than white.) At this point, I was disappointed, but thought perhaps they had just delivered the wrong couch. I called the store to inquire, and was told "no, you ordered white, " to which I replied "no, I ordered the herringbone and I am holding the receipt with the sample fabric stapled to it, it's not white!"

I'll save readers the pain of the next few hours, but I'll sum it up by sharing that I was told the sofa I selected was not available in the herringbone fabric and unless I wanted to pick a different one, I was out of luck.

Remembering that I originally selected the sofa, and fabric, out of a catalog I went in search. Having just moved, the catalog did not turn up so I decided to check the Pottery Barn website. There next to a number labeled "Pottery Barn Design" were the words "ANY couch available in ANY fabric." I called and was told they could have me my couch, in my fabric (at the original selling price no less) in six weeks. Frustrated and confused, we called the store back again.

This time, we were connected to a women named Jen, who tried her best to help us. The last message we received from Jen stated we could keep the wrong couch (kept us from sitting on the floor, since the old couch was donated to make room for the new ) and that they would rush order the new couch.

That was about two weeks ago. Yesterday, July 30th - nearly three months from our original order date - we got a message at home stating we either have to return the wrong couch or pay for the correct couch - BEFORE Pottery Barn would make this right for us.

I admit it, I flipped out and called the women back at the store in a less than tranquil state of mind. To her credit, she apologized and said she understood our frustration. At the vortex of the issue is apparently Pottery Barn Design, who is unwilling to proceed with constructing the new couch without the old one or the money.

Pottery Barn - if you are listening (and based on the messages I am reading you should be) you customers DO NOT CARE if your company has multiple P&L's and/or you are "not allowed" to work across different divisions. At this point, we have no idea if we'll ever get the couch, but opinion of your company has been forever damaged.

Finally, to all you employees on the frontline at PB stores - I applaud you because it is very clear your organization does not make it easy, or in this case even possible, to offer the level of customer service you promote.

poor quality

I purchased Pottery Barn outdoor furniture two years ago. I do not live near the coast and I covered and stored the furniture as recommended during inclement weather. The fabric has faded so significantly that the color is not recognizable. The brass screws are rusting and working out of the wood. The "real wood" is chipping and breaking apart. One umbrella I have is not functional. It is the most beautiful, most expensive but cheapest quality furniture that I have ever purchased. So, if you are looking for quality for your money, I would look elsewhere. You will pay big bucks for poor quality.

  • Eu
    Eugene R Feb 26, 2010

    I was registered at Pottery Barn for my wedding. I received a set of Salsulito plates, bowls, and coffee mugs as a gift. After about one month I noticed chipping around the sides of the bowls and plates. I have to say I was surpirsed. We were fairly gentle with them. It wasn't the huge gouges you see when dropping or clashing things together. It was numerous chips out of the paint. I went to the pottery barn store twice to exchange the dishes that had chipped for new ones. However, I noticed still more chipping. Finally I decided that the quality wasn't what I was looking for. Especially considering I had the plates for three months only. They did let me return the dishes for a totally new set in a different style. BUT, not without first hearing from the manager that "Oh, that's what they do honey... they're pottery, they chip. I have some just like it, and they chip all the time." I wanted to say, "Well, it sounds like you should return yours too!!"

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sells defective touch lamps

My opinion? Pottery Barn Kids is terrible. I bought 3 Madison touch lamps and 2 out of three stopped working within 2 years. Since the "warranty" was 1 year, they won't do anything to either replace their worthless product or refund it. I'm sure I'm not the first one to contact them about the problems with the lamps since 2 out of 3 of mine had the issue. If they wanted to build customer loyalty they would have exchanged the lamps -- $250 is nothing to them but means a lot to an individual customer. Don't shop with them!

charged $68 to exchange a damaged nightstand

First of all, my husband and I spent over $4000 on a bedroom set from PB. To waive the delivery charges for the nightstands we decided we would purchase them directly from the store. When we got the nightstands home and unwrapped, one of them was badly damaged. PB asked no questions when returning it, but charged us an additional $68 to order a new one as they had no more in stock.

This is ridiculous - The customer should not be charged additional because a store does not have an item in stock. Unfortunatly we had no other option than to pay the additional money in order to complete our bedroom set. I love PB furniture, but unfortunalty will never purchase anything from them again.

I am writing into their main office to let them know of this issue. They deserve the right to know the reason they are losing a valid customer.

employees steal purchased items

The day before christmas I had an item stolen by a pottery barn employee and they took more than 4 days to refund my money after a lot of hard work on my part.

I left my items behind the cash and continued shopping...when I came back to pick my items (2) up there was only one in the bag. The store and the employees refused to admit they had done anything wrong. I will never shop at pottery barn ever again...I'm appalled at the way my situation was handled and will honestly never ever shop there again. Piss poor customer service...and dishonest employees...all this happened at the glades mall in Florida dont go there there is a perfectly good crate and barrel across the hallway to satisfy all your needs.

deceptive coupon language

Pottery Barn is being deceptive about their coupons. They had a promotion this weekend that stated if you printed out this coupon and brought it to any PB store you could get 20 percent and item in the store. Here's the trick though. Pottery Scam doesn't keep any of the higher end stuff on hand. I tried to purchase a table and they said the coupon was only good for stuff they have in stock. Which the coupon didn't state. It didn't say anything about having to be in stock. It just said you had to come to the store to make the purchase rather than doing so online. I used to be a fan of Pottery Barn. Now I just think they're a bunch of cheap, lying scam artists. Stop wasting people's time. It should have been clearly stated in the copy, or at least legal copy that the item had to be "in stock". Which is a very different meaning than "in-store purchase".

do not buy

I purchased a Pottery Barn sheet set a little over 4 months ago. The set is completely junk and I would never buy another set from Pottery Barn. The elastic in the fitted sheet had become brittle and just broke in several pieces making the sheets unusable. The cost for the set was over $150. I contacted Pottery Barn customer services and Pottery Barn refuses to exchange the sets since we have only 30 days for returns. Sheets sets that cost over $150 should last much longer than 4 months.

DO NOT BUY this product!!! It is a complete waste of money. I would highly recommend Eddie Bauer sheets instead. I am very disappointed in Pottery Barn...shame on you.

daily system

I ordered part of Pottery Barn's daily system online. When I received the 3 items and opened them, the handing or mounting systems were missing. When I called the customer service and told her about it, she told me I had to order it separately. I was looking online when I spoke with her and told her that in the overview description and details description, there is absolutely NO mention or highlight that such mounting devices needed to be purchased separately.

She said I could order them and have it in a week. I asked her to expedite it, for I saw it as an error on the company side - false advertising. Her response was that I would have to pay the rush fee. I reminded her that in this crappy economy, I would think that they would want to do what they can to keep their customers happy. And, this was certainly not doing it. I will never shop from Pottery Barn again, and I will tell all my friends what a crappy company they are.

wrong merchandise

POTTERY BARN: I ordered the Malika Rug to be delivered to my NYC apartment. The cost for delivery is VERY expensive and they give you a LARGE window of time. I had to hire someone to sit at my apartment to wait for the rug to be delivered so I wouldn't have to take time out of work. They delivered the rug and left. Well upon unpackaging the large rug it was realized they sent the WRONG one! This is a huge inconvenience! They need to get their act together. To spend 1k plus on a rug and be given the WRONG one is unacceptable

poor customer service

there is this pottery barn store in brentwood, tn where such poor cutomer service exists.the store supervisor christine is just horrible.everytime i talk to her she gives me th efeeling i am disturbing her and nasty disrespectful tone.i have seen poor cust service in stores before but store such as pottery barn it is not acceptable.i did email the company online where they reportedly wanted to her from the customer .i got no reply store customer service is poor too.they chrge such high price but in case something needs to be returned u cant return to the store but only online.i shop many online stores but pb is the worst when it comes to shipping charges/plus processing chrges.i used to love their store and products but with all this negative feeling i have decided i would never again shop instore or online.

crinkle puff quilts

Christmas 2008 I ordered new bedding for both teenage daughters. The one set is great. Thick, beautiful color, holding up just like you would expect a $200 quilt to hold up. The other set is two "Crinkle Puff Quilts" from PB Teen. They have not held up at all. Within weeks they were starting to tear just from pulling them up to make the bed. I contacted PB teen, and they refuse to acknowledge that there is problem, and so I am stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of useless bedding. Be careful what you buy, the quality is wide ranging and they do NOT stand behind their products at all. I honestly think that the Target knock offs would last longer and they are less that half the price. I will not be fooled again!

chaise lounge cushions fading fast

i have always been a avid fan of pottery barn. NOY ANY MORE I purchased two outdoor cushions from the catalogue 60 days ago and noticed inside a month that they were fading. They are not even in full sun. I flipped them over and could see a huge difference. Within 60 days I called customer service and described the situation. The representative said that her supervisor said that they do not guarantee fading. I said i could see that in time that they might fade but I had planned on getting more than one season out of them. IF I HAD WANTED INFERIOR QUALITY I WOULD HAVE SHOPPED WALMART OR OR A DISCOUNT. IN THIS CASE I DID NOT GET WHAT I PAID FOR!! Very dissapointing to me. I expected more from pottery barn. I will not be purchasing from pottery barn any more in the future.

  • Ca
    Catherine Fischl Jul 21, 2009


    They took out money from my checking account UNAUTHORIZED! TWICE for $ 38.34 on June 25. Today is July 21 and they still did not put the money back! My bank charged 3 times $ 20.00 ( $ 60.00) Fe for these transactions, Because it kicked my account into negative ! I think the FBI should get involved and shot these people down!

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