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these cost too much money to have problems like this

This is my second purchase of a sleep number bed. My first was probably 20 years ago, ended up with a terrible back mold problem. Fast forward 20 years, new husband wants a sleep number, so we were reassured the black mold problem was resolved. We've been sleeping in the is bed for 3 years now, i've recently started having nightsweats. Flashback, this is exactly what happened with the mold problem 20 years ago.
I unzip my sleep number and sure enough, my air chamber is discolored from my knees to my head. I cannot see mildew or mold with the naked eye but it's sure to come as the obvious dampness continues. So disappointing... These cost too much money to have problems like this.

denying refund on bed frame

Sleep number bed purchased 1/25/2020 at Rapid city SD, sleep number store. ph. [protected]. Flex fit...

sleep number king

Our bed is approximately 4 years old and won't move. I contacted the company who sent me to the base manufacturer. After 30 minutes on the phone the customer service representative determined that the base motors needed to be replaced. After 2 years the Warranty does not cover shipping and instalation of the parts.
I was charged $12.50 for shipping of the new motors. The representataive gave me 2 potentail repair companies to have the motors replaced.
The first one couldn't do it because he works alone and it is a 2 person job.
it took me several attempts to reach the second one and get an answer.


This is outragous!. We spent a fortune on a bed that doesnt work and now need to spend more to fix their faulty equipment.

Their bed is overrated and their support is terrible.

sleep number bed and base

The base is so loud when adjusting that it wakes up my husband. My daughter sleeping with her door closed two rooms away and my dog who sleeps in the room below us. I haven't had one good night sleep since spending 7500 on this bed I asked for refund and told no way on base I'm stuck with this adjustable base that sounds like an airplane taking off it's effecting my quality of life and disrupting my job I had to call in to work cause I am so tired Can't afford another bed and am stuck with a loan for 7500

360 sleep number

This is an IMPOSSIBLE company to deal with. It has taken months, four service visits and endless time on the phone and I still cannot finish this transaction. Condescending reps who tell me that the customers are ever sooooo pleased with the beds and service. Well goodie for them as I feel like I've been dealing with the most incompetent operation and am totally disappointed in my experience and since I've bought EIGHT of these beds I have an idea of GOOD service and people this is not it.

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I found black mold in memory foam
Allergies have been really bad and didn't know where we were getting sick from.
We have had this bed for 7 years and never had to take it apart, I was trying to straighten out the edges when I moved the foam and to my surprise found black spots and lifted up more and found bigger spots. Almost half of the memory foam is taken over by black mold.

staff (tim)

On 11/11/19 around 11:48 am, I parked in a sleep number parking spot. I ran into eye lab which is next door...

Sleep Number

lies and deceptive practices by sales persons at algonquin, il store

Maria McReynolds 2616 Cherry Dr. Wonder Lake, IL 60097 [protected] Re: Order No. [protected] Account No...

i10 split king bed with adjustable base

To who it may concern,

I am writing you because I purchased my bed in Oct 2018. I have had nothing but trouble with the bed. It looses all the air randomly, the bed app and remote I bought do not sync with the bed 90% of the time. Last night my foot warmer came on randomly and it was extremely hot. Hotter than it as ever gotten before. I had to put a blanket in between my feet and the bed. It was scary because I couldn't turn it off and couldn't reach the plug to unplug it. I have been unhappy with the bed since we have gotten it. The problems just keep getting worse. I would have returned the bed and frame but I was told that you would not return the frame. Well your sales person didn't tell us that. He told us as your commercials also say that it is a 100% money back guaranteed satisfaction. Which I was dumb enough to take him and your commercials at their word. My husband also has three compressed disc in his back. And this bed is extremely uncomfortable for him. It loses air in the middle of the night, makes him sleep in a V-shaped. Which is extremely harmful to his back. I would appreciate it if you guys would contact me regarding this issue.

malfunctioning bed that is only a month old, or less

My name is Janet (Darrell) Tucker and we purchased a split king mattress approximately one month ago and the store and salesman were great. However, the delivery guys that came were subpar and had little to no personality. They did not do a good job with the set up. They installed the bed and left it 10 inches from the headboard which then allowed our pillows to fall thru when sleeping. And unbeknownst to me at the time, they also did not do a good job setting up the base. After sleeping on the mattress and dealing with a lot of pain due to the plush top, we decided it was not good for us and opted to get a different one. It took them three weeks to bring the new one, which was ridiculous. Let me state that my husband and I are both disabled but he is a paraplegic and obviously permanently in a wheelchair. The whole reason we went with a Sleep Number bed is that he needs a firm bed and one that he can adjust to assist him with turning over, as well as transferring from the bed to his chair. So we both slept in pain due to the softness of the mattress while waiting for a new bed. When the day finally arrived for them to deliver the new bed, this pair of delivery guys were AWESOME! Like night and day compared to the other two. Previously when I contacted customer service to exchange the mattress they informed me it would be just the mattress. Yet they sent a whole new base which was not necessary. The driver got on the phone with his boss who then told me he had to contact corporate to deal with the extra base so as there would be no mess up on my bill as he indicated could likely happen. After finally getting that straightened out, the guys started the exchange and then found the mess the first crew made. They discovered that the bed should have never been left 10 inches from the headboard, and the legs at the top of the bed were sitting on my original bed frame and were not touching the floor, and they had left the air hoses just lying on the floor. This new crew promptly got to work to fix the poor install. Then when they were testing the bed and using the remote, they found it was programed to a split king and would only raise each side of the bed which obviously would not work for a solid mattress. They called in to get help on how to fix it and was told to disconnect the bed and let it reset, which did not work. Then the man on the phone told them the bed needed a new motor and they would have to order it. The installer asked to have IT call him. Within minutes IT called and gave Dwight (installer) a walk thru on reprogramming the remote which then worked perfectly, so we didn't need a new motor. Due to a heavy delivery load the crew did not get to my home until 7:00 PM and because of the "mess" that they had to fix, those poor guys didn't leave until 9:30 PM! I felt so bad for them but was incredibly thankful for them, and their great service and integrity. We slept on the new mattress for two nights and were very pleased with it. But on the morning after (9/26/19) my husband woke up and went to transfer from the bed to his chair and did not realize the mattress had deflated. And when in motion, and having no support from the bed, he landed on the wheel of his chair and almost fell to the floor. And in his physical state, landing on the wheel as he did could have caused a wound or broken his hip which could have been a death sentence for him due to his injury. I immediately got on the phone thru chat as the office was closed to speak to someone and reported the incident including what happened to my husband. The chat employee indicated I had to do troubleshooting before SN would consider coming out of which I informed him was not possible with our disabilities. He looked to schedule me an appointment and informed me it would be some time in Oct. but that he was contacting another department to see if they could speed up the service call. He promised to contact me back via email with a date, which he did but the service date was not until October 3rd! This is completely unacceptable! Your company should have an emergency crew for people with severe disabilities, such as my husband's, to correct an issue such as this. So my husband has had to sleep on an almost flat bed as we have no other bed for him to access! I don't know if the issue is in the base or the mattress but the base is only a month old and the mattress 2 days old. Needless to say I am highly dissatisfied with your product and your service. If something had happened to him, or does happen, from the fault of your product, you are leaving yourself wide open to a lawsuit! I will be posting this information on the website of the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Facebook and any other outlet I can if something is not done to compensate us for the hardship we have had to endure, and the problem corrected. I expect a speedy response and I can be reached at [protected] or [protected]@aol.com.

motor/bed does not work/ sleep on my couch

I received my bed on Sept 16th 2019 Monday. the bed then did not work Tuesday. The motor keeps running, the mattress is very hard, the numbers will not move on app or remote so stays that way. called my sale person and then called customer service (which was horrible) . they wont be able to get a tech to come fix this until October 1st (two weeks). Very unacceptable i have been sleeping on my couch for 8 days now and not happy at all . Last night then called my sales person she directed me to call customer service today Sept 25th to return the bed. well i did that and now they are saying that they cant come get it for about a week or two and are going to charge me a pick up fee. what the hell kind of customer service is this. i have not slept in this bed for 8 days and now they want to charge me for pick up of a damage bed. Again unacceptable. Also the base is non returnable as well what am i going to do with a base that i cant use and on top of being charge for. this is the worst company i have ever dealt with. this has been a nightmare, i just want them to pick this bed up so i can get a new one in my room to get some sleep.

Sales associate. I did not get his name.

The sales associate at this location does not listen to his customer. He was was pushy and controlling. I...

sleep number bed

Order placed 7/27/19 - We went to the store and checked out all the beds. Picked the P5 mattress with...

return time frame

I had to return a mattress using labels provided by Sleep Number of which I had to pay $29.99 each for...was told that I would have the refund within 7-10 business days. After 10 days went by I spoke with 3 reps including 2 supervisors. Each of them informed me that Sleep Number didn't "clear the label" when they received the boxes and now I have to wait another 7-10 business days to get the refund. Now I just spoke to a supposed Corporate Manager (Kristy x675) who told me that I just have to wait the 7-10 business days and that it's AGAINST THEIR COMPANY POLICY to even give me the courtesy of refunding me the $60 I paid for the labels. I am beyond livid with the absolute horrible customer service I have received from Sleep Number and will never purchase anything from them NOR give any type of positive recommendation for such a pathetic company!

installation follow up

Order [protected] 1) My 95 year old mother was moving into a new apartment in a senior complex. We ordered...

queen dual p5 no frame included which I could've paid for from day 1

ORDER [protected]
SOUTH GATE, CA. 902080

I purchased a frame at 10571 Cerritos Ca store. I was told by salesperson Benjamin C. Everything which includes prices and items I was purchasing. Unfortunately I could not make the payment then for a bank issue. I did go back about a week later, but Ben was not at that store. The second salesperson a lady, was nice though DID NOT tell us that the bed frame was not "INCLUDED". HAD I BEEN AWARE OR BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS, I WOULD HAVE PAID FOR THE FRAME THEN. The bed was delivered and the paperwork states the items I purchased but at the time, what I saw on display at is what I wanted to get. Is like buying shoes and not getting the laces and not being told about it. I TRIED MAKING THE PURCHASE FOR THE FRAME BUT I HAVE TO WAIT YET ANOTHER DAY! My two choices are simple put the bed on the floor or place it on the cheap $50 metal frame where I had my previous one. If the store display had the mattresses on the floor, I would have asked how much the frames cost. But the mattress have a box and a frame and a beautiful ceiling screen, to show customers the points of pressure when lying on the back or the side. I cannot believe I purchased 2/3 of the display I saw. I cannot believe I wasn't informed, hey Mr. Hernandez, the frame must be purchase separately. Yet, I come to find all this out the day of the delivery. Which I call and try to speak to a female representative on the [protected] number to try to get answers as to why and only to get that person hang up on me as soon as I said let me talk to a manager or someone in a higher position than you. I was hung up on!!! What kind of professionalism is that!!! I called at 10:54 a.m. from my [protected] number. Look it up. The second person I asked if she would also hang up on me she replied no I don't do that. We spoke. At the end she informed me the total price for the frame AND DELIVERY FEES. ADDITIONAL PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT COULD'VE BEEN AVOIDED SINCE DAY 1!!! WHY MUST I PAY AN ADDITIONAL $200!!! MY HEAD IS HURTING, I'VE BEEN HUNG UP ON, MY PURCHASE WASN'T WHAT I EXPECTED AND WAS NOT THOROUGHLY INFORMED, AND I HAVE TO PAY AND ALMOST ADDITIONAL $500?!

That is the money I could've paid the day i was at the store. In reality there are NO SAVINGS. This experience is the most excruciating pain only compared closely to my damaged disks in my lumbar area. What a damn rip off!!!

queen dual p5 no frame included which I could've paid for from day 1

Sleep Number

brought bed bugs during home delivery

So now we have received the correct
bed and I was Thankful that {Pattie} truly listened and fixed the situation. Since the delivery 🚚 πŸ“¦ came and set up the bed I myself have noticed each morning that i always had marks {red itchy and welps}on me when I awaken. my husband has mentioned that maybe it is a mosquito biting nightly. So we put out mosquito repellent and caught nothing.. Then one night I was awake, itching had my cell phn by me so I turned on the flashlight to see why was I itching, low and behold there was a BED BUG IN MY BED!!!I called headquarters the following morning, talk to Pattie and informed her of the entire situation. Pattie placed me on hold for about seven minutes, came back and said, UNFORTUNATELY THEY CANNOT DO ANYTHING BUT REFER ME TO AN EXTERMINATOR. I explained her company brought those BED BUGS into my home and I want them to fix this situation Pattie told me that their TECHS are TRAINED TO SEE/SPOT BED BUGS and my mattress was new. I explained to her that the 2 delivery men told me and my husband that they Delivered and make pickups all in the same trips...I also told {Pattie} that when the delivery men came into my home, by no means did they CHECK MY BED FOR ANYTHING, BUT, THEY
IMMEDIATELY DEFLATED MY OLD BED AND PACKED IT UP ON THE TRUCK WITHOUT πŸ‘€πŸ‘€LOOKING FOR ANY ISSUES..Then they unloaded all items off the truck for my new bed, PLACED ALL PIECES ON THE GROUND/CONCRETE, THEN PROCEEDED TO BRING EVERYTHING INTO MY HOME. Bottom line is, This delivery company did everything wrong AND NOW I'M LEFT WITH A DISASTER OF BUGS-AND SLEEP NUMBER DON'T WANT TO FIX IT.. of course I'm waiting for {Pattie} to get back with me, our ending conversation was she WILL PASS THE INFORMATION ON TO HER TEAM. {waiting in Virginia 7/1/2019}

sleep number bed

We have black mold all over our mattress. The air chambers in the tubes of the pump. Our mattress is wet. My husband and I have suffered from terrible allergies for the last several years. We were cleaning and decided to open up our bed an discovered the terrible mold. We have been sleeping in. No wonder we are sick. After my discovery I googled the issue. I am appalled at the number. Of complaints. This should have been recalled. . Sleep number is very well aware of the situation. What recourse do I have?

  • Updated by Cathy McCullough Β· Jun 30, 2019

    My husband and I have had health problems related to allergies for several years now. It has really gotten bad. Today we needed to check our bed due to sagging in the center. We disassembled the bed to find our air chambers wet and covered in black mold. I proceeded to google the issue. I was appalled to discover we were not alone. This has been a known problem. I am so upset that Select Comfort has failed to warn their consumers of the issue or to offer any compensation. I want something done. I had a brain tumor in 2013. I now wonder if there is any connection. What are you going to do ? Do I need to send pictures? I expect a response. I will be contacting a attorney if I don't get satisfaction. People are and can die from exposure like this.

sleep number bed recently purchased

I purchased the bed about a month ago and had the bed delivered on June 13th 2019. When the bed was installed, the technicians told me corporate forgot to send the air hose and the extra remote I purchased. I would have to install it myself when i get it, which I received the same day. It was quite a hassle since everything else was installed. They did refund me the delivery fee for this inconvenience. After one night, the left side of the bed was not holding air. I called customer service and they had me check a few things. Finally, she told me to take out the hose and put the plug back in and sleep on it for 3 nights. Well, the next morning the mattress was still not holding air. I called customer service again and she said I need a new air chamber and that it would be delivered 2 day air but a technician wouldn't be able to get there until the next Thurs. I told her I wanted the air chamber over-nighted and a technician to come sooner than Thurs. It would be a whole week from the time that we got the bed where my husband would not be able to sleep in bed. I called the store I purchased the bed from and he said he could have a tech out the night I got the air chamber. Well I got my air chamber that following Tues and called the store and requested the technician. He said they are done for the day and it would have to wait until Wedn. Wedn comes along and the technician's truck breaks down so they can't come now until Thursday (the day it was originally scheduled). The technicians come out on Thursday and they find it's not the air chamber that needs replaced, it was the mattress. The technicians are now upset because of all the issues we've had with this bed that they request all the parts to be replaced. I call customer service and speak with a "Escalated Tech" and ask what they are willing to do for this huge inconvenience. They say they can give us some free sheets and pillow and that they had already given us $200 off and replaced all the parts for free. That was it. The parts that came with the bed was NOT originally working, how is that my fault? She also mentioned I bought the bed with $1000 off already. That's what was on SALE! So they couldn't provided me any kind of a refund. Sleep Number has provided poor customer service! Last night was the first night my husband was able to sleep in the bed. I will never recommend a Sleep Number Bed to any one JUST because of the poor customer service. The technicians we had at our house were absolutely wonderful! The bed is currently being tested out by my husband... If it does not help with his back problems, we will be returning the bed.

technical problem

I called your support department and spoke to a lady (Mariah) who attempted to help me with a foot warming problem I was having with my bed. After an hour of plugging, unplugging, powering on and off and rebooting my app by deleting it and bringing it back up. I ended up with nothing working and was sent to another (more technical) department. She also set up an appointment to have a technician come to my home to install a foot warming part and have them fix the bed since NOTHING seems to be working on the bed. However, the first available appointment is 8 DAYS FROM TODAY. Your team causes the bed to crash so I am out of luck to have the bed fixed on June 26th!
The technician started off with "you need to find the box with all of the wires going into it and check the wires and their connectivity. Now, I am a pretty intelligent person but I do not understand the electronic workings of a sleep number bed. So I asked to speak to a manager... after on hold again for more than 10 minutes, an arrogant manager came on ... made me feel like an idiot because I couldn't find the electrical box underneath the bed... (which is four inches from the floor.). I finally found the box and he told me to check for loose wires... when I told him their were no disconnected wires he suggested I look for the power on/off button. When I told him there was not one on the box here's
Indeed with "we'll just have to send a technician out". I told him I didn't think it was right to have to wait 9 days for a bed that was out of service compliments of your team. I asked to speak to his supervisor; to which he responded "that would be the CEO and she doesn't talk to customers. I advised that I felt this was horrible and maybe I should call the BBB. His response..."do what you need to do but, 9 days from now is the best we can do.
I worked nearly 40 years for ATT as a Customer Service Executive, aLobbyist and director of community relations for all of the state of Missouri. I guarantee you, if any of the employees treated a customer the way I was treated, we would have had a little corrective action discussion.
I feel your error should be fixed in a day or two... not 8 days away.