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Natuzzi complaints 20

Natuzzi - Poor design and wear of three piece suite

Suite was delivered Jan 2021 chose a different fabric to the one in showroom not realizing it would look totally different arms not smooth and look like they have had years of use back and seats starting to sag.
Have been in touch with company who did send someone out to put more stuffing into back and seats which was ok for few weeks but now begining to sag again was told I was not plumping them up enough.Think I should have been told the design I chose would look so different.Already been told as it is not a manufacturing fault they will not be doing anything about it.I just think people should be aware about buying without actually seeing product.

Natuzzi - Sofa not yet received and lied to by sales person

I am writing regarding a sofa order placed in August 2021, we were told that the sofa was already on its way to the UK and will be available in September 2021 and being pregnant I decided to go this this sofa for the short delivery time. I also added an extra piece and prepared for wait till November for that extra piece.

After visiting the store on several occasions, they still could not confirm a delivery as at the end of September. Called customer service who were rude and put the phone down on me on 2 occasions

I have now been told that the factory sent them the incorrect information and the sofa is now due mid November. I have paid a deposit and did based on the sales person confirming and writing the delivery month in the sales invoice.

They have refused to cancel the order though they intentionally lied and deceived us during the sales. I tried to contact the head office in Italy and I have had no response

Desired outcome: My sofa to be delivered in the first week of November or my deposit back

Natuzzi - Failure to pay for repairs on a sofa that was and still is, under warranty/

I have been in contact with Natuzzi for well over a month, concerning repairs on an electric motor wire on a sofa. I have attached a series of email between the manufacturer and myself. In a nutshell the cable that power the leg lfit motor stopped working. I contacted Matter Brother furniture and was referred to a repairman..The repairman found the faulty cable and showed where the wire had been rubbed/pinched by the mechanism that moves the leg rest. This was all done at the factory. This cost me $95 and I'm still waiting for the part to complete the repair. The Natuzzi Warranty states that and mechanical issue that was not readily apparent, but was caused during manufacture is covered for 2 years. I sent Natuzzi photos and several emails were exchanged. Their final decision was the item was out of warranty. The Warranty the sent to me with the original delivery states otherwise.

FW: Re: FW: Help Desk

Customer Care NCA
Mon, Sep 13, 3:38 PM
to me

Hi Terry,

Thank you for sending me the ID tag. I'm sorry that I am unable to be of more help but unfortunately, the warranty on labor has expired.

Iris Taylor
Natuzzi Customer Care


Thanks for responding. I have attached a photo of the label on the sofa and the receipt from the store it was purchased from. The issue is that the power leg lift on the right side of the sofa stopped working. I called the store I purchased the sofa and they referred me to Joe McMahan at: [protected] . Joe came out and determined that a wire to the leg lift had been damaged, Joe said the wire must have been damaged by the lift mechanism. Joe is waiting for a replacement wire. I was told it could take several weeks. I had to pay $95 for the service call for damage that was caused by an error in securing the wire to remain safely in place during the movement of the lift mechanism during either manufacture or assembly .
I believe under the Warranty thatnNattuzzi should provide both the wire and the re-imbursement of the service charge.

Thanks for your assistance in this repair.

Terry Price
Ticket number: 211207/2

On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 2:56 PM Customer Care NCA wrote:
Hi Terry,

Thank you for reaching out to Natuzzi Customer Care. I am happy to be of assistance. Is it possible for you to send me a copy of the ID tag located on the underside of the furniture piece you are referring to? That tag will tell me what item you have and when it was made. I am attaching a copy of a sample ID tag. If you are unable to furnish a copy of the tag, would you be able to send me a copy of your store receipt? I need to know what your issue is, and when and where it was purchased to be able to give you more information about the warranty.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Iris Taylor
Natuzzi Customer Care

The following information was sent to the Customer Assistance area of

Ticket number: 211207/2
Subject: Service / Claims
First name: Terry
Last name: Price
Zip code: 34219
City/Town: Parrish
Country: United States
E-mail: [protected]
Comments: I'm trying to find out information on a warranty issue. I sent an earlier message in mid-August. The only reply I have received is from the Help desk:

Natuzzi Help Desk
Thu, Aug 19, 11:02 AM
to Tprice725

We have received your request. Please keep this e-mail together with the following reference number: 211207/1

Can you provide information concerning my issue?

Terry Price

Desired outcome: I want $95 for a repair I should not have to pay for.

Natuzzi - Leather etoille suite

I bought a Natuzzi sofa that was delivered in Feb 2015. 6 years later in the early part of 2021 I noticed that one of the seats was sagging. I called the shop I bought from, Gillies in Aberdeen and...

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Natuzzi - Leather couch -macys

I purchased leather couch paid over $5000 for large sectional.

Started to disintegrate underneath the couch, there is a black type of lining that is used to attach to the bottom of the couch, they have substituted this to save on leather it is sewn to the leather the problem is it is decomposing like ashes it has become like paper ash. see photos terrible quality i can't be the only person that is having this problem looking to find a class action or file a lawsuit.

Desired outcome: refund or new couch

Natuzzi - Sofa three seater

I purchased a sofa & 2 chairs 4 years ago and one of the springs in the end cushion of the sofa has broken causing it to sink and be uncomfortable.
I only weigh 50 kilos and my husband 76 kilos, we have no young children and therefore believe it should last far longer than this.

I am most disappointed as the rest of the suite is in perfect condition, previous leather suites by yourselves have lasted 15 years and then sold on.

I purchased the suite from Browns of York who are unwilling to help and advised me to contact an upholstery company to repair at my own cost.

Please can you advise on this issue.

Natuzzi - Recliner

We purchased our entire living room with Natuzzi sectional couches and and an electric recliner. We purchased it in late 2017, and it was delivered in 2018-so we have used the set for just over 2 years. We only live here 7 months a year-so it hasn't even had 2 years of use. We have had the technician here once already for the chair-and have had other problems with the electrical connection. We spent almost $15, 000.00 on this set, and now the complete bottom of the recliner chair has come loose from the frame, so when you raise the lower leg section-the leather is apart from the frame and will not tuck under the chair when you put the legs down. We purchased the Premium Protection Plan with the set, and they tell me that our problem is not covered by their plan, as it is a manufacturer defect. We are extremely frustrated. We love the set, but we want this made right

Natuzzi - I’m trying to have baers reach you for a recliner button but no one responds to the email

Evelyn Rodriguez I have had my couch button replaced for the third time. I cannot find a replacement part anywhere. I looked online and could not find any. I reached out to the department store I...

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Natuzzi - Deposit taken... Non delivery of furniture !!! 5 months later

October bought a settee paying a cash deposit and the rest on finance, Salesman promised that it would be delivered before Christmas. Despite phoning and attending the store every couple of days I...

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Natuzzi - couch broken in middle

purchased couch and love seat chair from macys furniture was made and dlvd 9-2-11 couch has given in in the middle warranty expired 9-2013, , , I feel when u pay $3, 000 for sofa I should be able to...

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Natuzzi - Dissatisfied with sofa

Natuzzi Leather Sofa -Complaint I bought a Natuzzi Leather Sofa in August of 2010 from Sofa Mart with a good feeling that I would have at least 10 years of a durable sofa. Much to my surprise...

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Natuzzi - Stay away

My camel "leather" sofa is ruined. When trying to lightly go over an arm to remove surface dirt, the color lifted right off! Now I have a big whitish area about 6 in. by 9 in. on that arm!... A...

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Natuzzi - Poor frame construction

We have owned a Natuzzi sectional sofa for 3.5 years and have had several broken frame components along the front and middle. The first time it broke, within one year of ownership, we had it repaired...

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Natuzzi - Crappy furniture

Natuzzi sold me a leather sofa with a 10 year warranty on the frame. It broke once and was repaired. It has broken in the same spot and now the "warranty is voided" because I moved. Natuzzi doe...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Natuzzi - Scam

I have purchased a leather living room set by Natuzzi and after 11/2 years a back board is popping out on my sofa and also the leather is pealing, cracking and the color is coming off. The store I purchased it at doesnt want to take the blame for it nor does Natuzzi. The furniture was about 3400.00 and it was not cheap. I was told that I am getting the best out there. LOL ! What a scam ! If anyone has an idea how I can fight this and get it replaced or fixed, please let me know. I have been fighting with the store for the past three months.

Why don't we start a class action suit and bring our complaint before a judge.Name the retailers and Natuzzi corp.The law works when you have many plaitiffs.

Agree, the staff, i meant the manager specially on Sheik Zayed road have no manners she doesn't know much about design as well, every time i walk in there i hear her screaming and shouting on her staff that normal ? What study's does she has? 3 month /6 month training ? Shame on the staff are working very hard ...i have ask her some idea about my house and how she can help me ...OMG ...I expect people with experience in that show room not a somebody with no experience ...NATUZZI ...get more people with real experience in design you are going to lose many customers and change your management with somebody who can advice you and are able to keep a conversation with a customers and not only shouting and give order ... I trust mostly the others girls over there than the manager ...Shame on You

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Natuzzi - Price fixing allegations

I am wondering if the recent fall in share price is due to the sudden departure of Cary Benson, (following so shortly after the departure of their CFO)? Or is it all related to the anti-trust activities reported recently to the UK Office of Fair Trading, the SEC and the US Dept of Justice?

My friend sent me the details from various consumer sites about this but you can check them out on google...just put 'natuzzi price fixing' in your google search

My friend suggested that Mr Benson jumped ship because he can see trouble coming and he knows the Board is in violation of the Ethics Statement published by Natuzzi, as well as SEC and UD DoJ rules and legislation regarding price-fixing.

My broker pointed out it all seems a bit coincidental, but he did tell me that the US has an extradition treaty with Italy, so any Italian Directors can be made to answer the charges in the US, and be fined and imprisoned in the US if found guilty. Lets hope they would get better treatment here than Ms Knox is currently receiving over there in Italy??

So you think my recommend is silly?

Ok lets go thro it again for the slower people...

1. Natuzzi get sued in the UK Supreme Court for illegal price-fixing

2. The evidence is emails and secret tape-recordings of their UK MD and UK Country Manager issuing threats to close the account of a retailer who would not play ball

3. This evidence is handed over to the UK Office of Fair Trading

4. They are also reported to:
a) The US SEC
b) The US Dept of Justice
c) The Bundeskartellampt (German
Competition authorities)
d) The Autorita Garante della
Concorrenza e del Mercato
Italian competition

5. Within 24 hours, their US
President resigns suddenly. No
comment from Natuzzi. No
announcement of a replacement

6. The fines for illegal price-
fixing are 10% of global
turnover. $66m !! And thats just the UK, never mind the SEC penalties for misleading SEC filings, or the US Dept of Justice extraditing Italian Directors (what price amanda knox treatment now??)

And you know what? How come they arent counter-suing these guys? If they are innocent, why arent they saying so>>
And you still think my recommend is silly??? Then I suggest you put your money into Natuzzi buddy, as well as putting your life savings on the next horse to run at Kentucky!
Share price isnt all about value, its about public perception. This company didnt play by the rules, so it can expect to get hurt. the fact its Italian right now is just unlucky cos the average US citizen aint feeling so good about Italy right now.

Sentiment : Strong Sell

This is the same old story, I have heard so-o-many complaints about this Natuzzi, why cant the customer get afair deal from them?

The averge guy gets ripped off again!!

When are the US authrities gonna do something about this???

check this out, reported today;

December 4, 2009
Upmarket furniture retailer Natuzzi has denied involvement in alleged price fixing, for which it has been reported to the Office of Fair Trading.
The Italian-based retailer has been reported by independent Preston furniture retailer Cresta. The indie store claims Natuzzi tried to prevent it from selling goods more cheaply than Natuzzi does in its stores.

In a statement Natuzzi said: “The court will deal with all matters raised, including any allegations of resale price maintenance; allegations that Natuzzi are vigorously defending against.”

A Cresta spokesman said: “We will not be bullied into anything by Natuzzi. Consumers should be able to get the best price they can get.”
Cresta, which has been selling Natuzzi goods for 17 years, claims it has taped conversations with Natuzzi which it will pass to the court.

An email from Natuzzi sent on October 12, 2007, by then managing director Nick Moore who is now managing director of Conran Shop, which has been seen by Retail Week, said he wanted Cresta to operate a fixed price policy, with a maximum discount in Sale periods of 20%, to match its own policy.

The Natuzzi executive wrote:
“I would ask you do the same. It is obviously not in our interests to get into a price war!”

Cresta has been granted an injunction preventing Natuzzi from drawing on its bank guarantee at present.
The OFT would not comment and Moore was unavailable.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Natuzzi - Customer rip off

CRESTA FURNITURE COMPLAINS TO OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING ABOUT PRICE FIXING OF NATUZZI FURNITURE Retailer notifies competition watch-dog about “consumers being ripped-off” Preston furniture...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Natuzzi - Disposable furniture

We regrettably own Natuzzi living room furniture which we bought from Sofa Express. This turned out to be a double whammy. Sofa Express is now defunct in our area and the Natuzzi "leather" couch we...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Natuzzi - They don't deliver on time and deliver the wrong products

I have never had such a horrible experience with any company in over 15 years of buying furniture. Delivery has been delayed twice, which took over 6 months and then the order was wrong and...

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Mar 31, 2008



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