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Big Lots StoresService

I was inquiring to an associate yesterday about if furniture was in stock and she kept cutting me off each time saying no that stuff was not in stock. Regretfully I had to go on there again today and had to ask the same employee about a table and she said she didn't know and kept counting her money leaving me hanging. So another employee walked by and asked if I needed help and I said yes, I asked this other employee about this table and she's ignoring me. I'd like to know if it's in stock. So she got all offended and said I'll go and check after I put away this folder if that's on with me.
I have never in my life been treated like such trash in my life. I guess counting big lots money is more important that customer service.

Big Lots Stores — cashier kelly

Well the cashier name is Kelly. Well she very disrespectful. Well when people are buying cleaning supplies. Kelly tell them that they do not know how to clean their houses. Well...

Big Lots Stores — employees on their phones

I was in Big lots needing help with one of the gazebos in the back and there was two employees on their cell phones. The gentleman that looked around 45 was loud talking about hi...

Big Lots Stores — manager customer services

My son misplaced his phone on 12/19/19 around 9:00 p.m. and the employees that were working that night they were very helpful, they try to help us locate the phone even though...

Big Lots Stores — honoring the coupons they hand out out

11/28 & 12/2/2019, I puchased a recliner for $316.94 and was given a $40 coupon to be used starting 12/1. When I went to use the coupon on 12/2/2019 I was told by the cashier and...

Big Lots Stores — furniture supply

I have been with biglots for years and I love my job. I'm good at it. I work very hard for my department to be the way it is. My warehouse is not large enough for all the...

Big Lots Stores — wrong price

617999 I went to purchase a bag of dog food. I grabbed a bag that was sitting over a price tag of $9.00. When I got to the register it rang up for $10 and change. I mentioned it to the...

Big Lots in Spring Hill, FL on Commercial Waydining room 5-piece set

After we put the legs on the dining table, we noticed one of the table corners at the top is crushed/cracked and unsightly. It came out of the box this way. We're not asking for an entirely new set or even a new table (probably not possible), but if you would be kind enough to send someone to repair it or refund a part of the money we paid, we would greatly appreciate it. If nothing is done for us, we will never shop at a Big Lots again. Thanks for any help you can provide. Rick & Diana

Big Lots Stores — not receiving 15% off of folding furniture as advertised in sales paper

617999 My husband and I went to the Big Lots on November 28, 2019 in Burlington, NC to purchase a fold up bed. We had a sales paper from Big Lots advertising 15% off folding furniture...

Big Lots Stores — racist!!!

There are two managers that are racist there and accused my boyfriend of stealing as soon as he entered the store... I have been with my boyfriend for five years and I know he...

Big Lots Storestable warranty

I purchased a table from biglots with warranty for any damage done to the surface of the table, one year later glue got on the table and was not able to be removed fulled and it peeled a little bit of the wood fabrication off the table.

I reported it to the claims department and after a month or two of ongoing trouble shooting and them sending out someone to take a picture a few days later i called in and they told me it cant be covered because the table was abused.

The table was in great condition besides the glue that got on the table and they want to tell me its not covered whats the point in buying a warranty if it cant be covered from accidental damage! its a scam dont go to big lots and dont buy into there warranty they just want to collect your money.

Big Lots Storesfurniture

Sofa may be just about 3 years and it started breaking down at least 2.5 years ago. Leather like sofa. First the spring dropped and seat sunk in, as time went by it started peeling the plastic later away from material. This sofa should have lasted longer than 3 years. I wrote in one time to complain and they asked if I had my receipt, in which I didn't. I am so disgusted every time I go in my den which we use lots of time but did not know we were distroying the sofa by using it on a normal bases. included are pictures. I had second thoughts when I purchased it, but tried any way, and now I have a soda that looks like I had it 25 years. No kids no pets and no one smokes, just poor çquality materials.


Big Lots Stores — service

Hi, I was in Big Lot this past Saturday 10/05/19 on South Dale Mabry (Britton Plaza). When I say I will never step foot in that store again, I mean NEVER!! My friend and I wa...

Big Lots Stores — store manager and customer service

On October 7, 2019 @ 645 pm my husband was in the big lots in sylmar, ca. Had a altercation with one of the workers because he wanted to see an item before he purchased it, which...

Big Lots Stores — service

So I walk into Big Lots with a big purse full of my own personal belongings and I'm approached by an employee/manager who says to me leave your big bags at the front so I'm like...

Big Lots Storesonline orders

This is not with one specific location but for the business as a whole. I was online trying to purchase my son a bedroom set for his birthday. My son lives over 2 hours away from me. I figured I'd take advantage of the Labor Day sale that was advertised. Upon trying to check out, I find you are not able to use your Big Lots credit card online. While I find that absolutely ridiculous, I decide to call his local Big Lots to find a resolution. After discussing with the manager the issue, the only resolution was going to be to drive out there over 2 hours away to purchase what I wanted. The manager agreed it was an inconvenience and stated she would give me a discount due to all of this. While it was during the week, it had to wait until the weekend as I could not just go on a moments notice.
So the weekend came, and I thought I'd just drop into my local Big Lots to see if maybe I could just order what I want and have it sent to him. Again was told no. So Sunday I decide I have no option but to travel over 2 hours for this to happen. When I arrived, I explained what I wanted and the person helping me was aware of me calling prior. I then explained how I'd traveled just to do this one transaction. Oh yeah, and I received absolutely no discount.
What surprises me, there is a current coupon out that I was never offered and I didn't even see it until after I'd gotten home. Since this was now Sunday, the sales that were out prior were no longer out and I now spent over $400 more than I would've had to before. I had sent an email to the corporate office and still have yet to receive a response. I have also written a message on Facebook and the response was that "you aren't able to use your card online". I mean that's obvious or I would've never sent you a message. And their answer to the coupon was that I needed to have it with me and if I returned to the store I could get a credit. Ridiculous. All the time and gas money I spent didn't matter to them.
Most ridiculous company I have ever been in contact with and will never return.

Big Lots Stores — putting something on layaway

I was visiting big lots today on Atlanta hwy in athens ga 9-3-19 I always shop at this store. I was inquiring about placing a bedroom set on hold but the sales associate was so...

item on floor for sale

I was in Biglots here is Dickson Tn. on 23rd of August and I saw a outdoor swing for sale in the clearance section so I inquired about it and a lady there said it was 299.00 but...

Big Lots Stores — many items

Drove from Summerfield to Ocala to shop at your store there since you advertised a clearance sale on outdoor and 75%off on selected items, . The store was totally junky and what...


30436 I purchased a gazebo and was told that in order fir me to take it home I had to dissembled it myself because it took the furniture employees 6 hours to take it down, I figured if...

Big Lots Stores — previous employment

I worked at the Big lots 919 north shepherd. Store 4237# I was the DTS lead. I was forced with no choice to walk away. This store was the most horrible hostel work environment I...

Big Lots Stores — employee treatment by managers

Managers do not treat their employees with respect and dignity and they expect way to much out of the employees. They do not show respect they like getting in your face. Also at...

Big Lots Stores — cashier rudeness

617999 Store #4580 7/12/2019 5:16pm. I was purchasing some swimming goods for my kids and they were playing with the swimming noodles I got them. At the checkout, the cashier was yelling...

Big Lots Stores — the people

I saw the now hiring in the window I put my application in on line and I've been checking on it but I can never talk to the human resource person or a boss I always have to...

Big Lots Storeshiring manager

I teach during the school year, and now that school is out I wanted to pick up a second job during the summer. I put in an application at Big Lots. Got the interview, a few days later, got the job. The manager called me Saturday, June 8th and asked me if I could come in on that following Monday and I said well Monday is my official last day with my school for the summer. She said okay that's fine what days are you free? I said I can come in the following day June 11th If that's okay? She said okay great see you soon.

I came in this morning around 9:45 am, the manager came out around 10:10 am and said "What happened to you on Sunday" I said excuse me I don't understand what you're talking about… She said "I told you to come on Sunday to fill out paperwork"! I said no you told me to come in Tuesday to fill out paperwork, figure out my summer schedule and watch a few videos to get me in the system..
She went on saying "Well I talked with my manager and we don't need anyone like you working here" I went on by saying you are very unprofessional and disrespectful and that comment about not needing a person like me is uncalled for! You only told me was to come on Tuesday and I wrote it on the calendar confirming the date and time with you before I wrote it down.

If you needed me to come in and fill out paperwork Sunday you could have just called me and asked.

She was very unprofessional the way she carried herself, and I do not appreciate the way to approached me in front of customers as well as the other employees. Very unprofessional!!!

Big Lots Storesgeneral manager

I am a current employee at your Placerville CA store.
I want to report my general manager Donovan. He has been telling employees someone's going to get fired to scare the employees he's been rude to employees helping customers. He also SH* talked a brand new employee to a customer. He comes up to employees and asks "why do you work here you only work 1 day a week" He doesn't allow bathroom breaks so you have to hold it till your assigned break because he doesn't condone taking extra breaks. We have lost 1 employee already and 2 more just put in their 2 weeks (I will be doing the same when I find another job) I feel like I'm being bullied as well I was working on the truck deliveries and got taken off with no explanation and my hours got cut to 1 maybe 2 days a week (if I'm lucky) I know there has been other employees who have reported him I hope you guys will look into this matter before you loose a full staff.

Big Lots Stores — andover oak full mates bed & andover oak full headboard

617999 On Saturday 6/01/19, I picked up my daughters bed I ordered... Upon loading it, they supposedly checked off on my receipt, making sure everything was correct, & initialed it...

Big Lots Stores — furniture

617999 I was in Big Lots shopping one day I seen they had a sale on mattresses about three or four of them was stacked up on the side. The ad said mattresses for 227. Mark down from 499...

Big Lots Storesstore manager

The store manager Adam Cornell was very rude un assisting with an exchange.he stated to me that he didn't have to anything for me butthe only thing i was doing was trying to get information from him on how i could get the exchange without my receipt. I stated that it was being financed and i could get a receipt from them and asked could he look it up. He told me no he don't know if im paying on the furniture or not and that it looks like someone jumped on it. He a very rude person who is not good in customer service at all.

  • Updated by Tifflee1224 · May 29, 2019

    He was rude on handling the situation.Also i do have a receipt that ill be bringing back through the finance company.If this is not a person that can help with my complaints then you have a nice day.Im not challanged so i completely understand if you don't have a receipt you can't exchange but it's a way that you talk to people and like i said he was very rude for a person working in customer service.It was also other customers that witnessed this man being a straight ASS HOLE!!!

  • If
    ᴛifflee1224 May 29, 2019

    Before people go on commenting. I should just like to let you all know that this incident made me so angry that I beat up my mother. I already had a bad day. She got on my case and I punched her in stomach. She told me to leave. I refused. I then slapped her. She told me that if I did not leave she would call the police. I did not think that she would betray me like this. The police showed up. Even though I explained that she aggravated me they took her side. She said she was not pressing charges but that I needed to calm down and go home.

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Big Lots Stores — 3 tier plant stand w cha (product number [protected])

617999 The product was on sell for $39.20. We asked the clerk for the product, she informed us that the display was the only one they had. She said that she would sell us the display. I...

Big Lots Storesfurniture

Hi sir
I am complaining about furniture that I Bourget with insurance that anything happens in 3 years just come and change it. Bu unfortunately I lost the receipt but I applied the credit card of big lots and I approved. I told them to see if you can find out but they refuse it and misbehaving us I feel so sad to buy furniture from them. Please help me to solve the issue. My email is [protected]
Ph no [protected]
Dalbir kaur

Big Lots Storestrouble with employee

This employee at the big lots on business 190 in Covington Parish Of st.tammany Louisiana was mean hateful and disorganized at 10:30 am I was going to the bathroom to urine just before I went to the door it was close and locked when I told the employee that she got disrespectful yelling and screaming at me I left and just before I went to the door I urine on myself I went to the washroom I cleaned myself her behavior was heinous and atrocious with special circumstances to try to in shock!

  • SubSquirrel Mar 28, 2019

    Thanks for sharing your specific bodily function when visiting a bathroom.

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Big Lots Storesliving room furniture set

We recently purchased a livingroom furniture set, specifically, a loveseat, couch, & matching recliner, from our local Big Lots store. Sadly, after just one week of use, when my husband was adjusting the handle of the recliner forward, as is necessary to lower the footrest, the screw attaching the handle broke in half, thus rendering the recliner useless. Please be aware that we do not have small children that would have been roughhousing or jumping in the chair or any other such other activity that might cause this to happen. We are an older couple that takes great care of our things, and we had hoped to enjoy this furniture set for many years, not just a mere week! Needless to say, we are quite disappointed, & feel we are entitled to some sort of refund or replacement.

living room furniture set
living room furniture set

Big Lots Storesfraud/lies

Warning!!! This place sells used, broken, returned furniture as "new"!!!

There is a skinny black guy that works in the furniture department who seems nice and honest... And boy, does he play that part well!!!

I wanted to get a specific color chair, because I couldn't find that color anywhere else, and I asked this guy a bunch of questions regarding the chair, price, and other stuff.
He lied about all of it, including holding the chair for me until I got paid the next day!

I came back in the next day to get the chair that I picked out for him to hold, which he said they did, as long as you came to get it the next day. When I went to go pick up the chair, the same guy looked right at me and said "we don't do that here, it's first come first served"!!!

I should have walked out right then, but I really wanted that color chair since it was so hard to find.

Once I got the chair home, I noticed it was worn in a couple places and pieces missing.

I was sold a used, returned, broken chair!!!

They need to rename this place big frauds or big lies!!!

Beware of what you get there, it is more than likely someone elses broken junk they returned!

Big Lots Stores — manager intoxicated while working

I was inquiring about furniture at Big Lots #1718 and the store manager, Brian was helping me. He was intoxicated, probably from the night before still and my elderly mother wa...

Big Lots Stores — washcloth

On 12/18/18 I purchased a set of white wash cloths and washed them when I got home and my daughter folded them and put them in the bathroom ready to use. I was very surprised when...

Odd Lots — manager would not honor clearance price

I was at your dublin store today! We went to check out we had some candy in our cart which we picked up in the xmas clearance section sign says 25% off where the candy was and...

Big Lots Stores — hudson slate swivel recliner

Hello my name is Roxanne. This is my first time EVER making a complaint but after today I knew I had to reach out to someone about the situation I just had. I would like to first...

Big Lots Stores — customer service

Store was unbelievably busy and only 2 employees. I feel so bad for them. They had customers yelling at them asking for assistance for more registers to open. I was not able to...

Big Lots Stores — manager kathleen at store 4316

I was hired on October 30, me schedule was 9-12, The manager Kathleen put me in the break room alone and said to watch 10 videos, I'm assuming training videos, well a three hour...