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houzz prospective client scam

I received a text from a prospect client (not sure how they even got my cell phone number) about a staging job. I emailed the client to discuss it further and the level of detail should havealarmed me right away but being excited to have a client ready to move forward asap i overlooked it. There were multip emails back and forth and they even signed a contract. The literature was very off so it prompted me to do further investigating which led me to see mutliple people had experienced the same exact scam! This took place July 19th, 2019 and read below:

I really appreciate your response and I'm glad to read from you. I'm Cathy Dupre, I'm married and I have a 6 months old son, Michael. I am a Graphic Artist, I work independently. I get hired by advertisement agencies, printers, etc It's a good job. My husband, Nathan, is a Software Developer and System Engineer, we are moving back to the States from Hammersmith, West London W6 8JF, because he just secured a contract and he's to resume first week in September, 2019.

We have ordered furniture and some home appliances, so all we need you to do is to make use of our supplies for the project to stage(furniture and electronics layout, artwork placement, kitchen wares placements etc) once the orders are delivered. I can send you images of the ordered items and house description along with the floor plan.

The paintings have been done so you don't need to worry about that. Where is your location or city? I would like to know how much you are willing to charge for your services and if you accept Certified Check for payment. I would appreciate it if you can get back to us soonest because we really want things sorted before our arrival, our arrival date is Monday, August 26th, 2019.

I look forward to your response soonest.
Thank you
Cathy Dupre.

I hope nobody else experiences this because this is very upsetting! Houzz should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen!

customer service is severely lacking

As I am remodeling my bathroom I decided to give Houzz company a try to supply some of the items. As there are three order numbers totaling approximately $598.00. An hour later I did call back to attempt to add my $50.00 coupon from them, as a first time buyer. When the representative did get on the line and I explained the situation, She put me on hold for over 20 minutes and there was a dial tone, wondering if she did hang up on me? I thought maybe that was an error, so I did call back and heard your music for 15 minutes so I decided to email to support @ Houzz. (3 times) That was June 15 and today is June 22, I have not heard from anybody. The last of the packages arrived yesterday, two sinks with brushed nickel drains. One of the sinks did not have a drain in the box. Again, I called on Saturday, June 22, starting at 10 AM, sporadically until 1PM. I could not get through at all. It seems that customer service is afraid to answer the phone. Why? So they can actually help people? I also tried using the chat person on the website but not all the fields of the chat box could not be completed because they were not visible on the screen (it would not scroll down to complete all fields, so there was no going any further with that!) Iʼve resorted to writing a letter to the people who could actually make a difference In how your company operates.(corporate offices ).Iʼm sure that I am not the only one who is having issues with customer service since they refuse to answer the phone! I have a plumber coming this week to install that sink with no drain which will incur another charge for another service visit, if and when I actually do receive the part for the sink. I had high hopes for Houzz company as an ongoing supplier for home improvement items. Easily, Amazon has them beat in the customer service department (as well as Overstock and Wayfair.) My small issue may be insignificant relative to Houzz company on the whole, but add twenty, forty or eighty customers with an issue, now you have a Problem.

[Resolved] contracted with beautiful spaces llc for the purchase and installation of cabinetry

584992 Beautiful Spaces LLC of Charleston SC is not a licensed contractor in the state of South Carolina and is not permitted by law to install cabinetry. They also are not permitted by...

houzz pro

I was a Houzz Pro customer for four years. I cancelled last August. I set up the account, paid for it. I was the sole user and the profile list my professional licenses and...

auto renewing contract

I am another firm had a bad experience with Houzz pro-:-( Before signing the contract they were calling every day and want me to sign the one year program with Houzz marketing...

changed price

I wanted to order some counter stools from Houzz. They said there would be a delay as they had to contact the vendor and create a post for me to purchase the items.
At the time of my initial contact they quoted me a price.
I then waited a few days so they could create the order.
A couple of days later the woman from Houzz called and I gave her my credit card info and it was only when I asked her to verify the total, that she admitted the price had increased by $119 x 2 for a total of $238 more . So, when was she going to tell me this??? I was shocked and questioned why the increase.
She blamed the vendor and when I asked if I could at least apply the Groupon code of $100 for new Houzz customers, she said she didn't think it would be a valid code. I told her that, according to the Groupon site, 39 people had successfully used it that day. So, she reluctantly said she'd try. Mind you I had added additional items to my cart so I was spending well over $1, 000.
She then reported that the code had expired in Nov. 2018.
Not true, if you believe Groupon (which I use a lot and have no reason to doubt).
The best she could do was to use a $50 code.
I didn't believe her . So, I asked to speak w/ a supervisor but she said she would. She returned to the call to report that the supervisor (whom I never got to speak with...a bad sign when the supervisor won't speak with a customer) said there was nothing that could be done.
So I told the sales rep.not to put the order through and I would take my business elsewhere.

All I can say is that if a company does this sort of thing, even before a sale, I shudder to think what their after sales support is like.
Oh, I think I know... there would be none.
Needless to say, I will not be purchasing a single thing from them...ever.

beware of the scam targeting designers

I got a text one day, see image below. Besides the "Mrs. Jane" part, it seemed legit. I replied, and got this email today. Totally fishy. I saw another post about the same issue. Y'all be warned.

Good day,

My name is Mrs Khole Jane, I'm married and I have a 7 months baby call Sara. My husband is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me and I will always say that. He is a Software Developer and System Engineer to a company, we are moving back to the State from London, UK because he just secured a better job.

House description: 3 br, 2 bath with custom woodwork throughout. Parking space, Luxurious master suite, open-concept chef's kitchen with granite counters, SS appliances, skylight, custom cabinets. We will also send a floor plan and pictures when available for your review.

We have ordered for the furnitures and home appliances, so all we need you to do is to make use of our supplies to do the interior decorating (furniture and electronics layout, artwork placement, kitchen utensils placements etc). We plan moving in Last week of June or earlier. Kindly let me know your free time/chosen date between now and then so we can fix everything and our orders can be deliver at the house before then too.

Below are the items my husband ordered, I'll see if I can get the rest to you but these are the major ones:

Rug for living room 5' by 6' in size - 1
Cooking in the kitchen
3 Piece Coffee Table Set - 1
Chairs and Ottoman Set - 1
5 Piece Dining Set - 1
TV, including something to put it on such as a TV stand
Handing on wall photo frames
Bedside table
Bed sheets
Alarm clock
Shower Curtain, bath towels, hand towels
Fire extinguisher
Belmont Twelve Light Chandelier to replace formal one.

If I may ask, in Which area or city do you live in?

There would be handyman/installer to help you. Agent/Realtor should also be there delivery date to accept furnitures. The paintings have been done so you don't need to worry about that and I would like to know how much you are willing to charge for your services atleast 2 days and if you accept Check for payment. I would appreciate it if you can get back to us soonest because we really want things sorted before our arrival.

I look forward to your response soonest.

Thank you.

beware of the scam targeting designers

defective bubbled paint rusted in less than 1 year

I ordered a pair of Flash Furniture 24'' High Metal Counter Height Stools through Houzz. The items arrived with bubbled paint on both seats. Less than 1 year later, the paint has chipped off both stools where the bubbled paint was and they are now rusted and unusable. Flash Furniture said they do not file warranty claims for end users and that Houzz would be glad to help. Houzz was not glad or even willing to help with these rusted defective items. Terrible order experience and useless customer service.

defective bubbled paint rusted in less than 1 year
defective bubbled paint rusted in less than 1 year

wilderness outdoor furniture and flooring fort myers, florida

We hired Mark Hernandez and Savanna Reid, under the business name of Wilderness Outdoor Furniture and Floors April 2018 to Reno two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a hall. We are...


Long story short houzz is is a scam and will take advantage of anyone or any company if you give them the chance. This review is for service. If you are a company I highly suggest...

houzz pro

These bloodsuckin people reached out to my company last year, promising the world to us. Telling us basically without them wed fail they promised us crazy numbers and...


Houzz gave us a list of landscape architects in our area of Austin. We needed to redirect rain water away from the front of the house and we also wanted to do some landscaping in...

check cashing scheme targeting interior designers

Attention: Executive Operations This is the second similar FAKE opportunity I have received from "Houzz" since registering my business profile in the last several months. See...


This company is useless. I hope they close soon. Competitor has much better customer service, by far!
Ordered a couple mirrors for a bathroom remodel:
1) the delivery window given is like a week... unless you have time, it's always uncertain. The confirmation came after placing the orde but took almost 2 days to give a delivery date, a week after!
2) can't wait for the product since the contractor is working on the project an expected to finish before the arrival.. checked online and the order hadn't shipped, so I cancelled it.
Despite the cancelanton before the shipment the order was shipped and now I'm. Wing charges $29 for the return!!
I worked with many carriers and never had any issue canceling an order before it shipped. They told me that I had 30 minutes (really) after the order was placed. But took them almost days to ship!
An online company, in 2018, with 1960's technology!! That's not for me!
You shall receive a thank you letter from the competitor. I have a lot of business to give them (and already did)! Never again!

Houzz, Concept Bathwrong item was shipped to me

Dear sir/madam,

This letter is to notify you of a problem I am having with the vanity that I order online from your website. On...

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service I am receiving from your company, because the wrong product was shipped to my house. With the order #[protected] I ordered and paid for"enna 29.5 modeen bathroom vanity, rosewood", and what I received was "midern brich wood veneer vanity", a totaly different product".
It is almost 3 months that I am trying to return it and and get my money back. I spent hours and hours trying to talked to customer service to solve this problem, but I was not able to talk to correct person, and many times I was just transferred to different departments. I sent several email, after almost 2 months, I have received an email from conceptbaths claiming that they sent the correct item, but houzz made a mistake and shipped the wrong item. They are not taking any responsibility, and not offering any solution, and want me to talk to houzz. I am really frustrated, and disappointed from houzz.

I would like immediate help with this matter, since it is almost 3 months that I am trying to return a wrong product which was shipped to me, and get my money back. You are a reputed company and boast of great service. Please contact me with this email address, or my phone at
+[protected] as soon as possible.


wrong item was shipped to me
wrong item was shipped to me
wrong item was shipped to me


I am a sub contractor for Home Depot, I did a job for a client of theirs where the material was ordered by them but not all there when we arrived and I needed to reschedule the...

customer service

I had been looking at a vanity for some time and when "only 2 left" came up I decided to purchase for a bathroom remodel, knowing it was not going to start for another month after purchase. That was in June. We opened the box to see if there was damage and there was not so we closed it and waited until it was time to move the vanity inside. One vanity was fine, the other vanity top does not sit level on the cabinet. We checked the level of the cabinet and it is fine, so it appears that the top is somehow warped. With a shim under one corner it is stable. The problem with that (per our contractor) is you risk damage/cracking the top piece. I contacted Houzz to advise of the problem, noting that the item did not appear to be damaged in shipment or by customer abuse, and that it appears to be a faulty top. I sent pictures and a video of the problem and the response verbatim was "Unfortunately I am unable to offer a replacement vanity top at no cost due to the amount of time since the item was delivered, our hands our tied and due to the amount of time it has been I am limited with the resolution I can provide. That being said, I am happy to check with our vendor and see if they have a replacement top available and what the cost would be. As soon as I have any update on this I will be sure to let you know." What? I certainly understand the 30-day policy, but a faulty product? Houzz can replace the top if they wish to; they do not wish to, obviously. I am extremely disappointed in the attitude of Houzz. It is otherwise a lovely cabinet, but be sure to check everything about the product within a 30-day time period or risk this sort of customer service, or lack thereof! Houzz: You can do better than this.

scam email from prospective client

I received a text from this person (don't know how she got my cell number) Asking if I would be interested in a staging job. I sent a reply back of yes, but would need more detail...

level up home remodeling san jose, ca.

Beg June to September. Got Level Up Home Remodeling from your site. What a bunch of crooks. How is Houzz okay supporting this type of construction company? We wanted to get done...

[protected] mr direct sinks and faucets

I received my sink/faucet kit and paid to have a person install it and the faucet leaked by the handle. They sent me a new valve for in the faucet no questions asked which makes me believe that they know they have an issue. I paid a person to switch the valve and the faucet still leaks! It was told to me that they would not be requiring me to return the item and they would refund my money. Then they turn around and went back on their word by saying I have to return the items. The plumber bills exceed any savings I may have gotten by buying this way so I am done. The whole thing is such a disappointment. I could scream! Houzz and MR Direct Sinks and Faucets can count me out in the future. Their loss as I make a living fixing up houses and reselling them; as well as, having rental property. Bye Bye

roseline enzo round dining table

584992 No response after 4 days emailing their Support/ Customer Service email. Email sent on August 4, 2018. Specific issues (with pictures attached) of my email to Houzz with an action...

vern pershing, art of gardening, placerville, ca

This man is extremely rude. He started barking questions at me about why I contacted him. Houzz recommended him. I clearly specified "mid-century modern" in my request. Mr...

refusal to post review for grandfx concrete

584992 I hired John Grande of Grandfx Concrete to resurface the concrete walkway surrounding my house. This contractor assured me that he was competent to do the job, and selected a...

double sink vanity

584992 order number [protected] June25, 8am in the morning, I advised Houzz the second sink top they sent me was wrong. Two weeks earlier they sent me a broken one that was returned...

home remodel

Do not use Benjamin Wood of Benjamin's Flooring and Construction. He came out with his subcontractor and gave a bid for bathroom remodel. Appeared to know what he was doing. We...

Scam message from Houzz of supposed client — staging/ interior design.

Hi My name is Ona Schissel And I am in Interior designer with Ona Designs. & I do not advertise on this site. I received a scam text message for staging / interior design...

order: [protected] mykonos grande swivel bar stool, aruba, 30" bar height

i'm extremely upset about my orders through you. I purchased through Houzz a large order of chairs (6) . They were $399 each so not cheap. The warranty states that if it rust...

bathroom vanity and cabinets

This company misrepresents what it sells. We purchased bathroom items both marked with the color "espresso" when they came they don't even come close to matching "espresso". We express our need to return and they then inform us we must pay for return of $165.00. There is no information on the site stating colors may vary etc. Who would think that if you purchase items to place in a bathroom that this company expects you to keep it even when it doesn't come close to a match. Their customer service isn't even willing to work with you in regards to their policies being none existence in such cases.

  • St
    St C Jun 19, 2018

    Same happened to us with rugs that we ordered that weren't even close to the pictures. They made us pay fro shipping both ways! $100 cost to get ripped off by their misrepresentation!

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online retail purchase

Absolutely the pits.
I have been looking at an item, put it in my cart.
Got an offer from - went to purchase the items, and the price had changed.
Email offer said 48 hours, but Houzz Customer "No" Service said the "vendor changed the
price" and they could not do anything. ( Mike and Kiera ) ... Listen Houzz, you send out an offer, you honor the offer. This was a deliberate BAIT AND SWITCH.
Also for two days - when I asked to speak to a supervisor - they said..." they went home, will be back tomorrow" ...Next Day " they are in a meeting ".
Maybe they are in a meeting to learn customer service skills that would be a good thing.
Here is my email from [protected]
You just scored additional savings!
Use coupon code: 146FA8885824
Don't wait, this offer ends on 05/01/2018.
48"x24" Solid Twill Swivel Rocker Cushion, Navy
$31.52 $33.18
You save: $1.66 (5%)
Complete Purchase
Houzz Inc. 285 Hamilton Avenue, 4th Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Reason of review: Poor customer service.
Monetary Loss: $1000.
Preferred solution: Honor the email. .
I liked: Item.
I didn't like: Integrity and character of customer service, Lousy company.

houzz/poor service outstanding - refund for $500

Paid FedEX directly to arrange a return of a vanity to Houzz. It was insured for $500. It arrived 4/3/18 to their Portland OR warehouse. I was notified on 4/12/18 it was received successfully and I could expect a return in 3-5 days. Then a few days later they said it was damaged & I would have to file a claim with the delivery service. Very strange. In order to file a claim with FedEX, Houzz needs to provide details of damages. They have provided nothing. The deadline to submit the claim to FedEX is 4/23/18. I am not sure how to get my refund as a result. without Houzz cooperation. Thank you for your help! Carherine Huchting [protected]

chandelier/fan, [protected]

Live the look, however, "bead fell with crystal and made a dent in table. Called to see if I could be sent a extra string of beads for repair. I was surprised in my effort. I...

lucent pendant light no.302b, gray, brushed nickel hardware

I looked at the above pendant light. I put them in my cart. You sent me an email saying "sale ends on monday". So, I went out of town for easter. I'm back home now. It's sunday...

rita silver rep: terrible demeanor.

Contacted our business for information, but was very rude and short tempered when attempting to explain how our business and design process works. She finished the call with, "well then the customer just isn't going to buy this piece." I thanked her and wished her a great day. Unnecessarily rude, and went out of her way to make sure she knew she would not help sell our piece. Worst Houzz rep experience to date.

auto-renewing contracts

I purchased Houzz's Pro Plus "upgrade" for my business profile in March 2017 at $200 per month for 12 months, with a 1-month discount effective in 30 days. I was charged the full amount until I notified Houzz in Sept 2017, requesting to cancel the agreement since they had been in breach since May 2017. Houzz refused the cancellation, but credited the $200 within the next 2 months.

The Pro Plus upgrade was verbally sold as a lead generator. Houzz was paid $2200 over the last 12 months for 1 viable lead ( which did not solidify) and a few scam inquiries. Very poor return on investment which I have requested to NOT AUTO-RENEW. I followed the requirements: sent notice of cancellation of contract to both mailing addresses noted in contract and emailed to legal @, to be effective within 30 days prior to the AUTO-RENEWAL date of March 2018.

Of the 3 notices sent, one certified letter I sent to the Houzz address as stated in the contract for receiving such "notice" came back as "not deliverable"; no acknowledgement of the email sent to their legal department has been sent; one signature card was returned from their Palo Alto address. I want Houzz to acknowledge and agree that my Pro Plus account will NOT be auto-renewed, will be cancelled, and my credit card will not be charged after the final payment of $200 in Feb 2018.

If Houzz continues charging the monthly fee after the cancellation date of March 2018, I will be forced to close the credit card I was required to provide for their auto-billing. I have notified the credit card company of this problem but they say they cannot cease the auto-billing.

Buyer Beware of Houzz and its practices toward business owners.

personal cell phone number displaying in in a review

584992 Hello, This is EiffelFab company's owner. One of your client displayed my personal cell phone number in the picture he provided in his review. There is only one review for our...

houzz refuses to post my negative review of a contractor

I tried to post a negative review of a contractor who is listed on their site with sixteen positive reviews. I tend to doubt most of them are legitimate and since the contractor pays to advertise, I believe Houzz protects them. I have read elsewhere on line that people have either had their negative reviews of a company ignored or deleted. I put in two requests to Houzz since I had not heard that they were even processing my review and all I got back was that it was "in queue". Now they are ignoring me altogether. An awful lot of people are going to be scammed by this contractor and they can owe it all to Houzz.

canvas picture falsely reduced

I have been looking at a canvas picture called ‘mile end woods' for the last few weeks. I was considering buying it because I thought it was so lovely but I wanted to wait in case...

bar stools

Buyer Be Aware. Buy from (most likely through) HOUZZ at your own risk. Ordered 3 Barstool, one was defective and have spent the last several days trying to explain via annonymou...

nothing positive to say

My complaint is very typical and not new. Many of their customers had the same situation, but I never thought I would be in their shoes. And I must say there's nothing to be excited about, it makes me feel terrible.
I ordered two chairs from them and was immediately charged. Two weeks later I found out my order was canceled for one very famous reason: the items were out of stock. I was notified too late and I think they had to ask me whether I'd like to cancel it or not before doing this by themselves.
Now I'm trying to figure out how to get my money back and having a hard time because they ignore my requests.

hudson velvet king sleigh bed

584992 I ordered the Hudson King Velvet sleigh bed on 9/27/17 and received it 10/10/17 damaged. I refused the delivery and immediately contacted customer service. I was advised a new bed...