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PlayerAuctions Complaints & Reviews

PlayerAuctions — I have purchased an account through them with insurance, the previous owner reclaimed the account and yet they sided with him in the dispute

I buy this Blizzard account and as soon as I verified everything was fine I get locked out of the account by...

PlayerAuctionsanother customer who has been scammed

Please do not let this company scam you as well, I bought a footnote account thinking this company would protect me from scams, maybe I was Naive thinking player auctions would help me to at least try and protect me.

Basically a person would not provide the information through player auctions and would only provide it directly through email, not trusting someone and thinking I could trust player auction I told them to send the information to player auction in which they did not and refused to do so, I filed a dispute with player auction and they returned saying the seller sent me the information when the seller didnt send me anything, its so clear in the communications through player auctions but they still sided with the seller, completely ignoring the buyer. BEWARE, they will take your money to.

I will also complain to Paypal if I do not get any response, this is totally unacceptable business.

I cannot see how PayPal can continue to deal with this company if they continue to do dealings like I experienced.

Player Auctions: for your info.. dispute number is 39967.. look at it, you show me where I was provided with any information, what a joke...

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    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Sep 17, 2018

      Hello ShoddyGorilla,

      Please note that the reason the dispute closed is because you inputted "0%" as the refund value you are willing to accept. The seller agreed to that and the dispute was closed right after for payment. Even if it was done by mistake, I'm afraid it's irreversible.

      I was able to look into your order (for reference, it's order 4147442) and to help you along, we have now put a hold on your seller's payment. One of our agents will be emailing you shortly to ask for evidence from you.

      I can also see from my end that no insurance was purchased for this order. I'm sorry but we cannot provide a refund for orders like this; Rest assured that we will still support you through mediation to ask your seller to provide a replacement account or a refund.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

      Best regards,

    • Updated by ShoddyGorilla · Sep 17, 2018


      thanks for getting back to us, finally we can try and work this out, but no one would contact us before this and so I hope a positive solution can come out of this.

      Seems that Melissa has already been in touch and hope we can work it out through her.

      I have read you are very helpful so hope you can continue to follow this so we can get to the positive outcome, its been really frustration so far but hope we can now work it out.


    • Updated by ShoddyGorilla · Sep 19, 2018

      So with this inital reply I have had no other reply to my emails to Melissa will she be getting back to me or is that it ?

      I will reserve my further comments till I get your response, if not in a couple of days I will then continue my comments, this is not a fair situation you have put me in,

    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Sep 19, 2018

      Hello again, ShoddyGorilla,

      Sorry for the lack of responses. I am now consulting our team about this so we can give you feedback. As of this writing, there is still no decision on the case but I'll do my best to explore all our options for this. I will post any updates here ASAP.

      Best regards,

    • Updated by ShoddyGorilla · Sep 24, 2018

      I really must tell you my patience is running thin, is there a way you can work with me on this as I ma not getting much response from your other team members, this is really the last time I am gonna reach out, from here I am going to take it you have taken our money and provided us with nothing, . So far we are just getting the big run around and frankly if I do not get someone to serious look at this I will continue to try and get my refund from pay pal

      Appreciate a response as to what is going on with this account.


    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Sep 27, 2018

      Hello again, ShoddyGorilla,

      Sorry to keep you waiting so long on this. We have afforded your seller every opportunity to send any evidence or proof. He wasn't able to reply on time and I can see that this order/case is now closed in your favor. You are now scheduled to receive a refund very soon.

      As promised, even without insurance, we will provide support on this; Thank you for patiently following through our process.

      Best regards,

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    PlayerAuctions — scam!!!

    I have purchased the deluxe edition, paid and it and it does not work. Then further I purchased the standard...

    PlayerAuctions — poor site management/integration with email server, zendesk, and player guardian

    Any order I place with any type of payment method that I've access to fails. In the status I get: Order...

    PlayerAuctionscomplete scam

    This company will not return any emails and avoids providing the service they promise.

    They work with the seller and provide zero support for the buyer. I spent over $500 on a virtual good and Playerauction insurance that was later ripped off on. They have yet to acknowledge the failed delivery and I am working my financial institution. Avoid at all cost.

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      • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Aug 06, 2018

        Hello opopop,

        Thank you for letting us know about this. Could you please revise your review or reply back and include the order ID? I would like to offer assistance for this and I'll coordinate with the department working on your case so we could expedite this and in turn, I would be able to provide you feedback.

        Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this; I'll be looking forward to your reply or revision.

        Best regards,
        The PlayerAuctions Team

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      PlayerAuctionsdeal on fortnite

      CheapersGolds put up an offer online 500obsidian ore for 8$. The payment was taken then I get a messages saying that they wont deliver because the maket went up after I had already paid for the product. Refuses to deliver or give a refund which if Fraudulent and Theift. I want my money back and that person suspended I dont think thats right and this was my first time using the site so has left a very sour taste if not resolved I will not be returning.

      deal on fortnite
      deal on fortnite
      deal on fortnite

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        • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Aug 01, 2018

          Hello Grinch88,

          I'm happy to let you know that the refund for this is on your way. The refund request you sent was acknowledged and accepted by your seller. Please note that there was a minor delay since we still had to wait for the seller's acknowledgement. I have also followed this up to the respective department for processing. Apologies for the inconvenience with this.

          Hope you have a good day ahead!

          Best regards,
          The PlayerAuctions Team

        PlayerAuctionscsgo product trade bot scam.

        So I set up an offer in order to sell my gloves from CSGO. I later decided to change my mind and wanted to get my gloves back, I requested cancelation 30+ times and they have yet to get their bot to send my gloves back to me.

        Overall, I do not recommend selling anything STEAM related on playerauction's website. Their bot will not send you your item back. Be warned, I have lost $100+.

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          • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Jul 29, 2018

            Hello Trong,

            We have responded to your Sythe message and tickets. We're very sorry that we cannot send the item back yet because there is a mandatory item/trade lock on your gloves. We'll be able to send it on or after August 2. We have also marked your case for priority and we have notified our staff handling this.

            Here's a screenshot of your item from our end:

            We'd like to sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this is causing you.

            Best regards,
            The PlayerAuctions Team

          PlayerAuctionsleague of legends account order id [protected]

          So, I buy this platinum 5 account on the euw server for $15, and guess what?
          The login details didnt work. So the guy actually sent me the wrong login info, I go to dispute it and lose???

          They wanted me to show evidence, how the [censored] can I show evidence of an account that I didnt get the correct details for? He just accuses me of changing the password and wins the [censored]ing dispute.

          league of legends account order id [protected]

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            • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Jul 05, 2018

              Hello Drake556,

              I'm sorry to hear about this. We require evidence for all claims and the one you needed to send for this is the screenshot of the actual game account email from us, then a comparison with the actual game account screen. This is for us to document the complaint properly. I'm sorry if you were confused about this. You may try resending this again to [email protected] if you'd like the team to check on this again, we will definitely provide you support but at this point we cannot guarantee anything since the dispute window has already most likely closed.

              Best regards,
              The PlayerAuctions Team

            PlayerAuctionsvery poor communication and ticket resolution

            This is my second purchase from PlayerAuctions and the first transaction proceeded smoothly due to the small amount related to the purchase.

            However, this second purchase (Order# 3892125 involves a much larger one and is now stuck at the "Verifying Payment" stage. I've checked their support articles and have checked my email in case their Payments Risk Management Team contacted me for additional info (as they claim they would for transactions that take more than 20 minutes to clear) and have received no such contact attempts.

            I've since created a help ticket and it's been almost a day and have received no response from PA. The seller has also created multiple tickets as well and we are both in contact with each other and are growing increasingly infuriated with the lack of communication from PA. We've created another ticket this morning, too.

            There's been no issue with my payment method as Paypal literally states that the charge is awaiting confirmation by the merchant (PlayerAuctions).

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              • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Jun 25, 2018

                Hello Tony,

                I'm very sorry about this mishap, I sincerely apologize that there was no response to the ticket you sent last Sunday. For the follow up ticket you sent (ticket #134816), our agent was able to reply back after an hour. Our agent said another verification mail was sent to your payment email address; please check again if you are able to receive it now.

                I am terribly sorry about this; if you have other questions or concerns, please reply back to ticket #134816 so we can take care of it for you. Have a good day ahead, Tony.

                Best regards,
                The PlayerAuctions Team

              PlayerAuctions — Playerauctions is not responding to my help ticket....

              Can someone please respond to me from playerauctions holy moly! Legit been waiting days for a response and no...

              PlayerAuctionssigning in

              it tells me to sign in the first time but when i try to go to my messages it tells me to sign in again but this time it wont accept my sign in even though it accepted it right before i went to messages. I also made a purchase i would like either a refund on my purchase i made or i would like a way to fix my account so i can go through with the purchase and not be bothered to use this website again.

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                • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Jun 20, 2018

                  Hello ButterGodz,

                  This looks like an account problem. It's possible that your account is suspended. If that is the case, you need to get in touch with our team so your account can be reinstated --- if that is still possible, and also for them to inform you what the reason is for the suspension. Please email [email protected]; you may also send a PM to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PlayerAuctionsTrading

                  In the meantime, please try logging in from a different browser or device to see if it works. If it's a 503 error, it is most likely just a server hiccup that will sort itself out in a few minutes to a couple of hours.

                  As for your refund, please include the order ID to your outgoing mail as I've explained above, so our team can check on it for you. I sincerely apologize for the confusion and hassle you had to go through with this.

                  Best regards,
                  The PlayerAuctions Team

                PlayerAuctions — osrs account hacked back by owner...

                I bought "lvl 104 dher/staker. Bgloves, tent, fcape, ddefender, v... + '$115.00 insurance coverage for 1...

                PlayerAuctions — osrs account recovered, order id:#3713225

                I've provided evidence countless amounts of times for my refund, and yet your team is still protecting the...

                PlayerAuctionsaccount reclaimed order id: 3443411

                I purchased an account on January 4, 2018 and everything seemed to be fine up until 5 months later the owner reclaimed the account. I messaged the seller and received no response so I filed a dispute. I emailed playerauction regarding this dispute pretty much every day and I would get either a copy paste response or none at all. Eventually they told me the dispute takes 3 days to reach a decision so I provided evidence to support my claim. The dispute was closed within the day it was escalated to playerauction and it was in favor of the seller without no information as to why. So I emailed them again trying to understand the situation. Eventually i was told it was because I failed to provide enough evidence and unfortunately they could not reopen the dispute. I argued with them for days about this because it was not fair. I ended up on a website called sythe.com where I spoke with one of their representatives who really tried to help me he even seemed to get the case re looked at. I provided even more evidence to where the game publisher said that the game account had been reclaimed and the email [protected]@outlook.com was not attached to a game account. Their response to that was that email was not the same email used in the transaction. I didn't understand what they meant and found the email for the transaction back in january. The difference they were speaking on was the email for the transaction was [protected]@hotmail.com which is the same thing. I could easily get an email from the game publisher stating that email was not attached to a game account and the account was reclaimed. But they did not want to give me that chance and my spirit had been broken at the time. I felt as if I had been fighting a battle I was meant to lose and I was guilty until proven innocent which I don't think is fair seeing as the seller has been unresponsive during this whole event and he isn't held accountable. If they had provided better communication in the beginning and worked with me I would have been able to provide ample amount of information towards my claim. Overall I am just disappointed with the outcome and wish they would look into my issue clearly and more effectively. I shouldn't have to go to a forum to get things done, their support staff should have been able to provide proper customer support. I have done everything I could and if they would be willing to take an email from the game publisher stating [protected]@hotmail.com is not attached to a game account I could provide that. But frankly I shouldn't have to since hotmail and outlook is the same thing. Plus it was the seller's error since I messaged him through discord (which I am sure holds no weight to my case) telling him that the hotmail email was not working and he said put outlook instead. I hope they see that I have gone through some lengths to support my claim and provide me a credit for the purchase.







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                  • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · May 22, 2018

                    Hello Anthony,

                    Your case was forwarded to us and we were able to go through it meticulously. I am very sorry this happened. Beyond the @outlook and @hotmail difference, one of the reasons we also couldn't fulfill the refund for you is because the discussion of the email change on the game account never happened on the on-site messenger (which is required in order for us to be in the know with what's going on in the transaction). It happened somewhere else, and I assume on Discord. We refer to this as off-site trading, and we actually have penalties for these depending on how and when it occurred during a trade. We understand that you've truly gone out of your way to provide evidences, but unfortunately they were insufficient.

                    We're really very sorry we can no longer offer any refunds or replacements for this, Anthony.

                    Best regards,
                    The PlayerAuctions Team

                  PlayerAuctions — order id #3776265

                  I paid for this item. The mail and password didn't march. So I messaged the seller about the situation. He...

                  PlayerAuctionsscammed for 19e

                  I bought a Blizzard account with Overwatch (order 3767373) and I was able to login initially and changed the password but the owner reset the account in like 1 hour and now I cannot use it anymore. It says the account does not exist. I escalated this to Player Auctions to get money or the right details but they said the seller was right because I reset the password. I will see how this website gets more attention from a higher forum since it promotes fraud and scamming.

                  scammed for 19e

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                    • Updated by Adrian Roditis · May 16, 2018

                      I just submitted a complaint to IC3. I don't have time for silly games.

                    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · May 16, 2018

                      Hello Adrian,

                      I'm very sorry to hear about this. The reason the case got closed is because the evidences you have sent is insufficient, and you might have missed the disclaimer we have posted when buying an insurance package. You can see a sample of it here: https://i.imgur.com/xuvAhYo.png

                      Again, my sincerest apologies. Please contact [email protected] if you have any other questions or follow up inquiries about this case.

                      Best regards,
                      The PlayerAuctions Team

                    PlayerAuctions — account reclaimed

                    Hello, I have some serious problems with the seller. The first account got hacked so the seller offered me a...

                    PlayerAuctions — csgo steam account

                    This is the worst support i've ever talked with, i bought this account from their site and the seller...

                    PlayerAuctionsinsurance, disputes

                    Don't buy playerauctions insurance and they are biased on keeping the money. dispute  #19926.
                    I had a dispute about one of the sellers who sold me an osrs account. the owner recovered the account and I had proof that it was him. but the owner decided to play "dumb" and started stating stuff that basically dug a deeper hole for him. I escalated it but playerauctions sided with the owner, I believe they did this to prevent them paying me out.
                    So the moral of this story is don't trust player auctions with anything. don't buy their insurance because it's a way for them to steal your money and not delivering to their promises.

                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes
                    insurance, disputes

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                      • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · May 02, 2018

                        Hello John Paul,

                        I'm very sorry to hear about what happened with your order. For disputing cases like these, we require buyers to submit compelling evidence to us which is usually in the form of an email statement from the publisher. We have made a disclaimer for this when you purchase an insurance, and you might have missed it: https://i.imgur.com/xuvAhYo.png

                        We have this as part of the process in order to ensure that claims made during a dispute process are valid and true, and consequently this makes the process fair for the sellers as well. We'd like to note that we are not in the business of preventing any insurance pay outs. We're just focused on making mediations and disputes fair to all parties involved.

                        If you have other questions about this, please send an email to [email protected], John Paul. Our apologies again for the hassle on your part.

                        Best regards,
                        The PlayerAuctions Team

                      PlayerAuctions — site is a ripoff

                      I purchased a Clash of Clans account from a seller and 2 days after the owner of the account cursed my clan...

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