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PlayerAuctions Complaints & Reviews

PlayerAuctionssell offer change, account forbidden to sell

Was selling a runescape account for x amount of money and when i set up automatic payment, the amount i was selling it for changed and defaulted to 5 dollars. Person logs into my account, drops everything and logs out. I still have the account i changed the password, doesnt matter since he never wanted it. Go to re sell my account because its still worth a little something and when i go to sell it, it says "the account is suspicious of fraudulence and you are forbidden to continue" so not only did someone wipe my account clean of all its items because your systems changed my price without even notifying me, but now i cant even sell the account itself. Ive tried emailing but havent heard anything in 2 days and the response i got from the playerauctions twitter account is "due to safety reasons we cannot give you details on why the account can not be posted anymore" then they tell me to go sell my account on a different website. Like what??? thats the reply i get, "go sell my account on another site" what type of support is that??

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    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · May 15, 2019

      Hello there,

      For security reasons, accounts sold at PlayerAuctions can no longer be resold again on the very same site — PlayerAuctions. This is a security precaution to eliminate the possibility that the account is compromised or was recovered by intent.

      If the buyer damaged your account, the correct course of action was to raise a dispute with the order and deny the buyer's refund. Account compromise due to the buyer should negate his right to a refund, and we have a dispute process on the site where our staff mediates to make sure all claims are heard and validated. From the situation you explained, it seems no dispute process took place.

      Finally, the price drop might have been due to our platform fees. PlayerAuctions deducts the service fee from the final price of an offer once the sale is made. The fee is generally 10% of an order.

      Could you please write back with the order ID so I can check on this and give you feedback?

      Best regards,

    • Updated by 198578898 · May 15, 2019

      If accounts sold on your site can no longer be sold again, then how is it possible i have 2 order id's for the same exact account? here are the id's 4857652 and 4857440 both of these order id's are for the same account and for some reason both order id's arent even what i had the account listed for. I was in contact with support by email trying to dispute this and eventually they just stopped emailing me back. also the person who bought the account does not even have access to the account, i changed the password and he has yet to email me back about the account. All this person wanted to do was steal the items i had on the account. He took the items and left.

    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · May 16, 2019

      Hello again,

      If the account on the two orders you showed me weren't sold already before, then it can still be posted. However, duplicate offers of the same account has to be manually removed by the team, and the reason you are able to post them at the same time right now is because our team has not yet caught on on the duplicate offer you posted.

      I strongly advice you to remove the other offer as that may lead to account suspension or other penalties. Our website automatically filters these, when the same account information is posted, it detects the duplicate — you might have changed a letter or part of the information, making the website think the 2 orders are different. Whether by design or unintentional, this should not be allowed and will lead to problems with your buyers. Ultimately, the problem would fall on you as the other buyer would definitely dispute an account that is already being sold.

      Please let me know if you have other concerns.

      Best regards,

    PlayerAuctionscustomer service support

    These people are [censored]ing [censored]s. I simply needed to change my phone number linked to my account. The asked me to send them a picture of my id and another of me holding it. I did, they said it wasn't clear. I literally sent them 4 or five of each of the requested photos which my information and self were clear. They refuse to change my phone number. So frustrating. I feel they are literally playing games and laughing at me.

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      • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · May 07, 2019


        Could you please tell me what your ticket number is so I can check?

        For security reasons, we need to ask for clear copies to eliminate the possibility that the image is NOT edited. Our staff uses these documents professionally and will only be used for verification reasons — I can assure you of this.

        Please let me know how I can help you with this or if you have any other concerns.

        Best regards,

      PlayerAuctionsone mistake!!!


      I visited this website because a friend said that it would be a perfect place to sell my fortnite account. So I created an account and started seting it up. In my offer I give some info about the account and wrote that if they have any questions or want to see more pictures they can contact me in discord i click done after some time I go to check om my offer and saw that the offer has been cancelled by admin. I go to my mail. I got mail from Them. (Remember the text where it says you may not give discord Skype, etc. Is very small on a phone) in the mail is saying you Violated our policy and your account has been disabled to unlock your account, you have to pay 150 dollar fine. I contact Them and ask if it really could be true that I make ONE mistake and then I have to pay 150 dollars. Instead of answering my questions they just answer with the same "to unlock your account, you need to pay the fine" don't ever use this website!!! 0 star rating.

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        • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Apr 21, 2019

          Hello Lucky,

          This is indeed a bannable offense on our website, as shown in the disclaimer here (this is also the notice that you saw):

          When users are found violating this policy, we permanently suspend them and the fee is an optional way to unlock your account in case you have pending disbursements you'd like to get back to. As for this order, your offer should have not been taken away and you would still be able to sell it on other online places.

          If you have further questions about this, please get in touch with [email protected] about this, Lucky.

          Best regards,

        PlayerAuctionsaccount suspended (garousavage)

        My account name was "garousavage"

        I created an account with this shady website. I was recommended it by a friend.

        After creating the account I clicked the inbox feature, to check if they sent me a welcome message.

        After clicking I was redirected to a page telling me

        "Your Account has been suspended.

        While your account is suspended, you can still login. However, you will ONLY have access to your Dispute Resolution center. All other functions, including buying and selling, have been disabled.

        For more information, visit our help center."

        Wtf is up with that?! I literally just created the account.

        There is no reason for me being suspended.

        I broke no rules, I did not have "another account" as they seem to throw around alot as an excuse.

        There was no reason for me to be suspended, other than a bug in their "security system" that they are always vague about.

        The same bug they even mention in their website as a possible cause for being suspended!

        "Occasionally, a system bug or mistake by our staff. "

        I brought this up in the multiple emails I tried sending, but they never even addressed it!

        I don't believe they even read my emails, complaints or responses!

        They just kept copy pasting the same BS automated responses!

        The fact that they refused to actually talk to me, have no customer service number, and removed their "live chat" feature, really shows you how sketchy this company/website really is.

        Also, last time I checked, MY INFORMATION IS just that MY INFORMATION! You have no right to MY INFORMATION, if you refuse to even address me as a human, much less offer me services.

        Also your security reasons response when asking for the reason for a suspension is BS and you know it.

        "As much as we would like to give more details regarding the suspension of your account, please know that for security reasons we are not allowed to give more information other than the email we have sent to you previously. We hope you understand that we are just following our protocols."

        You just refuse to admit you were wrong, on paper, because it can and would easily open you up for lawsuits, due to you stealing from and mistreating your clients in the past that you gave similar vague responses to.

        You are a disgusting excuse for a business.

        I demand a legitimate human, not automated, response explaining, in detail, why I was suspended specifically. I expect there to be proof supporting any and all claims against me as well.

        If you are unable to produce the aforementioned response, I expect to have my suspension lifted or at the very least allow me to delete my account and you will purge all my personal information from your servers/data banks.

        I am utterly appalled at your lack of compassion, customer support, and overall transparency.

        Once again, before you ask, my username was/is "garousavage". My personal email should be attached to the account, feel free to email me with a honest and respectable response that will actually offer a solution to the problem your company created.

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          • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Apr 07, 2019

            Hello garousavage,

            I apologize for the disappointment and frustration you're experiencing. I'd like to offer an explanation as to why this is happening on our website.

            When a user creates an account, this account passes through an automated anti-fraud system that checks information that may match our database. We can only allow 1 user per person/household as a means to mitigate collusion on trades, and due to this if there are any similar information on the newly created account to another account present in our database, the new account will have to be suspended.

            There are also other reasons such as the account information having bogus or intentionally fake info.

            Regardless of the reason, our Trust department takes care of all account issues. If you were advised that you have a duplicate account on our site, you may, of course, contest this by getting in touch with [email protected] Kindly send a statement that you do not own the account so they can verify things on your end.

            If you have more questions about this, please include it in the email you send our Trust team. Once again, apologies for the inconvenience on this.

            Best regards,

          • Updated by garousavage · Apr 08, 2019

            What dont you understand?! I was not given a reason, so I don't know what I did wrong?! They will not answer my questions, they just keep sending me copy and paste replies.

            I dont know if they think I have a second account. Or if someone somehow used similar info of mine to make their accounts.

            Maybe I misspelled my name or address?! I wouldn't know anything because they refuse to tell me anything or try to help me understand.

            If they would specify why I was suspended, I could try to clarify or help fix it.

            They dont want to tell me though, which makes me think they are hiding something.

          Apr 01, 2019

          PlayerAuctions — account

          I sold a Fortnite account for 300$ so it had the security thing for 7days and so i had to wait 9days for my...

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          PlayerAuctionslack of transparency

          I tried to register for Player Auctions to sell my accounts, got immediately suspended, and the customer reply was the User Agreement statement, no resolutions, just a stubborn response that the suspension is binding. I asked my friend to register, where he used genuine information as well, and, to our surprise, he was banned immediately, with the same customer support reply.

          Now I do not want to jump into conclusions of prejudice against users of my country, which is ethically unacceptable itself to generalize in such a manner, but if you want to save time and patience, I suggest conducting your selling business elsewhere, as you will receive the same old response with no actual value, as the customer support is simply uncooperative, where I'm sure people would go the distance to prove their identity.

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            • Updated by Michaelis Vaitkus · Mar 12, 2019

              Update: Forgot to change the country. My residence is in Lithuania.

            PlayerAuctionspa not responding/ fear that buyer will chargeback

            I sold an account on 2/27/19 and now the buyer is asking for a refund due to financial issues. I am not opposed to the notion, but there are a few concerns that I have.

            1. How should I proceed? I am afraid of a chargeback.

            2. How will you ensure he returns the account? The buyer currently has my account information, and the threat of a chargeback and still having my account concerns me.

            3. Since the BUYER is asking for a refund, and I was not the one responsible for the return, am I still responsible for the $50 fee to return his money?

            Please help.

            Username: supholmies
            Order ID#: 4665104


            pa not responding/ fear that buyer will chargeback

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              • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Feb 28, 2019

                Hello, supholmies. I saw your Steam post first and made a reply there; I hope it's alright that I'm copy/pasting my reply there to here.


                Hi there. Issuing a refund because the buyer changed his mind or has no funds to use should not be a reason to be able to get a refund, and in this case, it would be up to you. However, please note that you are not obligated to give him a refund, especially if he was already able to login to the account you sold. One consideration you should also make is that his IP address was already logged to the account, and it could get the account flagged for multiple IPs. If you really want to issue him a refund, you may want to do so only if you have the recovery information of the account; in the event that he runs away with it when a refund is already released, you may recover the account back.

                1.) If you really wish to give him a refund, contact our support email. Unfortunately, I cannot post it here and I do not want to get around Steam's filtering policies.

                2.) We cannot guarantee this as his reason for the refund is not fully viable. But if you have the recovery information, as I've mentioned, you may recover the account and lock it out.

                3.) You shouldn't be responsible for this and the buyer should shoulder this; he should agree by sending us an email.

                One other method you can do is file a dispute for this. When the agreement terms are open, have your buyer issue a refund but it shouldn't be the full amount; you may also get a small amount back by doing this.

                This will be up to you, but my suggestion is for you to continue the sale. PlayerAuctions earns from this whether the sale continues or a refund is issued, my concern here is that he was already able to login and might take off with your account. While you may still recover the account given that you have the info for it, this will still present problems and inconveniences.

              PlayerAuctionsosrs gold

              February 28th, the day of the spawned Tbows.

              There was a bug exploit in OSRS which caused a rollback of the servers. I messaged the seller to discuss rectifying this as our trade happened during the rollback time. This would mean that not only do they get my payment, but the seller would get his gold back.

              Of COURSE the seller quickly submitted screenshots stating the trade happened, but come on? In this case do the right thing. After the rollback the seller would have his gold back so it would be as if the trade never happened... well. Except for the fact they would still get my hard earned money.

              I started a dispute but things look gloom.. Playerauctions does not read into disputes and sticks to their "delivery policy" but I presume MANY other buyers are going to run into this problem due to such a large bug exploit. Why should the company keep all of our cash and not simply return the gold we purchased (and own) in the first place.

              osrs gold

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                • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Mar 03, 2019

                  Hello there. I'm sorry to hear about what happened with your order. In these circumstances, PlayerAuctions cannot account for user losses due to actions done by the game company. These include mass bannings, server rollbacks, and any other actions done across the board that has nothing to do with any actions/decisions done by your seller.

                PlayerAuctionsunacceptable customer service

                Recently I have run into an issue with playerauctions when trying to purchase goods off the website, I have been a customer for close to fourteen years and have never had this much trouble with them in regard to payments. I submitted a payment via paypal which was rejected BY THEIR BILLING SYSTEM when I emailed support I was told it was because my paypal was "at risk"

                Melissa (Supervisor) (PlayerAuctions)

                Feb 26, 09:43 CST

                Hello blackthantos,

                Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your order. I understand that you are concerned about your transaction being canceled. We regret to inform you that your payment to PlayerAuctions has been declined by our payment risk systems. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we can't provide any further information as to why the order was cancelled.

                The payment has been released or voided at our end when the order was failed. In rare cases, it might take up to 5 business days to receive funds in your account, this is especially true if the payment was paid via credit card. Rest assured that your payment has been released and you will be refunded for the transaction.

                For now, the solution we can provide to ensure that your order won't be canceled is to use GoCoin as your payment method. Through GoCoin you will be able to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, or Bitcoin Cash.

                Thank you for your understanding and we hope this won't stop you from using our site.

                Should you have any other PlayerAuctions concern, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.


                Hello blackthantos,
                We regret to inform you that your payment to PlayerAuctions has been declined.

                If you wish to place another order, we advise you to use GoCoin as your payment method. Through GoCoin you will be able to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, or Bitcoin Cash.

                Thank you for your understanding.

                PlayerAuctions Payments Compliance

                So here is my issue, I am the owner of the paypal account which works perfectly fine with other purchases I might add, also up until the later part of Feb, it was working fine on playerauctions, customers should not be getting told to utilize gocoin, bitcoin etc, IF playerauctions no longer accepts paypal or doesnt due to a billing issue on their end they should be forthcoming with this information, yet again the customer service at playerauctions has proven to be poorly handled and frankly inexcuseable. You (playerauctions) should be able to tell a customer WHY a payment form is being rejected by YOUR billing system and not give the BS answer that I was sent by Melissa.

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                  • Updated by jake w · Mar 01, 2019

                    Ahhh and still no response from playerauctions frankly I am not surprised.

                  • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Mar 03, 2019

                    Hello blackthantos/Jake.

                    I'm so sorry for the late reply, but after you have posted, we were already able to respond back to your Sythe forums post.

                    For security reasons, we cannot disclose information as to why your payment is being declined. This is an anti-fraud security system on the site that tracks payments and declines those from accounts with inconsistent and inaccurate information. What we can suggest you is to double check your information; make sure your account information is accurate and relevant to the account info of your payment account. Make sure you are also using a long-standing and active email address. Kindly try again but if it still fails, I'm afraid your only other choice would be to use GoCoin as your payment.

                    Kindly mail us at [email protected] if you have more questions.

                    Best regards,

                    What we can suggest

                  Feb 09, 2019

                  PlayerAuctions — player auction disbursement time

                  So this was my first time selling on playerauctions, after a bit of hassle and getting my account...

                  Jan 14, 2019

                  PlayerAuctions — customer service - no response

                  I have a purchased a D3 account using PlayerAuctions' website. I did but accounts many times without no...

                  Jan 01, 2019

                  PlayerAuctions — account suspended

                  One day i was searching for a way to buy a fortnite account. I found this website called playerauctions. I...

                  PlayerAuctionsaccount suspended for nothing.

                  Recently, I created an account to supposedly sell my Fortnite account on the website, but was literally suspended the same 10 minutes into creating a thread. I have never been on this site ever before and when I contacted them they said there is nothing they can do and just ignored me afterwards. 1 star until they tell me whats going on. Worst "customer service" I've had to deal with yet.

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                    • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Dec 16, 2018

                      Hello Man Go,

                      Could you please tell me your username? I would like to check on your account and what could have possibly went down with it so I can inform you back here. Please note that there might be security issues and situations where we can't fully disclose the reason why, but if that is the case, I will let you know.

                      I will be checking as well if your offer is already sold. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience with this, Man Go. I look forward to your reply.

                      Best regards,

                    PlayerAuctions — disbursement and customer support.

                    I sold an account a few weeks ago. This was the first time I have ever sold anything on playerauctions.com...

                    PlayerAuctions — steam account

                    Hello, i feel really disapointed about player auction. I buy a account on March 26th all was fine i get the...

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                    Hello there, Just wanted to share my experience about playerauctions. So I decided to try out...

                    PlayerAuctions — no service

                    I have submited about 4 tickets and not as much as a email back on regards to my situation i tried to...

                    PlayerAuctions — continual declined payment

                    Everything is fine with my bank account. I contacted my bank and they say it is on Player auctions end. It i...

                    PlayerAuctions — player auctions - false advertising, scam and support couldn't care less as long as they get their money

                    The site claims safe trading but the truth is different. I spent near 90$ buying two accounts from the same...

                    PlayerAuctionsblizzard account

                    Purchased a Blizzard account from a seller, the account was reclaimed one week after I had received it. Even though I paid for Player Guardian Protection, I was not reimbursed. The workers didn't even look into the case, as on a previous occasion I had been rightfully reimbursed, but in this same scenario they claimed I couldn't provide evidence. I showed snapshots FROM BLIZZARD that the account was compromised and reclaimed. The seller couldn't even form a coherent sentence during the dispute and WON?! This site caters to shady sellers because they bring in money, they don't care if said sellers scam their consumers. Get this, I'm not even allowed to leave a negative review on the seller that gave me either an unsecure account, or reclaimed it themselves. I'm legitimately disgusted that they allow sales but require unobtainable "evidence" to reimburse buyers. Nothing but a cash grab, no care for integrity or customer satisfaction.

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                      • Updated by PlayerAuctions Team · Oct 09, 2018

                        Hello Shelby,

                        We have received your review on TrustPilot as well several days ago, and we have sent a detailed reply about your case. As of this writing, your case is currently closed but rest assured that once I receive the info I requested on that message, we will have this checked again. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced.

                        Best regards,

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